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Chapter 1012: Fierce Battle With Yin Dog (part 1)

Immediately afterward, bursts of spiritual power fluctuations came from below. The surrounding yin qi was also rolling violently, causing chaotic airflow vortexes to emerge.

After Liu Ming looked uncertain for a while, he descended at full speed. After a while, he reached the bottom of the giant pit.

But the scene below made him stunned.

In the mid-air at the bottom of the pit, Xie’er had become larger. She emitted a dazzling golden light while waving the pair of giant pincers to launch frantic attacks at a giant black dog ghost creature.

The giant black dog should be a terrifying ghost creature of the Real Pellet State. Its size was several times larger than Xie’er, and its body was a dozen meters long. Its body was surrounded by thick ghost qi. There were dense bone spurs all over its body. Each bone spur was like sharp sword.

In addition, the giant dog had a tail that was several meters long like a giant iron whip. The 2 front claws also became long sharp claws. It swiped its claws swiftly, and its tail also danced around its body like a vicious viper, desperately resisting the attacks of Xie’er’s giant pincers.

Upon a closer look, he found that this giant dog ghost creature seemed to be terrified in the face of the much smaller Xie’er. It was defending more than attacking.

But the difference in strength between the two was too great. Even if the giant dog was a little timid under Xie’er golden light, whether the purple poisonous flames spurted by Xie’er or the projectiles launched by the hook tail, all the attacks couldn’t breach the defense of the giant dog.

Moreover, as time passed, Xie’er was still being shaken back from time to time by the huge force from the front claws and giant tail. There were already many faint cracks on her body.

Liu Ming was astounded by the scene, but when he looked forward, he was delighted again.

At the bottom of the pit was covered with round black stones the size of a head. There were many human-shaped skeletons scattered in the middle, and some cultivator clothes were vaguely visible. 1 of the things that exuded a light golden light was a golden bowl the size of a grinding disc. Countless mysterious runes were faintly engraved on its surface.

“Fortune bowl! It is really in this place…” Liu Ming murmured twice, then he looked at the battle again.

Although Xie’er’s attack was fierce, it was already in jeopardy. The giant dog seemed to gradually overcome the fear of the golden light, and it began to take the initiative to fight back.

After letting out a long whistle, he shot without hesitation.

He waved his sleeves and launched dense wind blades. Each wind blade was the size of a door. They whizzed toward the giant black dog overwhelmingly.

At the same time, He retrieved the 3 layers of spiritual power shield, then he launched 2 30 meters long black mist dragons that followed behind the wind blades.

The black mist dragon looked solid. There were huge scales on its body, making it look alive like a real dragon.

As the black mist dragon and the wind blades whizzed toward the enemy, Liu Ming stomped and charged toward the giant black dog.

The giant black dog had already discovered the existence of Liu Ming, but it was busy defending the barrage of Xie’er. Now that it saw Liu Ming’s menacing attacks, it could no longer be bothered by Xie’er’s golden light and whipped its tail at her. “Bang”, she was thrown away by the force.

Then, the giant black dog turned around, opened its mouth and emitted gray sound waves at the incoming dense wind blades and black mist dragons.

The green wind blades that came into contact with the sound waves immediately shattered and disappeared, then the 2 menacing black mist dragons at the back were also swept in by the gray sound waves. After holding on for 2 seconds, they also exploded.

However, at this moment, Liu Ming was already 9 meters in front of the giant black dog. He immediately took out the Bitter Wheel Sword without hesitation.

As he flicked his arm, a purple sword light that was more than 30 meters long immediately surged out. It turned into gigantic sword in mid-air.

Liu Ming groaned and waved the sword downward. The gigantic sword fell with a thunderous rumbling sound, splitting the sound waves in half, then it continued to slash at the giant black dog.

From Liu Ming releasing the Bitter Wheel Sword to slashing, the whole process was almost completed in one go. There was no superfluous movement as if it had been calculated accurately.

There was a hint of shock in the eyes of the giant black dog. It crossed its front claws and launched 2 crisscrossed claw shadows at the gigantic purple sword.


An earth-shattering loud sound resounded in the deep pit. The 2 claw shadows shattered instantly. The gigantic purple sword let out a low long cry and became dim, but it still struck at the giant black dog.

The giant black dog moved its hip, and the iron whip-like giant tail flashed with a gust of wind, slamming heavily on the falling gigantic purple sword.

There was another loud noise. Rocks rustled downs from the surrounding cave walls. The giant dog’s tail was bounced back with a huge force, and a deep crack was slashed out on it.

However, the gigantic purple sword also let out a whimper and collapsed.

The giant black dog shook its tail a few times, then it let out a scream of pain. Although it crushed the gigantic purple sword, it still suffered a considerable amount of damage.

At this moment, there were a few whistles. Liu Ming blurred and turned into 4 identical phantasms, surrounding the giant black dog.

The 4 figures let out a low shout at the same time. The purple long swords in their hands moved again. Dense purple sword shadows were launched at the giant black dog like a rain.

Countless sword shadows had sealed all the escaping routes of the giant black dog.

Seeing this, the giant black dog let out a roar and turned into a giant round meat ball. It was gray white.

At the same time, the surface of the meat ball trembled rapidly. The bone spurs shot out in all directions.

After a burst of continuous whistling sounds, dense bone spurs had destroyed all the purple sword shadows. 3 of the 4 phantasms also collapsed into rolling black gas.

A cold snort came from the last phantasm. The purple long sword in his hand disappeared in a flash. At the same time, the billowing black gas instantly turned into a dazzling black light.

As soon as the black light was formed, it burst open with a loud “bang“, completely wrapping Liu Ming in it.

The dense bone spurs disappeared into the black light without a trace.

At this moment, the giant black dog had shot all its bone spurs, and its skin color also turned gray black. It seemed to be exhausted as it gasped quickly with a tired look.

On the spot where the bone spurs originally grew, dense red spots appeared. There were faint black buds emerging from the center of the spots as if new bone spurs were growing slowly.

When this yin beast saw that its bone spur attack did not achieve the expected effect, it became furious. It let out a low roar when it wanted to do something. Suddenly, Liu Ming appeared elusively on top of it.

He moved both arms and released rolling black gas. Amidst a deafeaning tiger roar, 2 house-size black tiger head phantasm rushed forward with terrifying momentum.

After Liu Ming made this blow, he flickered, circled around the giant black dog and charged from another direction.

The giant black dog raised its head, opened its mouth wide, and once again released the sound waves attack that it was good at. Circles of gray sound waves wrapped the 2 tiger head phantasms in it.

“Poof poof“, the 2 tiger head phantasm burst apart in the gray sound waves.

Immediately afterward, the giant black dog turned its head and bit the black shadow that came from the other side.


The black figure trembled twice, and it dissipated into black gas in the giant black dog’s mouth. It was also a phantasm.

At this moment, a long whistle suddenly came from the black gas of the tiger head in the air. A 30 meters purple light flashed and stuck at the giant black dog.

This purple light was crystal clear. The sword qi spreads out layer by layer. The lightning snakes sparkled on its surface. The momentum was several times stronger than the previous gigantic purple sword.

Liu Ming was looming in the purple light. He had used the body and sword fusion and hid in 1 of the tiger head phantasms early on!

Before the sword light hit, an extremely cold sword intent had shrouded the giant black dog.

This change happened in a split second!

When the giant black dog came back to its senses, it was too late to try to dodge the purple sword light. It could only roar furiously, and its giant tail flashed and struck at the purple sword light.

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