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Chapter 104 – Intense Battles (Part Five)


The big bald man, who was about to laugh aloud and rush at Liu Ming in an earth-shattering manner, immediately gasped. He revealed an expression full of surprise.

Just at this moment, the ground near Liu Ming flashed with a green shadow and the White Bone Scorpion jumped out without a sound. It blocked the path in front of Liu Ming.

The spectating disciples broke into an uproar again.

When Gao Chong saw Liu Ming release the White Bone Scorpion, he scowled a little. After seeing the short, azure sword Totem in his hand, he could not help but become dark-faced.

“Hmph, you think you can stop me with a Totem. Whatever, I will let you understand my true strength!” The big, bald man gave a cold snort as he suddenly grabbed the many leather bags on his waist. He threw them into the air and threw out a few punches with “hu hu” sounds.

After a few sounds of explosions, the leather bags were immediately destroyed by the countless fist shadows. From inside, countless, rolling whitish objects, the size of a thumb, scattered out.

Following this, the big man formed two hand seals and began chanting. The black gas on his body suddenly floated into the air, absorbing all the objects that had scattered out.

At the same time, the bone armor on the big man disappeared, transforming into rolling black gas. The air crazily spun around him, completely enveloping him after a short while.

Waves of ghost cries could be heard from the black gas. At the start, there were only one or two, but soon there were a dozen or so, tens or so and even up to hundreds of cries, as if countless ghosts were hidden inside.

As the black gas rotated, the area it covered became larger and larger, spreading over hundreds of feet in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming was secretly startled and he immediately shook his sleeve at his opponent. A dozen or so wind blades appeared in front of him and they all immediately shot forward with sky-shattering booms.

After a muffled sound, the wind blades all entered the black gas with a flash. They did not produce any more sounds as if they were mud sliding into water.

The ghost cries in the black gas instead received some type of provocation and became louder and more shrill in the blink of an eye.

Liu Ming’s expression became serious. The short azure blade in his hand gave off a hum, and a layer of faint azure inscriptions flashed. His wrist moved and it cut toward the opponent.

With a clear sound, an azure sword image several feet in length flew out from the short sword.

With a “pu” sound, the azure sword image cut into the black gas, releasing a flash of penetrating cold light. It actually cut through the black gas like tofu, directly rushing to the center of the black gas.

Just at this moment, several sharp ghost cries could be heard and three white skulls that were the size of a fist rushed out of the black gas. They hit the azure sword image all at the same time.

“Hong, hong, hong!”

The three skulls transformed into three balls of black light and burst open.

The azure sword image flashed crazily for a few moments before dispersing with the black light.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming’s expression changed slightly. Just as he was thinking of what he should do, the opposing black gas suddenly began rotating, transforming into a humungous black wall. It looked to be rushing at and attempting to squash Liu Ming.

Inside the rolling black gas, skulls giving off weird cries sometimes could be seen and seemed to surmount to hundreds of skulls.

Liu Ming, who had already witnessed the power of the three self-destructing skulls from before, naturally felt uneasy after seeing this. Without hesitating further, he formed a single-handed seal and a lot of red light immediately began gathering in front of him. A fireball appeared in front of him and after Liu Ming pointed at it with one finger, it began to grow crazily. It instantly transformed into a huge fireball that was at least five feet in width. At the same time, its color had also become an extremely dark red.

“Perfection of the Fireball Technique!”

From the black gas, the big, bald man cried in fright and started trying to recall the huge black wall that was only seventy or eighty feet away from Liu Ming.

However, at such a short range, Liu Ming would not give him this chance at all. He suddenly pushed forward with one hand and the huge fireball hit the black wall with a woosh. Its red light glowed and immediately exploded.

A huge sky-shattering, earth-trembling sound!

The scarlet flames rolled forward before transforming into a black and red cloud of flames, engulfing everything nearby.

Under the wave of heat, the white skulls, one by one, all exploded in a crazy flash.

A large half of the wall formed by black gas had already been destroyed.

Just at this moment, the shadow of a human figure flew out from the black wall, shooting backward in a flash.

A cold light flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes and two layers of inscriptions suddenly flashed on the short sword in his hand. Another azure light sword image shot out.

This time, the azure light sword image was abnormally fast. With a blur, it cut through the waist of the shadow, cutting the shadow in two.

This made the disciples below cry out in surprise again.

However, after Liu Ming focused his attention, his expression was still serious as ever.

The human shadow that was cut apart was actually only a human-shaped skeleton.

At this moment, the black fire cloud had already died down, and the remaining black gas rolled to one side and gathered together before revealing the shadow of the big, bald man again.

However, the black robe he wore was already in pieces and even a part of the blood-colored mask on his face had fallen off, revealing a small part of a scary, jade green, shrivelled up face.

This face of his would make people shiver, unable to do anything else.

It seemed that the giant fireball from before had caused some heavy injuries to him.

“You actually also trained the Fireball Technique to Perfection! How is this possible!” The big, bald man stared at Liu Ming’s face and mumbled.

“Perhaps there are even more matters that Senior Gu has not thought of!” Liu Ming responded plainly and at the same time, he secretly checked how much Fa Li was left in his body before throwing the short sword in his hand high up in the sky. He then formed a hand sign with one hand.

Three layers of inscriptions flashed on the short azure sword and it began to spin, transforming into an azure-colored full moon. The moon grew larger and larger, showering out deep, cold light.

At the same time as this, the White Bone Scorpion transformed into a green shadow with a woosh and rushed at the big, bald man.

Before the scorpion was close to its the opponent, the stinger on its tail became a blur and shot out an attack of a dozen or so black lines.

The big, bald man did not dodge. Instead after a cold grunt, he quickly stomped the ground with one foot and the hundred or so pieces of loose bones in front of his body rushed into the sky and suddenly merged together. They transformed into a thick bone shield that blocked anything in front of him.

After a wave of random “pu, pu” sounds, an extra dozen or so small black holes appeared on the bone shield. It forcibly blocked the lightning fast attack from the stinger.

The White Bone Scorpion gave a weird “gu, gu” cry, before twisting its body, jumping over the bone shield to attack the big man again.

However, just at this moment, a slightly abnormal expression appeared on the big man’s face. He raised his hand and pointed at the bone shield.

The bone shield suddenly broke apart without the slightest sign and countless loose bones flew at the White Bone Scorpion. They merged around the White Bone Scorpion, immediately transforming into a huge bone cage of several feet in length and width. The cage forcibly trapped the ghost inside before falling heavily onto the floor.

The White Bone Scorpion struggled furiously inside the bone cage with great surprise and constantly used its huge claws to crazily hit it, but was unable to free itself at all for a period of time.

When Liu Ming, who was currently activating the short sword Totem in mid-air, saw this situation, he was startled.

At this moment, the big bald man coldly spoke a sentence to Liu Ming.

“Junior Bai has used quite a few techniques that require a large amount of Fa Li as well as activating the Totem. Perhaps you only have enough Fa Li for one more attack!”

“Why try to slyly understand my situation, I indeed do not have much Fa Li left. However, out of the few Secret Techniques Senior used earlier, there isn’t a single one that does not also consume a large amount of Fa Li.” Liu Ming replied without batting an eye.

“Since it is so, why don’t we determine the outcome with the next attack?” The big, bald man, with a serious expression, took a deep breath and spoke slowly.

“Very well, I coincidentally also have this idea.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and spoke a word of agreement.

Hearing this, the big, bald man gave out a crazy laugh and he shook his long sleeves at the ground. The nearby strands of black gas flew into his robes, allowing him to recover. At the same time, the blood red mask on his face also quickly repaired and returned to how it was before, blocking the part of the exposed sinister face.

In the two eyes of the mask that had fully recovered, the green flames glowed and began burning brightly.

Afterward, the big man raised his arm and maneuvered it toward the empty space above the ground. The loose bones that were scattered across the stone stage trembled before consecutively rising up into the air, gathering in the empty space in front of him.

A series of crackling sounds rang out from him!

A fierce looking bone sword, wrapped in strands of black gas, a dozen feet or so long, appeared out of nowhere.

The large, bald man then opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood. The blood became a fog of blood and fused into the bone sword.

In the next moment, the huge bone sword that was originally pale white immediately glowed blood red and lines of blood-colored inscriptions appeared on the body of the sword. The sword also began to twist and shake as if it were alive, emitting dense, cold air.

“The Baleful Blood Ghost Bone Sword! This child actually cultivated the legendary Great Bone Controlling Technique successfully, otherwise there is no way he can form this sword.”

On the jade stage, a Spirit Master, who watched unspeaking until now, finally could not control it and opened his mouth.

The other Spirit Masters, including the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, after seeing the giant fireball Liu Ming release, had already looked at each other in disbelief. After seeing this giant bone sword appear, their expression became even more unstable.

Gui Ruquan was completely stunned.

After seeing the weird form of the huge bone sword, Liu Ming was also very startled.

However, after reaching this point, he naturally did not have the idea of giving up at all and only fiercely activated the Fa Li in his body, pouring it all into the floating short sword.

The full moon that the Totem had transformed into mid-air was already the size of the wheel of a car and due to its high spinning speed, it began emitting weird sounds. Also, as the Fa Li was constantly poured into it, it constantly grew larger.

The big, bald man, who was originally ready, saw this scene and his heart immediately trembled. He immediately stretched out both of his arms without any hesitation, made the bone sword, which was in front of him, perpendicular to his body.

The black robes on Gu Jue transformed into a cloud of black gas with a poof and rushed forward. After wrapping around the bone sword several times, it all became black flames.

The aura of the huge, fierce looking sword increased again.

The large, bald man gave out a loud grunt and using power in both his arms, he suddenly waved the giant bone sword at the opponent, fiercely chopping at him.

A boom sound roared across the stage!

A blood-colored dragon over a hundred feet in length came flying out of the bone sword. With its mouth open and claws ready, it gave out a weird cry and rushed at Liu Ming. The empty areas it passed became blurred and twisted.

However, at the same time the big man chopped with the sword, countless cracks appeared on the ferocious looking bone sword and the mask he wore, with a crisp cracking sound, broke apart.


Liu Ming gave a deep grunt and the azure, full moon in mid-air trembled, before also shooting forward with a sharp, earsplitting sound.

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