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Chapter 125 – Ambush

A little while later, Xue Ci was still standing straight-backed where he had been before, but his face was now somewhat pale. At the same time, the black hair on his head had actually turned blood red.

The ground nearby was covered in sword marks and a huge ditch of seventy to eighty feet long could be seen.

“You really have received three blows of the sword, it seems that you are a little stronger than what the rumors say. Since it is like this, I will agree to the matter regarding working together. However, if we receive more than two eggs for the Iron Feathered Hawk, I will take two thirds. You have no opinions regarding this, right!” With a hum, the young female from the Heavenly Moon Sect returned the snow white longsword in her hand back into its sheath and spoke plainly.

“Who would have thought that your sword technique has actually been cultivated to such a level. My strength is far below yours, so I will naturally agree to what you have said.” Xue Ci raised an arm and looked at his hand covered in blood before replying with a forced smile.

“Very good. Since we are working together, we have should have very good chances against handling those Iron Feathered Hawks.” The female from the Heavenly Moon Sect nodded before turning her head to look at the steep mountain peak not far away. A fiendish expression flashed across her face.

On a spacious rock platform on the tallest mountain situated in the middle of the rest, Gao Chong, Feng Chan, and seven or eight disciples from various sects were gathered together. They were not fighting but rather discussing something with a low voice.

As they were discussing, there would be some people that could not help but turn around and look at the tall mountain peak not far from them from time to time, revealing expressions full of greed.

At the foot of the giant mountain, inside a stone cave, Lei Zhen was covered in electric sparks. He held a small, silver mallet that was also covered in convulsing sparks. He was currently holding it in both hands and crazily swinging it at a huge, blackish stone embedded in the rock wall.

Every time he swung, a huge, thick lightning bolt would shoot out, firmly hitting the giant rock. The bolt would cause it to tremble slightly and reveal cracks across its surface. Cracks that were slowly becoming deeper and deeper.
After the time it take to eat a meal, Lei Zhen once again swung resolutely with a loud yell. The electric sparks on his body immediately disappeared. After collecting the silver mallet with lightning speed, he sat cross-legged and began meditating.

The current him had an abnormally weak aura, obviously due to overusing Fa Li by a great amount.

At this moment, an abnormal scene occurred on the black rock.

As soon as the attacks stopped, the cracks on the surface of the rock began to slowly close up again.

After a short while, the black rock became smooth like new. It only seemed to be a little smaller than before.

After a few hours, when Lei Zhen opened his eyes again, the aura of his body was fully recovered. He casually picked up a pebble beside him and threw it at the huge, black rock with the flick of a wrist.


As soon as the pebble approached the area a few tens of feet away from the black rock, it suddenly trembled before being crushed into powder by some type of shapeless force. At the same time, all the powder slowly floated into the huge black rock, becoming a part of it.

“Not good enough, it still has not dropped to a level where I can withstand it. I must continue, so I can retrieve the treasure inside.”

Lei Zhen mumbled and looked at the black rock with a frenzied expression.

This black rock was only discovered by him unintentionally after chasing a monster here two days ago.

Once the monster that was being chased approached the rock, it become a pile of bloody pulp and was absorbed into it. It was then that he immediately knew that he had discovered an impressive treasure.

As a result, he spent the remaining time using the lightning attacks he was well versed in to attack the black rock without stop, slowly weakening the mysterious power.

However, looking at the effects of the attacks from the last two days, if he really wanted to remove all of the mysterious power, perhaps it was an impossible matter without ten days or half a month worth of time. However, he actually did not need to completely remove all of the power. He only had to weaken it enough to be able to forcefully approach it. Then he could use a totem to break the rock, allowing him to retrieve the treasure.

Although he did not know the origins of the treasure with this mysterious manifestation, he believed that as long as he could retrieve this item, his gains from his journey in the secret realm would definitely not be inferior to other people’s.

Jia Lan currently stood beside a mysterious lake covered by trees with purple light flowing from her eyes. She was currently standing opposite of three small beasts that were covered in azure scales and had a single horn at the top of their heads.

These three small beasts stood softly on the surface of the water on four claws without trembling. Their six eyes gazed directly upon Jia Lan, but they did not seem to have any fear at all. It was as if they were monster beasts with naturally strong mental power.

Behind the small beasts, in the center of the lake, a faint blue lotus flower that was completely translucent floated on the surface of the water. It was surrounded in all four directions by a dense, water type Yuan Qi.

After an unknown amount of time, Jia Lan suddenly gave a muffled snort and could not help but take two steps back to protect herself.

The three small beasts on the other side also had a flash of blue appear in their eyes and retreated back with a tremble in the same manner.

Jia Lan looked deeply at the three small beasts for a little while before turning around and disappearing into the woods.

To be able to find this “Water Yuan Lotus,” that had many uses to her, could be said to be a pleasant surprise.

This item would be of great use to her in the future, but she had to first find a way to get rid of these unknown water type monsters that were hard to deal with.

However, there was still plenty of time left to stay in the secret realm. This place was secretive enough, so she did not need to immediately fight these three beasts as if her life depended on it. She could spend time thinking up a method and it would still not be too late.

On the morning of the second day, Liu Ming opened his eyes to a hidden valley, his energy and Fa Li had recovered to peak condition.

Not far from where he was, Yang Qiang and the other two people were also meditating in the same fashion.

Liu Ming waking up seemed to alarm the others, and after a short while, the three of them also stopped meditating and opened their eyes.

“Brother Yun, how has your strength recovered? We might have to battle again today.” Yang Qian asked the black-faced, young man with a somewhat caring manner.

After he scouted out the activity of all the monster apes on the mountain, he gathered with Liu Ming and the other two last night.

“Do not worry, I have already completely recovered and will definitely not neglect our important matter.” The black-faced young man stood up and stretched his arms and legs. He replied with abnormal confidence.

“Very well, since it is like this, let us act according to the the plan today. I will ascend the mountain again and use the monster ape head from yesterday to lure the monster apes from the mountain. I will do my best to control the number to around two or three. If there is only two, Brother Yun and I will fight one each. Junior Jin and Junior Bai will be at our sides supporting us. If there are three, we will rely on the two Juniors to each handle one for the time being. Brother Yun and I will work together to finish one off as quick as possible before immediately coming to help the two of you.” Yang Qian spoke seriously.

Liu Ming and the others naturally did not have any disagreements with what Yang Qian had said.

As a result, during the following period of time, Yang Qian carried the gray ape head, which was slightly shrivelled, on his back and left the valley again.

As for Liu Ming and the other two, they both found secret spots to hide, not far from the entrance of the valley.

Liu Ming hid in a big tree with dense branches and leaves, whereas Jin Yu instead hid behind a pile of loose rocks.

What made Liu Ming speechless was that the black-faced young man stood proudly to one side of the entrance and raised his hand to release a pangolin puppet.

Only with a twist of its body, the puppet wrapped up the black-faced young man inside, and with a series of physical transformations, it actually turned into a huge, yellow boulder.

The appearance of the boulder, created from the pangolin puppet, looked extremely realistic. Even if you stood close by, you could not tell whether it was real or fake.

Time slowly passed by and after an unknown amount of time, a series of howling sounds could be vaguely heard from the entrance of the valley. They were soon followed by tiny rumbles in the ground, as if there was something huge approaching at lightning speed.

Liu Ming took a deep breath. Without saying anything further, he used one hand to pat the leather pouch on his waist. A black light immediately radiated from it and the White Bone Scorpion covered in purple gas appeared under the tree.

Under his mental communication, the ghost immediately disappeared into the ground with a roll.

Jin Yu, who was behind the pile of loose rocks, also shook his sleeve and three different colored round balls rolled out. They rested silently beside his feet without moving.

As for the black-faced young man hidden inside the pangolin-transformed huge rock, there were no abnormal movements.

However, after a short while, the howling become louder!

Suddenly, from the entrance nearby, a sky-shattering sound could be heard and Yang Qian shot into the valley from outside like an arrow. With a few flashing actions, he flew several hundreds of feet before stopping and turning around to yell loudly with a serious expression.

“There are three monster apes, immediately follow the plan!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he formed a hand seal with one hand and black gas rolled out of the leather pouch on his waist. The huge bone ghost with a bull’s head and a human’s body immediately appeared and gave a low roar while staring without wavering at the entrance of the valley.

After three loud sounds of “bang bang bang”, three giant demon apes jumped into the valley from outside.

One was around thirty feet tall, and the fur on its body was pure black.

Two were around twenty feet tall and had grayish-white fur, surprisingly similar to the gray ape from yesterday.

As soon as the three monster apes jumped into the valley, they immediately gave a growl and rushed at Yang Qian.

Yang Qian snorted, before forming a hand sign with one hand, causing black air to roll out from his body. The air then condensed, immediately transforming into a huge, black palm that firmly shot toward the opposing huge, black ape. At the same time, the bull headed bone ghost by his side also rushed forward with big steps.

At the same time, there was a series of popping sounds from where Jin Yu was hiding and three leopard shaped puppets, each around ten feet tall, flew out. Their body moved and they rushed toward the closest gray monster ape like lightning bolts.

In the blink of an eye, they started fighting and biting together.

On the other side, the other monster ape who was currently running suddenly rolled wildly toward one side. In the ground where it was originally standing were two huge claws snapping together at nothing.

However, before the huge ape stood up again, a screeching sound whistled through the empty air as seven to eight wind blades flew out of the big tree Liu Ming was in. With a few flashes, they neared the giant ape.
TL: Seven to eight can also be thought of as seven or eight, just a chinese way of expressing things

The gray monster ape gave an angry roar and suddenly used its large foot to firmly stomp on the ground. After a series of trembles nearby, an earth wall quickly appeared from the ground.

With a few sounds of “bam bam,” the wind blade attacks left a few shallow marks on the ground where they had hit.

The ape, consumed by its rage, had traveled several tens of feet in the blink of an eye, directly rushing at the tree Liu Ming was in.

With this, the three giant apes had all been rapidly separated.

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