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Chapter 1112: The Tribulation of Demon Flying Skull

As soon as he said, Liu Ming threw out a few talismans on the corpse. After confirming that there was no enchantment reaction, he was really relieved.

He took a few steps forward, raised his arms, and grabbed directly at the corpse’s lower abdomen.


The 5 fingers sunk into it effortlessly. When he withdrew his hand again, 3 dark beads the size of chicken eggs appeared in the palm of his hand.

The surfaces of these beads were inscribed with densely packed runes. As the aura flowed, the the surrounding space was slightly distorted.

“Nine-Turn Serene Core, I got even 3! This person must be at the Mystic Comprehending State intermediate stage!” Liu Ming was overjoyed.

As far as he knew, after the Mystic Comprehending State Serene Clan passed away, a Nine-Turn Serene Core would condense at the dantian position. It contained his lifelong essence. Once the cultivation level reached the intermediate stage, 2 more would be condensed. If it was later stage, there would be 6 cores.

At this moment, the skin of the young man’s corpse withered and shriveled at a speed visible to the naked eye as if the flesh had disappeared.

The king of who once cultivated to the Mystic Comprehending State had disappeared from the world.

All things are born in nothingness and return to nothingness. Even if they once cultivated to the Mystic Comprehending State, as long as they did not reach the level of immortality, they would eventually fade out of history and be gradually forgotten by the world.

Liu Ming looked at the scene and was a little stunned, but at this moment, a sudden change occurred!

3 gigantic spiritual pressures burst out from below and locked directly on Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s expression changed. He took the Nine-Turn Serene Cores and destroy Huang Han’s real body. Obviously, he attracted the wrath of the 3 Celestial State guard puppets below.

He kept away the cores and made a sword gesture, then a purple sword light wrapped him and blasted upward.


A purple light came out through the roof of the temple, then a silver light flashed before dashing into the distance.

Almost at the same time when the purple light appeared, 3 blue escape lights shot out from the temple, chasing after Liu Ming.

The snowflakes in the sky condensed into icicles and shot toward the 4 escape lights.

8 days later.

Liu Ming was looking at the endless gray desert in the air.

According to the map, less than half a day’s journey ahead was the place where another Serene King “Shi Kun” passed away.

This relic was different from the small temple on the snow mountain where Huang Han passed away.

Speaking of which, Shi Kun could be regarded as a famous Serene King in the history of the deepest underworld. He not only threatened the entire 9 regions with Hell Bone Secret, but he also recruited a lot of talented Serene Clan powerhouses and managed the Serene Region in an orderly manner. The force was unparalleled at the time.

However, he was not satisfied with the current situation. In the end, he resolutely launched a cross-region war and wanted to annex other Serene Regions. As a result, when he was in full swing, he was suddenly defeated by a mysterious person and escaped into the Tomb of Serene King. The cross-region war naturally came to an end.

“It seems that this Serene King is somewhat similar to the mortal emperor. He has a great desire for power. He even built such a mausoleum for himself before he passed away.” Liu Ming thoughtfully muttered to himself.

But having said that, he didn’t dare to underestimate this “underground royal mausoleum”. The trip to Huang Han Temple a month ago gave him a painful experience.

Fortunately, he cleverly used the anti-flying enchantment, turned into several phantasms through the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique, and then used Che Huan Totem to hide his aura. Eventually, he got rid of the pursuit of 2 puppets. The last puppet still chased Liu Ming without giving up.

In desperation, he had to take risks to fight against him. Finally, he killed the puppet using the Mountain River Pearls and Dragon Tiger Hell Prison.

As a result, his spiritual power was almost exhausted. After finding a hidden cave, it took him 3 days to recover.

But it was worth it since he got 3 Nine-Turn Serene Cores.

Liu Ming pursed his lips and continued to fly forward.

A day later.

In a long and narrow dark hall, dozens of ancient bronze lamps were put on both sides. The bean-sized lamp flames flickered faintly, so the hall would not be completely dark.

Through the flickering light, it could be vaguely seen that there was a platform about half a foot high in the depths of the hall. On the platform was a huge black coffin. The coffin was wrapped by a giant dragon.

The giant dragon’s eyes were shut tightly as if it was sleeping.

At this moment, a corner of the coffin was lifted up. The black air above was lingering, unable to see the situation inside.

In front of the coffin, a vague figure was reading a green jade slip.

3 ancient Serene Clan characters “Hell Bone Secret” were written with gold lacquer on the bamboo jade slip.

The figure was Liu Ming.

This dim palace was where Serene King “Shi Kun” was buried. The eighth underground floor of the royal mausoleum.

The first 3 floors of this royal mausoleum had been entered before. The enchantments inside were almost destroyed. Now they became a lair of ghost creatures.

Starting from the fourth floor, there were quite a few bizarre enchantments on each level. Ghost soldier arrays condensed with yin sand, enchantment full of hell extinct qi, deadly illusion array that rendered people in an endless killing, and so on.

Most of the enchantments had a great deterrent effect on Serene Clan people and ghost creatures, but for Liu Ming, who was a human and had powerful mental power, it did not cause any trouble. After some effort, he passed through them without any danger.

According to Yin Liu’s map, the eighth floor was where Shi Kun’s body was stored. The corpse dragon that had been sleeping for many years beside the coffin was no less than the Celestial State, so Liu Yin didn’t provoke this ghost creature for a Hell Bone Secret that he didn’t use.

Under the effect of the Che Huan Totem, Liu Ming did not wake up the corpse dragon and sneak into the coffin. He was naturally overjoyed.

“It seems that this Hell Bone Secret is slightly different from the one I got from Qing Ling before.” Liu Ming withdrew Divine Thought from the bamboo jade slip in his hand and muttered.

Although he just glanced at it hastily just now, he found that this entire book seemed to be a bit more mysterious.

After Liu Ming put away the bamboo jade slip, he glanced at the coffin again with a strange gaze.

According to this Yin Liu, this royal tomb had 9 floors. It was said that the ninth floor contained a large number of real treasures that Shi Kun brought into the Tomb of Serene King. The entrance should be under the coffin.

However, Yin Liu clearly marked on the map, even if he was at the Mystic Comprehending State, don’t try to step into the ninth floor.

Now that he had not found the entrance to the ninth floor, and he had obtained the complete Hell Bone Secret, he naturally didn’t want to take any risks.

Liu Ming did not stop here for long and left the dim hall.

He had a deep understanding of the endless enchantments of the Tomb of Serene King, so he was cautious on the way back. He had no intention of exploring other places.

After more than 10 days, Liu Ming safely returned to the center of the Tomb of Serene King; the entrance of the huge black valley.

The valley was empty at the moment. Yin Liu wasn’t there yet.

Counting the time, it was still a long way from the 3 months time limit. After thinking about it, Liu Ming simply arranged a few enchantments in a secluded corner at the entrance of the valley, sat down cross-legged, and took out the Hell Bone Secret to comprehend.

Before, he just looked at it in general. At this moment, he began to comprehend the eleventh level.

His cultivation base had reached the Real Pellet State intermediate stage under the injection of the prison. As long as he could comprehend the eleventh level of the Hell Bone Secret, he could smoothly advance to the later stage.

Just when he closed his eyes to comprehend the Hell Bone Secret, a faint black air suddenly appeared on a soul-recovering bag around his waist. There were countless black runes flickering, looking very mysterious.

Suddenly, anxious whistles came from the soul-recovering bag.

Liu Ming opened his eyes and made a gesture.

A cloud of black air flew out of the soul-recovering bag and turned into Fei’er.

Liu Ming looked at Fei’er with a startled look.

At this moment, Fei’er had transformed into the true form of the Demon Flying Skull. There were countless dense dark red bloodshots on all 9 heads like dense meridians, emitting bursts of bloody light.

There were 2 red flames in the eyes of Demon Flying Skull, and there were anxious whistles in his mouth.

“Fei’er, are you already…” Liu Ming felt the fluctuating aura of Fei’er, and a look of surprise and joy appeared on his face.

At this moment, there was a rumbling thunder in the sky above the valley. A black tribulation cloud swiftly condensed in the dark sky.

Soon, the lightning snakes roamed wildly in the thundercloud. The thunderclaps spread far away. Gusts of wind swept down, rolling up gravel that the valley.

The tribulation cloud was lower. The dazzling lightning snakes roamed faster as if the thunder would strike at any time.

Demon Flying Skull’s eyes suddenly showed a mad look. After the black air rolled up, he flew out of the enchantment and made a provocative groan sound at the sky.

“I thought Xie’er would take the thunder tribulation first, but Fei’er took the lead this time…”

Liu Ming stood still and looked up at the Demon Flying Skull in the sky. He muttered a few words to himself. He released Divine Thought to monitor the surrounding situation at all times.

Although there was no living creatures nearby except for the black rocks, Liu Ming of course wouldn’t put his guard down. He released Bitter Wheel Sword and let it hover above him.

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