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In the strange cave, there was a nasty smell of acid in the air. There was no light, no way to tell whether it was day or night.

Tony Stark felt dizzy from his head and couldn’t open his eyes. Shock, fear, doubt… all sorts of negative emotions flooded into his mind. It took him a long time to get used to it.

But the body is still numb, unable to move at all.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?!

A wave of three questions of human philosophy appeared in Tony Stark’s mind. “Hi, Tony, you’re awake at last.” A kind, a simple-going voice sounded.

“Ouch, there is an acquaintance. But which language is this?” Tony Stark difficult moving eyes, looking at the fragile middle-aged uncle.

The figure looked a little familiar, but Tony Stark could not recognize who the other party was for a moment. At this time, a drilling pain came from the heart. Tony looked down at his chest.

It didn’t matter, it almost scared him out of his wits again! There was a huge iron ring inlaid into his chest and a mess of copper wires wrapped around it. Yes, it was Arc Reactor.

It embeds a round piece of iron in the flesh of his chest, and it looked magnificent! “What the hell is this?”

He saw own body and again shocked! “If I were you, I’d be resting well.”

The middle-aged uncle said and walked slowly to the light.

Tony Stark was able to see each other clearly.

the old man wore gold glasses.

of course,

the great uncle, like a scholar, stared at Tony Stark, with a tinge of mischievous banter in his eyes, and even gloating.

The sight was familiar. The man was familiar! Tony Stark struggled to get up, took a deep breath, and asked, once and for all, “Who am I?” The middle-aged uncle scowled, apparently not expects the man’s first words to be such strange questions.

But on consideration, he could not help but raise a smile at the corners of his mouth. Isn’t that the way this mans is?

The only one who can make such a joke in such a situation is the rich boy. “Who are you? Am I afraid the entire world know about that?

Middle-aged uncle, gradually close to the face of Tony Stark, he looked at the front of this extraordinary honor now down to the bearded, the heart can not help but raised a trace of sympathy.

“You’re the slaughter, the villainous capitalist businessman, the successor to the Stark Industries, the genius inventor, the billionaire, the playboy… you’re Tony Stark!”

Tony Stark, an arrogant fellow,

He is chairman of Stark Industries and one of the world’s top billionaires. He also has a special status, Iron Man!

was I a big piece of shit? and I turned into Iron Man?! At the same time. A strange voice suddenly sounded from Tony’s mind.

Congratulations to host ‘Tony Stark’ for activating the Iron Man System.

The System will base on the host announced the level of tasks, once the host completed, will be rewarded accordingly, and unlock new technology, hoping that the host to work hard, does not disgrace the name of Iron Man.

Due to the initial activation of the system by the host, we reward Iron Man entry technology: Iron Heart. Iron Heart: First Ark Reactor can provide a lot of energy, but also can help the host adsorption of bomb fragments. This system only provides technical support and will not directly give the host the corresponding items, so also hope that the early completion of the host Iron Heart, preservation of life.

As soon as the words fell, a pile of complicated and bitter information began to emerge from Tony’s mind. He just sat in his shabby bed. His brain was constantly receiving a huge amount of information and the impact of the reality in front of him.

God, how did I actually become Iron Man? There is an Iron Man system? But then, why not a day in advance? The night before I was with that beautiful reporter.

Pick me in the most difficult of this time?

The middle-aged uncle stood upright and looked coldly at the dazed Tony Stark, whose sympathy had faded until three minutes afterward when Tony Stark came to believe it all.

That’s right, he’s Iron Man now! Tony Stark moved his dry lips: ” Good, I’m Tony Stark.

The middle-aged uncle squinted and snorted coldly: “Enough Tony! Do you get up every morning, and narcissistic asks me in the mirror who I am and then tell yourself that I am Tony Stark, a superior arms dealer?”

Tony Stark shrugged, the right corner of his mouth slightly a hook: How do you know? “Come on, even if you are the president is no use here, see where you are! This is not your mansion. It is not your place to eat and drink! I tell you, there are a group of people out there now waiting to take your life!” Middle-aged uncle furious.

“Ah –” Tony Stark fell down and glanced at the monitor in the corner of the dilapidated cave. “I know, so I need a good rest now. My name is Tony Stark. How About You?”

“Dr. Ho Yinsen” The middle-aged uncle steadied himself a little and helped his glasses cool.

“I should know some good physicians who might be able to help you.” Tony Stark joked.

Yinsen squinted slightly, ignored him, and turned to get on with his work. Tony Stark, too, closed his eyes and began to organize his thoughts.

A palladium hardcore powder, he naturally knew how bad things were right now. Now he was kidnapped by Ten Rings, in Afghanistan, a group of gun-wielding murderers would soon rush in and demand that he makes Jericho Missile!

In mind, the project for the Jericho missile came to the mind of Tony Stark, who took another glance at Yinsen, who was busy and heaved a deep sigh.

The uncle will be his only companion during this time and the savior of dragging his time with his life! “Since I am Tony Stark now, I will not let the tragedy repeat itself!”

Just then, another weak figure came out from the dim corner. The tender girl’s voice sounded timid in the dark cavern. Uncle, are you all right?

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