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2757 Chapter 2760: a man unscrupulously grabbed her feet

Qiu Xinxin’s breathing stopped. “What? How dare that kind of scum still have the face to struggle? I Can’t wait for the law to give them a punishment of peeling, flaying, and castration! So that these scumbags won’t dare to harm little girls again in their next lives!”

Xiao Ning said, “Don’t worry, I’ll fight them to the death and give them a happy ending!”

Qiu Xinxin finally smiled.

She suddenly thought of something and could not help but report to Xiao Ning, “Ning Ning, do you know what happened to that Zhu Qianqian? It was so satisfying.”

Xiao Ning asked, “What?”

Qiu Xinxin said, “On the day of the annual party, I heard that Cai Qiuwen set you up on purpose. She let a male dancer dance around you and pull your clothes, making you look bad. She even joined forces with everyone to accuse you of being born a slut and told you to get out…”

Xiao Ning:”…”

At that time, Bai Yeyuan was the one who took over her body. She did not know that there was such a thing.

No wonder Bai Yeyuan was so angry when he came back and said that her colleagues were all low-class.

Cai Qiuwen actually dared to do such a thing. However, would Bai Yeyuan be bullied like this?

Indeed.., qiu Xinxin continued, “But you might not know this, but what Cai Qiuwen did that day was all instigated by Zhu Qianqian!”! Cai Qiuwen was fired by the company in public. She was so angry that she spread the word. However, evil always comes back to bite the hand that feeds it. Zhu Qianqian didn’t end up well either. “I heard that after the annual party that day, she hung out with a bunch of male dancers for a night. After that, she even went to one of the lowest-class brothels in the capital. Go… Go… Aiya, I’m so embarrassed to say it…”

Qiu Xin blushed, she pointed at a tabloid at a newsstand on the street and said, “Look, look, Ning Ning, Zhu Qianqian is already famous in such a low-class place. She received eight men in one night. It’s so disgusting… some men took pictures of her and sent them to the tabloids. The tabloids knew that she was a female lawyer, so they gave her a particularly exciting headline. These days, this big news has been selling really well. You can see it everywhere…”

Xiao Ning casually glanced at the tabloids and indeed, she saw a disheveled and dirty-looking woman. She was naked and lying on a dirty wooden bed in a sorry state. A man was holding her feet, she was grinning hideously in a shameful posture…”

The headline of the newspaper was: “Once a coquettish lawyer, now a coquettish one!”

“Ahem, ahem, this newspaper reporter is pretty good. Even such a vulgar headline is so symmetrical…”Xiao Ning looked away.

Actually, to her, Zhu Qianqian’s fate was within her expectations.

After all, Zhu Qianqian had offended Bai Yeyuan. That man had a lot of tricks up his sleeves to make her life a living hell.

Zhu Qianqian probably would not have a chance to make a comeback in this lifetime.

She had brought this on herself.

Zhuo Xiaoying’s case was successfully appealed. She would only have to wait for the court to consider it in writing before the trial would start again.

While she was waiting, Xiao Ning put all her energy into preparing for the bar exam.

She had been studying for a period of time in the early stages, but was interrupted by Bai Yeyuan. Now that she was picking it up again, although it was hard work, she still had some foundation. Therefore, her progress was indeed fast.

If she met someone who did not know how to do it occasionally, she would not stand on ceremony and call Fu Qingyun or Niu bin directly to ask.

However, every time Niu bin received her call, he would be so excited that he would be a little incoherent. When he explained the topic to her, his logic would be even more chaotic, and he would even say the wrong answer. It was better for her to review it herself.

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