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3225 Chapter 3228: The Snake devours the elephant

As expected, it was just as Xiao Ning expected.

Bai yeyuan said coldly, “Cut the crap and drive your boat!”

As he spoke, he took off his life jacket and gave it to Ye Yi. “Put it on!”

Ye Yi looked like he was about to cry. “President, I’m not wearing it…”

Bai yeyuan scolded coldly, “The water quality is so bad. If you’re not going to wear it, are you going to let me wear it?”

Ye Yi:”…”

President, you’re making things too difficult for me.

If I were to persuade you to wear it again, wouldn’t that make me a useless piece of trash?

For the sake of the president not being a useless piece of trash, he had no choice but to put on his life jacket. He looked at the sharp-tongued but soft-hearted boss and secretly made up his mind that if the boat capsized later, he would jump off the boat with his big CEO, using his own body as a life jacket!

Miss Ning Ning, I only hugged the president because I had to. Don’t be mad at me.

Of course, Xiao Ning did not know that ye Yi had such a lot of mental activities at the moment.

She merely smiled slightly and felt a sense of joy for her little uncle who had the same thoughts as her.

She knew it. Her little uncle was not the kind of selfish person who would take advantage of others. Her little uncle was a real man!

Unfortunately, although Xiao Ning knew Bai Yeyuan and trusted him deeply, she did not believe him.

However, the old captain did not believe her.

He controlled the direction of the ship while trembling. Did he secretly glance at Bai Yeyuan and ye Yi behind him from the corner of his eye.

He was afraid that he would be ambushed by these two while he was driving the ship and take away his last life-saving treasure.

He was getting closer and closer to the eye of the storm.

An even more dangerous situation had happened!

There was actually a large reef ahead!

Night one kept his eyes on the situation ahead and the first thing he noticed was that reef. He couldn’t help but remind him, “Captain, be careful! Avoid the reef –”

Before he could finish his words, the entire ship crashed into the reef with a Bang!

The captain said in a flustered tone, “No, I’m sorry, I can’t adjust the direction in time. Um, wait, I’ll adjust the rudder…”

Bai Yeyuan’s sharp eyes stared at the captain’s back, and then glanced at the instrument panel. A rare murderous intent emerged.

Ye Yi only knew how to look at simple situations, but he knew nothing about the numbers and graphics on the instrument panel. He thought the captain was just nervous.., he comforted him, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Fortunately, the reef isn’t big. Let’s hurry up and adjust it. It’s more important to rush through the eye of the storm…”

As he was speaking, he suddenly saw Bai Yeyuan holding onto his crutches. He pushed ye Yi away and then rushed behind the captain. With a strong lift of his arm, he grabbed the captain’s clothes by the back of his neck and carried him to Ye Yi’s position!

Ye Yi was dumbfounded. He still didn’t know what had happened.

However, in the next second, he felt a chill down his spine!

He saw that the cabin where he was standing was pierced by a sharp reef and directly pierced the captain’s throat!

If Bai Yeyuan hadn’t reacted quickly and pushed him away and carried the captain to that position, he would have been the one pierced through the throat at this moment!

“President… He…”

“He crashed into it on purpose. When he changed the rudder, he let the sharp thorns cut through our positions and pierced one after another.”

Bai Yeyuan said calmly.

The captain did not expect Bai Yeyuan to look at the dashboard of the cabin. He could tell that he did it on purpose and could even predict the shape and distribution of the rocks on the surface of the water just like him.

He was really showing off in front of an expert. He lifted a rock and smashed his own head!

Since the captain was seeking his own death, Bai Yeyuan could not be blamed for being ruthless.

Ye Yi came to his senses and quickly took off the captain’s life jacket. He put it on himself and then handed the clean one to Bai Yeyuan.

Xiao Ning could not see the entire process in the dark video, but from the conversation, she could roughly understand what was going on. She could not help but feel that a person’s heart was not enough for the snake to swallow the elephant. Sometimes, people would seek their own death just like the captain.

Ye Yi and Bai Yeyuan both had life jackets. She gradually heaved a sigh of relief.

However, she also knew that the real challenge was still ahead!

The Eye of the storm was coming!

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