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Chapter 1070: Mysterious Figure

When the burly man in a blue robe heard the movement, he saw Liu Ming behind him and he moved back for 30 meters, looking vigilantly at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming glanced at the burly man in a blue robe, but he just stood there without making any move.

The situation here revealed a strangeness. He didn’t want to act rashly until he figured it out.

“You are Leng Meng’s subordinate! He sent you to hunt me down?” After hesitating for a while, the burly man in a blue robe asked tentatively…

He didn’t see Liu Ming’s face clearly until this moment. He vaguely remembered when besieging the people of the Cold Water City, he was 1 of the guards around Leng Meng whose strength was at Pseudo Pellet State.

Now that he couldn’t detect the cultivation base, the other party must have used some kind of mystic art to conceal aura.

At this moment, in addition to his surprise, he also secretly used the mystic art to burn nearly 100 years of his vitality to recover some spiritual power, which boosted his courage slightly.

Liu Ming did not respond to the questioning of the burly man in a blue robe. He looked around at the stone room.

The 3 walls and the top seem to be shrouded in some kind of enchantment. They all looked grayish.

The path behind him was now shrouded in a gray light curtain. On the surface of the light curtain, unknown green runes were faintly flowing on it. Light was coming in from the outside. This should be the entrance of the stone room.

They could come in without hindrance from the outside, but it did not mean that they could go out the same way. After releasing Divine Thought, he found that his Divine Thought was reflected away.

Liu Ming continued to use Divine Thought to probe the other walls, and the results were the same.

In the innermost of this empty stone room, he found a black rectangular stone platform on which was placed an ancient bronze lamp with a simple style. It seemed to be old and covered with a thick layer of dust.

This ancient bronze lamp did not have any spiritual power fluctuations as if it was an ordinary thing, but for some reason, it gave Liu Ming an extremely gloomy feeling.

Other than that, there was nothing there.

The burly man in a blue robe was infuriated seeing Liu Ming ignoring him like this, and he was about to act.

But at this moment, a change occurred!

A soft sound came from the stone room.

The voice was almost inaudible, but in such a quiet environment, it was like thunder to Liu Ming and the burly man in a blue robe.

They looked over in shock.

The ancient bronze lamp on the black stone platform was lit up, but the flame was only the size of a soybean, looking extremely weak as if it could be blown out in one breath.

Immediately after, a cloud of green smoke rose from the lamp. The entire stone platform shook, and an indescribable vicious aura came out from it.

When Liu Ming and the burly man in a blue robe saw this, they were both startled.

Liu Ming suddenly turned around and made a sword gesture. The Mother Son Yin Soul Swords flashed and turned into a 60 meters long giant sword, slashing on the gray light curtain.

The burly man in a blue robe didn’t even bother to fight with Liu Ming, and he threw a bone chakram at the light curtain. Countless chakram shadows surged out.

However, whether it was Liu Ming’s huge sword light or Lan Xu’s chakram shadows, they were all ineffective against the white light curtain. They only stir a mild ripple on the light curtain before it restored.

Seeing this scene, both of them were startled again.

At this moment, the top of the stone platform was already billowing with green smoke. A vague figure slowly emerged from the green smoke.

2 red lights lit up on the figure’s face, looking at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming only felt a chill in his body, and he immediately turned around and spat out a yellow bead, facing the direction of the stone platform.

The Mountain River Pearl spun and gushed out a yellow mist, wrapping him in it. Simultaneously, Bitter Wheel Sword flashed out and surrounded Liu Ming, emitting purple lightning.

Although he didn’t know what was in the blue smoke, the menacing aura it exuded was really terrifying, making him feel frightened. This feeling, after he advanced to the Crystallization Period, only came from the Celestial State powerhouse.

The burly man in a blue robe on the side quickly glanced at the Mountain River Pearl and the Bitter Wheel Sword above Liu Ming’s head, then he also spat out a small shield weapon that turned into a gray light curtain around him. He also crossed 1 arm before his chest.

“Eh! Human cultivator…”

The blurry figure in the green smoke let out a confused sigh, then he glanced at the burly man in a blue robe not far away.

“Hmph! Serene Clan!”

The blurred figure uttered a voice full of resentment, then he waved 1 hand. Countless green runes gathered on the gray light curtain at the ceiling. After flashing, a green cloud was formed, emitting a loud buzz.

Immediately afterward, the green cloud emitted a dazzling green light.

Both the burly man in a blue robe and Liu Ming were amazed!

Liu Ming kicked his feet on the ground and dodged to the side without even thinking.

When this unknown existence was obviously hostile to the burly man, it was better for Liu Ming to stay away first.

Seeing this, the burly man in a blue robe was naturally frightened and angry. After a low groan, he also planned to dodge, but it was too late.

The green light on the ceiling flashed and emitted green lighting, making a sizzling sound. 8 thick green lightning were launched at the burly man in a blue robe hack.

The burly man in a blue robe could only helplessly raise 1 arm. The bone chakram flew out and turned into countless white chakram shadows, shooting at the incoming green lightning.

Rumbling sounds came!

As soon as these white chakram shadows touched the green lightning, they were scattered without any resistance.

Then, there was another huge thunder!

8 thick green lightning intertwined in mid-air and condensed into a giant green lightning ball, then it spread into a green lightning net and wrapped the burly man in a blue robe together with the small gray shield.

The burly man in a blue robe showed an unbelievable face. When he was about to do something, the deafening crackling sound had already come. The light curtain formed by the small gray shield around him was even crushed in the lightning net.

Immediately afterward, the body of the burly man in a blue robe was also covered in the green lightning.

After just 1 second, the green lightning net flashed away, revealing everything inside.

The upper body of the burly man in a blue robe had disappeared without a trace in the green lightning, and the remaining half of the body was also charred. It fell to the ground in the rolling black smoke.

The next moment, the green light on the top quickly dissipated and turned into a green cloud again, but it was much dimmer than before.

Such an attack terrified Liu Ming on the side!

But he quickly came back to his senses, looking at the blurry figure in the green smoke with a vigilant look. He was secretly brewing spiritual power!

If this unknown existence really intended to attack him, he had no choice but to use the sealed Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder and Void Sword Maru again at all costs.

Only these 2 means could save his life in the face of this terrifying existence.

After the figure in the green smoke finished all this, he let out a sigh of relief as if letting out a sullen breath. The green smoke gradually dissipated, revealing the figure inside.

This was a middle-aged man in a green robe. His face looked gray, which looked no different from an ordinary human, but there was a hint of tiredness on his face. It seems that the attack just now also consumed a lot of spiritual power.

Liu Ming quickly glanced at the middle-aged man in a green robe with a hint of doubt.

Although this person exuded a Celestial State aura, it did not seem to be stable. Besides, his body looks a little hazy, which was somewhat similar to the ghost creatures in the Evil Ghost Way.

When Liu Ming looked at the middle-aged man in a green robe, the middle-aged man also looked thoughtful.

“Boy, you’re practicing the ghost technique… Eh? It seems that you’ve also practiced some Serene Clan’s mystic arts. No, how come you also have the aura of beastkin in your body…” The middle-aged man in a green robe muttered to himself with a confused look.

Liu Ming’s face changed slightly when he heard the man muttering to himself.

Some of his secrets seemed to be seen through by this middle-aged man. Even the Celestial State elders in the Evil Ghost Way couldn’t notice these secrets of Liu Ming.

“Senior doesn’t seem to belong to the Serene Clan. Are you human… or?” Liu Ming didn’t answer the other party’s question directly. After taking a deep breath, he asked respectfully.

This middle-aged man didn’t have the aura of the living creatures. There was only thick ghost qi, but it was completely different from the ordinary ghost creatures he had seen. After making the move just now, his aura seemed to be weakening too.

At this time, for some unknown reason, the gray light curtain at the entrance of the stone room was a bit dimmer than before. Liu Ming thought to himself that if he released the sealed Void Sword Maru, he had 50% certainty to break it, so he was at ease.

“Human or ghost… Haha, of course I don’t look like a human or a ghost… hahaha!” The middle-aged man in a green robe let out a self-deprecating laugh. His voice getting louder and louder as if he couldn’t suppress his emotions. He just laughed frantically.

Liu Ming was shocked when he saw the strange behavior of the middle-aged man in green robe.

TL: Is this man corrupted by the art he practiced?

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