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Chapter 1059: Hell Devour Rings

Judging from his dress, this person looked like a foreign member. His cultivation was only at the Real Pellet State early stage, but he had already defeated 3 challengers in a row above arena. It had attracted the attention of many interested people.

With Liu Ming’s sensitive Divine Thought, he naturally sensed this person’s gaze. He immediately glanced back in surprise.

As a result, he smiled kindly at him. After making Liu Ming startled slightly, he muttered in his mind for a while.

At the same time, over the 10 arenas, rounds of battles were in full swing.

On Liu Ming’s arena, with his overwhelming strength, no one dared to challenge him for a while.

But fortunately, it was precisely because of this situation that those onlookers soon turned their attention to the fights on another arena.

Liu Ming just sat cross-legged on top of the arena, closing his eyes and resting.

But this was an arena trial after all, and Liu Ming was just a Pseudo Pellet State cultivator. After a dozen minutes, a sturdy Real Pellet State early stage muscular man jumped onto the arena.

“I’m Sha Yan, please enlighten me.”

When the gray enchantment lighted up, the muscular man cupped his fist.

“Yin Han.” Liu Ming bowed back to him.

This time, maybe the opponent came prepared. Before waiting for Liu Ming to do any move, the muscular man grunted and sprinted toward Liu Ming.

A rumble sounded. The whole arena kept shaking with the heavy footsteps of the muscular man. The stature of the muscular man gradually became bigger. The rolling gray mist around him turned into a 30 meters small gray mountain, charging straight at Liu Ming with great momentum.

Liu Ming originally thought that the Serene Clan people were only good at ghost techniques, but he didn’t expect such a sturdy physique cultivator to exist in the Serene Clan!

As surprise flashed across Liu Ming’s face, he immediately made gestures with both hands.

Amidst the billowing black air, there was a roar of dragons!

5 60 meters black mist dragons soared from the back of Liu Ming and went at the incoming small gray mountain.

“Poof poof poof!“

The black mist dragons collided with the gray mountain formed by the muscular man one after another, and they collapsed and turned into rolling black mist immediately. The muscular man wasn’t stopped by a bit at all.

“Trivial skill!” Sha Yan’s sneer came from the gray mountain.

However, when the mountain was only a few feet away from Liu Ming, Liu Ming flickered and disappeared out of thin air.

The next moment, Liu Ming blurred and appeared 30 meters behind Sha Yan in a flash.

“Hmph!” Sha Yan’s slightly annoyed cold snort came from the gray mountain, then he turned around and charged toward Liu Ming.

“Hell Prison!”

Liu Ming’s eyes turned cold. He pointed at the space of the muscular man. The black mist condensed into waves of interweaving black lights and enveloped the muscular man in it.

Immediately afterward, Liu Ming waved his sleeve. A gray light flashed out with a clear whistle. A 3 meters long gray sword could clearly be seen!

The long sword looked bleak and seemed unremarkable, but as Liu Ming channeled it, the 36 hell patterns shone. Waves of gray yin qi burst out from the sword!

Immediately, a gray sword light flew into the Hell Prison.

It was the Mother Son Yin Soul Swords he had just gotten!

Speaking of which, after Liu Ming got this hell weapon that day, he spent a lot of time researching it.

Fortunately, his cultivation had now reached the Pseudo Pellet State, so it was of course not a problem to sacrificial refine a sword weapon. He succeeded without spending much time on it.

Since this sword was called “Mother Son”, it was naturally a set of 2 pieces, 1 long and 1 short.

The trick was that the son sword was hidden in the mother sword. The mother sword was the main attack, and the son sword would assist by sneak attack. When the enemy was concentrating on dealing with the mother sword, he would unknowingly be injured by the sudden appearance of the son sword.

In addition, this sword was a hell weapon and must be activated with yin qi. If it was combined with the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison skill, it could often achieve surprising results.

As Liu Ming kept making sword gestures, the gray sword light loomed in the Hell Prison and sword whistles came from it.

After a few seconds, Liu Ming waved his hand. A long and a short gray sword lights returned, combined into 1 in midair and flew back into his sleeve.

As the black light gradually dissipated, the entire Hell Prison gradually collapsed, revealing the muscular man’s figure again.

The muscular man had returned to his original look. His face was twitching. His body was covered with dense sword marks. He just stood there motionless.

Liu Ming appeared behind him in a flash, and he lightly touched his back with one hand.

“Thump“, Sha Yan closed his eyes and slowly fell to the ground. His life and death were unclear.

Liu Ming’s amazing performance once again attracted a lot of discussion from the audience around his arena. They all speculated about his origin.

After all, according to the matches between Serene Clan members, although Pseudo Pellet State had the ability to rival Real Pellet State, most of them would have to face a long and fierce battle. Those who could defeat the Real Pellet State were very little.

Judging from Liu Ming’s casual look, he didn’t seem to use his full strength.

While many Serene Clan people were surprised, most of their gazes became awe.

After all, real powerhouses were admired everywhere.

After the enchantment light curtain was removed, 2 deputies jumped onto the arena and carried the unconscious muscular man down.

Liu Ming didn’t rest for a long time. After a few seconds, a man in black clothes and a feather crown walked onto the arena unhurriedly.

Liu Ming looked up at the sky. More than half of the Hell Sun was left. There was still more than an hour before the selection ends. If he wanted to defend this arena, he still had to go through nonstop battles.

“It seems that you participated in the underground exchange meeting half a year ago. I quite liked the Mother Son Yin Soul Swords a the time. If I remember correctly, you exchanged it with 2 Real Pellet State ghost materials. Tch tch, you are really generous.” The man in a brocade cupped his fist at Liu Ming without saying his name. He just spoke to Liu Ming with voice transmission.

Liu Ming just cupped his fist with a calm face, but a killing intent rose in his mind.

The other party actually recognized him with a hell weapon. He would cause a lot of trouble to him in the future!

Without waiting for reply, Liu Ming shouted and shook both arms. Black mist tumbled out violently.

Compared to the previous 2 matches, Liu Ming’s spiritual pressure suddenly rose a lot, which made the crowds around the arena startled.

The roars of dragon and tiger resounded through the sky!

5 60 meters long black mist dragons and 5 30 meters black mist tigers rushed out with an astounding momentum. The gray light curtain that shrouded the arena also trembled wildly.

In the face of such a huge momentum, the man in a brocade calmly raised 1 hand. His arm flashed with countless gray spirit patterns.

A buzz sounded, followed by a few more whistles. 5 black light circles shot out from his arm and turned into 5 interlocking black rings.

Each of these rings was the size of a palm. As the young man in a brocade chanted, circles of strange gray hell patterns squirmed like worms. It made people anxious by just looking at it.

“This… this is a complete set of magic weapon prototype, Hell Devour Rings!” Someone under the arena blurted out.

Liu Ming was stunned for a moment after hearing that. He seemed to have heard people mention this Hell Devour Rings in the market before, but he couldn’t remember how it worked.

Just as he was thinking about it, the 5 rings suddenly turned into ring phantasms of a few meters. When the mist dragons and tigers touched the ring phantasms, their black mist was sucked into the 5 rings.

In an instant, the size of the mist dragons had shrunk by half, and they were still shrinking rapidly.

The mist tigers were also the same. Their black air was being sucked by these 5 rings.

According to this trend, these mist dragons and tigers would collapse due to insufficient yin qi.

The momentum of the mist dragon and tiger attack was reduced in an instant!

When Liu Ming saw this, he finally remembered that the enchantment engraved on the Hell Devour Rings could absorb yin qi.

If there was only one Hell Devour Ring, the speed of absorbing ghost qi was slow, and the effect was not large. If it was a whole set, the effect would be amazing.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming’s face turned grim. He snorted and made a gesture. The tumbling black mist began to go into this skin.

“You seem to be a smart person. It is a wise choice to concede defeat.” The man in a brocade sneered.

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