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Chapter 145 Extremely shameless Xia Yun Xi (1)

When she first saw Wanyan Ming Yue, Murong Qi Qi thought about the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. She laid so quietly and peacefully on the warm jade bed. She was dressed in plain white. Her whole body was covered with a faint layer of mist, looking like a fairy from the fables.

So, this is her biological mother, ah!

A special feeling bloomed in the heart of Murong Qi Qi. Previously, the word mama was an extravagant hope. Now, it had become within reach.

“Mother, I’m Qi Qi! I came to see you!” Murong Qi Qi put her hand on Wanyan Ming Yue’s wrist. The pulse was slow, but it was very normal. There were no signs of poisoning or gu in the body. From the physiology point of view, there was nothing wrong with Wanyan Ming Yue’s body.

When Murong Qi Qi said her conclusions, Jin Mo acknowledged her words, “If there’s nothing wrong with princess’s body, then the only explanation for her current state is her spiritual and psychological factors. In other words, she voluntarily went into this sleeping state.”

Feng Xie and Feng Cang didn’t understand Jin Mo’s words very much, but Murong Qi Qi nodded in agreement.

“The problems that can’t be solved with medical science can only be explained from the human instinct. There are some people whose brains would emit a sense of self-protection after experiencing a big shock, making them voluntarily go into a deep sleep so that they don’t have to accept reality.”

Feng Xie didn’t understand the professional terms. He only understood that there was nothing wrong with Ming Yue’s body. His hanging heart finally went down.

“Then, when will your mother wake up?” This was something Feng Xie wanted to know the most at this moment.

“If mother continues to sleep without waking up, then that means self-protection has appeared in her heart. We need to open up her defense and arouse her consciousness. Then, she would wake up.”

“Mother certainly believed that we’d encountered the unsuspected and she became heartbroken. Therefore, she has lost the faith to live on…To let mother wake up, the only way is to stay by her side and arouse her awareness for survival.”

“I agree with junior sister’s view. A mental disorder needs to be healed with the medicine for the heart. Whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it. General and junior sister are the people princess cares about the most. If you could keep princess company and talk to her, perhaps a miracle would happen. However, this warm jade bed is the element that has maintained the physical balance of princess. If we move her, maybe it will bring about a negative effect. We can only arouse princess’s consciousness through emotions. On the other hand, we need to supplement medications to let the body of princess that has slept so many years recover.”

Whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it: whoever started the trouble should end it

After Murong Qi Qi and Jin Mo said that, Feng Xie’s eyebrows scrunched into a rope again, “But we can only come here at night and we also don’t have much time. Now, I’m itching from wanting to see Ming Yue wake up. I, I…”

Feng Xie was so excited that his mouth slightly trembled. Wanyan Ming Yue could still wake up. They, this husband and wife, could still be reunited. To him, this was simply great news.

“Dad, you don’t have to worry about this. Wanyan Lie bestowed Long Autumn palace to me. If worst comes to worst, I will live in the palace. Daddy could be my guard and stay at my side after disguising. Like this, you could see mother every day! As for the medicine, we’ll use nutrition for the body as an excuse. I believe that after our efforts, mother would wake up very quickly!”

“Good! Good! It’s good like that!”

Feng Xie looked broken-hearted since he had to leave, and looked at Wanyan Ming Yue for a long time. Before departing, he kissed her forehead. Ming Yue, wait for me!

The next day, Murong Qi Qi entered the palace and proposed that she wanted to move into Long Autumn palace. Wanyan Lie was a bit surprised, but he was happier.

Wanyan Lie also had his own selfish motive for letting Murong Qi Qi live at Long Autumn palace. Below the wing that he’d let people prepare for Murong Qi Qi was where Wanyan Ming Yue resided. He hoped that the sleeping Wanyan Ming Yue would be moved and wake up after hearing Murong Qi Qi’s voice coming from above.

Previously, Wanyan Lie also found a famous doctor to let him check up on Wanyan Ming Yue. The other party said that Wanyan Ming Yue was sadder than a withered heart. That’s why, she was in such a state. If a person she cared about could stay at her side every day and talk to her, maybe she would wake up. Although this famous doctor was later killed by Wanyan Lie, but Wanyan Lie had always remembered his words.

Now, he found Murong Qi Qi. In the past, the person Wanyan Ming Yue cared about the most was Feng Xie and this little daughter. Feng Xie had long died. Murong Qi Qi was lost and then suddenly found. If Wanyan Ming Yue knew that her little daughter was here, she would certainly be very happy. Perhaps, for Murong Qi Qi, she would wake up.

“Good! Good! It’s also good that you’ve come to live in the palace! By then, you could keep the empress dowager company more often!” And can also keep your mother company…

Wanyan Lie didn’t say the last sentence out loud. He let Jing De lead Murong Qi Qi to Long Autumn palace and also sent a pile of things to Long Autumn palace.

After entering Long Autumn palace, Murong Qi Qi walked intentionally past the place she went to last night. Seeing the seal on the door, Murong Qi Qi asked Jing De, “Jing De eunuch, why is here sealed?”

“Answering princess, this was the place where noble consort Yue lived. Later princess said that people died there and its bad luck. The emperor then let this slave seal here.”

“Oh…,” Murong Qi Qi nodded. “Bengong 1 feels that here is not bad. Tear the seal and vacate the place! Since, this place had been used by Yue Lan Zhi, then replace everything inside. This place will be the place where bengong receives guests!”

“Yes!” Jing De fulfilled every requirement of Murong Qi Qi. Before, he came here the emperor said that he needed to fulfil every requirement of Murong Qi Qi. That was why, now, everything Murong Qi Qi said, he needed to remember.

Jing De’s work efficiency was very high. Under his supervision, only in three days, the place looked like new. All those things of before were completely gone. Murong Qi Qi also moved into the palace three days later. The ones who came with her were Su Mei, Su Yue and the disguised Feng Xie.

Nothing could surpass the empress dowager’s happiness that Murong Qi Qi entered the palace. She was just about to let Qing Gu go invite Murong Qi Qi over when she heard someone report that princess Zhen Guo has arrived.

“Quick! Quickly, go welcome her!” Dongfang Lan was a bit excited. Since she got the know the secret of Long Autumn palace from Chun Xing, Dongfang Lan had been wanting to go to Long Autumn palace, but she was afraid to attract Wanyan Lie’s attention. She could only endure. Now, Murong Qi Qi lives in Long Autumn palace. That was simply the same as fulfilling her wish.

“(Maternal) Grandmother!” When Dongfang Lan saw Murong Qi Qi who was the same as her daughter, she was very happy. She quickly pulled her (MQQ) to her (DL) side and sat her (MQQ) down. The thought that she made so much trouble for Murong Qi Qi the first time she met her (MQQ), Dongfang Lan felt very guilty. That was why she also particularly loved this granddaughter.

“Moving into the palace is also getting closer to aijia.2 You must come visit aijia often!”

“If grandmother likes it, I will come every day! As long as aunt Qing makes delicious dishes for me, I don’t have any problem!”

Murong Qi Qi was only sixteen and was just a young girl. At this age, Wanyan Ming Yue already married Feng Xie, but she (MQQ) was more mature than her (WMY). Seeing Murong Qi Qi acting like a brat, Dongfang Lan laughed, “Good, good, good! Aijia will let Qing Gu do it! Letting you, this greedy cat eats enough!”

Qing Gu knew that this pair of grandmother and granddaughter had things to say. She let everyone retreat and left the space for Dongfang Lan and Murong Qi Qi.

“Girl (grandmother)…”

Seeing that the other party also spoke at the same time, the two exchanged a smile.

“Grandmother, you go first.”

Murong Qi Qi came today to talk about the matter of Wanyan Ming Yue. Dongfang Lan is Wanyan Ming Yue’s biological mother. The news that she was still alive, Murong Qi Qi felt that it was necessarily to tell this elder who missed her child day and night.

“Aijia doesn’t know why you want to enter the palace and also don’t know if it’s good or bad that you entered the palace. Now, there are many rumors outside. Aijia also heard about the matter of Nan Feng’s emperor personally came to ask for your hand. About the biggest event of your life, aijia only have one request, that is, it will be fine as long as you like (him)!”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t expect that Dongfang Lan spoke about this matter. Especially, that her request was only so simple, making the feelings Murong Qi Qi had towards this grandmother get one step closer.

“A few days ago, your uncle cleaned up Long Autumn palace. Aijia saved a small palace maid. She told aijia some things that aijia think you should know. After all, you’re Ming Yue’s daughter. You have the right to know the things about your mother.”

Dongfang Lan told everything Chun Xing said plus Feng Xie’s letter to Murong Qi Qi.

“Aijia is a bit worried now that you moved into Long Autumn palace. Aijia don’t know what Wanyan Lie is thinking. Aijia’s left eye had been jumping very badly recently. I already lose my daughter. I don’t want anything to happen to you and Feng Cang. Aijia can’t bear the pain of a white-haired person sending a black-haired person anymore…”

The crying appearance of the silver-haired Dongfang Lan deeply touched Murong Qi Qi. She went forward and hugged Dongfang Lan. She directly told the truth, “Grandmother, my mother didn’t die. My dad is also alive. They didn’t die!”

“What?” The moment Dongfang Lan heard this, she froze. Her eyes were full of disbelief. She held Murong Qi Qi’s hand nervously and looked anxiously at her, “What did you say? Ming Yue is still alive? Feng Xie really is still alive?”

Although, before, when she received Feng Xie’s note, Dongfang Lan determined that Feng Xie didn’t die. However, he refused to appear, making Dongfang Lan in a perturbed state of mind and she had been worried about Feng Xie all this time. Now, hearing these words from Murong Qi Qi, Dongfang Lan finally believed that Feng Xie was still alive.

“That’s right! My mother and my dad are still alive!” Murong Qi Qi roughly told everything once. When she heard the truth of the battle at Yandang Mountain, Dongfang Lan’s palm hit the table, “It’s really him! He actually did such a thing!”

Dongfang Lan’s lips trembled from anger. In the past, when Wanyan Lie’s birth mother died, it was her (DL) who raised Wanyan Lie. Finally, when Wanyan Zhi choose an heir, it was because she supported Wanyan Lie that this throne fell in his hands.

However, she had never thought that she raised a thankless wretch. He actually used such despicable means and destroyed Wanyan Ming Yue’s family!

Dongfang Lan’s anger and stirred emotions was in the expectations of Murong Qi Qi. She quickly and softly appeased Dongfang Lan. After a long time, Dongfang Lan slowly calmed down. The first thing she asked after calming down was about Wanyan Ming Yue.

“My mother’s body is not so good and need to recuperate. But, mother said that when her body recuperated, she would come see you first!”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t dare to tell Dongfang Lan about Wanyan Ming Yue’s real situation. She was afraid that Dongfang Lan would directly rush to Long Autumn palace. She could only use this white lie to conceal the truth.

“The body is not well? Then, what’s the matter? Is she sick or injured? Is there someone who takes care of her? Where is she now?” Sure enough, the moment Dongfang Lan heard about Wanyan Ming Yue’s situation, she immediately got up from anxiousness.

“Grandmother, don’t worry. There’s the well-known Lian gongzi 3 treating mother. It wouldn’t take long before she would stand healthily in front of you!”

The moment she heard that it’s Lian gongzi who was treating Wanyan Ming Yue, Dongfang Lan’s worried heart finally relaxed a bit.

“Aijia had also heard that Lian gongzi’s medical skills are very great. However, aijia also knows that your mother must be very ill, otherwise, she wouldn’t not come see aijia…Qi Qi, ah, when you return, tell your mother that she need to recuperate well and nourish her body! Aijia…aijia will wait to see a healthy Ming Yue!”

Dongfang Lan cried heavily. Her voice also turned hoarse. However, she knew that inside these tears revealed bitterness of happiness. Wanyan Ming Yue was still alive. This was the best news to the old Dongfang Lan.

“So great! Really…Ming Yue and Feng Xie are still alive. This is so great…”

Aside from crying and repeating ‘so great’, Dongfang Lan couldn’t use words to express her excitement. Although, temporarily, she couldn’t see her baby daughter, but the heart of a mother finally relaxed.

These years, so many night, the moment Dongfang Lan closed her eyes, she would think about her daughter and son-in-law’s tragic death, making her unbale to sleep well. Now, how could this mother not be happy after knowing that they’re alive?! It seemed that the heaven had eyes and Buddha finally heard her request!

“Amitabha Buddha…,” Dongfang Lan put her hand together and said this out loud. However, after she said that, Dongfang Lan suddenly ripped of the Buddha beads from her neck. The jade beads fell one after another on the ground, making Murong Qi Qi startled, “Grandmother…” (TLNote: the beads were a gift from WL)

“Qi Qi, aijia is very happy knowing your parents are alive. Now, it’s time to find the person to calculate! A murder should be paid with one’s life. An owned debt should be repaid. This is the heaven’s law and earth’s principle. Aijia can’t tolerate that devil to still live free and unfettered. Aijia wants to personally finish him!”

Murong Qi Qi knew that the devil Dongfang Lan was referring to was Wanyan Lie. Wanyan Lie owed Feng family this debt. Of course, they need to find him to recover it! However, they need to put the revenge aside for the moment. The most important matter now was saving Wanyan Ming Yue.

Murong Qi Qi could understand Dongfang Lan’s mood, but there was nothing more important than Wanyan Ming Yue. This was also the result after she discussed with Feng Xie and Feng Cang.

“Grandmother, the revenge for the parents is absolutely irreconcilable. I will definitely recover what Wanyan Lie owes us. However, Qi Qi wants to this personally. You abstained from eating meat and prayed to Buddha for so many years, Qi Qi don’t want your hands to be tainted with blood. Grandmother, give this opportunity to Qi Qi, alright?”

Murong Qi Qi half acted spoiled and half pleaded, making It difficult for Dongfang Lan to disagree. The children have grown up and have their own thoughts, making Dongfang Lan be gratified.

“You moved into the palace not for revenge, right?! Then, you need to be careful, ah! Did you discuss this matter with your big brother? If by chance Wanyan Lie met with his demise, did your big brother already decide who would be the successor to the throne? Wanyan Yi is profound and insidious. He’s not the right candidate. Although, Wanyan Kang is not bad, but his heart is not on the throne.”

“Ay, after calming down, aijia also knows that the matter of revenge wouldn’t only take a day or two. Wanyan Lie is a country’s emperor. Without an emperor, the country would be in chaos. Aijia can’t destroy a country for my own interest!”

Murong Qi Qi couldn’t help but want to raise her thumbs to praise her for these words. This is the aspiration a mother of a country, the empress dowager should have. Revenge was a must, but one also needed to consider Wanyan Lie’s special status. When everything wasn’t arranged yet, killing Wanyan Lie would only bring turbulence to this country.

To flourish, it’s the citizens who would suffer. To demise, it’s the citizens who would suffer. No matter how the emperor was, those who would suffer bitterness and hardship would be the citizens. It’s the best if they could use the most peaceful way to take revenge.

The pair of grandmother and granddaughter came to an agreement on the matter of Wanyan Lie. In the imperial study, Wanyan Lie saw Xia Yun Xi, this Dong Lu’s princess.

The palace banquet would be held in ten days. Xia Yun Xi couldn’t wait so long. So, she personally entered the palace to see Wanyan Lie. She would like to make shortcuts through Wanyan lie.

“Princess’s meaning is to move into Nan Lin wangfu?”4

Wanyan Lie showed a smile yet not a smile. He really had not seen such a princess before. In his impression, a princess should be graceful, aloof and noble like Wanyan Ming Yue. Now, he met a Xia Yun Xi. She also took the initiative to request to move into Nan Lin wangfu and want to understand everything about Feng Cang. This made a trace of disdain flash though Wanyan Lie’s eyes.

“That’s right. Not hiding it from your majesty, I admired Nan Lin wang 5 for a long time, but had not had the opportunity to meet him. I want to live nearer to him and learn more about his preferences to amend myself and let myself become a more suitable and qualified wangfei.”6

Originally, Xia Yun Xi wanted to wait till the palace banquet and show a good performance in front of Feng Cang. However, the day of the palace banquet was still so far away, it seemed forever. Waiting day after day, her heart felt like an ant was biting it, making Xia Yun Xi couldn’t rest or eat in peace and endure it anymore.

Wanyan Lie maintained a gentle smile. At least, he didn’t want to form unhappiness with Dong Lu because of this.

After all, the relationship between Bei Zhou and Dong Lu wasn’t bad. Besides, the dowry conditions of Dong Lu were very high this time. Aside from a large fortune, Xia Jin also made the fishery near Bei Zhou as Xia Yun Xi’s dowry.

The fishery was a place where salt was produced and the yield was very high. Among the four countries, Dong Lu was the most affluent because Dong Lu produced salt and salt was a necessity of life. Not matter where, what for identity, everyone was inseparable from salt.

Wanyan Lie wanted to get the fishery. With the fishery, the price of salt would drop a lot in Bei Zhou. This was something favorable to the citizens.

But, Xia Yun Xi’s goal was Feng Cang. This point made Wanyan Lie a bit dissatisfied. If Xia Yun Xi took a fancy on his son, no matter whom, Wanyan Lie wouldn’t say much and settled it. But Feng Cang’s matter involved Murong Qi Qi. Wanyan Lie didn’t want to break up this couple.

At least, their insistence was a wish of Wanyan Lie. He didn’t want to see his tragedy happen on Feng Cang.

Seeing that Wanyan Lie didn’t speak, Xia Yun Xi got a bit anxious. She didn’t know what the other party was thinking. His face maintained a gentle smile like a kind elder, making her feel that there was hope. However, not hearing Wanyan Lie determine, Xia Yun Xi couldn’t be at ease.

“Your Majesty, is it that I did something improper? I know, a girl shouldn’t be like this, but I really like Feng Cang very much. I, I…” In desperation, two tears fell out of Xia Yun Xi as if Wanyan Lie bullied her.

Some people said that tears where the most lethal weapon given to women by god. These words were not false. Xia Yun Xi knew very well how to use her weapon. Tears coupled with her delicate face, making people who look at it feel pity. Any spectator would think that Wanyan Lie bullied Xia Yun Xi. Making it big, it would be Bei Zhou taking advantage of its position to bully people…

Wanyan Lie knew that this was a woman’s trick, but he couldn’t not let himself be used by Xia Yun Xi. Involving the relationship between countries and political interest, he couldn’t go overboard.

“Princess had the heart, it’s Cang er’s7 blessing. Since princess doesn’t mind, hen 8 feels that Cang er would also not mind. Servants, pass the decree…”

“Thank you, your majesty!” Finally, reaching her goal, Xia Yun Xi slowly wiped her tears.

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