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Chapter 633: 633

Chu Yunsheng has seen many strange things, but what he saw today still surprised him . He has worked very hard to cross the energy fluctuation layers and even used the black gas to help him to cross it, but when he finally entered the blue bubble, he didn’t expect that it was still Nanjing city .

The dazzling signboard with the words “Nanjing” and the road nameplates on both sides of the street clearly reminded him that this was the urban area of Nanjing where he had just come from .

The difference was that the Nanjing city here was very “clean”, there was no one here, no floating monsters, not even an ant on the ground, like a dead city, a city that has fallen for countless years, only cold buildings and streets, and the winless, faint and unclear sky .

Chu Yunsheng subconsciously glanced behind him, and he became even more surprised, there was no sign of a blue bubble wall at all . It was just a long street leading to the edge of the city . The edge of the street looked exactly like the outside .

After more than a minute, Chu Yunsheng calmed down, then he immediately turned around and ran along the long street towards the edge again, and moved deep inside the edge . This time, he did not use black gas, but just relied on his body to resist the tearing feeling . When he walked through the many energy fluctuation layers, and once again saw the familiar blue bubble appear in his sight from far away, he stopped .

The same city, the same structure, and the same blue bubble, but two different worlds .

Chu Yunsheng didn’t know why, but he suddenly thought of the anti-world that he once heard .

There were no creatures here, no signs of life, and even the plants were dead, he was the only living thing in this city or the only breathing thing in this world .

Black gas was not enough to support Chu Yunsheng to cross all the energy fluctuation layers again and get into the new blue bubble, otherwise, he really wanted to verify it and see if the original Nanjing city was behind the new blue bubble .

He had to retreat first, waiting for the black gas to restore again . During this time, he took out the military off-road vehicle from the storage talisman and searched for any suspicious things in the empty city, but he got nothing .

Everything seemed to be dead here, food rots into dust, pools were already dry, the fuel tanks in the dusty vehicles on the roadside were also empty . It was not dark like outside, but the sky was always very gloomy, and as if the time was frozen here, the entire city looked like a colourless photo .

In the watch shop behind the commercial building where he once entered the zero-dimensional space, Chu Yunsheng finally found that all the watches stopped on the same date and at the same time . The weird thing was that the time and date was now or not recent, but “Future”, a distant future .

He then went to the train station again, and there was still no trace of anyone . Everything looked like it has been dilapidated for many years . With a light touch, a large chunk of materials would fall off, and the debris inside looked like it had been petrified, it didn’t look like a city that has just fallen into the darkness for a dozen days, but at least a hundred years, or even a thousand years!

Chu Yunsheng panicked . Nowadays, there were very few things that could really make him panic, but he still panicked . He felt like there were countless fragments of memory rushing into his head, and he didn’t know why he would suddenly feel that he had “repeated” the simulation many times already . With this strange thought in mind, he was extremely worried that when he finally stepped out of the Pseudo-Monolith, it would not be one or two months later, but thousands of years later, and everything about him and everything he had experienced has already become an ancient legend .

He was not afraid that he died for thousands of years, nor was he afraid of being forgotten, he was afraid that once he stepped out of the Pseudo-Monolith, he would have to face the fact that his daughter was already dead .

Looking at the dilapidated city, Chu Yunsheng could almost see his future: curled up in a corner of a forgotten world, waiting numbly for his death to come…

No! It’s not possible!

He was like an ostrich burying its head in the sand, refusing to believe anything he had seen . Like a violent beast, he wielded the flaming sword, destroying everything around him .

He then went back to the watch shop and destroyed the culprits of his thoughts – those clocks and watches, like a mad man .

Sitting on a pile of debris, Chu Yunsheng kept smoking cigarettes with his trembling hands, while trying to restrain his emotions . He kept telling himself to never give up, and he must not be fooled by what he saw . As long as it wasn’t confirmed, he still had a chance, even if the chance was slim, he would not let it go .

The empty city was very quiet, and any faint sounds would be exceptionally clear . In the debris of the watch shop, below the position where Chu Yunsheng was sitting, there was suddenly a clock ticking sound . It was just one tick, and it was extremely faint, but it was still heard by Chu YunSheng .

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Chu Yunsheng immediately pushed away the surrounding debris and found the source of the sound . It was an atomic watch that received wireless signals, but it was strange that wireless devices were not supposed to be able to work in the dark age, so where did this atomic watch get his signal from? Moreover, after the second hand moved, it remained motionless for a quite long period of time, then it moved again and then remained motionless again .

Chu Yunsheng quickly became familiar with its frequency, and it was almost the same as the frequency of the gravitational wave outside the blue bubble!

In other words, the world here still had time .

All of sudden, he felt a pure ice elemental energy pouring out from the ground, spreading everywhere until it quickly froze all the buildings and even the sky into an icy world .

It suddenly became extremely cold .

If it was not for the protection of the energy shield and the battle cloak, Chu Yunsheng had no doubt that he would be frozen into an ice cube .

The sky then began to change its color, and the cold light reflected by the icy surfaces filled the entire city . While Chu Yunsheng was wondering what happened, there was a voice constantly coming from a corner of the city:

“Come, come here!”

Soon after the voice appeared, many figures and floating monsters began to appear from the edge of the city, as ethereal as a ghost, all floating in the direction of the voice .

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and then decided to follow those ghostly figures and floating monsters . Maybe this place was just a complex and realistic illusion .

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Soon, he saw a “person” who he was familiar with, not far away . Maybe he shouldn’t call it a person, because he was currently floating in the air like a ghost .

The ghost was Pi Yan . It floated past him and floated toward the direction of the voice like he didn’t see him .

Chu Yunsheng was more and more surprised, and he also speeded up his pace . There was no doubt that although this may no longer be the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith, there must be “someone” over the direction of the voice .

Find that person and get an answer from that person, it was the only way to find out the answer!

“Come! Come here! ”

That voice seemed to be filled with endless temptation . If it weren’t for the fact that there were three chaotic forces maintaining the balance inside his zero-dimensional space, he would have probably already lost his mind .

Nanjing city’s urban area was very large, and it took a long time to walk on foot . But no matter how long it was, they would eventually reach a destination, not to mention that Chu Yunsheng’s speed was much faster than the ghosts around him .

In an open space, Chu Yunsheng saw a huge ugly twisted ice cave from afar . The ice cave he saw was not in a solid state, but an abnormal slimy state, which constantly wiggled like a living creature .

All the ghost-like figures and floating monsters were floating toward the ice cave under the temptation of the voice, and within a moment, their horrified and painful faces appeared under the surface of the ice cave .

“Let me out!”

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They struggled desperately as if they were tricked into a devil’s cave and eager to break free . Their twisted faces pressed tightly onto the surface of slimy ice as if they wanted to squeeze out of the ice .

But the ice cave was like a huge and indestructible cage, no matter how hard they struggled, it was still useless .

Chu Yunsheng wanted to grab “Pi Yan” and not let him fall into the trap, but he suddenly speeded up and went into the cave as if that was a paradise .

Until the last figure and the last floating monsters entered the cave, the voice that was originally full of temptation suddenly turned into gruesome evil laughs . It was like the voice was mocking the stupid figures and floating monsters .

But it soon discovered that there was still a “person” who was not fooled .

It was very surprised .

Chu Yunsheng didn’t expect it to find himself so quickly . After all, he had already hidden very well, not to mention that he had a cloak and an energy shield . It shouldn’t have any problems .

But since the voice had already discovered him, there was no need for him to keep hiding anymore . At the moment, he had two choices, to fight the voice or to run .

However, things did not all follow the direction that Chu Yunsheng expected . The ice cave twisted the “body” and quickly wriggled into a ball, forming a huge head that was as big as a two-story high building . It stared at Chu Yun curiously with its big eyes . The long lips that were as long as three benches curved up exaggeratedly, and from both sides of the ears appeared two slender hands . One of the hands rubbed its round chin as if it was thinking something, and the other hand reached into its head, pulled out the figure that struggled the most, stuffed it into his mouth, and began to chew it .

“Hmm…Let me think…You are different from them…Hmm…You should also be a poor Descender, who lost in the Rainbow Bridge… Well, you must be it…”

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