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Chapter 18 The empress’s wishful thinking

The emperor Longze Yu has three sons and two daughters. Jing wang Longze Jing Tian is 18 years. His mufei1 is one of the four fei, Xian fei He Xin Er.

An emperor can have four fei: Gui fei, De fei, Shu fei and Xian fei

Wei wang Longze Jing Ming is 12 years old. His mufei is just an ordinary lady in waiting. Zhao wang Longze Jing Qi is 9 years old. His mufei is De fei Bai Meng Yu. Eldest daughter Ping Yang princess Longze Yu Er is 15 years old. She is born from Duanmu Qing. Youngest daughter Xin Yang princess Longze Jin Er is 3 years old. Her mufei is huangguifei Murong Xue Lian.

That year when Duanmu Qing gave birth to Ping Yang princess, it was a difficult labor. With great difficulty, the mother and daughter were saved, but her body got hurt. Ever since then, she didn’t become pregnant again. Not having a son is Duanmu Qing’s biggest regret. Now the rumors of Longze Jing Tian becoming the crown prince are really popular, making Duanmu Qing feel a lot of pressure.

Although Duanmu Qing feels that only the son she gave birth to is the legitimate son and is qualified to inherit the throne, but these past ten years, her belly didn’t even move a little. No matter how much medicine she ate, it didn’t become better.

The emperor is now really crazy for the soft like water Murong Xue Lian. The first and fifteen of every month, he would just come to Qing Luan Palace as a routine. The other times, he was at Piao Xue palace accompanying Murong Xue Lian and youngest daughter Longze Jin Er.

Now Murong Xue Lian is four months pregnant. If she gives birth to a son, seeing how the emperor currently favors her, by that time she is afraid that her status as the empress will not be safe, let alone having the chance to give birth to the crown prince.

“Yi Yi, didn’t you say that Murong Qi Qi has Lian gongzi’s Xue Fu pill? Ifbengong orders a yizhi for her to bring Lian gongzi to cure your hand, what do you think?”

Yizhi is an imperial decree by the empress or empress dowager Shengzhi is an imperial decree by the emperor

Even though she knew that Duanmu Yi Yi fancied Longzi Jing Tian, but Duanmu Qing will never let Yi Yi marry Longze Jing Tian.

At that time, when He Xin Er gave birth to a prince before her, it really made her heart troubled. Although He Xin Er is now dead, but Longze Jin Tian had won the empress dowager’s love and because of this, also got the emperor’s favor. These things are really difficult for Duanmu Qing to accept.

Not to mention that the emperor is in the prime of his life and she is also just 32 years old. She still has the chance to get pregnant. As long as the emperor hasn’t established the crown prince, she will give it a shot! Even if the emperor is determined but this throne should be her child’s!  It’s she who is the empress!

Duanmu family, being her mother’s family, should support her, this empress, with all their strength. Whether it is Duanmu Hong Chen or Duanmu Yi Yi, their marriage should have some value.

One being prosperous, both sides will be prosperous. One loss, both sides will lose. Without a strong backing, setting a foothold in the palace is very difficult. For the great families, even if they have the ability and are really skillful, without anybody in the palace, it’ll be useless.

In her heart, Duanmu Qing has already selected a husband for Duanmu Yi Yi. Letting her marry great family Shangguan family’s Shangguan Wu Ji is the best choice. With Shangguan family’s prestige in the military, if she gives birth to a prince, then this entire empire will then be her son’s!

Duanmu Yi Yi didn’t know that her fate had long been arranged by Duanmu Qing. At this time, she only wants to talk about Lian gongzi with Duanmu Qing.

Strange doctor Lian gongzi’s medical skills is rumored to have reached the level of gods. If Murong Qi Qi can really bring Lian gongzi, not only will her hand have hope to recover, even the empress’ inability to get pregnant will have hope to be cured.

“Gugu, if Murong Qi Qi can’t invite Lian gongzi, then what?”

“Can’t invite?”

Duanmu Qing’s lips revealed a cruel smile.

“Then bengong will strip her title of Jing wangfei, making her become an abandoned wife even before being married!”


Duanmu Yi Yi is really happy. Gugu hasn’t forgetten her. She really would take revenge on her behalf. But just thinking about her right hand, Duanmu Yi Yi felt really contradictory. Lian gongzi is her only hope for getting her right hand cured. She didn’t want to have a crippled right hand for life.

Seeming to have guessed what Duanmu Yi Yi was thinking, Duanmu Qing gently patted her hands.

“Gugu knows your mind. Don’t worry, gugu will surely not let Murong Qi Qi become Jing wangfei! Two sisters, one becoming huangguifei and one becoming Jing wangfei, won’t they get too prosperous by then?!”

“Gugu, you’re the best!”

Duanmu Yi Yi laughed darkly. Murong Qi Qi, before long, you’ll become an abandoned wife. I want to see how long you can still be so proud!

It didn’t take long for the empress’s yizhi to reach Murong fu. The yizhi said very clearly, being sentenced to death can be escaped, but living in hardship will be difficult to escape. Murong Qi Qi must find Lian gongzi within ten days to cure Duanmu Yi Yi’s hand to make up for her mistake!

“Miss, the empress is obviously wearing the same pair of pants as Duanmu Yi Yi!”

Su Mei cut a peach and brought it to Murong Qi Qi’s lips with a bamboo stick.

“What do you plan to do? Really going to cure her hand? By this subordinate’s meaning, she dared to point a sword at miss, that hand being crippled is not even enough!”

Murong Qi Qi ate small chunks of peach. Really sweet. She always liked sweet fruits.

No one knew that the renowned Lian gongzi is actually Murong fu’s third miss. Duanmu Yi Yi and Duanmu Qing would have never thought that the person they were looking for is now comfortably eating a peach.

“Su Mei, saving one life is better than to build a seven floor pagoda. Of course I need to cure Duanmu Yi Yi’s hand. Not only will I cure her, I also will cure Duanmu Qing’s inability to get pregnant, letting her be able to get pregnant with a prince. The empress has longed for this child for a long time. After she gives birth to a legitimate son, Xi Qi country will become lively!”

Murong Qi Qi’s smile is very sweet. Her voice is soft, but Su Mei is aware of the plot behind Murong Qi Qi’s smile. This miss has a personality of wishing for the world to be in chaos. Presumably she has thought of some fun things—-Su Mei silently began praying for the people who are being calculated by Murong Qi Qi.

The empress’ yizhi didn’t scare Murong Qi Qi. Instead, it made huangguifeiMurong Xue Lian at Piao Xue Palace become worried. Murong Xue Lian knew that Duamu Qing wanting to cure Duanmu Yi Yi was just an excuse. In fact, it’s for herself. This woman is nearly going crazy from wanting a son! It’s just how did Murong Qi Qi that rubbish got to know Liann gongzi? If Lian gongzi really cured the empress and Duanmu Qing becomes pregnant with a dragon, then what should she (MXL) do?

“No! The place of the crown prince is bengong child’s. Benggong will certainly not let go!”

Murong Xue Lian stroked her slight bulged belly, called her confidante Hu Po and said some things to her. She let her go to chengxiangfu to convey her words.

“Third miss, this is the reward that niangniang gifted you!”

Hu Po put a box with pearl jewelry in front of Murong Qi Qi.

“Really beautiful, ah! Are they really for me?”

Murong Qi Qi face is full of unbelievableness. She touched the bean sized pearls carefully. Her eyes have been attracted by them like it’s the first time she saw such good things.

Seeing Murong Qi Qi’s ‘lack of knowledge’ expression, Hu Po twitched her lips and looked at her sarcastically: “It’s good that third miss likes it! How did third miss got to know Lian gongzi?”

“Oh, when I went to the mountain to get herbs, I got to know him! Lian is very nice to people!”

Seeing that the other party finally got to the real subject, Murong Qi Qi smiled like a  silly person and revealed her white teeth.


Seeing Murong Qi Qi calling Lian gongzi so affectionately, Hu Po was surprised. But her expression was still the same.

“Then where is Lian gongzi now?”

“Don’t know.”

Murong Qi Qi shook her head. Her eyes were confused.

“It’s already been three years since I last saw him.”

Hu Po felt a little relieved. It seemed that Lian gongzi  and Murong Qi Qi haven’t been in contact with each other for a long time.

“Hu Po jiejie, why are you asking this? Look, does this pearl flower look good on me?”

Murong Qi Qi stood in front of the bronze mirror, put a pearl hairpin in her hair while making poses.

Once again rolling her eyes, Hu Po didn’t have any more patience to bother with Murong Qi Qi.

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