After Zheng Min and that man’s body has been thrown out, Murong Tai flung his sleeve and left. He needs to go to Liu Yan Zhi’s to search for consolation. After all these kind of matters really hurts a man’s self-esteem.

Murong Qing Lian looked once at the fainted Murong Xin Lian, sneered and also went back to Lan Xiang yuan.

After quite a while did Murong Xin Lan slowly woke up. The maroon blood on the ground reminded her what just happened. Murong Tai actually killed her mother in front of her. No matter what Murong Xin Lian couldn’t accept this.

“Ma Nao, come here!”

Murong Xin Lian looked gloomily at Ma Nao.

“Why was my mother here? Where is that slut Murong Qi Qi? And where is Murong Jun? Should it not have been them who should be here?!”

“Second miss, nubi doesn’t know, ah!”

Ma Nao has also been scared to death by what happened.

“Nubi obviously helped third miss get in the bed. Later I also led young master here. Why it became like this, nubi also doesn’t know, ah!”

Murong Xin Lian didn’t listen to Ma Nao’s explanation. She only wants to vent. She wants to vents the anger and sadness in her heart. Murong Xin Lian pulled out a hairpin and fiercely stabbed it in Ma Nao’s face.

“Bitch! You cause my mother to die! Give my mother back to me!”

“Miss, don’t!”

Ma Nao raised her arm to dodge. This kind of action made Murong Xin Lian more furious.

“I let you dodge! I let you dodge!”

Murong Xin Lian grabbed Ma Nao’s hairs. She directly stabbed the hairpin into Ma Nao’s eye. She pricked once, but it didn’t lessen her hate. She pricked above ten time.

“Second miss, spare me! Second miss spare nubi!”

Ma Nao’s miserable cries attracted the servants over. When they saw Murong Xin Lian’s ferocious appearance and the small and large holes full of blood on Ma Nao’s face, everyone was scared till they were in daze by Murong Xin Lian’s cruel means.

Is this still the gentle and pleasant second miss? Can it be that this is second miss’s true colors? In a moment, the image that Murong Xin Lian shaped so hard, fell apart. But at this moment, Murong Xin Lian doesn’t care about that. Zheng Min has been caught in bed. She this second miss has long lose all face.

Even if Murong Tai blocked everyone’s of the fu’s mouth, there’s no guarantee that other will not tell; for example the young masters and miss of the three great families. Now her face is gone, why does she still need to care about image?!

At this moment, Murong Xin Lian only wants to vent. Vent the anger inside her. Until Chen Zhong appeared again and dragged the tragic sight of Ma Nao with a body covered in blood away, did Murong Xin Lian sat limply on the ground.

Over, all is over. Today’s matter will let her become Murong fu’s, no, she will become the joke of the capital! No one will marry her who has such a matter. No need to mention Jing wangfei, even becoming a concubine to warm Longze Jing Tian’s bed is now impossible…….

Murong Xin Lian sobbed for a while. Until everyone has left, did Fei Cui came.

“Second miss, condolences!”

Fei Cui handed a handkerchief to Murong Xin Lian.

“You can’t give up like this, ah! Today’s matter someone certainly tempered with it. You must pick yourself up and get revenge for Zhen yiniang!”

Fei Cui’s words pulled Murong Xin Lian from her grief. That’s right, she cannot give up like this! Why did the matter become like this? She must find the reason. She can’t let Zheng Min die unjustly!

“Did you look carefully?!”

Murong Jun gritted his teeth and glared full of hate in the direction of Ou Xiangyuan. Murong Xin Lian actually calculated him and Murong Qi Qi to ruin their reputations! This bitch is really malicious!

“Why did you help me?”

Murong Jun looked at the person in black. If it wasn’t because of this person’s help, the one who would’ve died on Murong Tai’s sword tonight will be him Murong Jun!

“Can’t see that bitch keeps pretending!”

The person in black left this sentence and disappeared from the room. Seeing that no one is here, Murong Jun hurriedly left. After he left, the person in black went to Cui Zhu yuan.

“Miss, the matter is finished!”

The person in black ripped of the black cloth on her face. It’s Su Yue. She made an ‘ok’ gesture at Murong Qi Qi.

“Not bad!”

Murong Qi Qi is sketching on a paper. Su Yue went forward and looked. Murong Qi Qi is designing jewelries, hairpins, earrings, buckles, bracelets, rings…… a set. All have a Begonia flower design.

“Miss, are these for Bai family’s eldest miss? So beautiful! It really matches miss Bai’s aura!”


Murong Qi Qi nodded. After the final brush, Murong Qi Qi put down the brush and carefully dried the ink.

“Su Mei, tomorrow you make a trip to Tong Bao Zhai. Let master Li make the jewelries with the best jade. The sooner the better.”

“Why did miss save Murong Jun? Making that stick be ruined isn’t it very good?”

Su Mei doesn’t understand.

“The enemy of the enemy is our friend. With one more person to resent Murong Xin Lian, will I not have more time to sleep……”


Su Mei and Su Yue glanced at each other and laughed. Miss is like this. Who treats her well, even if it’s with a drop of water, she will remember. Who is bad to her, she will also not let go.

Bai Yi Yue would have never thought that today she unintentionally helped Murong Qi Qi, she will be able to get ‘Guang Hua gongzi’s’ full set of jewelry. If she knew that the Guang Hua gongzi from the rumors is Murong Qi Qi, how will she feel?

Recently, too many things happened at Murong fu. Third miss Murong Qi Qi injured miss Duanmu, cutting of the tendons of his right hand. Duanmu Lei filled a lawsuit at the imperial censor. Murong fu’s favored Zheng yiniang suddenly dies from illness. Second miss couldn’t accept the fact that her mother has died and is sick in bed……

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