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The few clones left in the palace attempted to stop Qiu Dao, but they were engulfed by the Netherworld Dead River and then dissipated. These clones only had 1% of the powers the Snake King and the others, so how could they possibly fend off Qiu Dao's attacks?

This Ice Soul Divine Palace could take on a variety of sizes and conceal itself in molecular structures. It was an escape path the group had initially left behind, but Qiu Dao had stoleit after it shrank. He had then kept it with him all along.

Since they were already enemies, Qiu Dao would naturally resort to all sorts of means to go against them. He knew that even if he were to kill their disciples, it would still be impossible for the Snake King and the others to surrender.

For him, it would still be a good deal even if it was just to weaken their momentum and cause them to suffer from a slight imbalance in their mentality, thus raising his chances of winning by a little bit.

Over ten disciples suddenly flew into midair. Luo Haonan's newly accepted disciple, Ah Li, and the Snake King's disciple, Liu Ying, and the others all appeared.

They had been hidden in the Ice Soul Divine Palace, but they then suddenly felt a gush of power surging toward them. When they opened their eyes at the next moment, they saw a battlefield that extended out for several hundred lis. The entire world seemed to have entered a state of chaos, with only four streams of extremely majestic radiance at the very center. They were surrounded by armies of several hundred millions of robots, yet they did not show any signs of weakening.

Liu Ying exclaimed, "This is Master and the others engaging in battle against the Divine Emperor?"

"What's the matter? Didn't they tell us to hide? Why did we appear here?"

Ah Li looked at the battlefield in a daze, scared speechless by this terrifying scene. Although she had heard from a long time ago that the Heavenly Generals could overturn rivers and seas as well as crush mountains, it was not as astonishing as having seen it with her own eyes.

Qiu Dao sent out his information currents throughout the entire battlefield and said, "Snake King, give up on resisting. You don't have the replenishment from ether particles and will die from depleting your powers sooner or later.

"As for your disciples, they are also in my hands now. If they were to die, your legacies would be cut off too. What meaning would there be then?"

Hearing that, the four people's countenances turned pale, and Zi Xing said furiously, "Qiu Dao, how can you be so shameless? How can you possibly implicate the younger generations in the battle between us?"

Qiu Dao smiled and said, "Then if I were to surrender, would you let go of me and my subordinates easily?"

He laughed coldly and then attempted to break down the quartet's battle will, "I know that it's impossible for you to just have a clone in the Divine Palace, but after the battle today, the Divine Emperor will no longer have any other reservations. He will be able to fully focus on developing space battlecruisers and will not even care even if the entire planet is annihilated. With your remaining powers, how long will you be able to hide?"

A hint of gloom flashed on the four Divine level experts' faces, and the coutenances of Liu Ying, Ah Li, and the others also changed drastically. They had not expected that Qiu Dao would join the Divine Emperor, and they were now being put at the disadvantage.

The situation was becoming increasingly unfavorable, and the Qiu Dao Alliance seemed to have really reached a moment of life and death.

Just then, a stifled sound rang out from the depths of the earth. Following that, there was a huge tremor. Many mountain ranges within a range of 1,000 lis started to collapse, and the water from many great rivers seethed out. It was as if the entire world was enraged.

This terrifying power made the many Divine level experts present stunned.

At the next moment, a pillar of fire formed from plasma rose up from underground. It instantly incinerated the entire underground base and several hundred million robotic armies into ashes.

With a flash, Fang Xingjian's body once again reassembled in midair.

"It's Fang Xingjian!"

Everyone was shocked.

In the depths of the huge crater, a dark green figure with a height of over 100 meters rose up. The figure looked like a demonic god.

With each movement that figure made, the space would seethe and the atmosphere would dissipate. A series of stifled yet thunderous rumbles rang out from the figure's body as their powers started to circulate. It was the Divine Emperor, who had been engaged in a great battle with Fang Xingjian underground.

The two of them battled their way here, annihilating the underground base and causing tremors within a range of 1,000 lis. Mountain ranges collapsed while their battle continued all the way to the sky, where they appeared before everyone.

During this process, the Divine Emperor's body became increasingly big, and his powers continued to rise. He looked at the people in the sky and let out a furious bellow. It was as if over ten nuclear missiles had exploded in void space, and the surging shock waves pierced through the entire atmospheric layer, revealing the pitch black outer space beyond.

As everyone unleashed their martial wills explosively to fend off the impact, the Snake King's countenance changed, "The Divine Emperor has such prowess?"

Zi Xing also gasped, and Luo Haonan's and Ice Soul's eyes flashed with intense worry.

The Divine Emperor had always been using his robotic armies to kill them. He had never displayed such a strong and domineering prowess.

Qiu Dao, who was far away, let out a soft sigh as he looked at this scene with a complicated gaze. Then he communicated through information currents, "Everyone, why do you think I chose to join the Divine Emperor?

"The enemies in my previous world, the future tribulations, the Divine Emperor's technological developments... All these reasons are just part of it.

"The real reason is because the Divine Emperor is very strong. It's because of the pure strength that he possesses.

"Those super robot armies surpass us and are so strong that we aren't able to win against them.

"He has no opponents in this world. If you don't see it for yourself, you'll never be able to understand his strength."

Everyone's countenance became increasingly grim after hearing what Qiu Dao said. Just the prowess of the Divine Emperor's earlier bellow was already enough to prove that Qiu Dao was not lying.

However, the Divine Emperor did not care about them at all. His eyes were fixed on Fang Xingjian, who was in midair. The Divine Emperor let out another bellow, "Are you able to escape?"

At the next moment, he brought up a gust of violent gale and charged out. He compressed the air and created a vacuum passageway as he lashed out a punch toward Fang Xingjian.

When this punch struck out, the Divine Emperor had no reservations at all as he unleashed all of his powers. His fist cut across the air, with his kinetic energy being converted into a large amount of heat energy. It seemed as if his fist had turned into a huge sun, and countless particles in the air were being pushed and heated up. White scorching plasma continued to shoot out in all directions with his fist as the center, vaporizing everything they came into contact with.

The Divine Emperor bellowed furiously, "I'm going to crush you!"

Fang Xingjian let out a cold laugh.

Then, with a rumble, the Divine Emperor's fist and Fang Xingjian's fist collided fiercely.

At the next moment, their fists, bodies, and legs clashed time and time again, sending their powers smashing toward the other party.

Even more terrifying shock waves radiated out with high temperatures as the two of them fought it out.

The atmosphere's temperature rose rapidly, and the ground seemed to have been scorched. Countless rocks vaporized and disappeared. Beyond a range of several ten kilometers, crackling sounds rang out as numerous robotic bugs exploded amidst the thick smoke.

If these powers continued to explode, they would probably destroy the entire Northeast Asia's ecological environment.

Qiu Dao and Wan Tong looked at this scene in great astonishment. It was as if they had not expected that there would be someone who could fight against the Divine Emperor head-on and not being at the disadvantage.

The Snake King, Zi Xing, Luo Haonan, and the others were also shocked.

Zi Xing wore an expression of disbelief. "To think that this Fang Xingjian has such terrifying powers!"

The Snake King smiled bitterly and said, "The martial will he is revealing now is over ten times stronger than when we sparred."

The Ice Soul's countenance was extremely grim. "We can't let them continue fighting like this. The entirety of Northeast Asia will be destroyed by them!"

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