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Chapter 144 – Battling the Serpent (Part Three)

The giant dragon head suddenly opened its big mouth and rushed at the White Bone Scorpion. It then immediately spat out a sound wave.

As soon as the White Bone Scorpion came into contact with it, its body froze a little mid-air before being forcefully knocked back by the huge power.

As for the long, dancing silver chain around the monster, it suddenly became a blur. The shadows of the chains intersected to form a huge silver net, receiving the azure full moon.

The azure full moon entered the giant net in a threatening manner and immediately started spinning crazily as it released the unpleasant sounds of metal hitting metal.

At this moment, the far away blue light flashed and the huge icicle arrived close to the monster.

The giant dragon head gave off a low roar and spat out a scarlet red, rolling fire pillar that smacked into the huge icicle.

When the scarlet red fire pillar and icicle hit each other, they immediately released a sharp, crackling sound. When the blue light and red flames converged and condensed, a white tornado that shot into the air was formed. The tornado emitted both cold and hot air, which intertwined within.

At this moment, under the crazy spinning of the azure round moon, the silver net mid-air seemed to be unable to hold on anymore. With countless flashes of cold air, the huge silver net began to shake crazily without stop. Some areas had even begun to dim.

Seeing this, the pupils of the half dragon monster constricted slightly. However, the dragon head behind it suddenly let out a long roar, and with a blur of its body, it transformed into a huge creature over a hundred feet long. It suddenly opened its huge mouth and ate both the azure moon and silver net.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was naturally startled, but after immediately recovering, he formed a single-handed hand seal and spit out the word, “explode.”


The azure full moon suddenly exploded in the mouth of the dragon head, and with a flash of cold light, hundreds of waves of azure Sword Qis shot out.

The huge, silver net and the huge dragon head immediately began flashing crazily without stop. After a while, the Sword Qis pierced hundreds of holes through them with muffled sounds.

There was a portion of Sword Qi that immediately flashed and chopped toward the half dragon monster below.

Just at this moment, a harsh light flashed across the eyes of the monster, and with a sudden blur of its two arms, it formed countless claw shadows that shot into the sky.

It had finally recovered its ability to move!

A series of consecutive explosions sounded!

A large portion of the Sword Qis were destroyed by the scarlet red claw shadows. Even though a few waves had landed on the body of the half dragon monster, the monster withstood the attacks like nothing.

Seeing that, Liu Ming could not help but slightly change his expression.

Only now did the half dragon creature turn its head and grinned hideously at Liu Ming. With the swing of its two feet, it seemed to want to walk over.

However, something that had greatly exceeded its expectations occurred.

When the half dragon creature had just taken a step, its two legs suddenly gave way and it fell over.

If it were not for its fast reaction to use an arm to immediately brace itself, perhaps it really would have fallen down. It had a layer of black air around its face.

At this moment, the dozen or so abnormally small holes on the thigh of the monster had completely turned purplish-black.

The deadly poison of the stinger of the White Bone Scorpion finally began to act.

This was due to the fact that the body of the half dragon had a high immunity to poison. If it was someone else who was poisoned, it would have begun to act much earlier.

Seeing this, Liu Ming naturally became happy. He used one hand to point at the empty air in front of him without saying another word before forming a hand sign with one hand.


The left over half of the huge icicle exploded in the white, hot and cold tornado, and with it came a sudden increase in frosty air. There was a flash of blue in the center of the tornado and a small icicle of half a foot shot out like lightning. With a flash, it arrived near the half dragon monster.

This attack had clearly exceeded the expectations of the monster, but with a deep roar, the other arm of the monster became a blur and it grabbed the icicle that was only several inches away. Using power in its fingers, it crushed the icicle into pieces.

However, at this moment, the front part of the icicle gave out a “sou” sound and from within, a jade green light flashed out. After the flash had died down, it pierced a hole between the eyebrows of the monster. It rotated in mid-air after it had shot through the monster. It then entered through one ear like lightning and shot out from the other ear.

The half dragon monster gave out a miserable shriek and the ferocious expression on its face immediately froze. Following that, it’s body softened and fell to the ground with a plop.

From between its eyebrows and its ears, black blood flowed out with a gurgling sound.

High up in the air, there was a humming sound and the huge, silver light died down, transforming back into a chain as it fell down.

As for the huge dragon head, it gave off a mournful cry before also transforming into red light and disappearing.

Under Liu Ming’s quick control from far away, the azure short sword immediately began spinning again. It transformed into the azure moon and chopped forward once again.

With a flash of cold light, the half dragon monster on the ground was cut into two pieces by the cold light. This time, it seemed to be dead to the point where it could not be dead anymore.
TL: No way of coming back alive

Only now did Liu Ming exhale deeply. With one hand, he beckoned from afar. The azure full moon once again transformed into a short sword and shot over. As for the other side, there was a flash of jade light in the air and a thin, jade green needle shot over in the same manner.

It was the Jade Shadow Needle!

In the previous battle, not only did Liu Ming use a rare mother-son Icicle Technique, when he hit the giant icicle to seemingly propel it forward, he had secretly pushed the Jade Shadow Needle into the son icicle.
TL: Mother-son means two things that are exact replicas except in size. Usually, the son part is hidden within the mother part.

Only then could he grasp the opportunity to pierce holes one after another in the body of the half dragon monster.

Otherwise, even if the Jade Shadow Needle was powerful, if it had attacked areas of the monster that were covered in scales, it could only lightly graze the monster at most and would definitely not have been able to kill it.

Seeing that the monster had really lost its life, Liu Ming naturally could relax properly. He put the two totems away at the same time before sitting down on the ground. He quickly pulled out a medicinal pill, and after eating it, he began meditating cross-legged.

In this intense battle, not only did it force him to use his all of his hidden cards, he also used eighty to ninety-percent of all the Fa Li within him.

This was also the result of him reaching the stage of a Peak Spirit Apostle. If he had met the half dragon monster slightly earlier, perhaps the battle would have only reached half way before Liu Ming would have used up all of his Fa Li. He would have only have been able to helplessly wait for death.

The time it takes to eat a meal later.

When Liu Ming’s complexion became slightly better, he immediately stopped circulating the method without delay and walked toward the body corpse of the half dragon.

He could not stay here for long. If someone else came over and saw the corpse of the half dragon, it would most likely bring trouble.

With his current weakened state, he could not withstand another high intensity battle.

With two “gu” cries from within the ground, the White Bone Scorpion crawled out of the ground dispiritedly. Its whole body was covered in cuts and injuries and the green flames in its eyes had dimmed. It seemed as though it did not even have the power to walk over.

Liu Ming smiled bitterly and he patted the leather pouch on his waist with one hand. A black light immediately shot out and shrank the White Bone Scorpion, sucking it back into the pouch.

As a ghost, normal pills had no effect on the White Bone Scorpion whatsoever. Luckily, there was a great deal of miasma in the Soul Cultivation Pouch. As long as it stayed in the Soul Cultivation Pouch, the miasma would slowly nourish the White Bone Scorpion, allowing it to slowly recover.

Afterward, he took another few steps to arrive beside the corpse of the half dragon. He first picked up the Demon Subduing Chain that lay quietly to one side and examined it with a few glances.

The totem had been chopped by the full power of the Azure Moon Sword, but its silver surface remained smooth and shiny without a single mark of the sword.

Liu Ming immediately felt excitement at heart and put the item away.

This totem was personally gifted to Shi Chuan by Gui Ru Quan. Although there was a large chance that he had to hand it up when he returned, he would definitely receive other rewards.

Afterward, there was a flash in Liu Ming’s eyes as he looked at the bare looking corpse of the half dragon. He knit his brows slightly.

The clothes of the monster had already been burned to a crisp. As for the other items such as the Sumeru Handkerchief, it most likely had already been burned to ashes by the power of the three Scarlet Flame Beads.

However, after looking over the corpse again, he realized something else.

Liu Ming thought a little and suddenly bent over. With one hand, he grabbed one of the arms of the monster and quickly felt around.

When his finger suddenly touched something that protruded slightly, Liu Ming’s face immediately flushed with happiness. With the shake of his sleeve, the azure short sword appeared, cutting down at the protrusion.


Black blood squirted out.

Liu Ming cut off one of the arms of the monster. After a few quick cuts, he used the tip of his sword to softly dig out a sparkling winkle conch the size of a soybean. It shined with a faint, white light.

It was one of the treasures of the Sea Race, the “Sumeru Conch.”

This item was a naturally-occurring space object. When the scarlet dragon had killed the Lan brother and sister, it naturally would not let this go by, so it took it. It had also pressed it into the flesh of its arms like the Lan brother.

Under normal circumstances, this was covered by scales and clothes, so it naturally would not be discovered by anybody.

However, in the previous battle, the scales and clothes of the monster were all burned to ashes. Liu Ming had good eyes and saw the slight, abnormal protrusion in the monster’s arm.

Now, he had used the short sword to cut it open and indeed discovered the Sumeru Conch.

Although Liu Ming did not know what the conch in his hand was, the scarlet dragon had hidden it away prudently. Therefore, its worth naturally would not be low.

Liu Ming played around with it in his hand and examined it several times, but did not discover anything weird. He swung it around gently. It was like a feather, almost weightless. He could not help but slightly squint his eyes.

After thinking for a little more, Liu Ming suddenly placed the conch by his ear. The result was that he immediately revealed an expression with a hint of surprise.

He could actually hear the abnormally clear sounds of waves inside the conch. They grew louder and louder one after another, becoming more and more urgent one after another, as if he was currently in raging waves.

In the next moment, he pulled the conch away. After playing with it a bit more, he circulated the Fa Li in him and poured it little by little into the conch.

After a short while, the conch immediately began to grow larger with wild flashes. Dense, silver inscriptions began to appear on its surface.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was naturally surprised at heart. However, he did not stop the Fa Li at all. He also took this opportunity to scan the inside of the conch with his mental strength.

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