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Chapter 361: Continuous Ringing
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At the instant when Ye Futian arrived, a monstrous evil aura spread out from the illusory Demon Bird and charged towards him. Very soon, darkness engulfed him.

Many intense evil thoughts broke into Ye Futian's mind. His body trembled and a strong Emperor Will erupted, protecting his mind. At the same time, his fingers stroke wildly on the strings of his guqin as he attempted to communicate with the will on Sky Mountain.

Emperor-like golden radiance ascended into the sky, and the snow on Sky Mountain started to flow towards his location. His senses spread out wildly, while his Emperor Will merged with the willpower on Sky Mountain, defending the corrosion from the evilness.

Bang! In Ye Futian's mind, a real Demon Bird seemed to have appeared. It blotted out the sky as if it could even devour the heaven and the earth. It stared at Ye Futian with an unruly look and opened its black demonic wings. It was as if the end of the world was approaching.

Although the Demon Bird was already dead, its will did not dissipate. Therefore, the two emperors left behind an everlasting willpower to suppress the evilness from the Demon Bird. Despite so, however, the evil will on Sky Mountain could still affect the surrounding region thousands of miles in radius, resulting in a very low number of cultivators in Shu City. It was then obvious how terrifying the Demon Bird was when it was still alive.

At the moment, Ye Futian was at the center of the will of the Demon Bird. If he did not have Emperor Will to protect his mind, he would probably be engulfed and destroyed in an instant.

A dark current enveloped Ye Futian's body. Even though the Demon Bird's will was frightening, Ye Futian guessed that it should still be at the sage-level when it battled the two emperors and was suppressed. At that time, Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing had yet to unify the world, as the battle occurred even more than three hundred years ago. Hence, Emperor Will was at a higher level than the Demon Bird's will. Ye Futian only had traces of it, but it still managed to protect his will from being devoured.

In Ye Futian's mind, there was Emperor's Light protecting him from the environment. With much determination, he stared at the Black Wind Condor in the darkness before him. Its entire body was enveloped in black light. Ye Futian did not want to see it get engulfed and become a substitute for the Demon Bird, turning into another bloodthirsty demon king.

The only way was to communicate with the will on Sky Mountain to suppress the Demon Bird's will. At the same time, Ye Futian would plant a stronger Emperor Will into the Black Wind Condor's mind so that it could resist against the Demon Bird.

Ye Futian was enduring a terrifying amount of pressure. The enormous Demon Bird was charging wildly into his mind, along with a frightful will. It had already engulfed Ye Futian's Spiritual Will totally. On his body, many dark currents appeared. Ye Futian felt that he could hardly withstand this for much longer. Activating the Imperial Tactics, his blood started to burn, and dazzling radiance ascended into the air and charged towards Sky Mountain.

This was the second time on Sky Mountain that he exceeded his limit. Moreover, this was even riskier than the last time. Previously, he was confident that he could kill Qin Li, but this time he was not sure whether he could win the Demon Bird's will.

Sky Mountain was so compatible with him. It was as if it existed only for him so that he could come here to inherit the music and the willpower. He still believed that he could win against the Demon Bird's will.

During that time, the two emperors could suppress the Demon Bird at this place. Now, he had Emperor Will and could communicate with the willpower the two emperors had left behind on Sky Mountain. Why would he fail? Furthermore, when he fought with Qin Li, he was still in the Dharma Plane. Now, he was in the Arcana Plane.

Ye Futian's willpower merged with the sky and the earth. Many traces of golden Emperor's Light rose into the sky. Emperor Will flew towards Sky Mountain along with the music, attempting to merge with the will on the mountain.

The willpower of the two emperors during that time had already merged with Sky Mountain as if it had become part of the mountain. Ye Futian believed that he would be able to do so as well.

The melodious music spread out on Sky Mountain continuously. Even the snow that filled the sky seemed to be listening to the music. The snowflakes danced with the music, forming a resonance.

"What's that?" At the moment, there were still people on Sky Mountain. They suddenly seemed to have heard a piece of music and stopped at their spots, feeling the music quietly. The music seemed to be everywhere. It had merged with the snow falling from the sky, entering their senses.

"It's wonderful..." many exclaimed. They stopped one after another and raised their head to look at the falling snow.

Music was hidden in the snow. Who was playing it? Could it be that the will left behind by the two emperors had revived?

"This music..." Many people were fully absorbed and influenced by the music. They stood motionlessly and felt the rhythm in silence.

The music continued and spread on Sky Mountain steadily. At the moment, Ye Futian was fully focused on playing. His senses seemed to be merging with Sky Mountain slowly, turning into part of the mountain. The area that he could sense became wider and wider.

Time passed by slowly. Ye Futian had been enduring a massive amount of pressure, but as the music played the will on Sky Mountain seemed to be merging with him, helping him to resist against the evil will and reducing the pressure he was experiencing. After a long while, Ye Futian's mind suddenly trembled. He could see the entire Sky Mountain. He could feel that his willpower had become extremely strong.

The golden Emperor Will had merged with Sky Mountain completely. Ye Futian felt as if he was standing on Sky Mountain. It was a mysterious and amazing feeling. It was as if Sky Mountain had become part of him; his will was now the will of Sky Mountain.

Moving his will, the snow on Sky Mountain similarly moved. An endless amount of Spiritual Qi roared and the magical bell slowly formed.

Clang! Just as Ye Futian thought about it, the magical bell rang. An extremely powerful force was released and charged into Sky Mountain, pressing down on the Demon Bird. Following a loud bang, the enormous Demon Bird was almost blown into pieces. The evil will in Ye Futian's mind was removed immediately.

The Black Wind Condor trembled fiercely and the evil aura surrounded it was weakened significantly, but it spat out a mouthful of blood. It suddenly opened its eyes and stared coldly at Ye Futian. That was not the look of the Black Wind Condor, but rather the Demon Bird.

On Sky Mountain, at the instant when the bell rang, many people gave a muffled humph and their faces turned pale. Although their levels were not very high, the pressure they were experiencing rose significantly with the ring, shaking their minds.

After so many days, another ringing of the bell came from Sky Mountain. At the foot of the mountain, a powerful, invisible sound wave swept across. Immediately, the shirts of many started to wave fiercely in the air and countless people closed their eyes. They only felt a storm running right through them, especially those whose levels were high. They felt that even their will was going to be crushed.

"The bell rang again." Many people were astonished. Nobody knew why the bell on Sky Mountain sounded off in the first place.

Clang! This time, the ringing did not only occur once but twice. Many nobles spat much blood and their faces all turned pale. The more powerful people among the nobles received an even stronger hit.

"Which b*stard did this?" At the place where the Cottage disciples were, Zhuge Hui's mouth was covered with blood. She cursed at Sky Mountain and looked extremely unhappy. She seemed to have felt a large magical bell being merged with Sky Mountain. It was exactly the magical bell that was ringing.

Beside Hua Qingqing, the faces of Lady Yuxiao and Lu Nantian were also pale. Hua Qingqing lifted her head and stared at the peak of Sky Mountain. The bell was ringing continuously. What did this mean? She knew that Ye Futian was at the summit of Sky Mountain at the moment, playing the music left by the two emperors.

Clang! Another bell ring sounded. Many people turned totally speechless. Zhuge Hui glanced at Sky Mountain in resentment, after which she turned around and left.

"Let's get out of this place," someone said. Then, many cultivators left the foot of the mountain directly. The cultivators from the Cottage, the College, and Qin Dynasty all left one after another. If they chose to remain here, they might be killed by the ringing eventually.

The continuous ringing spread into the distance. It reached Shu City and spread towards places even further away. In the Western Region of the Eastern Barren Territory, countless people looked at the Sky Mountain. Was this the sound of the two emperors? Nobody knew that the person ringing the bell was not an emperor but actually Ye Futian. If Zhuge Hui found out about this, she would probably take out the whip on her waist...

After the three continuous rings, much of the evil aura had dissipated and even the illusory Demon Bird looked unstable. However, the Black Wind Condor was similarly in a state of misery. It coughed out blood continuously and its eyes were filled with evilness.

"Little bird, are you still in there?" Ye Futian shouted. He stopped ringing the bell, for otherwise the Black Wind Condor would also be killed. His Life Spirit appeared and an appalling spiritual storm bloomed. The will on Sky Mountain merged wildly with the spiritual storm, along with the music. Then, the storm charged towards the Black Wind Condor. Ye Futian wanted to see if the condor was still its previous self.

The spiritual storm entered the Black Wind Condor's mind. Ye Futian saw an endless darkness, but he did not give up. His brilliant will charged into the dark vortex. Then, he finally felt the existence of his Emperor Will. It was buried in the darkness but not destroyed; the Demon Bird could not eliminate Emperor Will.

"Little bird," Ye Futian's will shouted.

In the Emperor Will, an extremely weak willpower appeared. Ye Futian felt the existence of the Black Wind Condor.

Tweet. Ye Futian heard a voice and was delightfully surprised. The Black Wind Condor was still alive.

"I will merge Emperor Will into your will to help you fight against the power." Ye Futian communicated with the Black Wind Condor with his will. Then, he released his Life Spirit and dazzling Emperor Will was planted into the Black Wind Condor's mind continuously, along with the will on Sky Mountain. Together, they protected and merged with the Black Wind Condor's will.

At this point, Ye Futian exited the Black Wind Condor's mind. His Life Spirit vanished and the evil aura engulfed the Black Wind Condor again. Ye Futian stared at the Black Wind Condor, paying close attention to its movements. Suddenly, a message from the Black Wind Condor appeared in his mind, causing a strange expression to appear on his face.

"Alright. Be careful then," Ye Futian responded. Then, he turned around and charged out of the tunnel. Very quickly, he was back on Sky Mountain again.

The snow was still dancing in the air. Ye Futian heaved out a long sigh and looked at Yu Sheng who was lying on the ground. A smile finally appeared on his face, as if he felt extremely relieved. He lied on the ground again.

In Sky Mountain, the Black Wind Condor was still standing there. The dark light engulfed its body once again and the powerful evil will tried to invade its mind. Its body was enveloped in darkness, but this time, the Black Wind Condor's look was extremely sharp. It closed its eyes and endured everything went silent.

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