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Book 6 Chapter 41.3 - Difficult To Find the Way Back

The sky gradually brightened, the winding cave depths also releasing a wisp of light. The young lady was no longer crying, her face pressed tightly against Su’s ice-cold cheeks, eyes instead looking at the cavern walls. She seemed extremely calm, her gemstone-like pupils still like a great sea. Her seemingly weak body was currently surging with abundant energy. Energy was already no longer being poured into Su’s body, at this moment, she finally gave up all hope, and that was why she became calm.

The young lady sat there, leaning against the mountain wall, her left arm hugging Su’s body, silvery-gray long hair hanging down, covering Su’s head and his face, as if shielding him from the cold. Meanwhile, her right hand was placed on the ground at her side, her small hand clenched into a fist, clenched so tight it was shaking slightly. The rock below her fist also trembled, moreover becoming increasingly intense. With a pa sound, the rock surface suddenly produced a crack that quickly extended into the distance. Meanwhile, more and more cracks appeared, and then soon afterwards, the rock surface to the young lady’s right was completely covered in cracks. Under pi pi pa pa sounds, pieces of rock continuously flew about, while the temperature in the surroundings rapidly increased. The energy flowing out from the young lady’s body wrapped around the rocks, melted them, extracted the metal within them, and then added the residue back into the cracks. A moment later, a heavy sword’s core already appeared. It floated in the air, entirely blazing while still adjusting the sword body’s composition. From time to time, metal liquid would rip out, adding other components separately.

The instant the heavy sword was completed, the sword’s temperature suddenly decreased, gradually dropping by Madeline’s hand. When the young lady’s hand gripped the sword hilt, her heart was just as cold as the heavy sword, just as hard.

The young lady raised her head, her eyes staring through layers of obstructions and through endless distance, locking onto the Valhalla lingering about the great sea.

“Rochester, I will personally escort all of you into destruction!” Madeline’s voice was ice-cold, making the entire mountain wall tremble!

Right at this instant, the young lady suddenly sensed something, immediately shouting coldly, “Who? Get your ass out here right now! I am giving you one second!”

A fine and pleasant sounding voice was transmitted from the mountain corner. “Aiya, what a big temper! I even helped you watch the surroundings last night, about to die from exhaustion, yet you are shouting like this. All of my hard work was wasted!”

A small strange creature appeared from the corner of this place, not larger than the size of a puppy, but it gave the young lady a feeling of threat. It was Snow. Madeline didn’t feel that Snow’s outer form was sinister and terrifying, instead sensing an indescribable beauty. Snow’s form was precisely a form that possessed the greatest survival strength in this world. That was why in the eyes of ultra life forms, Snow was almost perfect.

As soon as Snow appeared, she no longer advanced, instead maintaining a completely cautionary stance, staring at Madeline. Meanwhile, the young lady’s hand was tightly gripping the heavy sword, also staring at Snow. Right now, the distance between the two ultra life forms really was exceedingly close, even if Snow’s currently power was far from matching Madeline’s, a sudden attack might bring the young lady serious injuries. Meanwhile, Snow’s situation was even more dangerous, if Madeline acted out, she didn’t even a chance of escaping. Her vigilance was instinctive, especially under this type of situation.

Madeline suddenly said, “Continue, tell me a bit more!”

“What do you want me to say?" Snow was at a loss. She didn't know what she should say at all, moreover already regretting approaching Madeline greatly, even though it was what her mother told her to do again and again. Resisting Serendela’s scouting already exhausted most of Snow’s mental strength, the dangers during this period of time even more so countless. She also finally found some time to relax with great difficulty, but as a result, as soon as she relaxed, she involuntarily appeared, and what was even more frightening was that she was this close to Madeline.

However, this ‘What do you want me to say?’ could already be considered saying something. Madeline’s ears trembled slightly, capturing all of the sound. Snow’s voice was a bit strange, but it was even more so deep and pleasant to the ear, the deep charm simply identical to Su’s. Moreover, from Snow’s body, Madeline could see many traits that were the same as Su’s, for example, a body that was close to perfect, and then for example, the signature energy fluctuations. What was even more annoying was that Snow was also releasing a faint smell of Su’s, it smelled extremely good, but practically only Madeline could sense it. Snow’s body functions were also extremely lively and vigorous, clearly within three years old. After associating all of these characteristics together, this actually successfully diverted the young lady’s attention away from Valhalla to Snow. However, even though she clearly knew that it was Snow who helped her evade Valhalla’s detection, Madeline couldn’t bring herself to like her at all, instead feeling a strange faint loathing.

“This is the third one already! Just how many are there? Heng!” The young lady thought from the bottom of her heart.

However, the feeling of discomfort was quickly replaced by grief. His people had already all departed, so what was the point in bickering over these things? Moreover, apart from the first eight years, he never belonged to her. From a certain meaning, Snow was Su’s legacy in this world, but the young lady didn’t like this at all. There was only one reason, the other half wasn’t her.

Madeline’s hand slowly relaxed, the nervous Snow also loosening up, but she still didn’t show the slightest bit of carelessness, even more so not daring to approach Madeline. The confrontation just now placed the little fella on full guard, letting her understand what kind of price the slightest recklessness would bring.

“Who are you? Why did you come here?” The young lady asked.

Snow said, “My name is Snow, this is the name mama gave me. Mama told me to find you all, and then bring some things to you all. Finding you all wasn’t difficult, because… because I can sense him.” Snow raised a blade, pointing towards Su. Madeline immediately felt an out of sorts feeling, but she forcefully suppressed it. Ultra life forms often had natural connections with their paternal bodies, the more powerful the ultra life forms, the more true this was. This wasn’t for the sake of protecting the young, but rather for allowing the paternal body to find and hunt them down. In the endless lives of ultra life forms, they might produced countless offspring, but the number of star domains that could provide for ultra life forms were just that many.

Madeline asked with a frown, “Something your mother brought? Are you sure it is me? Where is she right now?”

Snow’s mood suddenly fell, saying quietly, “Correct, mama wanted me to find you, the apostles’ Sword. She also told me that your name is Madeline. She said that as long as I can find the paternal body, I will definitely find you. As for mama right now… right now… she is already gone.”

The young lady’s mind suddenly trembled for no reason, instinctively recalling the sky shocking explosion that happened in Dragon City that day. In that instant, her mind went blank, as if an important thing already forever disappeared, something that was impossible to make up for.

Madeline looked at Snow, and then slowly said, “Turns out your mama was Helen.”

Helen, Su, and Snow, just how were they connected? This was already no longer important, this was what the young lady thought. This was half guessing, half speculated after seeing the truth, but soon afterwards, she lost interest in this, even the trace of jealousy at the bottom of her heart disappearing without a trace. What was the meaning in thinking about these things? His body was still ice-cold. Moreover, the young lady thought, she also had him in a different method, wasn’t it so? In the final moments, when Su mistakened her for betraying and deceiving him, he still didn’t choose to harm her.

Snow also quietly watched. From start until now, most of her eyes never left Su’s body. That was her paternal body, but what left her perplexed was why her powerful paternal body would become so cold, so deathly still. In her heart, there shouldn’t be any life forms that could threaten her paternal body, so what was going on? Would her paternal body die under those apostles’ hands? However, the young lady apostle didn’t make Snow feel that much fear, to the extent where her aura wasn’t even as terrifying as her mother’s during the final moment, even more so unable to compare to that woman bathed in flames. Was this the most powerful apostle? If this really was the case, then how did she harm the paternal body?

“Mama brought something for you two.” When she saw the young lady who suddenly went quiet, Snow couldn’t help but remind her. This was the most important thing her mother handed over to her, even though the scene of Madeline tightly hugging her paternal body made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

“The two of us?” Madeline frowned. Su was one thing, but she couldn’t figure out what kind of thing Helen wanted to give to her.

“Correct, for you and Su.” Snow said positively.

“Then alright, what is it? Bring it out so we can take a look.”

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