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Chapter 151 (Part 1) Dead, all dead

This prince’s gut was really big. He wanted to cut off Nan Lin wang’s1 head and kick it as a ball…The people couldn’t help but look at Feng Cang. Most people’s eyes stayed on Feng Cang’s perfect neck. They imagined what kind of ability Wanyan Yi had to take Feng Cang’s head.

In contrary to the officials, Feng Cang didn’t have an expression on his face. His eyes only narrowed as if he hadn’t heard the words Wanyan Yi had just said. Only Murong Qi Qi laughed after hearing those words. “Big brother, it seems that we aren’t liked by people! After killing big brother, presumably, he would then abuse little sister….”

Murong Qi Qi’s words were indifferent and floated to Wanyan Lie’s ears. It was but a small cry, but it let Wanyan Lie’s face got a big change.

“Animal!” Wanyan Lie’s face was malevolent. “What are you looking at? Still not tying this animal up?!”

A ‘animal’, made Lin Ke Xin woke up. Seeing that Jing De came with people to tie Wanyan Yi up, Lin Ke Xin knelt in front of Wanyan Lie, “Your majesty, spare Yi er2! Usually, Yi er is filial and humble. Now, he’s like this; he’s certainly being set up by people! Asking your majesty to investigate clearly!”

Lin Ke Xin’s beautiful tear-stained face was extremely disgusting in Wanyan Lie’s eyes. Why did these women have one face in front of him and another behind him? Before, he still cared about the feelings between father and son, but what kind of bastard words had Wanyan Yi said?! It seemed that Wanyan Yi’s usual performance was a disguise. It was all to lie to him!

“Drunk people spit out the truth. Even if people set him up, then, how could the words he just said not reveal his true thoughts?!” Wanyan Lie retrieved back the leg that Lin Ke Xin held tightly. “In zhen’s3 eyes, you and your son had long coveted the throne and it must be you, the mother who usually installed those in him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say such words! Humph! Want zhen to die sooner, so you can get the world. This is well calculated!”

Lin Ke Xin’s face paled after her thoughts had been said out by Wanyan Lie. She quickly denied and also keenly kowtowed, “Your majesty, this subject wife’s only heart is for your majesty and had never had such a disgraceful thought. Asking your majesty to not listen to the vile person’s instigation. Asking your majesty to investigate clearly!”

“Instigation? Is there still the need for someone to instigate? Just now, he said it with his own mouth!”

Wanyan Lie looked at Wanyan Yi. He found out that this son was still immersed in his own world, he felt that this son was truly very shameful. “Jing De, are you also not listening to zhen anymore?! Quickly tie that animal up!”

“Yes!” Jing De quickly nodded. He gestured to let two eunuchs go forward. One at the left, one at the right, they seized Wanyan Yi’s arms.

He was doing a good thing, but was disturbed. This feeling was very not well. Wanyan Yi looked and saw that it was two eunuchs. He got his hands free and gave each of them a slap in the face, “Bastard! Didn’t you see that zhen is busy!”

Presumably, it was those words of Xia Yun Xi from just now that made Wanyan Yi float. Now, his brain was impulsive and he felt that he already ascended the throne and became the emperor. So, he impulsively used ‘zhen’ to call himself.

“Look, you take a look! Just now, you said that zhen wronged you two. Now, he began to replace zhen!”

This word from Wanyan Yi undoubtedly made the Wanyan Lie who was walking on an edge, collapse in a fire pit. ‘Pa!’ Wanyan Lie clapped. Two people in black appeared in front of everyone.

“Tie Wanyan Yi up!”

The people in black listened to Wanyan Lie’s order. They went forward. A short moment later, they tied Wanyan Yi tightly with a rope. Don’t know if these people in black did in on purpose or not, but they didn’t give Wanayn Yi clothes to wear. At this time, Wanyan Yi had been tied up like a fried dough and thrown in front of Wanyan Lie.

“Let me go! your gut is very big! Let me go!” while Wanyan Yi struggled, he shouted. Wanyan Lie went forward and kicked Wanayn Yi’s face. immediately , two red rivers flowed out of Wanyan Yi’s nose accompanied with a ‘kacha’ sound.

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“Ah…,” The intense pain coming from the bridge of his nose made Wanyan Yi wake up. “Who! Who the f*** kicked me?!”

Wanyan Yi’s foul language made the officials completely speechless. Even if you eat a drug and became crazy, but trouble you to keep some reasoning! You’re a prince. In this world, there were only a few people who could kick you like this. If you think a bit, won’t you know?

It turned out that the originally refined, gentle, elegant, clean-living and honest highness actually had the NP hobby. Besides, he likes to do ladies in open air. Not to mention his foul mouth and his big imagination…Wanyan Yi’s usual virtuous reputation, after today’s matter, was completely gone. (TL note: i dont know what NP is. I tried to search for it but found nothing. If you know enlighten me)

This ’who the f***’ from Wanyan Yi almost made Lin Ke Xin faint. Did this child’s brain got cramps? Did he become silly? He actually talked like this with Wanyan Lie.

Sure enough, after hearing these words, Wanyan Lie pulled a whip from the person in black’s waits and beat Wanyan Yi.

‘Pa!’ Wanyan Lie was also someone who practiced martial arts. The strength in his hand were great. Besides, now he was very angered by Wanyan Yi. He put extra weight in his slaps.

“Wa! Ah! Hurt!” Wanyan Yi shouted. However, he was now very tied up. He simply couldn’t break away. Now, he was rolling here and there on the ground, avoiding Wanyan Lie’s whip. From the point of view of the officials, it was like a big white worm twisting and turning on the ground.

“So ugly…,” Murong Qi Qi’s words just fell, when Feng Cang’s hand was suddenly before her eyes. “Don’t look. If you look at an ugly thing, you would get an eye of a needle!”

“Puchi..,” Feng Cang’s words made Murong Qi Qi laugh. Get and eye of a needle? Such a funny excuse and Feng Cang said it so seriously. However, since Feng Cang covered her eyes to avoid her seeing something ugly. She simply closed her eyes and only listened to Wanyan Yi’s shouts.

“Ah! Emperor father, why are you beating this subject son!”

The pain on his body finally made Wanyan Yi wake up. When he looked, in front of him were all people. Lin Ke Xin was kneeling on the floor with her face full of tears. And he… “Who took off this highness clothes? Who did it?!”

Seeing that Wanyan Yi played a fool now, Wanyan Lie felt even more that this bastard made him lose his old face. Today, he utterly lost face! Wanyan Lie didn’t answer Wanyan Yi. He whipped Wanyan Yi whip after whip and left one after another blood trail on his (WY) body.

“Emperor father, this subject son is innocent, this subject son is innocent, ah!” Finally, Wanyan Yi felt shame. He faced the ground while his back faced the sky. He covered his most important part and kept saying he’s innocent. However, after Wanyan Lie got through the stimulation of just now, how could Wanyan Yi’s words enter his ears!

At this side, Wanyan Yi woke up completely under Wanyan Lie’s whip. At the other side, Jia Lan took off his coat and wrapped Xia Yun Xi up.

“Junior sister? Junior sister!”

Jia Lan called two times, but Xia Yun Xi didn’t wake up. She was still immersed in her own happiness. She looked infatuated at Jia Lan’s face. she reached out and touched his face, “Good brother, how come I didn’t see you for a short time, you changed appearance?”

“Junior sister! I’m Jia Lan, your third senior brother!” Jia Lan frowned and grabbed Xia Yun Xi’s hand.

“This senior brother? Hehe, good brother, don’t lie to me! Third senior brother is at Penglai Island! You can pretend to be anyone, why pretend to be third senior brother to lie to me?!”

Seeing that Xia Yun Xi was still befuddled, Jia Lan carried her to the lake. He put her head in the lake. It was the beginning of spring. The water of the lake was still cold. Under the stimulation of this cold, Xia Yun Xi shuddered, choked and woke up completely.

“Third senior brother, why are you here?” The water on Xia Yun Xi’s face dripped on the ground. She looked surprised at Jia Lan with a look of disbelief.

“I should ask you this!”

Jia Lan knew that Xia Yun Xi being like that was because she was under the influence of some drug. Besides, Wanyan Yi also seemed to have the same symptoms. However, who did it? Why did he/she do it?

Xia Yun Xi was puzzled at Jia Lan’s words. When she felt somewhat cold and wanted to tighten the clothes on her body, she discovered that her dress became a man’s coat and that she wasn’t wearing anything inside.

“Ah…,” Xia Yun Xi screamed. “Why is it like this? Why…”

While talking, Xia Yun Xi gradually recalled the fragments of just now. Wanyan Yi’s face clearly appeared in front of Xia Yun Xi. “It’s him. He certainly did it!”

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Xia Yun Xi wanted to stand up, but because of what happened, her legs didn’t have strength. When she saw Wanyan Yi not far away, Xia Yun Xi screamed once again. The high voice was ear-splitting.


Xia Yun Xi’s scream also let Wanyan Yi remember what had happened. He got her. He finally got her! In contrast to Xia Yun Xi’s screams, Wanyan Yi had a look of joy on his face. Could this be the destiny decided by heaven?

“Yun er, I’m here. Yun er!”

Although he was tightly bound, but Wanyan Yi still struggled to get up and wanted to go to Xia Yun Xi.

The moment she saw the naked Wanyan Yi when he turned, Xia Yun Xi clutched her head and screamed. She didn’t know why she would be with Wanyan Yi and why such a thing had happened between her and him. Shouldn’t the one who drank the wine be Feng Cang? Why was it Wanyan Yi?!

Xia Yun Xi shook her head. She seemed to look around for Feng Cang. In the end, she saw Feng Cang dressed in white among the crowd. He stood there coldly with a frost like expression. When her gaze touched Feng Cang’s eyes, Xia Yun Xi clearly saw the nausea and disgust inside those eyes.

“No, it wasn’t like this!” When she saw those officials, Xia Yun Xi knew her everything was ruined by Wanyan Yi.

Her reputation as a girl, her marriage, her destiny and Feng Cang; all of these left her because of Wanyan Yi.

Tears as big as the size of beans streamed down Xia Yun Xi’s face. She didn’t say anything. She glared fiercely at Wanyan Yi as if she wanted to use her eyes to dig out Wanyan Yi’s heart.

Wanyan Yi had never seen such a Xia Yun Xi. He knew that she must hate him for this matter. In front of so many people, Xia Yun Xi’s face, Dong Lu’s face, all was lost.

“Yun er, I’m sorry. I couldn’t restrain myself. I really love you very much. I truly love you!”

Wanyan Yi moved to Xia Yun Xi. His words made everyone came to a ‘realization’. So, it was like that! So, it was second prince who fell in love with princess Yun. So, he used such a fierce way to get her.

It was just, this highness was really too careless! What kind of place you chose is not right? Why chose the imperial garden where everyone come and go? Such a thing happened in the palace and the parties were a prince and a princess. This matter was really too horrifying.

The ‘love’ Wanyan Yi was talking about, to Xia Yun Xi, it was the biggest joke. After resting for a moment, her legs gradually restored their consciousness. Xia Yun Xi stood up. Step by step, she walked to Wanyan Yi.

“You love me? No, you don’t love me. You’re bringing harm to me! You obviously know I like Feng Cang and still used such underhanded means to get me. You love me? No, the things you like are my identity and the help of the Dong Lu behind me could bring you.”

“You’re jealous of Feng Cang! You’re afraid that he’ll get your throne, so you had to increase your own chips. That was why, you set your eyes on me! Even at the expense of using ways to destroy me to get want you want! You’re too shameless!”

“No! It’s not like this!” Wanyan Yi shook his head. Although he had had such thought, but he liked Xia Yun Xi more. “Yun er, I really love you! Really! I swear! I can swear on my life!”

“Life?” In Xia Yun Xi’s ears, this world was a complete joke. Her everything was ruined. What happened just now, Feng Cang certainly saw it. He originally didn’t like her. Now, he must hate her even more because she’s a casual woman.

“Since you’re willing to swear with your life, then go die!”

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Xia Yun Xi pulled the sword from Jia Lan’s waist and pierced Wanyan Yi’s heart. This one attack was fast. So fast, people couldn’t stop it. When everyone understood what had happened, Xia Yun Xia already pulled out the sword. A red blood burst out and splashed Xia Yun Xi’s whole face.

“Yi er!” After Lin Ke Xin saw such a scene, she completely went blank. Even Wanyan Lie was stunned.

“Yun er…,” blood gushed out of Wanyan Yi’s mouth. He had a look of disbelief. This woman he loved didn’t consider the physical relationship between husband and wife of just now. She actually hated him so much.

“Yun er, you really…really hate me so much?”

The pain on his chest made Wanyan Yi take deep breaths. That one attack stabbed directly in his heart. At this time, Wanyan Yi could clearly feel the pain coming from his heart. It turned out that death was such a feeling, ah! However, he wasn’t resigned. He really wasn’t resigned!

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I will never forgive you!” Xia Yun Xi couldn’t accept what had happened. So many people saw it. How could she live?! If this matter was spread out, the saliva of the people was enough to drown her!

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