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Xiaohu, Tail, Akolaw, Kowloon, Sky, the only thing we have was Xu Ziling's thought that Zhu Yuyan and Wanwan looked so much alike. I don't want to speculate, but IF Wanwan was really the daughter, then you guys are right, she must be close to 40 years old, which, to me, is rather odd. I'd like to think she was Shi Feixuan's generation. Ysabel, Jaya, HPC, you are welcome. Hungry, hopefully it will be revealed in the future. Chua, if I were him, I would not have any desire to laugh … I would still be scared instead. Anh, welcome back! Long time no see. Xu Xiong, but I think Bian Bufu also practiced it.

Book 19 Chapter 5 - Acting Before Thinking

With a tranquil tone that would frighten people, Zhu Yuyan said, "Speaking about talent, knowledge and experience, you are inferior to Lu Miaozi. Speaking about breadth of mind and imposing attitude, you can't be mentioned on equal terms with Song Que. But why was I willing to have a daughter with you?"

But quickly she sighed and said, "But there is no sense in bringing this matter up now. Actually, Yuyan already decided not to let you leave this ship alive, but thinking that even though you have mastered the 'Huan Ri Da Fa' it will still be difficult for you escape death from under Song Que's saber, I am willing to let you go to fulfill that cherished desire!"

Xu Ziling has never seen such a frightening woman, whose emotion appeared to be as deep as the ocean, but in essence she was actually cold-hearted that she would not let even the biological father of her daughter off. Although he could not help feeling angry, he spoke indifferently, "If you don't kill me, there will come a day you will regret it."

Finished speaking such a heartfelt remark, Xu Ziling leaped out the window and landed on the dock.

※ ※ ※

Kou Zhong swept his saber backhandedly, hacking on a man who ran after him and sending him flying backward, while with his right foot he kicked open a cabin door on his left, and stuck his head inside to look for that wooden chest.

Seven, eight men raising sabers and holding axes charged with vengeance from the other end of the corridor, so that Kou Zhong was surrounded by the enemy from both sides.

This moment Pang Yu shouted in anger and rushed behind him, and stabbed his sword straight toward Kou Zhong's back.

The sword wind screamed; powerful, harsh, and ear piercing. Obviously he attacked in extreme anger.

Knowing that Pang Yu was formidable, like a swimming fish Kou Zhong slid about a zhang away, his body swayed several times, not only to evade the attack of the swarming enemies from the other side, but also to kick one of the enemies toward Pang Yu, while he himself slipped into the enemy formation.

After several deep muffled thuds, unleashed his serious technique by deliberately meeting and shaking the enemy's weapons, filling it with spiraling energy, breaking the enemy's palm [orig. hukou, tiger's den, i.e. the web between the thumb and forefinger], so that their weapons dropped.

'Bang! Bang!'

Two more doors were kicked open.

The corridor was in a great mess. All along Pang Yu was always a step behind.


Kou Zhong forcibly crushed the wall on his right and entered into the cabin.

Pang Yu shouted, "Good saber technique!" and then he also broke the door and entered, while shaking his wrist to brandish his sword, swiftly chopping down on Kou Zhong.

His men on the corridor cheered for him.

Kou Zhong basically intentionally lured him in, so that he could go all out to kill.

As a result, his murderous intent flared out, but the lake of his heart was as still as the moon in the well, without the least bit negligence or contempt. After all, Pang Yu was also a first class strong hand among the martial art masters of the younger generation, absolutely not an easy target.

This moment he let out a cold humph while ignoring Pang Yu's sword chopping the side of his neck. First, he whirled to the right, so that he now stood face-to-face with Pang Yu, and then fast as lightning he pulled back and moved forward, while at the same time the treasured saber in his hand rose up perfectly straight and chopped down on the opponent's forehead; as violent as a thunderbolt, with full power.

Pang Yu has gone through disposition of troops in battle, but he had never encountered such a hard-to-defeat, formidable opponent.

Perhaps dauntless people like Kou Zhong were not a few, but not many people had the courage like him, viewing death as a return home, with the impertinence to meet an attack with an attack, forcing the opponent to compete in speed and guts. Even if dauntless people with this kind of guts did exist, they still lacked his brilliant judgment, insight and skill.

In this lightning-speed, flying-spark instant, Pang Yu must make a choice between life and death, whether he ought to keep his sword momentum unchanging, continuing chopping down, to see who would be hit first, or he ought to pull his sword to block.


Pang Yu thought hard, but in the end he pulled his sword to block.

One already stored up momentum and unleashed it, the other changed move in the face of death, the outcome really could not be gauged according to reason.

Letting out a miserable groan, Pang Yu, his person and his sword, was sent flying away by Kou Zhong's violent saber power, and slamming against the cabin wall behind him, breaking it, and fell on the floor of the adjacent cabin.

But Kou Zhong was groaning inwardly instead, because Pang Yu only needed to jump back two, three steps, which was clearly what he was doing now, by entering the adjacent cabin to recover from this setback, and thus Kou Zhong missed a golden opportunity to kill him.

Five, six enemies surged in like a tide.

Kou Zhong cried 'What a pity!' inwardly, and crashed into the wall behind him toward the next cabin.

The rectangular box was lying on the floor.

Sending his power to his foot, he kicked and the chest split open, revealing a man inside.

※ ※ ※

Xu Ziling landed on the pier, and swept his gaze around, everything was as before; he did not see Kou Zhong, whom he expected to see.

This moment he just wanted to find Kou Zhong as quickly as possible, and then slip away with him as far as possible; the farther away from Zhu Yuyan the better.

Moving on their own, his feet brought him away from the waterfront, but he could not stop Zhu Yuyan's ten thousand kinds of graceful countenance from reappearing again and again in his mind, and mused that no wonder she could make Lu Miaozi infatuated with her all his life, and only at the death's door was he able to free himself from her charm, recognizing which woman really deserve to receive his love.

Suddenly sound of hoof beats came from behind, more than a dozen riders were coming fast from behind.

Letting out a cold humph, Xu Ziling leaped at an angle; like a big bird he soared and landed on the roof of a residential building on his left, and quickly disappeared.

※ ※ ※

"Fu Bangzhu! [vice gang leader]" Kou Zhong blurted out.

The man held prisoner inside the chest was surprisingly an old friend, Bu Tianzhi. This moment his eyes were closed; apparently his acupoint was sealed.

Brandishing his saber, Kou Zhong charged into the enemy, sending them flipping over to the east and falling down to the west, routing them completely. At the same time he used his foot to lift Bu Tianzhi up, and held him under his arm. Stooping down, he shot out, and 'Bang!' he broke through the ceiling, onto the observation deck above.

Saving people was more important. Kou Zhong abandoned his idea of killing Pang Yu, and left in a hurry. This moment many of his old wounds burst open, so it was inadvisable to be engaged in a prolonged battle.

※ ※ ※

By dusk, from the 'Overbearing Saber' Yue Shan, Xu Ziling changed into the 'Scarface Hero' identity, and sat inside a restaurant across the street from Rong Fengxiang's magnificent residence. He ordered some food and drink while waiting quietly for Kou Zhong.

He had lost contact with Kou Zhong for no less than three sichen, and finally, without any better option, had to come here to wait.

A carriage entered the Rong Mansion, with more than a dozen warriors in plain clothes in front and behind it.

Xu Ziling was quite familiar with carriages and their drivers from Wang Shichong's side. In just one glance he recognized that this group of warriors in plain clothes were actually martial art masters among Wang Shichong's personal guards. Most likely inside the carriage was Dong Shuni, the kidnapping target Kou Zhong and he were eager to get.

Up until now he still could not figure out Rong Fengxiang actually belong to which group, and what was his position? What was the relationship between Rong Fengxiang and Yang Xuyan? The more he delved into this matter, the more it was impossible to unravel.

The main gate of the Rong Mansion suddenly opened wide, more than a dozen riders came out and entering the main street, they turned south. It seemed that they were Luoyang Bang men.

This moment Kou Zhong came and sat uninvited on the seat next to Xu Ziling; picking up the cup of fine wine that Xu Ziling had not had the chance to moisten his lips with, he drank it in one gulp, licked his lips and said, "Not bad! Ha! It's so good to find you here!"

Xu Ziling beckoned the waiter to add another set of bowl and chopsticks, and then he asked, "Where in the hell were you?"

Picking up his chopsticks, Kou Zhong gorged himself; as if nothing had happened, he said, "I have just sent Bu Tianzhi off, naturally I must eat a little bit!"

Xu Ziling was stunned, "Bu Tianzhi?" he asked.

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