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From her music, he clearly felt that Shi Qingxuan was a genuine wise and virtuous woman. It sounded like an ordinary music, but it was incomparably moving, without the slightest artificial tenderness of excavating and brushing away the suffering hidden deep in everybody's innermost being. It was not subjected by the limit of space and time, as well as the human emotion.

Each note was like containing some kind of strange, touching power, which was difficult to resist, and it was even more difficult to be a casual observer over the wall.

Xi Ziling has completely forgotten her playing skill, until the note became a phrase, and until the powerful sound coming out of the bamboo pipe shook and burst like a clear bird's cry.

It was an extraordinarily unprecedented feeling.

The flute sound was growing faster and faster, as if in one breath it was able to carry you a crazy 108,000 li; the timbre changed irregularly tens of thousands of times in picturesque disorder. The music continuously widening and growing in intensity, brimming with unnamed persistence, inner strength, tension, and inspiration. [I am sure you guys know how much I enjoy Huang Yi's flowery language, so I am also sure that you enjoy these sentences, which, to me, don't make any sense …]

The wailing ghost vanished gradually, until it came to complete silence. What remained was the gentle flute sound filling the heaven and earth, which made people unwilling to let go.

But the flute suddenly stopped.

Shi Qingxuan spoke indifferently, "Since honored guests have arrived, why not enter the temple to meet? Shi Zhixuan and Bi Xiuzin's daughter Shi Qingxuan has been waiting respectfully for four Qianbei's good selves' appearance."

Gusts of wind arrived swiftly.

Light suddenly went out.

In its place was the strange, sharp shrill and the continuous ringing of qi power clashing against each other, unending as if muffled thunder burst forth.

Just as sudden, the sound of combat also vanished completely.

The light was shining again.

Shi Qingxuan was still standing facing the Buddha, her beautiful eyes were fixed on the only dot of light in the entire spacious temple hall. Its hazy red light seemed to fuse with her being like inalienable entity.

On the other side, near the door, was the 'Charming Lady' Jin Huanzhen. Only this moment her hair disheveled, her face pale; evidently she suffered losses during the hand-to-hand combat just now.

Shi Qingxuan spoke in gentle voice, "Just now Jin Zongzhu [school master] was injured by my flute sound, yet you still showed off by making your move; you are overestimating your capabilities too much. Please leave now! I am afraid later will be much worse."

Astonished and unsure, Jin Huanzhen shot a glance at Xu Ziling, who was sitting quietly on the corner. "Who is he?" she asked harshly.

"How would I know?" Shi Qingxuan replied indifferently.

You Niaojuan's voice, which anybody who had heard it would never forget as long as they live, the grating voice like a knife scraping porcelain dish, which would make others uncomfortable from head to toe, spoke unhurriedly from outside the temple, "I thought you, this girl, has received Bi Xiuxin's handed-down teachings, and was highly intelligent; turns out you are just a stupid girl. Unexpectedly you didn't know the wise saying throughout all ages that one meritorious deed can become ten thousand dry bones. This s1ut was just vanguard troops being sent out to scout your real situation. Right now, how much weigh do you carry that you think any would have any regard to you?"

Hearing that, Xu Ziling was dumbfounded. He was not surprised that there was such person as You Niaojuan in the world, rather, did not understand why Jin Huanzhen was humiliated by him like this, yet she was still willing to bear it.

One was willing to fight, the other was willing to endure.

Other people had nothing to say.

Shi Qingxuan still maintained her graceful bearing; calmly she said, "I did not expect that 'Dao Xing Ni Shi' You Niaojuan, one of the eight major martial art masters of the demonic school, who made his name twenty years ago, is actually a coward and a superficial disciple; a disciple that is quick to show off and talk around, but has no guts to attain a higher level [orig. from the main room, enter the inner chamber]. I wonder if this person is a Qianbei who is passing through at random?"

Xu Ziling was unsure whether Shi Qingxuan was making an excuse for him, or was trying to draw him into the whirlpool.

Jin Huanzhen let out a silver-bell-like tender laughter and said, "You Laoda, don't worry! This Lao Qianbei is definitely not the 'Heavenly Saber' Song Que. But don't even think that I would feel him out for you."

You Niaojuan's voice arrived at the top of the temple; with stern hiss he said, "Why not?"

Jin Huanzhen shrugged her shoulders and said, "Laoniang is scared of him! If I provoked him and the two of them attacked me, alone, from both side, plus you are a man who sees death without helping, wouldn't I be following the path to my own doom? Laoniang has just made a mistake, and I don't want to do that for your sake."

It was only then did Xu Ziling understand that the 'Heavenly Saber' Song Que was involved in this matter; no wonder that You Niaojuan, such a formidable and terrifying demonic power, was still so 'afraid of the head, terrified of the tail'.


A large hole appeared on the roof of the temple, followed by wood fragments and debris of the roof tiles, and You Niaojuan dropped down from the sky, and landed in between Jin Huanzhen and Shi Qingxuan. His sharp-like-a-hawk's eyes looked directly at Xu Ziling.

Xu Ziling thought, 'Show time!', and at the same instant as the opponent's feet were touching the ground, he stood up and met You Niaojuan's gaze with equal harshness. Laughing hoarsely, he said, "Finally little demon You is willing to come to make an exhibition of himself?"

Obviously You Niaojuan did not know Yue Shan. After looking at him with full attention for half a day, he knitted his brows and said, "Old man's tone is really big; report your name to me, let's see if you are qualified to call me little demon."

Xu Ziling did not know whether he should laugh or cry. Surely he rarely saw a martial art expert of grand master level like You Niaojuan, but at the same time he also saw his despicable, shameless character. But if You Niaojuan was able to learn the truth, based on his overbearing power, he would definitely treat Xu Ziling with unprecedented viciousness and merciless method.

At the same, he was thinking about something that had nothing to do with the problem at hand.

Who was Zhu Yuyan and Yue Shan's daughter?

Forty years ago, because he was defeated by Song Que, Yue Shan lost his prestige, and henceforth disappeared as he went into hiding. Therefore, You Niaojuan, who was of a comparably younger generation, did not recognize Yue Shan.

And so, if Zhu Yuyan bore Yue Shan's daughter, it must be happening forty years ago. Based on this fact, Wanwan couldn't possibly be Zhu and Yue, two people's daughter, because her age was not in agreement with this timeline.

Therefore, the reason those two women looked so much alike was quite possibly because both of them cultivated the Tianmo Dafa, hence their personality traits were similar, and thus giving him a misconception.

Based on his intuition, Wanwan's age must be around twenty.

So who was their daughter then?

While pondering over this matter, he casually replied, "When Laofu made my name, you were still drinking your Niang's milk. Less bullshit, today Laofu feel like eating a feast; I am going to slaughter you to eat. Make your move!"

Quite possibly in this word no one has ever heard that anybody would dare to speak like this to You Niaojuan; momentarily he was stunned. Of course, were it not for his superior eyesight, he was able to sense Xu Ziling's powerful confidence and so-strong-that-no-one-can-match imposing manner, which made him hesitate over what move to make, he would have carried out his killer move early on.

An eerie laugh came from some distant place outside the door, "It's funny! Really funny! Little birdie You [Note; 'niao' in You Niaojuan's name means 'bird'] might as well change his nickname to 'Jing Gong Zhi Niao' [a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow], because your little guts has been broken by Song Que twenty years ago. Otherwise, how can you be this shameless, someone call out for a fight, call out for a kill, yet you still withdraw you head into your turtle shell?"

Surprisingly, it was Ding Jiuzhong's full-of-derision voice.

Jin Huanzhen's countenance changed, she said, "You Laoda, what is wrong with you today, an insignificant Ding Da Di, you are not able to take care?"

Without waiting for You Niaojuan to respond, Xu Ziling laughed coldly and said, "Xiaomei, [little sister], aren't you also not making any progress at all?"

And then he shouted loudly, "Zhou Laotan! Get out for Laofu, let your Xiao Meizi see."

Jin Huanzhen's tender body shook severely; she and You Niaojuan looked at each other. The more they felt that Xu Ziling was a profound mystery.

"Ay! Who are you, this old man, actually? Now, even I, Zhou Laotan, really want to know."

His voice started from a distant, but quickly came near. Zhou Laotan, with both hands hanging by his side, strode into the temple, straight toward Jin Huanzhen's side. Without any scruple he reached out to grab her small waist as if You Niaojuan was not even there. Looking up through the hole on the temple's roof, he cast his gaze onto the night sky, and slyly said, "Look! Tonight's sky is like the starry sky of twenty years ago."

Jin Huanzhen leaned into his bosom and spoke in a childish, coy way, "It is even more beautiful than that night!"

And now it has become Xu Ziling's turn to fell as if he had fallen into dense fog; he was completely at a loss of what to do.

You Niaojuan suddenly roared in laughter and said, "What a loose woman! Unexpectedly you conspired to deceive me. Formidable! My utmost admiration!"

Xu Ziling suddenly came to realize, no wonder Jin Huanzhen failed to kill Zhou Laotan, because these two were practically putting on an act for You Niaojuan and Ding Jiuzhong. Their purpose was, quite naturally, for You Niaojuan and Ding Jiuzhong to fight until both sides suffered. These demonic people's 'you hoodwink me and I cheat you' was certainly not something any ordinary people would be able to conceive.

Shi Qingxuan was still standing with her back toward these people, without showing the slightest movement, as if everything that was happening behind her had nothing to do with her at all.

Ding Jiuzhong, wearing an emperor's crown on his head, appeared on the door. He stared at Xu Ziling without revealing any emotion at all, and spoke indifferently, "Outside enemy presents, shouldn't we deal with this enemy first before settling the gratitude and grudges among our family?"

"Hold on!"

Shi Qingxuan shouted lightly. Immediately everybody's attention was drawn toward her.

This mysterious beauty was finally turning around slowly to face everybody.

Will we see a beauty? Or a beast? Stay tuned ...

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