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Janger, Ysabel, Xiaohu, Spy, Sky, you are welcome. Hungry, yes. DongBin, was that a question, or your wish?

Xu Ziling's heart was moved; he took a step across the cave bed to hide by the cave entrance from which he originally came, to wait for the bats inside the huge cave, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, to further consume the three people's true strength.

After letting out a series of strange shouts, You Niaojuan was finally able to cut a bloody path out of the battlefield; he rushed out of the cave.

Like a swarm of honeybees seeing nectar the millions of bats inside the huge cave flocked out toward him; You Niaojuan was like being sucked into the cyclone of bats, and was unable to move a single cun.


You Niaojuan was worthy to be called a martial art master of the ultra-demonic sect, ranked among the 'Eight Martial Art Masters of the Demonic Ways'; the powerful qi in his entire body burst forth, none of the bats within several chi radius from him narrowly and luckily escaped, all were shocked by him that their body split and they fell to the ground.

This moment Zhou Laotan and Jin Huanzhen forced their way out of the cave; the former's pair of arms were already swelling several times bigger, the latter had her hair disheveled, she looked like a mad woman, and was in an extremely sorry state.

The flute was still playing uninterruptedly, the tempo was getting faster and faster, the rumbling noise inside the cave was unable to drown the sound of the flute.


Jin Huanzhen emitted a rending-the-heart, splitting-the-lungs tragic scream, but it was not because of the bats' attack, but because You Niaojuan, who felt the pressure from the bats diminished and saw an opening, was sending a kick toward her lower abdomen. Her entire body was thrown sideways, blood sprayed violently from her mouth.

Perhaps because the bats smelled the scent of blood, a large number of them abandoned the other two and swarmed toward Jin Huanzhen.

Xu Ziling had never imagined that under this kind of situation You Niaojuan would still have the thought to deal with someone from his own side that viciously. Although he did not have the slightest bit of good impression toward Jin Huanzhen, he was grieving for her.

Realizing that he was unable to retaliate against You Niaojian, Zhou Laotan let out a wild roar and fast as lightning he rushed out to escape.

You Niaojuan laughed aloud and said, "Nothing in the world is better than this connecting caves to be the happy land in which you are going to be buried; I'll let the two of you to become a pair of mandarin ducks who share the same fate!"

With one hand caught a bat, with the other hand he sent out a long-distance palm strike, generating a gale-like attack toward Zhou Laotan's thick back. His method was ruthless, taking the breath of those who saw it away.

Zhou Laotan neither flashed away nor dodged the attack. He arched his back upward to meet his palm head on, and borrowed the momentum to accelerate forward, traversing the three zhang of empty air, to catch Jin Huanzhen's body, which was full of bats, just before it reached the ground, while sending out his true power. As soon as the bats met his power, they fell from Jin Huanzhen's body.

It seemed like You Niaojuan was going to execute his evil scheme again. Letting out strange shout, Zhou Laotan, with Jin Huanzhen in his arms, dashed toward the other side, trying to find another way to escape from the cave, taking along with him a large number of bats.

The other bats swarmed to attack You Niaojuan again.

This utterly vicious, extremely evil disciple revealed a pitiful expression, and dashed in Xu Ziling's direction, wanting to escape back to above ground.

Naturally Xu Ziling was unwilling to let him off; he sent out a punch.

You Niaojuan let out a hearty laugh and said, "I am already prepared for you!"

The one-legged steel man hanging on his back moved to his hand, and then moved to meet Xu Ziling's bold-and-powerful-without-equal punch.


Xu Ziling was jolted by the power of his counterattack that his blood and qi were surging within his chest and he staggered backward several steps. But the opponent was also shaken by his all-out strike that he tumbled backward and again fell into the bats' battle formation.

After exchanging blows with him, Xu Ziling was inwardly overwhelmed with shock, thinking that if the opponent's true power had not been depleted by extreme wear and tear, plus he had suffered internal injury, Xu Ziling might not be able to block him just now.

This moment You Niaojuan wildly brandished and randomly struck the one-legged copper man, weighed about a hundred catty, in his hand, so that none of the bats did not have their bones shattered and they fell to the ground. Thick accumulation of dead bats rapidly grew on the cave bed; it was such a bizarre and bitter scene.

The cave was dim to begin with, with the illumination came mostly from the stalactite, but now the bats have completely blocked his vision, providing the best cover for Xu Ziling.

Xu Ziling flashed to another position; one finger jabbed, the finger wind penetrated the layer of bats, and stabbed the vital acupoint on You Niaojuan's back.

You Niaojuan's entire body shook severely, he spurted a mouthful of large blood spray. Letting out a wild roar, which rumbled through the entire cave, he followed Zhou Laotan's lead by fleeing toward another cave.

Xu Ziling's energy was completely exhausted; just now, that one punch and one finger jab had consumed a great amount of his true power, yet he still failed to knock this vicious man down, hence the depth of his internal power could be clearly imagined.

The flute suddenly stopped.

Shi Qingxuan rushed out of one of the caves, her face pale from the excessive loss of true power, but the ugly nose still maintained its original color and luster, it did not emulate the complexion of the rest of her face.

"We are leaving!"

Astonished, Xu Ziling said, "The crafty scoundrels have not received their just punishment, are we going to let them off?"

Shi Qingxuan shouted hoarsely, "I am going to seal off the cave; do you want to stay?"

Shocked, Xu Ziling hastily ran after her, going out of the cave.

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