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Chapter 14: To the last one

The place he headed was to was the high rock that he labeled as ‘Scouting Area’. Before he climbed the rock, he stopped and listened to the sound. The footsteps were even clearer, but there wasn’t one. Dohyuk quickly climbed the rock and saw it.

There were three people in the ‘group’ that was now walking into the rocky regions.

When Dohyuk killed Chicheck, it was apparent that none of the people had the intention of forming a group. They did not want to trust anyone, but this was suspicion based off weakness and fear. The ones in the quarantine zone were divided into two large groups. There were ones who luckily acquired sought-after Natures right at the beginning, or ones who just killed anyone in the beginning just to gain a 2nd Nature, whichever it might be.

Most belonged to the latter group. These people were weak in their past life, and that was why they couldn’t trust one another, leading them to act on their own.


The three people who just walked in also had the same idea in mind. However, they now knew that they were too late. Just ‘knowing’ wasn’t enough. That was why the two women and a man were now working together.

“Water… is there more water?”

A man with a huge body spoke as he laid down a big bag he was holding. It was about meter-long duffel bag that had a lot of stuff in it. The tall woman with a traveler’s backpack replied quickly. Her backpack was filled with a lot of scavenged foods.

“Not yet. We all had a sip while ago.”

“For f*ck’s sake, then you carry this. This thing is so heavy, and you want to have the same share of water?”

“Since when did we say we weren’t going to carry it?”

It was a small teenage girl who answered instead. Of course, the spirit inside her was much older.

“It was you who said you couldn’t trust us to carry it. That’s why she and I took in turns carrying the backpack.”


“Please, if you are going to pick a fight, then do it. It’s a waste of energy and water to even quarrel.”

The man shook in anger, but he sat. These two women were cousins. The man was stronger than both of them, but it was apparent that he would be at a disadvantage if a fight broke out.

“Anyway, this looks like a good place. It has a lot of shade too.”

The man changed the subject and turned to the tall woman, but she had a strange expression on her face.


“…Focus. Pretend we’re still talking.”

At her words, man and girl became silent.

“One. It’s watching us.”

[The walls have ears.]

It was the tall woman’s Nature that let her know when there was someone peeking or eavesdropping on her. She took the 1 liter water bottle and handed it over to the girl.

“Sense it.”

She then drank about half the bottle and used the rest of the water to wet her face. Then she activated her Nature.

[Loan Shark’s Nose]

It was a Nature that would increase one’s sense of smell by consuming water from the body. Her lips were distorted.

“You’re right. There’s one that’s hiding.”

“Where?” the man asked, but the girl waved it off.

“No need to find him. He has no food or water. Nor does he have a weapon.”

“He’ll run away if we go after him.”

The tall woman spoke and the other two agreed.

“No need to fight. We’ll rest here and if we leave enough room, he will try to come after our food or try to ambush us. We’ll know if he keeps watching us with her Nature anyway.”

“We’ll then have our offering,” the man laughed. He then told the others, “When we use this, we’ll do it together.”

“You’re the one who we’re the most worried about.”

Then they began resting.

Dohyuk licked his dried lips. Water, milk, and bread… he had no time to enjoy any meals for the past few days. He watched the three constantly. After they finished their meal, they began resting by lying down or sitting by a rock.

‘They aren’t fully relaxing but…’

It was a chance, Dohyuk thought. If he ambushed, would he be able to overpower all of them? If so, he would be able to take the foods and the mysterious duffel bag.


Dohyuk shook his head.

‘There’s three of them. They just finished eating and it looks like their relaxing but…’

The places they were resting were oddly distanced against each other. It wasn’t close enough to defeat all three of them even if he ambushed.

‘Forget it. I’m just being distracted by the food.’

Dohyuk then grabbed on his ‘food’.

There were a few rings, necklaces, and other stuff on his hands. These were E~F rank items he obtained from his six prey.

‘This is my food.’

He was hungry. He had just fought six people after 10 hours. Digesting items gave him the feeling of being full, but it did not fulfill his eating desire.

‘I will wait them out,’ Dohyuk thought. It was obvious that they would not last long with the amount of food they had. With the three of them consuming it, they’d only be able to eat once more. When that was done and they became hungry, he needed to wait for that moment.

‘They won’t leave this place.’

Dohyuk then waited.

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