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Chapter 129 – Exterminating Apes (Part Four)

“Since Junior has his reason, being late can naturally be forgiven. Brother Yang, let’s make the most of the remaining time and act. The amount of time left that we can stay in the secret realm is not much.” The black-faced young man spoke with a smile.

“Okay! I went up the mountain yesterday to check their movements and discovered that those monster apes are indeed more alert than before. Perhaps we can no longer separate them easily with simple methods. After discussing our options with Brother Yun, I feel that our plan this time requires us to take some risks to achieve what we want.” Yang Qian’s expression became serious, as he spoke slowly.

“Taking risks to achieve what we want? Brother Yang is saying…” Jin Yu seemed to not understand the suggestion.

“It is very easy. Since there is no method to separate the golden-furred monster ape from all the other monster apes, we might as well lure them all down the mountain and exterminate all of them at once!” Yang Qian spoke with a deep voice.

“Brother Yang must be joking. That golden monster ape is too powerful. If all four of them come together, how will we kill them at the same time.” Hearing what was said, Jin Yu jumped in fright.

“Hehe, who said to kill them at the same time. What I said about exterminating them all is referring to a two stage process. We must trap the golden monster ape by itself somewhere, and only after we kill the other three monster apes like how we did the other day, will we work together to fight the final ape. Although the golden monster ape is strong, under the teamwork of the four of us, fighting it should not be too hard.” The black-faced young man followed up with a small laugh.

“This method is not bad. However, how will we trap the golden-furred monster ape by itself? All of these monster apes possess great strength, perhaps a normal trap will not be enough.” Hearing the plan, Liu Ming knit his brows and asked a question.

“We of course cannot use normal methods. Here I have a set of Six Miasma Illusion Formation flags. As long as we place them down beforehand, they should be able to trap the golden monster ape for seven to eight minutes. According to the results from the battle two days ago, this amount of time is just enough for us to finish off the three apes. With this, do you two juniors have any other opinions?” Yang Qian replied without hesitating.

“So Brother Yan has formation flags with him. Impressive. Since it is like this, I am completely satisfied.” Hearing what was said, Jin Yu’s expression changed slightly.

Formation flags, formation discs, and other formation related tools and equipment could be easily used by ordinary practitioners that did not practice the ways of formations at all, thus their prices were unbelievably expensive. So, even the simplest set of formation equipment would definitely be more expensive than normal totems.

However, as most of the simple formations and restrictions could be easily broken by a normal Spirit Apostle, formation equipment were only suitable for a few special situations. Therefore, formation equipment was considered an expensive, luxurious item that was very limited in use. Even Spirit Masters would be hesitant when buying one.

Since Yang Qian was only a Late Spirit Apostle, to have a set of formation flags with him was a matter that surpassed many people’s expectations.

“Since we have this formation, I naturally also have no problems.” A surprised light flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes and he also nodded.

“Good, I will go right now to the nearby dense forest to place down the restriction. Later on, Brother Yun and I will go together to lure them down. You only need to lay ambush near the formation. If we succeed this time, all the resources on this mountain will be free for us to collect.” Yang Qian spoke with a flash of enthusiasm in his eyes.

Hearing this, the black-faced young man also gave a small laugh. Jin Yu became very excited while Liu Ming only smiled a little.

The discussion came to a close and the few people walked out of the cave at the same time. They flew toward a dense forest not far from the peak of the mountain.

At the same time, in the shadow behind another mountain, there was a male and female floating in the air. Their upper bodies were human but their lower bodies were weird huge fishtails. They currently controlled waves of huge water and battled without stop with a huge, azure python with a silver flesh crown that was over a hundred feet long.

From the human portions, the male and female where the Lan brother and sister that Mu Rong Xuan had talked about.

At this moment, there were incredible amounts of blue waves spinning around them and from their exposed arms to their faces, there were numerous blue Spirit Inscriptions. At the same time, their eyes were a shade of dark blue.

The giant azure python’s eyes were blood red as it was spitting green gas everywhere. The crown on top of its head had also turned a bright silver that seemed extremely threatening.
TL: Think of a crown as a horn but not of something hard and instead something soft and made of flesh

Sometimes countless water arrows would fly at the giant python like rain. Other times the giant python would open its mouth to unleash green wind bullets to shatter the surrounding waves.

All in all, the two sides had reached a stalemate and it was unknown just how long it would take before a victor could be decided.

In addition, in a hidden pond under the mountain, there was a broken blue formation along with two much smaller Silver Crown Python corpses.


TL: Handle –

A blue light trembled on the Spirit Flower before the flower fell from its stem, landing into a jade box that Jia Lan had already been holding with her other hand.

Jia Lan covered up the jade box and carefully put it away. She looked at the three small monster corpses that were not moving in the water and sighed.

Amidst a rocky region, Feng Chan, Gao Chong, and another seven Spirit Apostle had once again surrounded the Lion Tiger Beast and were attacking it furiously.

However this time, two of the nine people were replaced by a Firestorm Way disciple with a palm leaf fan and Qian Hui Niang. The beast was still as strong as before and had blue lightning bolts arc around it while it spat fireballs.

Unlike last time, the nine people fighting the beast were much more relaxed and unhurried. As soon as a fire sea appeared, the Firestorm Way disciple would just wave his palm leaf fan and all the fire would be extinguished.

As for the lightning that protected the beast, it was starting to become pierced by the various special techniques that everyone used. With that, the beast gained wounds of various sizes.

With each successful attack, the nine people became more and more overjoyed as their attacks became more frequent.

However, no one noticed that even though the Lion Tiger Beast was at a disadvantaged situation, its eyes were still cold without any trace of fear or impatience.

On the other side of the Secret Realm, Lei Zhen gave a low roar and swung the silver hammer in his hand again. The silver lightning arcs that shot off it smashed into the black rock that had countless cracks in it. Immediately, the black rock shattered into pieces.

The black rock was about a third of its size compared to the start when it broke apart.

Lei Zhen had originally thought that it would take another four to five days before he weakened the mysterious power until he could withstand it. However, it seemed that the treasure was going to see the daylight now!

Liu Zhen was originally stunned when the black rock shattered, but immediately became very excited. He swung the silver hammer in his hand a couple more times to break off the residual ore beyond the black rock, revealing the treasure hidden behind the black rock’s true appearance.

What he saw was a light brown ore that had countless silver-lined patterns on it. The lines seemed to layer atop the brown ore. It was as if the silver patterns were wrapping around the ore.

Lei Zhen suppressed the happiness in his heart and quickly put away his silver hammer. He then picked up a piece of rock on the ground and with a flick of his wrist, the rock went shooting at the ore.

The rock met no resistance and successfully hit the gray ore. In addition, it bounced slightly back before falling to the ground; nothing abnormal occurred through the entire process.

Lei Zhen was pleasantly surprised and immediately walked forward a few steps, intending to pick up the rock.

However, the moment when Lei Zhen’s finger touched the brown ore, a sudden “chi chi” sound rang and dozens of silver threads atop the ore suddenly shot out.

At such a close distance and no warning, Lei Zhen didn’t have time to react before his entire body was pierced through by the silver threads.

With an angry shout, countless lightning arcs appeared on the body of Lei Zhen and his sleeve shook as his silver hammer returned to his hand. In the next moment, Lei Zhen was about to smash the hammer down.

At this time, the silver patterns on the gray ore suddenly flashed and also bulged out.

All of the silver threads that had already detached from the ore suddenly moved around and cut through Lei Zhen as if they were long, sharp blades. Immediately, they cut every part of Lei Zhen, even his spirit that was in the form of a small ball of black gas, into pieces.

With a “dang” sound, the silver hammer dropped to the floor where a large pool of blood was waiting.

Lei Zhen, a Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple with a Nine Lightning Spirit Pulse, and highly regarded by many Spirit Masters, actually fell in this unnamed cave.

However, in the next moment, an even more surprising scene occurred.

After flying around for a bit, the silver threads from the brown ore suddenly stuck themselves into the blood pool that they had made. They started to suck up the blood while making “zi zi” sounds.

These silver threads were unexpectedly hollow in the middle. They were straws that were incredibly small and thin.

With the blood sucked into the brown ore, the silver patterns on the ore began to shine brightly. At the same time, the entire ore began to slowly pulse as if it had a life of its own.

The blood nearby was quickly exhausted with the dozens of silver threads leaching from it. However, these silver threads seemed unsatisfied as they stuck themselves into the surrounding chunks of Lei Zhen.

Immediately, the final pieces of Lei Zhen became abnormally dry and shrivelled. It was as if every single drop of liquid within them had been sucked clean by the silver threads.

With this, the silver patterns on the ore expanded a little and a “peng” sound rang out from within the threads.

At the start, there was only this one sound, but after a little while, a second sound rang out, a third sound followed…

In the time it takes to have a cup of tea, the brown ore had fallen into a rhythmic beating. At the same time, every time the brown ore made a sound, more silver threads would shoot out from it. With time, the entire cave was filled with these silver threads and with surprising speed, the threads began to grow and plunged regions beyond the cave.

Slowly, the originally brown ore began to have a blood-like, rosy color. It was as if it was recovering its original appearance!

The ore was, in fact, a giant heart that was slowly regaining its vitality!

At the same time this giant heart was regaining its vitality, the insides of the mountain started to slowly and strangely change to something that no one had ever seen before.

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