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Book 2- Chapter 153: Pure Aura Qi

Liu Ming stepped forward with respect before indifferently standing to the side.

“Very good, you came somewhat early. The reason why I called you here, aside from talking about the Walls of Shadows, was to discuss entering the Spirit Master realm. We have all discerned that you should have obtained something good from the Secret Realm as your cultivation has drastically increased since you entered the Secret Realm. It’s so noticeable that you are having Fa Li fluctuations. They are being dispelled because you cannot control the Fa Li well.” Spirit Master Zhong warmly explained.

“Teacher is all knowing. I truly did eat a bunch of Spirit Fruits in the Secret Realm, and my Fa Li has already increased to the peak of the Spirit Apostle realm. However, when I removed these Spirit Fruits, their effectiveness continuously leaked out and I was unable to bring them out of the secret realm.” Liu Ming hastily replied.

“There’s no need to explain this! Whatever benefit you obtained in the secret realm was due to your own destiny. Us elders and the sect will not question you. This is a tacit agreement between every sect. After all, there was an extremely high probability of you perishing in the Life and Death Trials. However, with your current situation, it’s best to wait a while and consolidate your new Fa Li before trying to break into the Spirit Master Realm.” Spirit Master Zhong waved her hands as she gave her reply.

“Many thanks for Teacher’s pointers, I know what to do.” Liu Ming’s heart relaxed and he spoke respectfully.

“Okay, I will discuss the matter of breaking into the Spirit Master realm a little bit later with you. Right now, I’ll talk about comprehending the Walls of Shadows. Before this, have you ever heard of this treasure?” Spirit Master Zhong composedly asked.

“Teacher, this is truly the first time disciple has heard of such an item existing in the sect.” Liu Ming blinked his eyes before replying.

“Yes, this is quite normal. Aside from us elders, only a handful of disciples that are not greater than ten within the sect, know about the Walls of Shadows existence. Moreover, before being told of its existence, everyone is prohibited from speaking about it. In order for me to give you a detailed explanation of the Walls of Shadows, you also cannot tell anyone else about this. Otherwise, there will be sect punishments.” Spirit Master Zhong said with a serious expression.

“Yes, I understand.” After hearing her, Liu Ming’s heart shivered.

“Okay, master will first talk about the Walls of Shadows’ history. This object was originally an unknown strange stone in the deep sea. Later, it was salvaged from the sea floor by the Sea Race before eventually falling into Six Yin Sect Founder’s hands that year. It is said that Sect Founder went into seclusion for a few years before finally comprehending the function and history of this object. He then searched out and found the most famous Formation Master on Yun Chuan Continent at that time. He then had him engrave a set of mysterious restrictions on it. Next, he left this wall in his normal cultivation room, no longer showing it to anyone else. This lasted until a few hundred years ago when Six Yin Sect Founder’s life was about to end and he finally gathered his sect’s disciples in front of him. In front of everyone, he illustrated his own history and the true usage of the Walls of Shadows.” Spirit Master Zhong suddenly stopped here.

“Sect Founder’s history and the true usage of the Wall of Shadows?” Liu Ming revealed an expression of suspicion.

“That’s right; according to what Sect Founder said, he had actually come from another continent’s large sect. Due to a special circumstance, he began wandering Yun Chuan Continent and didn’t return to his original sect. Without any better options, he started a sect, which is our Barbarian Ghost Sect. Sect Founder was limited by his sect’s oath and couldn’t pass on his true teaching to his sect’s disciples. What he passed down instead, were methods that he learned. However, when Sect Founder’s life was about to actually end, he was not willing to bury his teachings with him. They ultimately became part of the Walls of Shadows. He used the Walls of Shadows to place a special restriction and leave a few Secret Method inheritances on it. In the future, if a disciple had the chance, he or she could comprehend some things from this wall by oneself. In this way, Sect Founder didn’t technically break the oath he made before. You should now understand the value of the Walls of Shadows, right?” Spirit Master Zhong seriously questioned.

“Sect Founder originally was from another continent! Nonetheless, Teacher should have comprehended the Walls of Shadows before. What can be obtained from it?” Liu Ming was shocked for a long while before he finally opened his mouth and asked a question.

“According to the sect’s rules, this Wall of Shadows can only be controlled by the person with the highest cultivation within the sect; moreover, a provision was laid down by Sect Founder which stated: aside from disciples who reached the Spirit Master realm or completed great merit for the sect, no one else has the right to comprehend this wall.”

“This was because the Walls of Shadows has a finite amount of uses. Each time it is expedited to be seen by others, it will use up a portion of the energy inside it. When all of its energy has been depleted, that day will be the day when this treasure falls apart. After so many years, the remaining energy inside isn’t too much. As for when it will fall apart, only the heavens know. Perhaps after you and Yang Qian view it, there may be a large chance that it will no longer exist in the next second. The year when I became a Spirit Master, I really did view this wall for one night; however, aside from a few indistinct shadows that flashed on the wall and feeling quite refreshed the morning after, I didn’t obtain anything. When Martial Uncle Zhu looked at it that year, he had pretty much the same outcome. Actually, when your Martial Uncle Gui looked at it, he gained some insight and managed to resolve a large cultivation problem. As for others, they all achieved virtually the same results. A large portion of them were like your teacher and managed to see only a few indescribable shadows. A small portion of them were able to receive a few words. From this, they were able to resolve large cultivation problems. There have only been three to four people that have been able to find complete Cultivation Methods or Secret Techniques from the Walls of Shadows. The Secret Techniques or Cultivation Methods they received are all included among the sect’s most paramount Secret Techniques. With each generation, there are only a few people who can cultivate these techniques. Even the sect’s so called Greatest Three Secret Techniques cannot compare with these. Therefore, what you obtain from the Walls of Shadows will completely depend on your own luck and destiny.” Spirit Master Zhong spoke prudently with Liu Ming.

Liu Ming was naturally somewhat baffled after listening. However, after thinking awhile, he couldn’t help but ask, “Since there have been this many elders who have looked at the Walls of Shadows and further obtained something, there must be some sort of rule for things to look for.”

“This is what I’ll advise you on now. Having so many people look at it before, the rules are out of the question. However, there really are a few publicly known methods to those viewing the Walls of Shadows in order to give them a better chance at comprehending things. Remember these methods well: first, before looking at the Walls of Shadows, one must be at peak mental condition. If his or her heart is somewhat pure, he or she can even take a bath and not eat for three days prior to the viewing. The second…” Spirit Master Zhong’s firm words gave Liu Ming an understanding of methods and rumors to tackling the Walls of Shadows.

“…. Finally, if you truly do obtain a Cultivation Method or Secret Method from the Wall of Shadows, there’s no need for you to let the sect know about it before you have finished cultivating it.” Spirit Master Zhong finally came to a stop, letting Liu Ming think about what was just said.

“Why is this?” He asked in an astonished manner.

“Because previously there have been people that looked at the Walls of Shadows and went somewhat insane, obtaining useless methods that couldn’t be cultivated. Therefore, no matter what kind of comprehensions you gain at the Wall of Shadows, there won’t be anyone who immediately questions you closely. When you can confirm that it is of some value, you can exchange it with the sect. Of course, as an equal exchange, you can learn another Wall of Shadows’ Secret Technique from the sect.” Spirit Master Zhong explained it like this.

“So it was like this. Thank you for your guidance.” After listening, Liu Ming suddenly understood a bit.

“Okay, I will speak about the matter regarding the Wall of Shadows up to here. Right now, I should talk to you about breaking through to the Spirit Master realm. How much do you know about liquefying True Yuan and condensing Aura into Cultivation Qi?” Spirit Master Zhong nodded her head before changing the topic with a question.

“With regard to liquefying True Yuan, I have read a bit about it in a few ancient books. It seems to be completely liquefying the gaseous True Yuan in one’s Spirit Sea. From here, the amount of Fa Li that can be held will increase by over ten times and thereby allowing one to become a Spirit Master. As for condensing Aura into Cultivation Qi, this is a method of liquefying one’s True Yuan. Only by dissolving Pure Aura Qi into one’s True Yuan can one change the gaseous state of True Yuan into a liquid form; from here, Cultivation Qi will naturally come to fruition. Cultivation Qi is the most distinct indicator of a Liquid Level cultivator.” Liu Ming pondered a while before saying most of what he knew.

“Yes, although you didn’t say much, it was all extremely insightful. It’s clear to see that you spent quite the effort beforehand; however, you should know what Pure Aura Qi is and that it can be divided into many different kinds.” After hearing him, Spirit Master Zhong showed a slight smile on her face as she spoke.

“This… I truly am not too clear on this matter.” Liu Ming hesitated before replying truthfully.

“Pure Aura Qi actually should be called Earthly Aura Qi. Its origin is a unique Aura Qi that was born in the ground and it possesses myriads of inconceivable, unique effects. It can also be divided into hundreds of thousands of different kinds. Dissolving True Yuan to compress Fa Li is the only common use of all these types of Pure Aura Qi. Therefore, the final Cultivation Qi you condense will be different depending on the Pure Aura Qi you dissolve. There are a few Cultivation Qis that when condensed, possess defensive abilities that are stronger than normal Cultivation Qis. There are some Cultivation Qis that, from the day they were born, possess the ability to corrode other Cultivation Qis. There are even some Cultivation Qis that act as great amplifiers to certain attributes of methods. As far as I know, there even exists a Cultivation Qi that defies natural order. It is able to slowly and voluntarily purify Fa Li, so it has inconceivable effects on helping cultivation.” Spirit Master Zhong was extremely serious as she spoke.

Liu Ming was naturally dumbstruck as he listened.

“Although there are many different kinds of Pure Aura Qis, there are actually an extremely few number of Pure Aura Qis that can be found in the world; moreover, once they have been used, a few thousands of years have to pass before a new Pure Aura Qi is born. Pure Aura Qis that have extremely strong effects in the Cultivation Qi state are even more rare. Places where Pure Aura Qi can be born are normally called Aura Pits. When us sects choose where to set up, most of the time we will choose to build it on a Aura Pit in order to guarantee the sect’s long term flourishment.” Spirit Master Zhong explained in an informative manner.

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