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Chapter 49: Taking in a disciple

In the past ten years, no one had broken the record. This made everyone unable to refute, because no one under the sects had the talent to outface Lin Jian.

Li Changqing’s eyes rolled, and he suddenly said, “Xuan Yi from the Xuan Sword sect is also inside. I think this genius might be able to break the ranking of the stone tablet. However, this person is an elder of the Xuan Sword sect. Fellow mate Lin Jian, I’m afraid you can’t take him in as a disciple.”

“Can’t take him in, then so be it. But… do you think he can break my record?” Lin Jian asked in return, then, he laughed loudly and said, “Hahahaha… it’s not that I’m arrogant. I’ve already challenged this trial tower many times. It’s impossible for anyone in the southern region to break my record on the first try!”

Hearing upon this, everyone present felt that he was right. The trial tower itself was a very complicated place. Entering it for the first time and entering it many times naturally weren’t the same concept. Xuan Yi’s talent was indeed shocking, reaching a realm that many people could not reach in their entire lives at the age of 20, but this was only in terms of cultivation. And in a dangerous place like the trial tower, his experience was completely different from Lin Jian’s 40 years of life and death experience.

“Xuan Yi, in your eyes, is a genius. In my eyes, he is only mediocre.”

It was not groundless for him to say so. He was a cultivator with average talent, and now his efforts accounted for the majority of his achievement. If he was given enough talent, he was confident that he could reach the sec master phase at the age of 20, instead of being stuck in the half-step of sect master at the age of 40.

Under such circumstances, a genius in his 20s was only enforcing the law, which made him somewhat disdainful.

Behind Qing Xuzi, Wang Hu was originally not qualified to come here, but because he was worried about the safety of his master, Xuan Yi, and his junior sister, Bai Weiwei, he specifically asked Qing Xuzi to come here. He had the lowest accomplishments here, just in the condensing phase, it could be said that anyone here could crush him with a stretch of a finger. As the most untalented disciple under Xuan Yi, he was very clear that with his talent, it was almost impossible for him to enter the inner sect, let alone the abundant cultivation resources.

At this moment, hearing that someone was looking down on his master, he couldn’t help but stand out.

“Master’s techniques are sky-high, who do you think you are!”

Everyone present was shocked.

Was this a cultivator in the condensing phase?

He must be out of his mind!

In front of him was the existence of a half-step sect master. To kill him, the master only needed to lift a finger. While they were shocked, they also had new admiration for him. They couldn’t help but to think that if they were the ones being slandered outside, then would their disciples have the courage to stand out like Wang Hu? They asked themselves once, but the answer they got was impossible!

No matter how much their disciples respected them, their disciples would not take their lives as a joke.

Xuan Yi, having such a disciple, made them a little envious.

Being insulted by a junior in the energy condensation phase, Lin Jian was rare to not get angry. He sized up Wang Hu and said, “Little guy, you are like me back then, and even your talent is about the same as mine.”

Looking at Wang Hu, he felt as if he had seen himself many years ago. He had the same determination and firmness. Judging from the sword marks on his body, he must have been a very hard-working maniac.

This was simply what he was twenty years ago!

Without talent, no one would take him in. In this dangerous southern region, he fought and trained.

“Kid, are you interested in becoming my disciple?”

The sect leaders were all shocked on the spot!


Take him in as a disciple?

If they weren’t blind, this Wang Hu was an extremely poor talented existence. Let alone taking him in as a disciple, some people were so arrogant that they wouldn’t even let him enter the sect.

Qing Xuzi frowned slightly. Could it be that there was something special about Wang Hu? Otherwise, why would Xuan Yi take him in as a disciple? Right now, even Lin Jian had taken a liking to him. If it was just a genius who had taken a liking to him, he could have ended it by making a mistake. However, if he had taken a liking to two geniuses in a row, it couldn’t be explained in that way.

He used his spiritual sense to scan, but he did not find anything special about Wang Hu. His innate talent was also very poor.

But even so, he still made up his mind. He could not let Wang Hu be taken away by Lin Jian!

But before he could speak, Wang Hu said sternly, “My master is only Xuan Yi!”

Lin Jian smiled disdainfully. It was reasonable for a child to be deceived by some small characters at such a young age. As long as he showed more strength than his master later, he would beg Lin Jian to take him in as a disciple.

After making up his mind, Lin Jian did not say anything else and looked at the ranking on the stone tablet.

After reaching the second level, the disciples inside would be recorded by the stone tablet with every few steps they took. At this moment, there were also some changes in the ranking.

The most obvious one was Bai Weiwei from the Xuan Sword sect. The people outside did not know what was happening inside, but Bai Weiwei’s ranking kept rising. Soon, she arrived outside of the 100th place.

“Bai Weiwei, 63rd step!”

A wave of exclamations sounded, and the disciples behind the various sects looked shocked.

They had heard about this flight of stairs from their senior brothers who had challenged the trial tower.Every step of gravity would increase, and those who were geniuses in their eyes had only walked a dozen steps, but this was already very powerful. Before that, no one from the Xuan Sword sect had even reached twenty steps.

“The Xuan Sword sect has produced a genius disciple!”

Those who could enter the mystic realm were all the best chosen by the various sects, and geniuses were naturally divided into levels. Those like Bai Weiwei who had reached the 63rd step could basically be classified as super geniuses, even Lin Jian had only reached the 100th step when he first entered the mystic realm. After that, he could not hold on any longer and retreated.

Qing Xuzi was overjoyed. He knew very well that before Bai Weiwei became Xuan Yi’s disciple, she was still a useless existence. How long had it been before she had already reached such a level!

If all of this was Bai Weiwei’s own efforts, he definitely would not believe it, the greatest credit would definitely go to master Xuan Yi.

He took a deep breath, and thought that he found a treasure!

“Senior sister Bai Weiwei! This is my senior sister!”

Wang Hu was a young man after all. He could not help but boast to everyone. When Lin Jian heard his words, Lin Jian glanced at him and was slightly surprised. This was Xuan Yi’s disciple? However, he immediately regained his calmness. Even if it was, he, Xuan Yi, was probably just lucky.

The sect master of the Tianzhen sect, Li Changqing, said unhappily, “This is just the beginning. He Huanyuan in our sect is a genius with excellent innate ability and has reached the 60th step. I believe that she will soon catch up with Bai Weiwei from the Xuan Sword sect!”

Wang Ye sighed in his heart. For many years, no disciple from the Xuan Sword sect had entered the top 100 of the leaderboard, while the Tianzhen sect had one every year. When the Tianzhen sect and the Xuan Sword sect began to compare, they had already lost.

Wang Ye had some impression of this disciple. He clearly remembered that this disciple did not have any outstanding points at that time, one with average talent or even a little poor. How long had it been since then, and the disciple could actually achieve a level that so many geniuses could not reach, the mystery of Xuan Yi was magnified in his eyes once again.

He still had confidence in Liu Mo. Although Liu Mo was a little distance away from Bai Weiwei, the smart her quickly thought that Bai Weiwei might have been coerced by them to explore the way.

There were not many people who could reach the end of the second floor, and they did not know what kind of danger they would encounter after a hundred steps. Therefore, Bai Weiwei’s lead might be fake.

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