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Chen Xiang's understanding of the Tao-creation's incantation was not as much as that of the Night lone wolf's. The Night lone wolf had already comprehended the third level of the Tao-creation's incantation, and Chen Xiang had only just started the second level.

However, the overlapping use of the Tao-creation Incantation was not as high as Chen Xiang's. If Chen Xiang had not told him, he would not know when he would know the stacking of the Tao-creation Incantation.

Chen Xiang was curious as to where the Night lone wolf learned the Tao-creation's Incantation, but he did not ask. The Night lone wolf was also curious about how Chen Xiang learnt the Tao-creation's Incantation, but he did not ask.

"If you had mastered enough Tao-creation's incantations, you could try fusing the first and second layers together. It might even be stronger! However, we may need better materials when refining. " Chen Xiang said.

The Night lone wolf nodded its head. It kept the half-finished blade, and decided to start refining the blade from the beginning.

The speed of the Wolf eagle's flight wasn't very fast. After all, there were so many people on top of it, and this forest wasn't completely safe either.

When Xue Wenbo saw Chen Xiang make his move just now, he knew that Chen Xiang could also use the Tao-creation's incantation like Night lone wolf and use it in battle. On the other hand, the Night lone wolf's Tao-creation Incantation was used to refine divine weapons.

If Night lone wolf could also use Tao-creation's Incantation like Chen Xiang, then the Night lone wolf's power would definitely be even stronger. It could raise one's strength by several times, and was an existence at the same level as Chen Xiang.

"You don't know how to forge artifacts?" The Night lone wolf asked: "I also think that the Tao-creation's Incantation was grasped by the Refiner."

"Not proficient!" "I only know how to refine pills." Chen Xiang said: "But there aren't many alchemists here, I am a very famous Alchemist at the previous place. Furthermore, the Tao-creation's incantation can also be used to refine pills, but... "It's just that I still don't have enough understanding of the Tao-creation's incantations. When I understand more of the Tao-creation's incantations, I will definitely be able to use them in alchemy."

The Night lone wolf nodded.

"You even know how to refine pills!" Xue Wenbo was very surprised: "This is rather difficult …"

"Are there pills here too?" Chen Xiang asked: "I wasn't able to find it in the Ancient Wolf Race's area."

"Pills are only available in the human region, but they are also very rare. Although there are a few decent Alchemist s, they always appear and disappear mysteriously." The golden-masked man said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "If only I had the chance to see them again!"

Masked Man: "Are you really Alchemist? As far as I know, all of the Alchemist s are extremely arrogant. I had previously seen a Alchemist who looked down on everyone and he was the distinguished guest of an empire's emperor. "

"Of course I'm Alchemist." Chen Xiang laughed: "It's probably because there aren't many Six Realms mirrors here, which is why it's like this. There are a lot of Alchemist s over there."

There were definitely very few herbs here, which was why there were not many Alchemist s here. It was probably because the place was submerged that made the herbs rare, if he wanted to refine pills, Chen Xiang felt that he could only harvest water plants or mushrooms growing on trees at the bottom of the lake.

"Although I have a few medicinal ingredients, the pills I concoct are no longer suitable for experts to eat here, unless I can find a better kind of medicinal ingredient here." Chen Xiang said: "But water is everywhere here, I'm afraid it will be difficult to find."

"Yes, the third level of our World Defying Stage Soul River is not suitable for growing medicinal herbs at all." They know quite a bit about the situation here.

This made Chen Xiang want to head towards the fifth floor even more. The fifth floor might be better, as long as he wasn't immersed in water.

After a few days, the Wolf eagle began to descend into the forest.

"This is the territory of the Snow Cloud Imperial Country. The Blue Snow City is right in front." Everyone jumped onto the branch of a tree. The Wolf eagle also turned into human form.

"Chen Xiang, wait for us here. If we succeed in taking down the Blue Snow City, we will come back to find you. At that time, we will have our people control the Blue Snow City and prevent the news of the Blue Snow City from getting out." The golden-masked man said.

"I want to get a bit closer. I'm not going in, I'm just going to watch from the outside." Chen Xiang said.

"That's fine too!"

Soon after, everyone stood on top of a huge tree and carefully slashed forward. They wanted to sneak into the city for a sneak attack, so they had to try their best to not be discovered.

In front of them was the Blue Snow City, it was a city built in water, all the giant trees there had been cut down, using the huge trunk to build the city looked very stable.

Chen Xiang waited outside the Blue Snow City. There were many big trees outside too, and no one dared to make a hole inside the big trees. They would be held accountable, and the consequences would be severe.

Chen Xiang was only hiding in the densest leaves and leaves.

After the Night lone wolf s changed their appearances, they walked towards the main gate of the Blue Snow City with wooden carvings.

"They must be worried that a huge battle might happen later and destroy the Blue Snow City, which is why they didn't let me in." Although Chen Xiang had used the Tao-creation's Incantation to unleash a very strong power, everyone still could not be at ease with him, so they would not allow him to participate.

Chen Xiang was waiting outside and felt bored. He wanted Feng Ke'er to give him the golden needle to search for the Tao-creation's Holy stone, but Feng Ke'er had gone into closed door cultivation and said that he wanted to comprehend the Tao-creation's incantation.

In order to allow Feng Ke'er to comprehend it faster, Chen Xiang had to use Time Formation of the third level. He didn't have anything to do with this place anyway.

Two days passed. Chen Xiang looked at Blue Snow City.

"I wonder if they have started yet!" "Seems like there's no major movement." Chen Xiang said.

"They should be planning on assassinating someone. They will wait for a good opportunity to take action!" Bai Youyou said: "If they were to assassinate one of the five, there is a high chance that they would be able to kill one in an instant. After killing four or five in one night, the rest would be easy to deal with."

Bai Youyou was very experienced with all of these.

While he was waiting, Chen Xiang suddenly saw something moving on the water in the distance. Upon closer inspection, it was an extremely huge turtle, and atop the turtle was a small house, one could tell that it was a tycoon or something.

"This fellow is enjoying it!" Chen Xiang hid behind the big tree and watched from above.

A tall and sturdy middle-aged man stood on top of the giant turtle's head, he suddenly shouted: "Crown Prince, Blue Snow City is about to arrive, they will definitely be surprised if we send the resources over, after all, you have personally delivered it."

"That's right!" I am the crown prince, the future emperor of the Snow Cloud Imperial Country. This way, I can rope in the hidden power. " A man dressed in golden clothing walked out of the small house.

"It's actually the Crown Prince!" Chen Xiang chuckled in his heart: "I also don't know what kind of strength this guy has, I'll take a look first … This is great! "

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