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Chapter 101 – Intense Battles (Part Two)

Lei Zhen chanted, raised his hand and pointed in front of him with a finger.


A bolt of thick lightning immediately descended from the sky, shooting toward Sima Tian’s head.

Sima Tian waved the short ruler in his hand toward the sky without saying anything.

With a “pu” sound, a black cloud flew upward.

The lightning bolt hit the cloud and disappeared with a muffled sound.


Lei Zhen had already been somewhat expecting it, but after seeing this situation, he could not help but cry out as his pupils shrank.

“Correct. I bought this Ice Mystery Cloud ruler from the market after spending all my savings. It just happens to counteract your lightning techniques.” Sima Tian spoke gloomily. After flipping a hand, suddenly a palm-sized, yellow leather bag came into view. He tossed it into the air and after a flash of light appeared from within, a huge human-shaped ghost covered in black gas appeared in front of him.

It was ferocious looking and wore a piece of thick, metal armor on its upper body. Its ten fingernails were extremely black and abnormally sharp. Its body was covered in black, thick, hard hair. It was actually a metal-armored zombie.

Both of its eyes constantly flashed green light and along with its astonishing aura, it was surprisingly a Warrior Level Ghost with a hint of intelligence.

Seeing this, Lei Zhen’s expression changed as he patted the black leather bag on his waist without hesitation.

A flash of black light came from within and a winged, monkey-shaped ghost emerged from the light. This was the most commonly seen Soldier Level Night Crawler.
The only thing was, the tail of this ghost was red in color and after looking at the opposing Metal Armored Zombie, it did not reveal any surprised expressions. Instead, it arched its back and bared its fangs at the Metal Armored Zombie.

Lei Zhen formed a hand sign with one hand and spat a cloud of essence blood at that Night Crawler.


The Essence Blood exploded into blood mist in the wind which then transformed into blood strands that quickly entered the Night Crawler’s body.

In the next moment, this ghost raised its head and gave off a mournful cry. Its crimson tail suddenly slapped against the stone platform beneath it and its body suddenly exploded in size in a flash, reaching a height of several tens of feet. At the same time, the tip of its tail swayed in the breeze before releasing a “pu” sound and transforming its whole body into a crimson flame.

“Mutated Night Crawler!”

Seeing this, Sima Tian also revealed a surprised expression, but after a cold grunt, he slashed the short ruler in his hand at the empty air in front of him. At the same time, he controlled the Metal Armored Zombie with hand signs from his other hand.

The densely packed inscriptions on the short ruler began glowing and a large cloud of black gas rolled out from within. It rushed directly at the overbearing Lei Zhen on the other side. Before it had even reached its target, a mysterious, bone-chilling coldness reached out of it.

The Metal Armored Zombie also gave out a low growl before rushing at his opponent.

Lei Zhen did not pay attention to this Metal Armored Zombie. Instead, he revealed a slightly serious expression at the rolling black cloud. He quickly formed hand signs with his two hands, again raising them.

Thunder clap sounds erupted out of nowhere!

Bolts of lightning shot out from his interweaved hands, transforming into a huge lightning net that rushing forward to meet the dark cloud.

Once the two met, there was a huge exploding sound. The black air and lightning became concentrated before emitting continuous exploding sounds while flashing as they became interwoven mid-air.

Sima Tian revealed a focused expression as he again activated the short ruler in his hand, sending out another black cloud.

The opposing Lei Zhen gave a cold grunt before chanting without revealing any weaknesses. His ten fingers constantly flicked forward and every time they did, a bolt of lightning would shoot forward with a loud sound.

At this moment, one side of the platform was covered with rolling black clouds. It was as if it were the Ghost Hell region. While the other side was instead a sea of silver, interweaving light that flashed crazily.

The power of the two sides was astonishing while they actually reached a temporary stalemate.

As for the Metal Armored Zombie, as soon as it had managed to move a couple hundred feet, it was met by the mutated Night Crawler with astonishing speed.

Therefore, the two engaged in close combat fighting as their black Miasma and the crimson flames combined together. Low howls and cries could occasionally be heard from their exchange.

The Fa Li inside Sima Tian was consumed at astonishing speeds, causing him to feel anxious especially when his attacks did not have much of an effect.

It must be known that although totems were extremely powerful, but to a Spirit Apostle, the consumption of Fa Li was a little too much. If he were to continue like this, he definitely would be the one to use up all of his Fa Li.

It seemed that if he did not use a risky attack, he could not win the match.

Sima Tian quickly thought of a few ideas before immediately opening his mouth to begin chanting. He shook his wrist and the short ruler in his hand flew into the sky. Suddenly, the ruler lit up, while in the sky, and three layers of black inscriptions could vaguely be seen on the ruler.

He actually activated the third restricted layer of his low level totem, which was the greatest power that he could activate it to.

Under the connection between his consciousness and the totem, Sima Tian could feel the Fa Li inside him bubble up crazily like a flood.

As for the short, black ruler, it spun a few times before slowly chopping at Lei Zhen from far away.

There was a muffled “hong” sound!

The empty air above Lei Zhen transformed into ripples and a black shadow of a huge ruler—around ten feet long—appeared, crushing down toward Lei Zhen.

Lei Zhen felt the air surrounding him became tight and a scary, suffocating aura immediately locked onto him. He could not help but display a serious expression.

“Ok, I want to see how powerful this Mystery Cloud Ruler actually is!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lei Zhen shook his sleeve and a small, silvery hammer appeared in his hand. It was half a foot long and covered in weird, lightning like inscriptions. Even with a slight movement, small bolts of electricity would constantly crackle around it. It was also a totem and it seemed like its quality was above the Black Cloud Ruler which was a low level totem.

A shred of ferociousness could be seen in Lei Chen’s eyes. The sparks on his body suddenly all bubbled into the small hammer in his hand as he firmly threw the hammer into the air.

A huge, sky-shattering sound could be heard.

A blurry, silver-colored lightning Serpent Dragon appeared and threw itself forward. Through the air it went with its mouth open and claws ready, breaking apart the huge black ruler mirage.

The short black ruler gave off a hum, before dropping out of the sky with a dull light.

Since Sima Tian’s consciousness was connected with the totem, a mouthful of fresh blood immediately flew out of his mouth while his face became pale as the black ruler was damaged heavily. At the same time, he only had a wee bit of Fa Li remaining in his body and he could not help but have his heart drop.

As for Lei Zhen, the one who just created the lightning attack, it was obvious that he still had plenty of Fa Li within him. After activating the totem that was mid-air again, the transformed lightning dragon immediately gave out a roar before rushing toward Sima Tian.

Sima Tian’s expression changed several times, before sighing deeply. He cupped his fist at Lei Zhen and said.

“Junior Lei has no need to continue, I concede this round.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he summoned back the Metal Armored Zombie that was covered in injuries. He then grabbed at the air, causing the short ruler that was on the floor to fly into his hand. He then turned around and left with a defeated expression.

This time, he could not become one of the top ten core disciples and in the next Large Competition, he will have exceeded the age limit. There were naturally no more chances for him to stand among the top Spirit Apostles.

Seeing this, Lei Zhen relaxed inside, and recalled his mutated Night Crawler, covered in injuries, back with a mental thought. He then grabbed at the sky.

The silver lightning dragon dispersed with a flash, transforming back to the small hammer before falling.

“The Lightning Duke Hammer! For Junior Lei to actually give your nephew an Middle Level Totem, this is unexpected. However, this is an Middle level Totem, perhaps he can only use ten to twenty-percent of the power within the Totem.”

On the jade platform, after seeing Lei Zhen collect the small hammer, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader spoke to Spirit Master Lei with some surprise.

“I recently obtained another totem and the power is actually above this Lightning Duke Hammer, so I naturally gave it to Zhen Er. As for the power, to be able to use ten to twenty-percent would be enough for battles between Spirit Apostles.” Spirit Master Lei replied with a slight smile.

“However, it is somewhat pitiful for Sima Tian. He had a Warrior Level ghost as well as the low level totem, the Black Cloud Ruler. If he had not used that attention attracting move at the end, perhaps he still had a shred of a chance of coming back from defeat and winning. As for his strength, it should actually be enough to enter the top ten Core Disciples.” Chu Qi’s eyes lit up a little as he spoke with some pity.

“Junior Chu, what are you trying to say? Could it be possible that you feel that my nephew being defeated by your Faction should be what happened?” Hearing this, Spirit Master Lei could not help but start rolling his eyes.

“Haha, Junior Lei is mistaken, how can I have such a thought? I only feel that if it was under the comparison of strength with the previous top ten Core Disciples, this child originally did have the power to become one.” Chu Qi did not become angry or mad at all and instead replied with a laugh.

Spirit Master Lei snorted a few times, but did not continue the conversation.

Seeing this, the other Spirit Master smirked a little. They knew that there were some disagreements between the two of them, so they naturally did not join in on the conversation.

Gui Ru Quan also did not join the conversation. Instead he focused all his attention on the stage below.

Although the victory of Liu Ming from before gave him a small surprise, he was worried more about Shi Chuan’s challenge; a disciple whom he had put a great amount of resources into.

At this time, the fat elder on the stone stage had announced the results.

The surrounding disciples that had watched the battle, could be considered to have widened their scopes, since the intense battle included a fight between totems and Warrior Level ghosts. They discussed it excitedly without stop.

When Liu Ming saw the two Warrior Level ghosts and Sima Tian and Lei Zhen using Totems, he was rather moved. However, after thinking about his two totems and the White Bone Scorpion, he naturally recovered his calm and collected appearance.

Although he did not battle against the two, the strength of his short sword spirit totem should not be below that of the small, silver hammer. Also, the White Bone Scorpion, after the training in the mysterious bubble was not even on the same level compared to the two Ghosts that had just entered the Warrior Level.

At this time, a handsome looking young man challenged the seventh ranking Jia Lan with a somewhat passionate expression.

Hearing this, Jia Lan did not have any expression. Only when the elder in embroidered robes announced that the battle had started did she start to slowly walked to the center of the stage. However, there were hints of pale purple light moving about inside her beautiful eyes.

Seeing this, the handsome young man quivered a little. He quickly pulled out a previously prepared golden Glyph, sticking it onto his body without saying anything further.

In seconds, a layer of golden light appeared around him.

“Haha, Junior Jia Lan, I know the power of your innate eye abilities are very powerful but this Illusion Dispelling Glyph specializes in defending against attacks from mental power. Your current Aphrodite Body has no debilitating effects on me.” The handsome young man laughed wildly and spoke. He pulled out a single-sided, green blade, and started walking toward the young woman.

“Really? Now I want to test whether this Illusion Dispelling Glyph is really useful or not.” The extremely good looking young female stood where she was without moving. Only the purple light in her beautiful eyes began glowing brighter.

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