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Published at 13th of January 2021 11:10:03 PM

Chapter 449: 449
Chapter 449: The Emperor’s Daughter 449

On our way to Uprichit, my last look at the royal palace seemed peaceful .

Although it was an impulse-based trip, it was only after passing Bureti that I felt proud to leave the Imperial Palace .

Since Bureti was a small country, we left in a day and arrived in eastern Uprichit . The next day, we would reach the Hamel river at the southern port and return to Agrigient .

Thus, I suggested that Ahin should return to Shertogenbosch; he did accept my suggestion, but he looked a little sad .

Did he think I would ask him to come to Agrigient in exchange for the hospitality he showed in Shertogenbosch?

Although I wanted to show him around, I didn’t want him to come to Agrigient with me . I knew no place other than my palace!

“When Ria was away, I managed everything with my brother and that emperor . Did you know?”

“Yes, I know . Thank you . ”

Valer stood beside me with a tired face . I smiled and hugged him .

“I asked if you knew?”

“Yes, I knew . ”

I didn’t forget that Valer had cared for me on the trip until my relatives entered the picture . We were always together when we were going around the city, but Valer was in charge of the two men after meeting my aunt or grandfather .

Valer shrugged at my smile .

I knew that he was asking me on purpose, but I was really grateful, so I let him off the hook for once .

“So, did you like your vacation?”

Instead of answering his question, I just nodded .

Valer smiled at my answer .

“I guess I knew . ”

I wasn’t a depressing person, but sometimes people, especially me, can be pessimistic . My current situation made me feel like that .

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“Maybe I shouldn’t have been born . Then my mom wouldn’t have complained about having and giving birth to me . Maybe I wasn’t destined to have a mother or father by my side . ”

How could I feel alright when I wasn’t even welcomed happily into the world? I knew that, probably why I never asked about my mother so much .

Honestly, even my plans for stopping dad from hurting me seemed useless . This life seemed to have a story that continued with the more information I wanted to know . When I realized that I loved my dad but couldn’t trust him, all my thoughts turned dark .

I would always be alone .

“But it doesn’t matter now . ”

Looking back, I wasn’t alone .

Just like Assisi was my family, Valer too was my family . Sometimes they were like the younger siblings I had to care for; there was also Cito and Sanse, my Silvia and Ferdel, along with Serira .

Woah, now that I had come to think about it, I had so many family members .

Why did I think for all those years that my dad was with me? I was a real fool .

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When Valer seemed confused, I said .

“My dad loves me, too, and so did my mom . ”

Right, it was okay even if they didn’t try for me out of love .

However, I knew that both my parents loved me to the core .

“I know, I know now . ”

When I realized that, I had never been happier .

“I think that I was fortunate to be born for them . ”

“You just realize that now?”

Valer asked with a smile . I smiled after seeing him .

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“I want to see dad . ”

Right . I missed my home after wandering like a lost dog .

At my words, Valer nodded .

“Yeah . ”

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