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Chapter 141 The arena (1)

“In the past, zhen1 was imprisoned in Xi Liang. Princess Zhen Guo showed zhen grace and is zhen’s friend. So…asking second prince to not defame princess Zhen Guo like this. Her character is noble and isn’t the kind of person you said.”

Being ‘reprimanded’ by Nan Feng’s new emperor in front of everyone, Wanyan Yi’s face immediately turned red like a cooked shrimp. He had never imagined that Murong Qi Qi and Ming Yue Cheng knew each other. After laughing twice awkwardly, Wanyan Yi put this hatred on Wanyan Kang.

Afterwards, Wanyan Yi provoked while adding oil and adding vinegar in front of Lin Ke Xin for a long time, making Lin Ke Xin feel even more that this youngest son was raised for nothing. He was biased towards Feng Cang on everything. Could it be that he wanted to create a good relationship with Feng Cang to let Feng Cang support him on becoming the crown prince and become the dark horse in the fight for the throne?

Adding oil and adding vinegar: adding details while telling a story

“Your little brother was too much! You’re his biological big brother!” Lin Ke Xin looked at Wanyan Yi’s face which was full of grievances. She raised her voice, “Could it be that he doesn’t care about the feelings between blood?!”

“Consort mother, don’t be angry! Little brother is just a bit unruly! There’s nothing with this subject son. It’s natural to yield to one’s little brother. It was just, Ming Yue Cheng may had misunderstood this subject son because of this. This subject son fears that his impression is not great about this subject son.”

After hearing Wanyan Yi, the taste in Lin Ke Xin’s heart was difficult to describe.

Both were meat that fell from her body. Why couldn’t Wanyan Kang be so thoughtful and save people’s worry like Wanyan Yi?! Every time, it’s big brother who yielded to little brother. Now, little brother still had other ideas. Wanyan Kang really did Wanyan Yi wrong.

“Yi er,2 don’t worry. Consort mother is well aware of the situation. We can’t expect on your little brother anymore! If he didn’t cause trouble, it’s was already may the lord Buddha preserve us! As for Ming Yue Cheng’s, don’t think much and don’t be oversensitive. He’s just Nan Feng’s emperor. Your throne need the nod of your emperor father.”

Although, Lin Ke Xin is a woman, but she went through many challenging experiences in the palace. She knew Wanyan Lie’s personality very well. From her point of view, if they could settle Wanyan Lie, every problem would be solved. This dynasty is Wanyan Lie’s. He could give it to the one he likes. If they could get Wanyan Lie happy, then this matter would be settled.

“Consort mother, what you said makes sense, but this subject son doesn’t know what emperor father likes.”

“In the past, when your little aunt was still here, you emperor father doted the most on your little aunt. Later, when your little aunt was gone, your emperor father doted most on Feng Cang. Now, Feng Qi Qi returned. Tell me, who does your emperor father dotes on the most? Did you think princess Zhen Guo was just an empty shelf?”

Lin Ke Xin gave a bit of advice, Wanyan Yi already understood the meaning behind her words. Start with Murong Qi Qi. Starting from her was the best way!

“But, consort mother, Feng Qi Qi seemed to have prejudice towards this subject son. The last time when she entered the palace, you also saw that she likes little brother more…”

It was said that children who cry would get milk. This sentence was referring to Wanyan Yi. Seeing the grievance in the eyes of her son, Lin Ke Xin thought for a moment. Then, she revealed a strange smile. “The raw rice is now cooked; after Feng Qi Qi gets pregnant, see if your emperor father would hurry or not!”

The raw rice is now cooked: what’s done can’t be changed. Usually, referring to having sex with a girl.


Lin Ke Xin’s words let Wanyan Yi think about that small and exquisite face of Murong Qi Qi. Even the face could be so beautiful; the body must also be delicious!

The appearance of Ming Yue Cheng let the vigorous discussion in the capital about the candidates for the crown prince position subside for a moment. After making trouble for so long, the involved party Feng Cang was still free and unfettered, making everyone’s spirit diminish.

Although Murong Qi Qi wasn’t in the capital, but Ming Yue Cheng still let people prepare a generous gift and sent it to Nan Lin wangfu.3 In fact, Ming Yue Cheng knew everything that happened to Murong Qi Qi since she came to Bei Zhou. He had been paying attention to Murong Qi Qi. He knew she’s Feng Xie’s and Wanyan Ming Yue’s daughter, Bei Zhou’s princess Zhen Guo.

Ming Yue Cheng came personally this time with only one purpose. He wanted to form a marriage alliance with Bei Zhou and marry Murong Qi Qi as empress.

This woman had the ability to stand side by side with him. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Although, he also heard those rumors about Murong Qi Qi’s appearance, but in his memories, Murong Qi Qi’s appearance was still like when she was at Xi Qi; fair, clear, fresh and cool.

No matter how her appearances changed, in his eyes, it doesn’t have anything to do with him. He just wanted this woman. To speak frankly and with assurance, this woman who would share ‘the great responsibility heaven placed on him’ with him plus added the sentence ‘no poison, no great man’.

No poison, no great man: a great man has to be ruthless.

When Ming Yue Cheng proposed the marriage alliance to Wanyan Lie and expressed that he wanted to take Murong Qi Qi as wife, Wanyan Lie went blank for a long moment. It seemed that this niece was as outstanding as her mother. She attracted so many good men.

From all aspects and conditions, Ming Yue Cheng was indeed very good! Young and promising, decisive and forbearing; he’s a person of outstanding talents among the younger generation. If there wasn’t Feng Cang, perhaps, he would’ve been a good candidate.

Because there was Feng Cang, it made Wanyan Lie’s heart had selfishness.

His wish from when he was young, was to fly close together like a pair of birds with Wanyan Ming Yue. But, another word for wish is called ‘extravagant hope’. That was why he could only use such imperious way to keep Wanyan Ming Yue by his side. Even if she slept without waking up, he felt satisfied. Because she was here, that was why he had something to rely on in his heart.

However, this thing had always been a regret in Wanyan Lie’s heart. Now, Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi encountered the same situation. He hoped the miracle he looked forward to for so long, could really happen. So, he wanted to use his own strength to support these siblings.

If they truly loved each other, what does it matter if the world didn’t accept them? He’s the emperor. Everything under the sky is the emperor’s. To the borders of land, every individual is the sovereign’s minister. The whole world is his. Who would dare to say the wrongdoings of Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi?

Wanyan Lie was in daze for half a day, making Ming Yue Cheng unable not to go speculate the inner heart of this Bei Zhou’s emperor. Him being like this, in the end, did he agree or disagree?

Looking once again at Wanyan Lie, Ming Yue Cheng suddenly discovered something. Between Wanyan Lie’s eyebrows, there was a violet vital energy swaying. It looked like…a gu. That’s right! Correct! Inside Wanyan Lie’s body, there’s a gu! After determining that, Ming Yue Cheng was a bit surprised.

Who put the gu in Wanyan Lie’s body? Looking at this violet color and it also suffused with black, this gu must’ve been raised for some years.

Nan Feng’s people were good at using gu. Miao clan was an expert at using gu. When Ming Yue Cheng was a child, he followed behind his empress mother Miao Chu Yun’s side and learned to use gu. Seeing that Wanyan Lie’s complexion was not good, naturally, he was able to recognize the gu.

It was just, who put the gu in Wanyan Lie’s body? Could it be that it had something to do with the throne?

Ming Yue Cheng didn’t speak about the matter of Wanyan Lie’s body had gu. He wasn’t sure of this matter yet. It wasn’t right to speak about it. Besides, the thing he was most concerned about now, was the marriage alliance between the two countries; his and Murong Qi Qi’s wedding. It would be the best if Wanyan Lie could nod and agree.

“This, zhen had already promised princess Zhen Guo that she could choose her own marriage.” Of course, Wanyan Lie couldn’t show his thoughts. He could only indirectly reject Ming Yue Cheng.

“Oh, it’s like that…”

How could Ming Yue Cheng not know that Wanyan Lie was indirectly rejecting him? But, he wouldn’t give up on Murong Qi Qi just because he touched a nail. He set his eyes on this girl. He still kept his position of empress for her.

Not long after Nan Feng’s diplomats arrived in the capital, Dong Lu’s diplomats also came. They brought their beautiful like flower princess. Their purpose was also a marriage alliance.  Coincidentally, the prince consort Dong Lu set its eyes on was Feng Cang.

“Tsk, tsk, Cang, it turned out your charm is so big. The princess made it clear that she wants to marry you!” When Murong Qi Qi got to know that Dong Lu’s princess Xia Yun Xi pointed out that she wouldn’t marry anyone else if it’s not Feng Cang, she (MQQ) bit Feng Cang’s shoulder.

“Qing Qing, hurt…” The jealousy of the little woman made Feng Cang’s heart very happy. His big hand stroked Murong Qi Qi’s hair and he grunted once.

“Hurt?” Murong Qi Qi raised her head and looked at the faint smile in Feng Cang’s eyes. “Humph! It’s to bite to hurt you! leaving my toothmark on your body, by then, you could directly show it to Xia Yun Xi and say that you’re someone who has a woman!”

“Qing Qing, I mean my bones are strong, don’t crack your teeth and hurt yourself!”

Facing such a Feng Cang, Murong Qi Qi couldn’t get angry. No matter how he was with outsiders, towards her, he had been always gentle as jade. It was just, everyone loved a good man. Butterflies were always like weeds. Even wildfire couldn’t extinguish them. When the spring breeze blew, they would come to life again.

“I am jealous…”

“I know.” Feng Cang picked up Murong Qi Qi and looked at her face to face, “Ming Yue Cheng wants to take you as wife. When I knew about it, how could I not be jealous!”

“Hateful!” Feng Cang saying it like that, Murong Qi Qi lay on his arms, “These stinky flies and mosquitos are so hateful. A beautiful honeymoon was also disturbed by them…”

“Qing Qing wants to return to the capital?”

Seeing that Feng Cang guessed her thoughts, Murong Qi Qi chuckled, “If we don’t go back and show our prestige, even a tiger would be seen as a sick cat! They even dared to set eyes on my man. I would like to see how many heads that Xia Yun Xi has!”

“Ha…” Used to seeing the tenderness of Murong Qi Qi; occasionally when she exposed her violent side, Feng Cang was almost startled. No matter what, this woman was beautiful!

The Nan Lin wang 4 and princess Zhen Guo who went to rest outside, returned to the capital. This news was like it grew wings and spread through the whole capital.

Now, there would be a good show! Everyone polished their eyes and stare fixedly at situation at court. Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi were biological siblings. Now, Ming Yue Cheng was asking for Murong Qi Qi’s hand and Dong Lu’s princess wanted Feng Cang to become the prince consort.

If these two siblings went in accordance with the normal trajectory, one would become Nan Feng’s empress and the other Dong Lu’s prince consort. With their feelings between siblings, Nan Feng would definitely stand behind Feng Cang. By then, Feng Cang would get Nan Feng’s and Dong Lu’s support. He would certainly sit on this Bei Zhou’s throne!

What the citizen could think off, how could Wanyan Yi not think of it? Why, why was Feng Cang so lucky? If Murong Qi Qi becomes Nan Feng’s empress, with Ming Yue Cheng as brother-in-law, then wouldn’t Feng Cang be like a tiger that has grown wings?!

Tiger that has grown wings: become more powerful


Wanyan Yi hated, hated why he didn’t have a little sister. Otherwise, he could stuff his little sister to Ming Yue Cheng. He would then also have a brother-in-law. He wouldn’t then be like this; suppressed everywhere by Feng Cang.

Even more hateful was that Dong Lu’s princess Yun wouldn’t marry anyone else if it wasn’t Feng Cang!

What was so great about Feng Cang? Why did one after another fell in love with Feng Cang? Could it be that she didn’t know those reputations of Feng Cang? Why didn’t she choose him (WY)? If he married Dong Lu’s princess, behind him would be Dong Lu’s support. Why would he then need to worry about Feng Cang fighting for the throne with him?

Every good luck went to Nan Lin wangfu and fell on the Feng siblings. Could it be that they were proud children of heaven? Did heaven love them so much?

No! He couldn’t let their marriages succeed! Wanyan Yi clenched his fists. He would definitely not let the marriage alliances of Nan Feng and Dong Lu succeed. The power in Feng Cang’s hands could already turn the sky. If he gets Nan Feng and Dong Lu’s support, then wouldn’t this Bei Zhou be as easy as reaching it from a bag for him?

If Feng Cang and Murong Qi Qi knew Wanyan Yi’s thoughts, they would certainly applaud with both hands and support his decision! The two of them were eager for these problems to be solved. If Wanyan Yi really thought of ways to solve these problems, don’t know how happy these two people would be!

That Feng Cang returned, the happiest person was Dong Lu’s princess Yun, Xia Yun Xi. Xia Yun Xi had long heard about Feng Cang’s beautiful reputation. The number one beautiful man of the world. Besides, he’s also the god of war. Such man, under the sky, there was only one, Feng Cang, ah!

When Xia Yun Xi was very little, she saw Feng Cang. Then, she was only six. She was still a little girl. At that time, Feng Cang was sent on a diplomatic mission to Dong Lu. She saw Feng Cang on the palace banquet. Then, Feng Cang was fifteen or sixteen years old. But at that time, he already had a beautiful reputation outside. It made this little girl, from the first glace, decide to grow up quickly and become Feng Cang’s bride.

Now, she was already sixteen years old. After rejecting many suitors, Xia Yun Xin made her thoughts clear to her emperor father. She also expressed that she wouldn’t marry anyone else other than Feng Cang.

Being the pearl in Dong Lu’s emperor Xia Jin’s palm, towards anything Xia Yun Xi say, Xia Jin would try to fulfil. Xia Yun Xi loved Feng Cang and want to become Nan Lin wangfei.5 Xia Jin didn’t say anything further and sent diplomats to come ask for a marriage alliance.

Although, usually for a marriage alliance, the two countries would negotiate first. After determining, they would have the wedding and sent the princess. However, Xia Yun Xi couldn’t wait a day more. After pestering for a long time, Xia Jin finally agreed to let Xia Yun Xi go with the diplomats.

“Hong Ye, do you think I look beautiful like this?”

After hearing that Feng Cang returned to the capital, Xia Yun Xi immediately let her maidservants dress her up. She also let them put out all her beautiful clothes. One by one, she tried them up. “You say, what kind of clothes does Feng Cang likes? He likes white, then I would wear a white dress, is it good?”

After trying on a couple of clothes, Xia Yun Xi’s face was glowing with a flush. Her small nose was clothed with a layer of fine sweat, “Hong Ye, tell me quickly, ah!”

“Princess is beautiful no matter what you wear!” The maid called Hong Ye chimed with the princess, Nan Lin wang likes the pure white. Why don’t princess choose a white dress. It’s earthly and refined, you would definitely be able to let him fall head over heels in love with you!”

“Right, right, right! Then the white one is good!”

Almost able to see the person of her dreams from her childhood, Xia Yun Xi was very excited. Soon, she’ll see Feng Cang. She couldn’t not be excited. Ten years, she loved this man for ten years. Every day in these ten years, Xia Yun Xi felt that time went by very slowly. She wished she could grow up in one night and come to become Feng Cang’s bride.

Now, she finally waited until her dreams was about to come true. How could she not be not be excited?!

Putting on a white dress, Hong Ye combed a noble yet excellent hairstyle for Xia Yun Xi. After looking for a long time in the mirror, Xia Yun Xi nodded satisfied, “Hong Ye, it’s still your craftmanship that’s great!”

“Princess, what kind of headdress do you want to use?” Hong Ye opened the jewelry box. Xia Yun Xi picked a set ‘Moonlight’ that Guanghua gongzi designed. The whole set was made with blue fluorite. It was butterfly like. It was given to her by Dong Lu’s emperor Xia Jin on Xia Yun Xi’s ceremony of becoming an adult.

When Hong Ye carefully decorated Xia Yun Xi’s hair with ‘Moonlight’, a lovely and beautiful woman appeared in front of the mirror.

“Princess, you’re so beautiful!”

“Really? Thank you!” Xia Yun Xi looked left and looked right. After facing the mirror for a long a time, did she nod with satisfaction, “Right, did you send the invitation to Nan Lin wangfu? Hong Ye, will Feng Cang come to the appointment? I’m so nervous now. I’m about to see him. I am so excited and also so afraid!”

Seeing the petite and beautiful princess being like this, Hong Ye laughed, “Princess, don’t be nervous. Nan Lin wang isn’t a monster that eats people. It would be fine is you act normally! You’re so beautiful. He’ll certainly fall in love with you!”

With Hong Ye’ encouragement, Xia Yun Xi’s face burned. She was about to see the person she thought about day and night; how could she not be excited?!

At Nan Lin wangfu, Murong Qi Qi looked over and over again at the pink invitation. Above the Musca’s head and Chinese pistachio tree pattern, was obviously a woman’s handwriting. Looking at the inscription, Murong Qi Qi could guess that this invitation was personally written by Xia Yun Xi.

“Just arrived home, this invitation already came. The speed is so fast, ah!” Murong Qi Qi humphed once and pouted. Her hand brushed past the invitation. The originally pink invitation immediately turned yellow. The wind blew, it turned into ashes.

Wanyan Kang was at Murong Qi Qi’s side. Seeing her reveal such an act, he was stunned from being scared, “Cousin…cousin in law, you’re so powerful!”

Wanyan Kang didn’t expect that Murong Qi Qi was powerful like this. He immediately took a few steps back to stay far away from Murong Qi Qi. He was afraid that if she just moved her hand, he would also become ashes.

“Coward!” At a side, Su Mei sneered once. She raised an eyebrow, “Fifth highness, in the future, you wouldn’t dare to call our miss ‘ugly thing’ anymore!”

Seeing that Su Mei joked and made fun of him, Wanyan Kang smiled embarrassingly. “Then, my eyes were blind and didn’t see that cousin in law is a beauty that could cause the fall of a capital! Little Mei er, don’t make fun of me anymore!”

“Haha!” Wanyan Kang’s embarrassing stature amused Su Mei and Su Yue.

“Don’t laugh at me anymore! It’s better to think about how to deal with this princess Yun!” Wanyan Kang’s handsome face got red. He changed the subject to Xia Yun Xi. Sure enough, after hearing this, Su Yue and Su Mei quieted down.

“What’s to be done? Salad with dressing! Su Mei, let people go decline Xia Yun Xi. Say that wangye doesn’t have time and need to accompany princess Zhen Guo to go shopping! Su Yue, help me dress up. Ah Kang, go invite your cousin brother over. Say, that we’re bored to death and want to go shopping.”

MQQ is playing with words here. What’s to be done: zen me ban…salad with dressing: liang ban. It’s means that MQQ want it to be dealt with coldly


“Since being bestowed the title of princess, I didn’t show my face in the capital. It happened that it’s best to go and reveal my face. Be brash and flamboyant to let people know that in this Nan Lin wangfu, there’s still a princess Zhen Guo!”

After Murong Qi Qi said this, Su Mei and Su Yue exchanged a smile. It seemed that miss was about to show her prestige. There would be a good show to see! After Wanyan Kang heard Murong Qi Qi’s words, he revealed a naughty smile. In this world, there’s really only cousin in law who could match cousin brother! These two were really a perfect match!

When the people Xia Yun Xi sent returned and said that Feng Cang didn’t have time and need to accompany princess Zhen Guo to go shopping, Xia Yun Xi’s eyes got red. Her teeth bit her lips tightly. “Go, go inquire were they are going. I will also go!”

“Princess…,” Seeing Xia Yun Xi like this, Hong Ye wanted to dissuade her. She just opened her mouth, but was interrupted by Xia Yun Xi, “Hong Ye, don’t stop me! Even if putting down the dignity of princess, I need to get Feng Cang’s heart!”

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