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Chapter 736: Chapter 736 You are so shameless

Ashe bit her lips, looking at Deere, who was covered in blood and struggling to get up again, her eyes teared up. She knew that if she said it her sire would definitely kill them, but if she didn’t say it, the undead king would kill them as well. No matter which choice she made, they would die either way, so in the end, she just closed her mouth, hoping that they would die quickly.


Chu Yunsheng was not trying to scare her. He really fired the shot.

However, because he had never used a shotgun before, his aim was not great. But it didn’t matter. He began to walk closer to the man on the ground while keeping firing the gun.

Just like Ba Yi’s cigarettes, those bullets were also special-made, and it definitely didn’t conform with the law and regulation. Each shot from the muzzle spread out like a firework, raining tiny bullets over a large area of the target. Without this kind of bullet, with the speed of vampires, it would be impossible for anyone to hit them accurately.

Bang! Bangg… Bang… Bang… Bang!

Filling the bullets, pulling the forearm… The gunfire sounded repeatedly. It intertwined with the sound of bullets entering the flesh, floating on the road in the wilderness in the silent night, and could still be heard even several kilometers away.

What made vampires powerful was that not only did they have great speed, but their bodies also surpassed ordinary human beings. They had unusual healing ability and amazing muscle toughness. Even if they were hit by a shotgun several times, they would not die immediately.

But not dying might be worse than death.

There were bloody holes everywhere on the golden-haired Deere’s body, making him look like a bloody sieve. In some places several bloody holes joined together, revealing the white bones and wriggling intestines inside…

But Deere seemed to want to stake it all against Chu Yunsheng. He would rather die than take a step back. A bullet had been shot into his knee, broken his knee instantly, causing his knee to emit white smoke. However, he still didn’t want to surrender. Kneeling on the ground with another knee, he raised his head and let out an angry roar.

Ashe crawled on the ground with both hands, struggling to crawl toward him, but her feet were held tightly by Ba Yi. Tears were running down from her cheeks, but all she could do was to shout in pain and despair: “Run, why don’t you run!”

Deere smiled slightly and stood up miraculously again in the lingering roar. Looking at Ashe, his eyes were filled with the firm will, and he staggered toward the tree a step by step with great difficulty.

“It’s so touching!” Ba Yi sighed, but still held down Ashe who was struggling to crawl forward.

Chu Yunsheng was torturing the man with a gun; but he was torturing the woman with his words.


It was another gunshot. Chu Yunsheng fired the shotgun against Deere’s stomach, blasting open his stomach in an instant, causing blood and flesh to splash everywhere.

Deere’s mouth was gurgling with blood. His bloody right hand grabbed the gun, and his left-hand grabbed Chu Yunsheng’s collar. Because of the blood in his mouth, he was unable to say anything to Chu Yunsheng. He could only glare at him fiercely while baring his fangs.

“Deere…” Ashe choked with tears.

In Chu Yunsheng’s cold gaze, this man suddenly smiled, blood instantly flowed out of his mouth. “Undead, even if you get her body, her heart is mine. It will always be mine!”

Chu Yunsheng didn’t know what he was talking about. He frowned, lifted his leg, and kicked the man away.

Deere fell on his stomach and finally lost his ability to move.

Chu Yunsheng once again reloaded the shotgun, walked toward him, and pointed the gun at the back of his head.

“No!” Ashe shouted: “I’ll say it! I will say it!”

Chu Yunsheng’s nose suddenly wrinkled up. He seemed to smell something, and said coldly, “No need, it’s too late!”

“Please, I am begging you, I will not resist, I will cooperate fully to complete the whole sacrifice process to revive you, please don’t kill him,” Ashe begged submissively.

“I don’t understand what you are saying.” Chu Yunsheng and moved his finger’s toward the trigger, “But he must die. In the name of the god of death Chi, I—”

Ashe thought Chu Yunsheng was angry at Deere’s words, so she hurriedly said, “don’t listen to Deere, I am still pure, really. Please believe me…”

Chu Yunsheng really didn’t know what she was talking about, but he also didn’t plan to kill Deere at the moment. He was just waiting, waiting for another vampire to appear.

Ashe would not be able to run away. It was a matter of time that she would tell him what he needed to know. His original goal was to find the base of vampires. Since the plan had been destroyed and couldn’t be continued anymore, it was better to take Ashe hostage to lure vampires to come to him.

Then, he needed to keep someone alive so this someone would go back to their base to get more people to save Ashe.

Poor Deere proved to be the most suitable person after Chu Yunsheng shot him repeatedly. Otherwise, why would Chu Yunsheng bother to torture him? It was not hard for him to kill him anyway.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t know why he was getting colder and colder. In order to achieve his goal, he seemed to have begun to use whatever means necessary. Perhaps as he said, the more he shed tears, the colder his heart would be.

The fast-moving shadow finally arrived. As soon as the shadow appeared, he launched a frenzied attack on Chu Yunsheng. Like Deere, he was injured before he came. However, in order to save the dying Deere, the person didn’t seem to care about his own injury. It seemed like it was another fearless person.

Chu Yunsheng pretended that he didn’t have enough time to control Jacob, and he didn’t have enough strength; he fired a few shots without aiming the shotgun and did not plan to pursue after the man who took away Deere.

Under the moonlight of the night sky, looking at Deere, who was staring at him with hatred in his half-fainted eyes as he disappeared gradually into the darkness, Chu Yunsheng held the shotgun, turned around, and walked to the tree.

A little further away, the last woman in black who came after, stopped suddenly. Hesitated, she did not dare to move forward. After a while, she took out her tiny cell phone and dialed 119…

Ashe had already fainted due to severe injuries. Chu Yunsheng stood in front of Ba Yi, pointed his gun at Ba Yi’s head, and said indifferently: “It’s your turn!”

The cool-looking guy was taken aback, his eyes widened, and angrily said: “Hey, hello, do you have any conscience? I’ve always been on your side. You took my cigarette, used my gun, and even used me, but now, you are doing this to me?”

Chu Yunsheng snorted coldly: “Why do I want to kill you, you know it clearly.”

Ba Yi wiped his nose with his cuffs, and then carefully moved the muzzle away from his head with his fingers and said, “we are all civilized people, no? If there are problems, we can sit down and discuss them. There is no need for violence. You can rest assured that what happened today, I won’t say a word about it. I don’t know anything about the undead, and I don’t give a shit about the vampires’ business. I’ll just be glad if they are all dead, and maybe I’ll buy champagne to celebrate. So I won’t destroy your plan. Okay?”

“If you really don’t know, then I can tell you.” Chu Yunsheng pointed at himself and said, “I don’t care what you say, but if you have instigated this young man to do something dangerous, so you must die.”

Seeing that Chu Yunsheng was really going to pull the trigger, Ba Yi hurriedly stopped him, “Wait, wait, wait, let’s just clear things up a bit. Don’t rush, don’t rush. Yes, I did instigate him. No, I wanted this young guy to help, but I didn’t know you are inside his body, right? I only found out later, right? If I had known it, you think I would do it? So, the reason you want to kill me is not valid, right?”

“Are you afraid of death?” Chu Yunsheng said.

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” He asked back.

“Okay!” Chu Yunsheng smiled faintly, put away the gun, and said: “The reason for killing you is not valid, but you must give me a reason not to kill you. Think now!”

Ba Yi glared at him and said angrily: “You are so shameless!”

Chu Yunsheng said indifferently, “There were many people who used to scold me, but most of them are already dead. If you don’t want to die, think quickly, I don’t have much patience. However, if you really can’t think of it. I can give you some hints. After all, I am also a kind person. For example, I don’t know what the woman was talking about, but you seem to know. So, you are very lucky.”

Hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, Ba Yi first thought for a second. After glancing at Chu Yunsheng repeatedly a few times to confirm that Chu Yunsheng wasn’t joking, he suddenly burst out laughing, “you don’t know? Haha… you really don’t know? Haha… this is so funny. Haha…”

Hearing the man’s hearty laugh, Chu Yunsheng frowned, pointed the shotgun’s muzzle into the man’s mouth, and said, “Stop talking nonsense, if you keep wasting my time, I will kill you!”

“Go on, go on, pull the trigger!” Ba Yi pulled the shotgun out of his mouth and moved upward to point at his head and said, “alas, I am tired of living now. You can shoot me. Quick, shoot me.”

Chu Yunsheng had seen this kind of person many times before. So naturally, he knew how to deal with this kind of person.

Moving the muzzle downward, he pointed the shotgun at the man’s crotch and said, “Don’t worry, I will only fire one shot!”

Looking at the shotgun that was pointed at his crotch, the man said dejectedly: “you don’t behave like the scary undead that is recorded in their legend at all! You are even more shameless than me! Okay, you won. But let me make it clear first. I don’t know much, and you must not break your words.”

“Stop wasting my time.” Chu Yunsheng shook the gun and urged.

“It is said that vampires have a blood scripture, which records that the extremely terrifying and powerful undead will be resurrected to the world one day.

I once heard a vampire say that after drinking the blood of the undead, and after a series of complicated sacrifices, a vampire can become the most powerful vampire. That vampire would no longer need to fear the sun and be afraid of decay. But the scripture has long been scattered everywhere because of the expansion of the vampire clans and the Millennial War. Therefore, the larger vampire clans are secretly preparing the sacrifice based on the part of scripture in their hands, and they all want to become the most powerful vampire clan. This vampire, Ashe, is the offering prepared by the Murphy family. I once had a fight with them in Philadelphia.”

Speaking of this, Ba Yi pointed to the pretty Ashe and said lecherously: “Come on, come on, don’t be shy, she was prepared for you, oh, you can do it here. I don’t mind it. What, you are shy? Then I will leave first, take your time…”

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