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Chapter 14  Acquaintance

Who had written that reference letter for Han Shiqi? That person must have had some relation with the extermination of the Gu family.

However, Gu Shenwei had no clue at all. At that time, he was still a young lord who was unfamiliar with the ways of the world and didn’t care about stuff like that. He would not have remembered this guardsman if it wasn’t for the fact that he himself had been in the study when Gu Lun met Han Shiqi in person.  

Han Shiqi must know what the previous ‘young lord’ looked like, because one of his main tasks at the manor had been to recognize faces. 

The first head they had brought back was wrong, and it was also wrong the second time. Nobody knew that better than Han Shiqi.

Gu Shenwei’s biggest concern had become reality.

He was in a critical situation right now and had no solutions at all. He couldn’t leave awkwardly as this would only arouse attention, but he couldn’t stay like this either because Han Shiqi would open his eyes sooner or later.

Gu Shenwei could only pray quietly and leave his fate to God’s will.

His face expressed a sliver of the mood in his heart. Servant Yao, who was good at reading another person’s mood, glanced curiously at him. He opened his mouth with the intention of saying something, but he stopped.

Han Shiqi, who was lying on a recliner on the other side, leaned over and lazily said while he beckoned Servant Ji to kneaded his waist,

“Less nonsense, I am already very lucky to keep this hand. Everytime I see the eighth young lord my heart will beat faster; how could I dare to speak more? I will mention your matter to the young lord later.”

Servant Ji was not satisfied, especially in front of those new servants. So, in a coquetry tone while poking Han Shiqi’s waist like a little woman, he said, 

“Third brother, I really don’t understand. It was not your fault that they killed the wrong kid before letting you double check, and they should praise you for finding the kid in the end. What are you afraid of ?”

Gu Shenwei also really wanted to know what happened with the second kid.

Han Shiqi chuckled mischievously and stretched his body. Without answering, he turned back and opened his eyes, looking towards the nine servants.

Gu Shenwei’s heart jumped to his throat. He almost turned around to run away. He would rather jump off the cliff than be caught by his enemy.

Han Shiqi closed his eyes again.

“I will be leaving for about a month. Go find some ‘joy’ for me.”

Servant Ji took the hint. He had to play tricks to maintain the favor of his backer.

“Servant Qi and Servant Xie stay. The rest of you, go back to your own room.” Then he whispered in Han Shiqi’s ear: “a pair of brothers……”

The brothers knew he was talking about them and couldn’t help but be confounded for a moment.

The elder brother Servant Qi had big eyes and thick eyebrows, but his younger brother Servant Xie was delicate, with bright eyes and graceful eyebrows. Servant Xie was timid and always hid half of his body behind his elder brother. In Gu Shenwei’s impressions, he didn’t speak much.

Servant Yao’s expression was terrible as if he had a big grievance. He immediately threw a tantrum after he went back to the bedroom.

“On which aspects they are better than me? They are nothing but brothers. They don’t know how to make visionable choices. I can guarantee that their asses were not even washed clean. Huh, Servant Ji thought I informed Xue Niang secretly. He should have thought of that everybody knows he had beaten Servant Xiao.” 

Gu Shenwei speculated what the two brothers would suffer.

Although he was only fourteen years-old, Gu Shenwei had already vaguely heard of something called catamite when he was in the Central Plains. He hadn’t understood the exact meaning of the word, but he knew that it was a very dirty and bad thing. 

He sympathized with the brothers, but could not do anything. They had encountered a disaster while he had just escaped from his misfortune. Han Shiqi would go out tomorrow and came back a month later. Perhaps by then, God’s will would have already helped him find his sister and escape together during this period. Then they could look for opportunities to avenge their family in the future.

Servant Yao was angry that he had missed the opportunity to flatter Han Shiqi. As the ‘lucky’ Servant Qi and Servant Xie were not present, he could only vent his anger at others. 

“Servant Huan, it will probably be your turn next time. Look at how noble you are, you will certainly be favored by Master Han, Ah, I forgot to remind you, those men prefer to be ruthless to a small tender sheep like you. When it happens, you may not be able to walk in a few days, ha ha, they … … “


Gu Shenwei believed that, in several months, Servant Yao would die under Xue Niang’s hands.

The eleventh day after he had entered Golden Roc Castle, Gu Shenwei was worried since he still had not heard any information regarding his elder sister, and was also nervous about what he could do after Han Shiqi’s return. Servant Yao who made very little at practising kung fu found him. 

The two of them hadn’t spoken a word in the past few days, so Gu Shenwei was surprised to meet him. He was cleaning the floor in Servant Ji’s room when Servant Yao walked in, earlier than usual. 

“You know kung fu?”

Gu Shenwei didn’t answer and continued cleaning the floor.

“Teach me.”

“Dream on.” Gu Shenwei thought secretly in his heart, still not answering.

“Teach me ‘balanced power’ and I will return the silk to you.”

Gu Shenwei immediately stood up.

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