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Chapter 2: Du Xian ER (2)

“Laoda,1 this woman is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

His subordinates’ thoughts were just like Mei Sha’s, but he had more intellect than them. Why such a stunning woman appeared in this deserted mountain was something no one knew.


Compared to Wu Ji Gong’s people, the people under Longze Jing Tian were calmer. Lu Yuan and the other three people protected Longze Jing Tian in a circle. Seeing his expression turning worse by the minute, Lu Yuan’s heart burst in anxiety. Time was limited, they can no longer delay.

“Are you Longze Jing Tian’s reinforcement?”

As a woman, seeing another woman who was a thousand times more beautiful than herself made Jue Sha really unhappy. One foot struck at Mei Sha who was still in a daze and she glared fiercely at the woman.

“I’m not.”

The young woman in white smiled. From behind her, another sound of breath being inhaled was heard.

It seems that she can no longer use this face to meet people. Sooner or later, this face will bring trouble for her! The young woman in white regretted that when she came out, she didn’t wear the ‘Moon Water Mirror’. She could’ve used it to cover her peerless look, then she wouldn’t have these people’s attention.

Moon Water Mirror is like a mask which can seal her original face and give her a normal-looking face

“Humph! No matter who you are, since you are here, you have to die!”

The sounds of breath being stopped just now, gave Jue Sha more unhappiness. She thought that she’s really beautiful. She didn’t expect that this woman in white will steal the limelight. Woman’s jealousy was like a venomous snake, hovering around Jue Sha.


After listening to that, the young woman in white felt like laughing. She ignored these people and walked to Lu Ye who had just been poisoned. She feed him a pill.

“Long ago, I heard that Wu Ji Gong’s Jue Sha’s speciality is poison, however it seems just so-so.”

During the moment that she’s speaking, Lu Ye’s face turned a lot better.

“Thanking guniang3 for your help!”

Lu Ye cupped his fists as a way to say thanks and walked with difficulty to Longze Jing Tian’s side. Like everyone else, he protected Longze Jing Tian in a circle.

After seeing that this woman could actually cure her poison, Jue Sha was absolutely shocked.

“Who are you?”


The young woman in white frowned and thought for a moment. Then she softly answered Jue Sha: “In the jianghu,4 they call me Du Xian Er.”

Du Xian Er? The moment they heard this name, the people who had indulged in the beauty of the young woman in white, immediately paled. Longze Jing Tian was also shocked.

Legend had it that Du Xian Er’s looks could shake the heavens but she’s vicious and merciless. The moment she takes action, no one would live. Some people say that she’s the pearl of that old poisonous fart of Moyu. She had debuted only three years ago, but was now famous over all the jianghu. Although not many people have seen her; the ones who have are all dead.

Didn’t expect that the woman with such vicious methods according to the rumors, turned out to be such a beautiful woman.

Her exquisite body was wrapped in those white clothes. A pair of white jade-like feet gently stepped on the grass. Those feet were flawless like they have been carved out by the world’s most skilled people. They were only as big as a man’s palm size, making people want to play with them in their hands.

This young woman looked innocent and faultless like a fairy. Where can it be seen that she even had half a relation with poison?!

“Your subordinates are really loyal!”

The frightening and flustering of the people in black were within the expectations of the young woman in white. She’s too lazy to bother with them. The young woman in white turned around and looked at Longze Jing Tian.

So, it turned out that this is Jing wang Longze Jing Tian, ah! Not to mention, this person has an arranged marriage with herself. But looking at his sorry state, the young woman in white felt like laughing.

Just now, she had talked about this person with Su Mei. Didn’t expect that talking about caocao, caocao will come, but they met under such circumstances.

Talk about caocao and caocao will come: talk about the devil and it will appear

“I’ve heard that what kind of master would have what kind of servants. It appears that your personality is not bad!”

Just now, he only saw the young woman in white’s slim figure, but from the expression of the other people, Longze Jing Tian concluded that this woman was a rare beauty.

But now being face to face with her, Longze Jing Tian discovered that using ‘beauty’ to describe her was not perfect; for her, you can only use ‘capable of causing the downfall of a land’ to convey the meaning.

A strange feeling suddenly filled Longze Jing Tian’s heart. When meeting her eyes, Longze Jing Tian clearly heard his heart beat faster with ‘pu’ sounds. This woman, he must get her!

The young woman in white didn’t know that Longze Jing Tian had set his eyes on her. She threw him a pink pill.

“Such a beautiful scene. Its quietness has been scrambled by them. Really makes people upset. Ben guniang5 hasn’t used her hands for quite a while. I’m afraid that they have turned rusty. Need to occasionally practice. Longze Jing Tian, why don’t we make a deal? If you give me money, I’ll kill them.”


Although the young woman in white’s words were sudden, but Longze Jing Tian still nodded. Her voice calling his name was really pleasant to hear, just like he imagined.

With their present condition, unless reinforcements arrive, it’ll be really difficult to escape from here. Instead of putting hope on the unknown, he might as well grab on this straw of grass in front of him. Perhaps, this Du Xian Er is the savior that heaven sent to him.

“Flatly, five hundred thousand silver.”

Obviously, they’re surrounded by so many killers, but the young woman in white didn’t seem to have put them in her heart. Instead, she started to do business in front of them, making the people in black a little terrified.

So many people, in the young woman in white’s mouth, it was just like bargaining dishes. It seemed that in the girl in white’s eyes, they were not killers but just a business.


An ivory dragon-shaped jade flew from Longze Jing Tian’s hand and fell into the young woman in white’s hand.

“This is my keepsake, guniang can come any time to Jing wangfu6 to get the money.”

“Straightforward, I like that!”

The young woman in white put away the jade. The arc of her mouth is growing upward. Don’t know when on her wrist appeared a pair of golden bracelet. On each bracelet hung five thumb sized gold bells.

“Seizing Soul Bell? That old poisonous fart actually passed this thing to you?”

Jue Sha and Mei Sha are shocked after seeing this scene. Jue Sha paled. Mei Sha’s expression changed greatly.

“Yes, ah! Dad said that two bastards stole his poison book and betrayed Moyu and dirtied the door of Moyu. He said if I meet them, I must help him clean the door. Very unfortunately, today it’s you who came at the point of my sword!”

The young woman in white’s word made Mei Sha’s heart tighten. Twenty years ago, they were only two disciples of Moyu’s Mozun daren. Taking advantage of Mozun practicing with the door closed, they stole his poison book and poisoned a few other disciples. Nearly causing Mozun to let his fire enter the demons5 and finally destroyed half of Moyu.

These two people fled out of Moyu and established Wu Ji Gong. Although so many years have passed, Moyu didn’t cause trouble for Wu Ji Gong, but they are still very afraid of that old poisonous fart.

They didn’t expect that the old poisonous fart adopted a daughter and also passed his secrets to her.

“Shixiong, 7don’t be afraid! Today, that old poisonous fart isn’t here. With only a liar little girl, she can do nothing to us!”

Jue Sha gritted her teeth to comfort Mei Sha. It’s just that although she is saying that, but the cold sweats on her forehead is dripping down. Even she herself isn’t aware of the fear that the young woman in white bring to her.

“Is it like that?”

The smile on the young woman in white’s face paused. The golden bells on her hands made some sounds.

Not waiting for people to understand what’s happening, ten golden threads flew out from the bells. Like ten golden snakes they flew from her hand. A burst of sweet flower fragrance. The fragrance shrouded the people in black. Before they had the chance to scream, they fell lifelessly on the ground.

Really powerful poison! Longze Jing Tian’s eyes turned deeper.

With only a moment of effort and before people understood, the people who just now yelled that they want Longze Jing Tian’s life, fell on the ground. The corpses rotted into water. The air is filled with a faint fragrance of flowers.

“Are they done like this?”

The scene in front of him left Lu Yuan stunned. Those vicious killers, when they are in front of the young woman in white, they are like cotton. What kind of situation is this?


Lu Yuan’s silly words, made the young woman in white smile amused.

“Take your master and go! In the future if you see me, hide! Remember to take the antidote. Next time you won’t have such good luck!”

Not waiting for Lu Yuan to understand her words, the young woman in white jumped into the sky, stepped on branches and flew out of their sight like a butterfly.

“Really good qinggong8!”

Longze Jing Tian words just fell, when he felt his chest turn stuffy. A black blood rushed to his lips. With a ‘pu’ sound, he spit it out.


Lu Yuan just now remember the pill that the young woman in white gave them. Can it be the antidote? But this antidote came from an unknown origin, how can he let wangye take it?!

Just as Lu Yuan was hesitating, Longze Jing Tian put the pill in his mouth and swallowed it.


Lu Yuan was startled.

“Don’t worry! Du Xian Er won’t harm me!”

Longze Jing Tian saying this is just because of his intuition, but he has won this bet. Sure enough, not long after, he felt better. It seems that this Du Xian Er is quite someone. She can poison and she can cure poison. But just thinking about how those living people turned into water just now, Longze Jing Tian’s heart sank.

“Lu Yuan, benwang 9wants to know every information of Du Xian Er! If she really come to wangfu to get the money, be sure to find the place where she lives!”

“Wangye’s meaning is……this woman can’t stay?” (He means that this woman can’t be left alive)

Lu Yuan hesitated for a moment.

“No! This Du Xian Er is really to benwang’s taste. Benwang, has decided to marry her as fei10!”

Not to mention her power with poison, even with her beauty alone, in this world no man will not be tempted.

Just thinking about the young woman in white’s small size jade like feet, Longze Jing Tian’s heart turned hot. This woman is his! No matter if it’s the body or the heart, he will get it!

“But wangye, don’t you already have an arranged marriage……”

“Don’t mention that rubbish from Murong family! This time when benwang go back, I’ll break the engagement!”

With the guards’ escort, Longze Jing Tian left here. After he left, the young woman in white appeared. The moon fell on the girl rose like lips. Like petals, it opened: “Longze Jing Tian, so you hate me this rubbish from Murong family so much, ah?! Wants to break the engagement? Good! Really good! Ben guniang will help you!”


2. Wang/wangye: prince, mostly sons or brothers of the emperor ↩

4. Jianghu: the world of the martial arts ↩

6. Wangfu: the residence of a wangye ↩

8. Shimei: used to call someone (female) who practiced an arts shorter than you ↩

10. Benwang: what a wangye calls himself ↩
11. Fei: wife of a wangye ↩


Guniang: miss, lady, a not married girl Jianghu: the world of the martial arts Talking about caocao and caocao will come: talking about the devil and it will appear 走火入魔了 : the literal meaning is fire entered your demons. It’s a saying used when someone is obsessed with practicing martial arts that they get side- effects. Qinggong: inner energy of someone who practice martial arts
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