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Chapter 11 - Stay Alive

"They have guns."

On the stairs, Chu Hao, J, and Osage, a team of three people were trying to get down the stairs in the emergency exit. While running, Chu Hao said: "Yes, they are two people, the male protagonist and his friend from the movie. They have a pistol, but it doesn't matter, because of them are ordinary people. As long as we quickly get close to them, it'd be useless to us, but what I want you to pay attention to is don't kill them, and try not to hurt them. Because I'm not sure if this Reincarnation World would deduct our reward points."

J chuckled and said: "Is it the negative deduction? I know, rest assured, I will control my power."

But Chu Hao seriously emphasized: "It's not about killing or hurting, I want them to live. Especially the male protagonist, he must be alive and be able to move. If he's wounded, then it will not work, because that would drag us down, and also would decrease his usefulness against the aliens, understand?"

J scratched his bald head and said: "Yes, yes, you are the boss now, I will listen to you."

"What about you, Osage? I know you are familiar with killing back in Al Qaeda. I do not want to repeat my words, and once we start,  there's no going back, and I do not want any mistakes." Chu Hao once again spoke to the bearded Osage...

Osage was silent for a few second and said: "I know, rest assured, I will do it."

Only then did Chu Hao smiled and said: "Okay, we need to rush. According to our course of action, right now, the male and female protagonists should be on top of the building, we will just take them both in one fell swoop, it will save us time to kidnap them separately. We need to be fast, time is running out!"

The trio had good physical strength, it was needless to say about J, although Chu Hao looked a bit weak, but his strength was even better than J, as for the quiet Osage, his strength was also good. The trio quickly ran up dozens of floors and went straight to the top of the building, they weren't even out of breath, When they came to the top, they saw a blond haired woman was trying to open the iron door there, no matter how she tried, it was locked and wouldn't open.

The trio looked at each other and J immediately said: "Hey, let go, let me open the door!" He rushed up and hold onto the doorknob as he was talking.

The blond haired woman looked at the three men in amazement, but she didn't say anything. She looked at J and snorted. His muscles bulged, he slammed directly at the locked door... The violent crash caused the door to sprung open.

Outside the door, two men were standing there panicking, there was a strange flying object suspended in midair behind them, with a dazzling blue light at the top of the flying object. J and that blond haired woman walked out first, and they looked at the blue light at the same time.

The two people behind the door saw a glimpse of J, they immediately rushed and pulled them back and immediately closed the door. Only then did they let out a sigh of relief.

"Elaine! Elaine! how are you doing? Elaine!"

When everyone came out again, they saw their kidnapping targets. The male protagonist of Skyline, Jarrod, was shouting loudly at the blond haired woman on the ground, "Elaine! I am here, yes, I am by your side. How are you doing? Can you hear my voice?"

The black man next to him quickly said: "Jarrod, let's get out of here first, it's not safe here, there are monsters outside, let's go back to our room!"

Jarrod snapped out and quickly picked up Elaine from the ground, but at the same time, Chu Hao signaled Osage, and the two men quickly blocked them. At the same time, Osage grabbed the pistol from the black man with one hand.

The black man was immediately immobilized by Osage, he shouted loudly: "Hey man, what do you want to do? Now isn't a good time to steal. There is a large group of flying monsters outside controlling human. Do you want money over your life?"

Chu Hao took the pistol from Osage. He did not pick up the pistol, instead, he crushed the pistol with one hand. He smiled and said: "Sorry, we are not thieves, I just want to ask the two of you to go to a place for a few days, but please be assured that it'll be many time stronger and safer than this building. I think this will also counted as indirectly keeping you alive."

Jarrod and the black man were shocked to see the crushed pistols. That wasn't something ordinary people could do. The whole pistol was crushed into pieces with just one hand, which shocked the two greatly.

The black man didn't speak up, but Jarrod hurriedly said: "We will follow wherever you go, but please let me save my girlfriend first? her condition is very bad, I'm afraid she will..."

Chu Hao shook his head and said: "She won't die, at least for now. Have you ever experienced this state before? Although it is very painful, but your girlfriend should be able to survive. Of course, if you don't come with us, we will have to take you by force, or... even kill you now."

Just when Chu Hao said this, both the blond haired woman Elaine in Jarrod's arms as well as J were twitching violently and painfully on the ground. Apparently they were experiencing unimaginable pain, not only that, veins and blood vessels were showing on their faces, it looked like they were in immense pain.

Jarrod and the black man looked at each other, and both of them were helpless. They were already shocked by Chu Hao. If a fight broke out, then the two of them would be in an absolute disadvantage, and they wouldn't be able make it. Furthermore, the current situation...

"Well, I will go with you." Jarrod clenched his teeth and said: "My girlfriend and I will go with you, but leave Terry out of this. Please don't hurt him?"

Chu Hao nodded. "We didn't intend to take him away. Let's go now so it's not too late. Osage, you carry Elaine, I will responsible for J."

Jarrod wanted to refute after hearing the words, but he immediately stopped himself after he saw Chu Hao raised J,a robust black man with at least two hundred pounds, off the ground with one hand. It seemed that Chu Hao had really scared him. On the other hand, when Osage was carrying Elaine, he came back to his sense and wanted to take her back, he was worried that she might get hurt, but hesitated. He could only feel helpless as Chu Hao and Osage strode down the stairs. He clenched his teeth and spoke to Terry: "You go back to the room, I am going with them. It seems that they are not thieves, and what's the use of kidnapping us? Maybe there's a misunderstanding, if there's a chance... I will call the police."

Jarrod whispered those last few words that only he and the black man could hear it. Terry also nodded lightly, and Jarrod clenched his teeth and followed closely behind the two men as they were heading toward the exit.

The three people exited the tens of stories building and came to the underground parking after only a few minutes of running, but at this time, even Chu Hao was also panting, carrying someone while running wasn't an easy task. It was really a race against time. No one dared to hesitate, even Jarrod. After all, his girlfriend was being held by Osage. Even if he put his life on the line, he afraid he would still lost.

When a few people reached the underground parking, they stopped and relaxed, J and Elaine had also stopped twitching, the veins on their bodies had also disappeared, but they obviously didn't have any strength. Elaine could only call out to Jarrod in a low voice.

Jarrod quickly ran to Elaine's side and held her hand: "I am here, I am here, baby, it's okay, we're on our the hospital, it's okay, don't force yourself to talk."

Just as the couple whispered to each other comfortably, a black buggy drove over from not far away, and stopped in front of everyone, then both Ares and Jenny opened the door and jumped out. Jenny eagerly said: "Hurry and get in the car! We just saw a few aliens outside, oh my god, I should have been hiding in the refuge!"

Chu Hao smiled and didn't say anything. He threw J on his shoulder into the back seat, and the rest also got into the car one by one. Then Ares drove the car the rushed out of the underground parking. After a short while, they exited the building and headed toward the street.

"Sit tight!"

Ares snorted, pulled the steering wheel and made a sharp turn, everyone in the car was knocked to the side, but before they even had the time to say anything, just outside the window of the car, a giant foot stepped down, if the car didn't make a sharp turn just now, everyone in this car would be trampled into pastes.


Ares laughed loudly, the former British gentleman at this moment looked like a western cowboy in the United State.

"That, that's...."

"I still don't want to die!"

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