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Chapter 1008: Search

No matter they used Divine Thought or eyes to check, they couldn’t see what was in the mist.

Liu Ming chanted, and black ripples appeared in his eyes. The strange bees in the red mist gradually became clear. The bees had shriveled bodies, and their tails had terrifying bone stings.

“This ghost bee looks quite familiar…” Liu Ming had seen a lot of beastkin bees, but these ghost bees full of sinister aura in front gave him a very familiar feeling. He seemed to have seen them somewhere before.

“Yes, it’s in the underworld of Savage Ghost Sect!” Liu Ming suddenly recalled it.

When he was a boy, in the underworld opened up by Savage Ghost Sect’s Grandmaster Liuyin, there was also a species called ghost bee. They looked exactly the same as the ghost bees in front, but they had a smaller size.

“There are at least 10,000 ghost bees. We need to hurry, so let’s go around them.” The burly captain of the tenth squad suggested.

The yin qi exuded by these ghost bees wasn’t weak. Even if all of them were above the Psuedo Real Pellet State, it would still take a while for them to escape.

The others nodded, and they flew past the bee swarm from above.

The ghost bee swarm also found them and moved toward them a rumbling buzzing sound.

The area covered by this ghost bee swarm was several acres. Fortunately, their escape lights were faster than the ghost bee swarm. They got out before the encirclement formed.

“Phew, we are safe. Such a large group of ghost bees is really rare.” Yue Qi looked back at the ghost bee swarm with lingering fears.

At this moment, dozens of bigger red ghost bees caught up with them at a lightning speed.

“Be careful, these are bee generals in the ghost bee swarm. Each of which is comparable to the cultivator of the Crystallization Period.” The man surnamed Min shouted, then he turned around and made a sword gesture.

A gray sword light burst out and turned into a giant sword. It spun swiftly and sucked in the bee generals that came close.

“Poof poof poof“, these ghost bee generals were ground into dust by the spinning sword light.

This scene made Liu Ming secretly surprised.

Even if he wanted to eliminate so many Crystallization Period bees in an instant, he couldn’t do it easily. Although this cultivator surnamed Min was only at the Real Pellet State early stage, his sword controlling technique should not be underestimated.

“Quick, so many bees are killed, I’m afraid it has attracted the attention of the queen bee.” Just as everyone was slightly stunned, the old man with green eyes said anxiously.

As soon as the old man finished speaking, a long and sharp chirping could be heard in the distance from the bee colony.

Everyone hurriedly sped up without hesitation.

The bee swarm made a rumbling sound as if it had received a signal. The bee swarm turned around and quickly chased them.

After an hour, Liu Ming and the others finally got rid of the ghost bee swarm, but they had slightly deviated from the original route.

After everyone made some adjustments, they continued moving towards the Fortress No. 19.

Along the way, Liu Ming and others encountered several waves of attacks from the ghost creatures. They were delayed for a long time. When they finally arrived at the Fortress No. 19, it was already a few hours later than the estimated time.

Fortress No. 19 was a castle building built in a hilly area, covering an area of ​​about 8 acres, but it had now become a ruin. There was only wreckage here. More terrifyingly, a giant crack of 10 miles long and several meters wide passed through the center of the fortress.

Liu Ming felt a chill looking at the situation below from the air.

This giant crack in the ground was obviously caused by an attack. It should be the ghost army that did it. This one attack completely destroyed the fortress here.

In addition, the yin qi here was much denser than the vicinity of the Golden Light City. As Yue Qi said, with his powerful mental power, he could only detect a range of 10 miles.

The nearby yin qi penetrated deep into his body. He could only dispel this discomfort after silently channeling Dragon Tiger Hell Prison.

“Fortress No. 19 was built more than 100 years ago, using the most sturdy materials, but now it has been destroyed like this. It seems that the ghost army attacking here is powerful. There should be more than 1 Real Pellet State’s ghost captain.” The burly man landed at the ruins, inspected it carefully and said indifferently.

“Looking at the situation, the disciples stationed in the fortress were all dead. I’m afraid that the other party could be a Celestial State ghost general too.” Some bloodstains could be faintly seen in the ruins. The man surnamed Min sighed.

The ghost creatures of the Evil Ghost Way devour the blood of the human cultivator to enhance their power. Most of the defeated cultivators were directly devoured.

“Now is not the time to feel emotional. The above order is to search for the lost fortune bowl and the surviving disciples. The latter one seems to be no longer needed. Now let’s discuss the matter of finding the fortune bowl.” The old man with green eyes said unhurriedly.

The muscular man and the man surnamed Min looked at each other in displeasure after hearing the words, but they still nodded ad flew into the air.

“The teleportation enchantment of the fortune bowl was disturbed, and it was teleported to another place. According to the speculation of the upper level, this area should be within thousands of miles around the fortress.” The old man with green eyes said.

“Although the range is not large, the yin qi is thick here, so Divine Thought is very restricted. Fortunately, we have the sensing beads given by the sect.” As the man surnamed Min said, he took out the pale golden bead.

“Let’s go and search it.” The burly man said solemnly.

“In my opinion, it’s better for everyone to spread out and search.” The old man with green eyes said suddenly.

The burly man’s face changed slightly, and the man surnamed Min also frowned when he heard the words. He said, “Brother Zhuo, this place is deep in the Evil Ghost Way. A ghost army may appear at any time. If we spread out, wouldn’t it be bad if we encounter a large group of ghost creatures?”

“It is because of this that we have to find the fortune bowl as soon as possible so that we can return to Golden Light City earlier.” The old man with green eyes looked resolute. He seemed to have made up his mind.

Beside Liu Ming, the young woman in a red dress and others all looked a little ugly, but they weren’t qualified to intervene in the discussion of the 3 captains.

Liu Ming glanced at the captains, then looked away. It didn’t matter to him whether they split up or acted together.

With his current strength, coupled with the Mountain River Pearl, even if he encounters the ghost army, as long as he does not encounter the Celestial State ghost general, he was very sure of getting out.

After the captains discussed for a while, they finally decided to act separately. Each of the 3 teams was responsible for exploring an area.

After a short while, the old man with green eyes and his team members flew toward the stretch of mountains behind the fortress. Yue Qi in the team nodded to Liu Ming and followed the old man with green eyes.

“Old Man Zhuo is relying on the advantage of his spiritual body to find the fortune bowl alone so that he can have all the credit.” The burly man looked at the direction the old man with green eyes left and said so.

The man surnamed Min smiled and didn’t say a word. After cupping his fist at the burly man, he brought Liu Ming and his other team members to the desolate hilly area on the left side of the fortress.

The muscular man also quickly took his team and flew to a forest on the right side of the fortress.

After Liu Ming and the others entered the hilly area, the 6 of them lined up, took out the induction beads, and swept the area.

Liu Ming injected spiritual power into the bead, and a layer of golden light lit up in the bead. An invisible wave radiated toward the surroundings.

Sensing fluctuations could spread to dozens of miles around, which was much wider than using Divine Thought.

While controlling the sensing fluctuations, Liu Ming turned his head and looked down.

He had seen the map of the area around Fortress No. 19, so he knew that this hilly terrain was relatively flat with few ups and downs, so it was easy to search. The only thing that worried him was the various ghost creatures living here and the elusive ghost army.

But today, they were lucky. They searched for 2 hours and only encountered some weak wandering ghost creatures. They killed the ghost creatures easily.

However, after a while, everyone could not help but feel exhausted.

After all, this sensing bead consumed a lot of mental power, even if they were all cultivators in the Pseudo Pellet State period, they would feel exhausted to channel it continuously.

“Brother Min, why don’t we rest for a while before continuing searching?” Liu Ming saw the young woman in a red dress and the others looked slightly tired, so he suggested to the man Surnamed Min.

The man surnamed Min looked at their faces and thought for a while, then he said,

“Alright, just rest for a while, then we continue searching after half an hour, but pay attention to the surrounding situation.”

Liu Ming nodded and waved to the 4.

The 4 released Divine Thought and quickly explored the surroundings. After confirming that the area was safe, they settled down on the hill below with peace of mind.

Due to the lack of time, the 4 of them sat down and consumed elixirs to recover spiritual power and mental power.

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