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Liu Shuai thought of this question as well, so he asked, "So you showed your proposals to Mr. Guo, and then he promoted you because he was touched? It's is too hasty, isn't it?" Liu Shuai couldn't help but curl his lips. He was the person in charge of technology, so he knew very clearly that good skill alone doesn't make one qualified for the position.

"Mr. Guo took a look, and he also thought that it's good, but of course he wouldn't give me a promotion just because I have a good design plan." Zhou Yuan nodded as he agreed with Liu Shuai, "It's just that I was rather surprised by what happened afterward."

"What is it?" The remaining two people asked at the same time.

"When Mr. Guo read my design proposal, I could clearly feel that while appreciating my plan, he was also thinking about something else, and what he was thinking about was not my proposal." Zhou Yuan carefully recalled, looking deep in thought. "It seems like what Mr. Guo is concerned about is not the proposal itself."

"Then what is he concerning?" Liu Shuai was a harsh speaker that he asked first. Hao Ning didn't say anything, and inwardly praised Zhou Yuan's meticulous observation and control of these minute movements.

Zhou Yuan thought about it carefully, "Mr. Guo seems to be more concerned about the design skill of the whole design team. I can even feel that he is dissatisfied with the other designers' abilities and even more than that." Zhou Yuan frowned as he said this, and his smile faded. "Forget it. I was overthinking."

Hao Ning nodded and looked at Liu Shuai. As a CEO, it was true that there was a reason to do so. Other than improving several soldiers, he was more concerned with the overall affairs of the company. It was just that not anyone could immediately realize the intentions of the CEO at that time. Thinking of this, Hao Ning continued to ask, "And then?"

"Then, I explained the current situation of our design team and the areas that could be improved, "Zhou Yuan smiled awkwardly." For example, you guys know the level of my design before. Mr. Guo is more aware of it, but I have been able to improve recently, so he would naturally think my experience could help the other members of the team to improve as well. "

"So, he let you be the person in charge?" Liu Shuai quickly slammed the table a few times. "You're awesome. You got promoted in just a few words!"

"A few words?" Hao Ning shook his head in disagreement, "Zhou Yuan didn't interact too much with Mr. Guo before, so it wasn't easy for him to determine what Mr. Guo was thinking in a short amount of time and also be able to articulate his thoughts on the entire design team to make him satisfied."

"You're right," Liu Shuai thought for a moment, then scratched his head. "The reason why I'm the supervisor in charge of technology is that I am better in technology, but if you ask me what I can do to improve the entire team, I don't have much experience myself, let alone being able to tell Mr. Guo about my entire plan. You see, I could not even handle the new guy Qi Li. Before getting off work today, the head of the test team specifically communicated with me, saying that his guys had many complaints about certain people in our technical team. There was only one guy he was talking about."

Speaking till this point, Liu Shuai could not help but be infuriated. Hao Ning knew that Liu Shuai was not angry about Qi Li, but the pressure of the group could unavoidably distract him. However, Hao Ning himself was not that good at technology. Just as he was thinking about how to comfort Liu Shuai, the door of the private room opened, and a waiter came in to serve the dishes, preventing Hao Ning from saying anything more.

"Hi, your food is all served." The waiter revealed a professional smile, "Please check it up."

The waiter stopped talking and held his earphones as if he could hear someone speaking. After listening, he said, "Yes, it's me. Well, I understand. I know."

The three of them did not care. It was probably that the supervisor was distributing some work. After the waiter finished, he turned to the three quickly, "Sorry, there were some arrangements just now, and your dishes are all here. If you need anything else, please come and find me anytime."

After that, he nodded and left the room.

"Speaking of that," The waiter's interruption provided Hao Ning a topic to talk about. As he ate, he asked Zhou Yuan, "Is your performance today related to the moment god within your body?"

When Zhou Yuan heard this, he frowned slightly. "That name is not very beautiful …"

"Hey, don't mind these details." Liu Shuai knew that Zhou Yuan would mind about this matter. "However, I am also suspicious. Zhou Yuan. Since you have a new god in your body, are you still Zhou Yuan or the quasi-deity we saw that night? "

Zhou Yuan shook his head, "I am not sure. I know that I am Zhou Yuan. I have all the memories from the past, and I clearly know what I have said in the past few weeks, but I also have the memories of a 'quasi-deity' that you mentioned, but I'm not very clear about it. For example, I remember that I talked to Hao Ning in the supermarket, and what happened that night when Hao Ning came out of the Legend of Conferred Gods, and how Liu Shuai kissed me exuberantly."

"What the fuck!" Hearing this, Liu Shuai immediately jumped up and rinsed his mouth with a cup of water." That's disgusting."

Hao Ning laughed out loud, while Zhou Yuan had a strange look on his face and asked, "What made you disgusted? "

"I kissed you!" After Liu Shuai finished rinsing his mouth, he wiped his mouth hardly as if that feeling was still there. "I'm a man. How can I kiss another man?"

"But I was not. I was a… I can't describe the feeling." Zhou Yuan thought carefully, then smiled and looked at Liu Shuai, "And I could feel that you weren't disgusted at all when you kissed them. Instead, you were pleased back then. Your tongue was even stirring in my mouth, that moisture …"

"Shit!" Hao Ning immediately cut him off, "Stop it! I'm about to throw up too, "After that, he looked at Liu Shuai and said in a disdainful tone, "Don't you think that's disgusting? At that time, Zhang Quan asked you to kiss him because that would have cured your problem. However, you made it so hard."

Liu Shuai blushed for those words. At that moment, he saw Zhao Liying, his goddess. He felt that he was about to kiss her; he wouldn't care about Zhang Quan's advice. However, no one would anticipate that strange thing would happen after that. "Zhao Liying" entered Zhou Yuan's body, and they would prefer Zhou Yuan to forget about it, but in the end, Zhou Yuan did not forget about it; he even described it in such detail." Hey, Zhou Yuan, could you be clear-minded that you were the quasi-deity back then, not you, and you are a fusion of Zhou Yuan and the quasi-deity now?

"What are you talking about?" Zhou Yuan's face was full of doubt. "Right now, I am a fusion of Zhou Yuan and the quasi-deity. In other words, I am Zhou Yuan, and I am also the quasi-deity, so why the quasi-deity then was not me?"

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