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Special Chapter: The last princess (2) (Part 2)

Now, Ming Yue Cheng doesn’t deal with the court's matter anymore. Five years ago, Feng Xiao had begun to participate in the political affairs. The whole political court is now in the hand of Feng Xiao.

In fact, Feng Xiao wasn’t the child of Ming Yue Cheng. Contrariwise, it was me and Ming Yue Cheng who had an inextricable connection.

According to seniority in the family, I should call Ming Yue Cheng imperial uncle. In those days, in order to clear the obstacle for the crown prince (FX), Ming Yue Cheng killed many people, including the imperial family of Nan Feng who opposed to Feng Xiao's succession of the throne. My royal father was among them.

My royal father, Ming Yue Xi, was the legitimate prince of Nan Feng. If Ming Yue Cheng didn’t return to the country, this dynasty might had belong to my royal father. Unfortunately, life had its ups and downs. The prince (MYC) who was imprisoned in Xi Qi became the ruler of Nan Feng and imprisoned his brothers in the capital, including my royal father.

When Ming Yue Cheng wanted to make Feng Xiao the crown prince, my royal father summoned the ministers day and night. In the eyes of my royal father, Nan Feng belonged to the Ming family. No matter what, it wasn’t the turn of Feng Xiao. Ming Yue Cheng doing this was undoubtedly selling the country.

"He ruined Nan Feng was just to please that demonish girl of Bei Zhou! He's just selling the country!" When he got agitated, my royal father would bang the table hard and spit everywhere.

At that time, I was young. I didn’t know who the demonish girl that my royal father talked about was. Until he had come to a bad end, only then did I got to know that the person royal father mentioned was the mother of Feng Xiao…Feng Qi Qi.

Royal father unscrupulously attacked Ming Yue Cheng and Feng Xiao in wangfu1. Until the time, when he repeatedly called Feng Qi Qi 'demonish girl, wangfu then faced imminent catastrophe.

I never knew that imperial uncle's protection over Feng Qi Qi would be so deep. He personally came to the wangfu to question royal father. But it so happened that, that day royal father was unhappy. He had drank wine and even talked irresponsibly. He even shouted out imperial uncle's secret.

"Imperial brother, don’t think that you can hide those things you do from all the people. Everything you do is for that demonish woman! Because of that demonish woman, you give up the harem of three thousand beautiful women! Because of her, you even don’t want an imperial heir! She can bewitch you into this. She's just a wicked woman!"

"Bastard!" Ming Yue Cheng gave royal father a slap in the face, so hard that his mouth was bleeding. Aunt Xi Mei quickly covered my eyes and hid me. Afterwards, wangfu was cleaned up. Aunt Xi Mei had fled with me and took me out of the capital. After that, we rooted in Dayu Mountain.

I was young at that time. I couldn’t remember many things clearly. I only clearly remembered the words royal father shouted. "That demonish woman is going to ruin my Nan Feng! The hatred of destroying the country is absolutely irreconsilable!"

I engraved these words in my heart because it was these words that brought death to my royal father.

The reason why eunuch Luo came to me now was because Feng Xiao was about to get married. He thought that this was an opportunity. I had seen Feng Xiao's fiancée Nalan Zhu. She was a beautiful, gentle and kind girl. As soon as Feng Xiao saw her, his purple eyes would turn gentle.

I once met them in the Imperial Garden. Feng Xiao was holding her hands and carefully cherished her. Although Nalan Zhu wasn’t a weak woman, she could save tiger cubs from the wolves when hunting in winter. But in front of Feng Xiao, she was like a cute and helpless-looking woman and nestled against Feng Xiao. The two together were like a fairy couple, making people envy.

Eunuch Luo said that when Feng Xiao married, Feng Qi Qi would definitely attend her eldest son's wedding. This was a good opportunity to strike.

As soon as I heard the name of that demonish woman, I forgot all the things like -endurance and hide oneself- that aunt Xi Mei said to me. Feng Xiao was my enemy, Feng Qi Qi even more. Because of Feng Qi Qi, royal father died unjustly. Everything was because of her!

I followed Luo Su's arrangement and met the people on the list. After years of observation by eunuch Luo, he concluded that these people were loyal to my royal father a. As for the ministers, they had also recently received an anonymous letter, which detailed the evidence of their bribery. For a moment, the court was in turmoil. I felt that everything was in my hands. When I looked at Feng Huang again, I gave her back the pity look that I had seen in her eyes.

One day, I would return to my position and destroy those who brought me harm!

Because of Feng Xiao's wedding, Feng Huang moved to the Eastern Palace to help him prepare. I as the study companion also came to the Eastern Palace again. After five years, I was no longer that submitting and lonely mute girl. Feng Xiao also became a more mature and steady young man from that elegant youngster.

Looking at the Eastern Palace decorated with lanterns and colored banners, and filled with joy, I felt an inexplicable sadness in my heart. I didn’t know from when, Feng Xiao was like a small seed that planted in my heart. It gave birth to a small bud and grew into a dense of branches, let my heart gradually be filled with him.

I envied Feng Huang, was jealous of Nalan Zhu and hated all the people that Feng Xiao treated well. Envy, jealous, hate. The source of all crime….

I don’t know if it was because I fell for Feng Xiao that I changed the target of revenge from Feng Xiao to Feng Qi Qi. I stubbornly believed that the direct cause of the death of my royal father was Feng Qi Qi and not Feng Xiao.

I forgot his indifferent eyes of that time when I left the Eastern Palace and also forgot aunt Xi Mei's advice that "killing Feng Xiao was the best revenge against Feng Qi Qi". As early as when Feng Xiao lowered his body and asked my name in a low voice, that purple-eyed young man had entered my heart.

Because my embroidery was very good, the future crown princess asked me to help her make her wedding dress. Looking at the expression of Nalan Zhu's begging, I felt satisfied inside. It turned out that she wasn’t perfect. She also had things that she couldn’t do. I put all the longing for my wedding on this wedding dress as if every stitch and thread outlined my happiness.

I carefully sewed the wedding dress, and hid the 'dark fragrance' on the gold threads and sewed the wedding dress with it. 'Dark fragrance' could make people unconscious. My aim was to let Feng Xiao lose consciousness at the wedding night. After that, I and my royal father's men would take the opportunity to kill Feng Qi Qi to avenge my royal father.

From the beginning to the end, I didn’t want to hurt Feng Xiao. I just wanted to make him faint. I just wanted to let him avoid this organized and planned revenge, but I was wrong. I had the intention to let him go, but others wouldn’t. When Luo Su's sharp knife was turned to Feng Xiao, I screamed.

"Princess, please move away…." Luo Su frowned.

"Eunuch, our enemy is Feng Qi Qi and not the crown prince!"

"Princess, you're confused! How can Feng Xiao be the crown prince of our Nan Feng?! His surname is Feng. He's the son of that demonish woman. He's your enemy!"

Even after Luo Su said these, I still refused to move. I still believed that in the whole matter, Feng Xiao was innocent. When my royal father died, Feng Xiao was just as old as I am now. How was it his fault? The people that should die were Feng Qi Qi and Ming Yue Cheng!

"Eunuch, in any case, you can't kill Feng Xiao. The people we want to kill are Ming Yue Cheng and Feng Qi Qi. They're the murderers of my father!"

My insistence made Luo Su helpless. Luo Su could only step back and took everyone to the other palaces. For a moment, Eastern Palace was brightly lit and noisy everywhere. Just when I thought all the dust had settled and the dynasty of Nan Feng would return to my hands again, a sword was placed on my neck.

The dust has settled: to be finalized.

"You, when did you wake up?" I looked at Feng Xiao and was shocked. There were also Nalan Zhu who was at the side, the matron of honor, and the palace maids. They all stood up.

"I have been awake the whole time." Feng Xiao's voice was still deep and low with a charming magnetism but piercing cold.

Everything my royal father left for me was ruined this evening. Those hidden in the Imperial Palace and the Eastern Palace were dug up. All of them were killed by Ming Yue Cheng immediately. Before Luo Su died, he sighed a long sigh at me, as if he hated iron for not becoming steel. Also, as if he felt guilty for not completing the task given by my royal father.

To hate iron for not becoming steel: to feel resentful towards somebody who failed to meet your expectations.

As for other people, I knew that some died unwillingly, some died resentful. Luo Su's loyalty was unquestionable. However, other people had lived peacefully for so long but stepped on the road of death because of my arrival. So, I could see their hatred for me in their eyes.

"Just kill me…." I looked desperately at the man on the high platform. This was the first time I spoke. Except for Feng Xiao, others were obviously surprised.

"You can talk? Rong Hua, why are you doing this?" Feng Huang looked at me incomprehensibly.

In the past five years, she had treated me as her best friend and shared her joys and sorrows with me. Including her little secret of secretly loving Ming Yue Cheng, she had told me. She had never discriminated against me because I was a mute girl. She sincerely cared for me and treated me like an equal to her.

Looking at the beautiful eyes of Feng Huang, all her kindness to me, all came to my mind. I couldn’t compare in character, manner and kindness to the girl in front of me at all. She was the perfect embodiment, making me feel inferior. That was probably why I wanted to destroy her happiness. Because I was unwilling. I was the real princess!

I closed my eyes and tried to force all the good of Feng Huang out of my head. She was the daughter of that demonish woman. She wasn’t my friend. She never was!

When I opened my eyes again, my eyes returned to calmness and indifference. I looked at Feng Xiao. He didn’t look at me. Instead, he held Nalan Zhu's hand tightly. Their hands intertwined together. At this moment, it was so offending to the eyes, so much that my heart hurt.

"You already know who I am, right?" Although I was only fourteen, almost fifteen, but my voice had some maturity that was inconsistent with my age. It was also slightly hoarse for not speaking for a long time.

"Yes." Feng Xiao raised his head. His purple eyes were cold and cheerless without a trace of waves. It made me scared. He knowing it was one thing, but he admitting it was another thing. It seemed that my road to revenge was a failure from the beginning.

"Then why did you bring me back? Why did you carry me in your arms?" I shouted hysterically.

Feng Xiao would never know that that hug of his was the driving force for me in these past years. He who was so clean and beautiful and didn’t bother with the dirt on my body. When he held me, it reminded me of the embrace of royal father. It was also that kind of warmness and refreshing.
"Because you're the last princess of the dynasty."

I didn’t understand Feng Xiao's words at the beginning. Just until later, I understood it.

After being imprisoned in Ting Fo nunnery, only then did I know about a lot of things from the past. Because of Feng Xiao's one sentence 'young children are innocent', Ming Yue Cheng gave up on tracking my whereabouts. He (FX) brought me back because he wanted to keep the bloodline of the Ming family. In order to protect him (FX), imperial uncle had executed too many people. Feng Xiao wasn’t a cold-hearted person. He didn’t want Ming Yue Cheng to carry too many bad names on his back. That was why he (FX) took me back to the Eastern Palace. However, in the end, I failed Feng Xiao who had given me the opportunity.

The person who told me these things was Feng Huang. When she came to see me, she was already the bride of Ming Yue Cheng. I saw a never before seen happiness in Feng Huang's face. That sweet smile diluted the melancholy that she had for years. Seeing her happiness, I was really happy for her.

"Rong Hua, Cheng (MYC) has retained your title. If you want, you can leave here anytime and start a new life. My brother will help you!"

When Feng Huang left, the door of Ting Fo nunnery that had been closed for many years was never locked again. Looking at the open world outside, I knew that they had given me freedom.

In the days at Ting Fo nunnery, I felt an unprecedented peace in my heart. Living in revenge for so many years, I had forgotten my age. I'm now only eighteen years old. It was the best years of life. It was just that seeing the world outside, I couldn’t take a step out.

Perhaps this was my best destination. Only listening to the Buddhist sound, I could let my soul that was immersed in hatred get a moment of peacefulness.

TLNote: This is the end of this book. Thank you all for surviving till the last chapter. I wish you all the best and hopefully we will meet in a new book.

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