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Chapter 148 Have no sense of shame (2)

Outside Long Autumn palace, Xia Yun Xi stood there for a long time. Su Mei had gone inside to notify. In the end, she still hadn’t returned, making her (XYX) anxious from waiting.

Although Xia Yun Xi wanted to go in directly, but this was Murong Qi Qi’s place. In any case, she should leave a good impression on her future sister-in-law. After all, there were some things that she needed Murong Qi Qi to do. She couldn’t treat her like Ruyi and go overboard.

Just as Xia Yun Xi had become a bit impatient from waiting, a man in silver clothes arrived.

Originally, Wanyan Kang had wanted to come play with Murong Qi Qi. He didn’t expect that the moment he arrived at Long Autumn palace’s entrance, he would encounter Xia Yun Xi. Previously, Wanyan Kang had seen Xia Yun Xi at White Cloud Restaurant. He knew this woman was very good at pretending. Now, seeing her wait at Long Autumn palace, Wanyan Kang became vigilant. Could it be that Xia Yun Xi had come looking for trouble with Murong Qi Qi?

Xia Yun Xi didn’t know Wanyan Kang, but after seeing the silver dragon on his clothes, she guessed that he was a prince. However, she wasn’t sure which one he was.

“What are you looking at, ugly thing?!” Wanyan Kang saw Xia Yun Xi smiling at him, and he humphed lightly. He raised his head, stepped into Long Autumn palace and didn’t bother with Xia Yun Xi anymore.

After being called an ‘ugly thing’ by the other party, Xia Yun Xi’s smile froze on her face. Her nose got sore. She almost cried.

Although she wasn’t a national grace and divine fragrance, but in any case, she’s sweet and lovable. When people saw her, they would love her. When flowers saw her, they would blossom. At Dong Lu, the men who fell for her could take up a whole row from the east to the west. She didn’t expect that after coming here, she would be called an ‘ugly thing’. How could Xia Yun Xi accept this?

National grace and divine fragrance: outstanding beauty

Women, regardless of being beautiful or ugly, all cared about their appearance. Not to mention, a ‘cut above others’ princess like Xia Yun Xi. How could she allow others to say such a thing about her? She followed with big steps and grabbed Wanyan Kang, “Who did you call an ugly thing?!”

“Bah, bah!” Wanyan Kang jumped and broke free from Xia Yun Xi’s hands. “Aside from you, who else could be so ugly? Really didn’t see someone who’s so unaware of themselves like you before!”

Earlier, Xia Yun Xi thought that maybe Wanyan Kang didn’t know her, maybe he was in a bad mood. That’s why he had said such words. But now, the other party was even more certain that she was the ugly thing, making Xia Yun Xi anxious.

“You…how am I ugly?! Say! How am I ugly?!” Although she usually pretended to be weak, but now it’s the problem of protecting her ‘face’. Xia Yun Xi didn’t want to let Wanyan Kang off the hook like this.

“Tsk, tsk, miss, being a girl, you should at least have some self-awareness, alright? Look at you, the eyebrows are deformed, the eyes are slanted, the nose is drooped and the mouth is crooked. You already look like this and still come out to disturb the city with your appearance. Being ugly is not your fault, but coming out to scare people is!”

“Bastard!” Xia Yun Xi raised her hand towards Wanyan Kang. She didn’t expect that, just as she’s about to touch his face, the other party would flash and disappear in front of Xia Yun Xi.

“The person is ugly; the temper is not good. It seems that no one would want you!”

Wanyan Kang was in a very good mood after making Xia Yun Xi furious. Too lazy to bother with Xia Yun Xi, Wanyan Kang unhurriedly went to look for Murong Qi Qi. “Little cousin sister! Little cousin sister!”

Murong Qi Qi had long seen Wanyan Kang and also heard the dialogue between him and Xia Yun Xi. He really wished for the whole world to be in chaos. He had humiliated Dong Lu’s princess like this. Now, after seeing the crying appearance of Xia Yun Xi, Murong Qi Qi’s boredom from before was swept away. She directly went out to meet Wanyan Kang.

“Cousin brother, you came, ah! You’re too mean. I’ve already moved in here for two days. But you only came to see me now! I thought that you would come yesterday to congratulate on my house-moving!”

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Murong Qi Qi’s voice let Xia Yun Xi wake up from Wanyan Kang’s humiliation, grief and indignation. That’s right, it was this voice, this woman who’d humiliated her at White Cloud Restaurant’s arena…

Thinking of this, Xia Yun Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but look at Murong Qi Qi.

Never mind that it was just one look, but it made Xia Yun Xi freeze in place. That girl was so pure, like a fairy who had fallen into the mortal realm. A faint smile was in her beautiful eyes. White jade-like nose. Petal-like lips. Between her eyebrows was a blood red cinnabar mole, making her originally perfect face even more breathtaking.

Looking again, the attitude Wanyan Kang spoke with Murong Qi Qi was completely different from his attitude towards her. Xia Yun Xi finally understood why Wanyan Kang would call her an ugly thing. Because, in front of Murong Qi Qi, she really can only be regarded as such.

Suddenly, a sense of humiliation entered her heart! Accompanied by complex emotions like envy, jealousy and hate; all these feelings filled Xia Yun Xi’s heart. No wonder the world spread rumors that Bei Zhou’s princess Zhen Guo was the number one beauty of the world. This number one title was well-deserved.

“Didn’t I come today?!” Wanyan Kang was like he performed magic. He took out a bright case and handed it to Murong Qi Qi, “This is my give for you!”

Murong Qi Qi opened the bright case. Inside the bright case lay an egg-sized colorful stone. The sunlight fell on the colorful stone. The stone emitted colors like the rainbow, making people’s eyes dazzled.

“So beautiful!” Murong Qi Qi took out the colorful stone and looked at it while facing the son, “Cousin brother, there’s a rainbow inside!”

Seeing that Murong Qi Qi liked it, Wanyan Kang was very happy. He moved closer to Murong Qi Qi’s ear and whispered, “Little cousin sister, using this as dowry for Su Mei, do you think it would work?”

It turned out that he took this colorful stone to please her (MQQ). It was because of Su Mei, ah! She glanced once at Su Mei behind her. Murong Qi Qi chuckled, “Would work! This gift is original. I like it!”

“Really? Then, that’s it?”

“Well!” Murong Qi Qi’s brow wrinkled slightly and pretended to be in a very difficult position, “You need to ask the opinion of the involved party, ah! You didn’t even propose; how do you know if she’s willing?”

Murong Qi Qi’s voice was very small. Only the few people around her could hear. Su Mei saw that Murong Qi Qi made fun of her, she stomped, “Miss, if you’re like this, I will ignore you!”

“Alright!” Murong Qi Qi put away the bright case. “I can only say, you passed my bar. The rest is on your own.”

Murong Qi Qi and Wanyan Kang’s talking and laughing appearance made Xia Yun Xi’s heart feel even more uneven. Why did this man directly cursed her as an ‘ugly thing’ and is treating Murong Qi Qi so good? Could it be that he was attracted by Murong Qi Qi’s appearance?

Then, what kind of feelings do Feng Cang have for Murong Qi Qi?  He wouldn’t forget the appropriate behavior and that their identity of siblings because of Murong Qi Qi’s appearance, right?!

Thinking till here, Xia Yun Xi went forward and smiled at Murong Qi Qi, “Princess Zhen Guo let bengong 1 wait for a long time, ah!”

“You are…,” Murong Qi Qi looked at Xia Yun Xi as if she had never seen this person before. Her expression was so real that even Xia Yun Xi began to doubt if that person at White Cloud Restaurant that day was Murong Qi Qi.

“Aiya, princess, this slave forgot to tell you! This is Dong Lu’s princess Yun. She came just now to ask to see princess. It was just…the moment fifth highness appeared, this slave forgot to tell you.”

Su Mei directly pushed this matter to Wanyan Kang. Wanyan Kang looked once at Xia Yun Xi. His nose raised to sky once again, “Little cousin sister, you know her?”

“Don’t know.” Murong Qi Qi shook her head very cooperatively.

“Don’t have dealings with people you don’t know. Who knows how the character of the other party is?! Little cousin sister is so pure. What to do if you come in contact with people of unknown origin, proximity to pitch makes you black, and become bad?”

Proximity to pitch makes you black: different environments provide different influence

Wanyan Kang had long been aware of Xia Yun Xi’s pestering to Feng Cang. Towards such a smelly fly who wanted to destroy Feng Cang and Murong Q Qi, Wanyan Kang would haven no mercy. He immediately saw her as the object of attack and fried her madly and violently.

Wanyan Kang’s poisonous tongue made Murong Qi Qi want to laugh, but she had to pretend and looked innocently at Xia Yun Xi. Then she looked at Wanyan Kang, “Cousin brother, is it really like that? She doesn’t seem like a bad person, ah!”

“One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature. Little cousin sister, you can’t judge a person by appearance. I’m a few years older than you and ate a little more salt than you. That is why my eyes are a bit brighter than yours. In short, if you didn’t determine the character of the other person, don’t have any dealing with him/her!”

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“Oh…I know.” Murong Qi Qi nodded well-behaved. The echoes of the two people made Xia Yun Xi so angry, she almost fainted.

What is called a person of unknown origin and the character is not determined? She, a dignified Dong Lu princess had actually been talked to be like this by Wanyan Kang! If here was Dong Lu, even if Wanyan Kang had ten heads, he would’ve been dragged out and beheaded.

Although Xia Yun Xi wished she could chop down Wanyan Kang’s head and kick it as a ball, but in front of Murong Qi Qi; besides Wanyan Kang is a prince of Bei Zhou and these two people have a deep relation with Feng Cang, she couldn’t destroy her image and must endure.

“Bengong is not the bad guys. Presumably, fifth highness and princess Zhen Guo still don’t know me. Bengong is Dong Lu’s princess Yun, Xia Yun Xi!”

“Oh…,” hearing Xia Yun Xi introduce herself like this, Wanyan Kang seemed like he suddenly realized.

“You’re the princess Yun who moved recently into Nan Lin wangfu,2 ah? Haha, that, sorry for just now, ah. I thought you’re a concubine from the palace! You don’t know, my emperor father really loves princess Zhen Guo. So, there are always some concubines who wanted to worm their way into being friends with princess Zhen Guo. They wanted to get the opportunity of my emperor’s father view in a new light through princess Zhen Guo.”

“Hehe, if you didn’t say just now, I would think that you’re like those jealous women of the harem! I’m sorry, ah. It seemed that I misunderstood! I’m sorry, ah, that…what for princess again?! Aiya, my memory isn’t good and didn’t remember. Troubling you to repeat it!”

Wanyan Kang’s ingratiating and naughty smile made Xia Yun Xi wish she could rush to him and give him a slap. What does he mean? Is it ridiculing her? Patience, patience, for Feng Cang, she needed to endure this. Take revenge in the future!

Forcing the anger in her heart down, Xia Yun Xi smiled slightly, “Bengong is Dong Lu’s princess Yun, Xia Yun Xi. Troubling your highness to remember it. Bengong doesn’t like to repeat the second time.”

Finally, she put out the airs of a princess! Wanyan Kang’s corner of the mouth raised. His smile is full of mocking.

“What are you all doing here standing?” Just as a strange atmosphere appeared, Wanyan Yi’s voice floated over. Since he discussed with Lin Ke Xin, wanting to create a false amorous impression with Murong Qi Qi for the crowd, Wanyan Yi decided to come every day to Long Autumn palace.

Today is the first time. He didn’t expect that he would meet Xia Yun Xi here. Plus, the fact that her expression was like she suffered much, making Wanyan Yi couldn’t help but look at Murong Qi Qi and Wanyan Kang. In the end, which one of them bullied this little poor thing.

Murong Qi Qi quickly captured the questioning look in Wanyan Yi’s eyes. Then, she saw that the way Wanyan Yi looked at Xia Yun Xi was very different, making Murong Qi Qi got an idea suddenly. Could it be that Wanyan Yi has feelings for Xia Yun Xi?  A slag man with a slag woman, really a match made from heaven!

“Big brother, we didn’t do anything! I came looking for little cousin sister to celebrate her house-moving. Big brother, did you also come for this? Did you bring a gift?”  Wanyan Kang didn’t like the way Wanyan Yi looked at him. He didn’t do anything, why was Wanyan Yi’s eyes full of accusation?

After Wanyan Kang said that, Wanyan Yi took out a long box and handed it to Murong Qi Qi, “Congratulations, little cousin sister!”

Su Mei took the box and opened it. Inside it lay a gold embedded jade. It was very valuable.

“Thanks, cousin brother! Second cousin brother, please come inside! Princess Yun, please come inside!”

The other party already came to her door. Plus, there were the two Wanyan brothers. Murong Qi Qi drive Xia Yun Xi away. She simply let the three come inside.

This was the first time in more than ten years that Wanyan Yi entered Long Autumn palace. Since this Long Autumn palace became Wanyan Lie’s pampered consort’s exclusive ground, inside this palace, aside from Wanyan Lie, Jing De and Jing De’s people, he (WL) didn’t allow others to come inside.

The moment Wanyan Yi entered, he had been looking at the furnishing.

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With one look, it let Wanyan Yi be surprised. Estimated, all the treasures had been moved to here by Wanyan Lie. The whole chamber, no matter if it was the cups to drink tea or the chairs, not to mention those decorations, which one wasn’t a premium product?

With only one glance, Wanyan Yi affirmed that Murong Qi Qi held a very high position in Wanyan Lie’s heart. So much that she surpassed Feng Cang. The empress didn’t even enjoy the treatment of here.

It seemed that consort mother was right. As long as he gets Murong Qi Qi, he would be able to get the throne!

If it wasn’t because he personally came to Long Autumn palace, Wanyan Yi wouldn’t know the luxury of here and wouldn’t also be so willing to pursue Murong Qi Qi. Now, after seeing Wanyan Lie’s pampering, Wanyan Yi finally determined to fight for the throne.

Xia Yun Xi was a royal princess. She grew up in the palace and had seen many treasures. So, after she swept her gaze over the treasures here, she was also surprised. It seemed that the rumors from outside weren’t false. This princess Zhen Guo really got the favor of Bei Zhou’s emperor.

Originally, Xia Yun Xi wanted to come and have a talk between girls with Murong Qi Qi and worm her ways into being friends with her (MQQ). Then, she could get closer to Murong Qi Qi and let her (MQQ) support her (XYX) at becoming Nan Lin wangfei!3 Then, give her some benefits, making Murong Qi Qi tempted and had to help her (XYX). However now, Wanyan Kang and Wanyan Yi suddenly appeared, ruining her plan completely, making Xia Yun Xi very angry.

These two people are really hateful! The way Xia Yun Xi looked at Wanyan Kang was full of disgust. She also passed this sentiment on Wanyan Yi, making Wanyan Yi bewildered. When had he offended Xia Yun Xi?

Murong Qi Qi and Xia Yun Xi sat like this opposite of Wanyan Yi. He compared for half a day and felt that Lin Ke Xin was right. Although, Xia Yun Xi could evoke the sense pf protection from men, but Murong Qi Qi let people want to conquer her even more. Xia Yun Xi didn’t have the aura to be the mother of a country, but Murong Qi Qi had it.

Although, in Wanyan Yi’s heart, he liked Murong Qi Qi more, but he didn’t want to give up on Xia Yun Xi like this. Not to mention her identity and the Dong Lu behind her, her delicate face alone would let a heroic feeling raise in his heart.

When he gets the throne, he must prove to Xia Yun Xi that he is thousand, ten thousand times better than Feng Cang, make her hell bent in love with him and surrender under his body.

The originally liveliness became awkward because of Wanyan Yi’s appearance. Wanyan Kang didn’t have anything to do other than stare at Su Mei and gave her winks. From Wanyan Yi’s perspective, Wanyan Kang was giving Murong Qi Qi flirtatious winks.

Hateful! Inside his sleeves, Wanyan Yi clenched his fist tightly. Wanyan Kang really got the thought to fight for the throne with him. This brother is not worthy of having!

Murong Qi Qi was too lazy to crack this awkwardness. She’d rather drink tea leisurely and also didn’t spoke to break this dull atmosphere. Until, Xia Yun Xi couldn’t sit any longer, got up and left. Wanyan Yi also left after her. When only Wanyan Kang was left, Murong Qi Qi let a long sigh of relief.

“Ah Kang, did the same mother really gave birth to you and Wanyan Yi? Why do I feel that the gaze of this big brother of yours is very gloomy!” Remembering once again how Lin Ke Xin looked at Wanyan Kang on the previous banquet, Murong Qi Qi was somewhat worried for Wanyan Kang.

Although this fifth prince trifled without respect, but he put importance on relationships and friendships. He’s many times better than that hypocritical Wanyan Yi. Everyone knew that Lin Ke Xin was biased in love towards her eldest son. If she hurts Wanyan Kang because of helping her eldest son get the throne, as Wanyan Kang’s friend, Murong Qi Qi wouldn’t leave the matter at that.

Knowing that Murong Qi Qi was worried for him, Wanyan Kang smiled naughtily, “Cousin-in-law, instead of worrying about me, you better think how to deal with Xia Yun Xi! The pestering skills of this woman is the strongest that I’ve every seen. If she played dirty tricks, what should you and cousin brother do?”

Murong Qi Qi didn’t mind about what Wanyan Kang said. The quickest way to solve a problem is to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. Her most important task now is to let Wanyan Ming Yue wake up. She didn’t have the energy to deal with Xia Yun Xi. When Wanyan Ming Yue’s problem is solved, then it would be Xia Yun Xi’s time of death.

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