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At that time, I felt a strange warm wind slowly blowing across my body and onto Zhang Quan's body. Liu Shuai also felt it, and immediately grabbed onto a screwdriver in the conference room. Then, he drew a formation on the ground around Zhang Quan that was very similar to the one he made last time. After that, the warmth current became even stronger, and was even causing my clothes to flutter.

After an unknown period of time, Zhang Quan's face started to change, well, not his face, exactly, which did not change. Instead, his psychic began to change. He was a reckless youth at first, while then he had the expression of a master.

Zhang Quan looked at Liu Shuai without any grief and joy, "it's you …"

Liu Shuai looked at Zhang Quan with mixed feelings, "yes, and you're my?"

"That was my previous life. In this one, I am Zhang Quan." Zhang Quan said calmly.

Although I had read those fantasy novels before and knew that the cause and effect of a given life and death ended in the end, those were only novels. Now that I had truly seen them, I still felt strange. Of course, Zhang Quan could not be considered to have revived from the dead, since he did have a trace of his soul in the body. When I thought again, however, wasn't the so-called reincarnation in those fantasy novels involving an undead soul and body switch?

Just as my mind was wandering, Zhang Quan touched Liu Shuai and said, "That's strange, did you lost all your power? You did not exercise much the things I teach you in the Great Dream, did you? "

Only then did Liu Shuai remember what he was here for, and he immediately invited Zhang Quan to sit, and told him everything in detail.

Zhang Quan was bewildered at first, then confused and finally surprised, "I didn't expect that such strange things occur within the decades I was absent."

"Master," Liu Shuai had to change his tone as he saw Zhang Quan waving his hands around, "Zhang Quan, do you know what kind of demons Lan Ruo, the Hag and the like are? What are they trying to do? "

Zhang Quan frowned. "No, I don't. I hear some rumors about them as individuals, but I have no idea what their combination is after. Why don't you ask Yan? He knows a lot."

"Yan didn't tell us," I replied, "he's currently eating and drinking in our mirror, and he's extremely happy, even directing me to work remotely."

"In the mirror?" Liu Shuai and Zhang Quan asked at the same time. Only then did I remember that I hadn't told Liu Shuai about Yan's situation.

"Well, yeah. He said that he was unable to travel between the worlds of live and dead since he broke through the Immortal Tying Rope in the mountain stronghold. Thus he could only stay in the mirror. I have asked him these questions, but he got fed up with my words and didn't tell me the answers. "

"Back then, I met Yan a few times. At that time he was a very kind person, but unfortunately, he could only commit cold-blooded things." Zhang Quan stroked his beard as he thought about it, and only then did he realize that he had no beard. Then he looked at Liu Shuai sideways who did not notice his awkwardness, so he quickly switched his hand to rubbing his chin. I remembered Yan's words, "My job is to leave people on the verge of death", but he still saved us, hence I couldn't help but feel admiration and gratitude towards him. "He cannot keep secrets. If he does not tell you, he must have a reason, or there might be someone preventing him from talking."

I recalled Yan's behaviors, which were really like the way Zhang Quan had said. "You're right. It's like the matter of us looking for you. He didn't want to tell me, but when I mentioned the Avalokitesvara, he immediately gave it away."

Zhang Quan laughed out loud. "That's because I had wanted to break free the cause and effect after my body died that year. He knew my will, so he didn't want me to be disturbed in this life. Although I presumed that I would be able to break free the cause and effect," Zhang Quan glanced at Liu Shuai with a short guilt on his face, "there is something I cannot leave behind."

Zhang Quan thought for a while as he looked out of the window, "Avalokitesvara's Clear Glass Bottle and Clear Willow Branch are capable of bringing the dead back to live and regrowing flesh on bones. Even Master Zhenyuan bagged him for help. He could indeed save Yan. No wonder Yan is so interested."

"Could he save Zhou Yuan?" I asked in excitement.

"Of course!"

Liu Shuai and I looked at each other and we were unable to contain our joy.

"Mas… Zhang Quan," Liu Shuai spoke awkwardly. Their relationship was so weird that Liu Shuai had no idea how to settle years of yearning for father and the relationship between a dispel and master. It seemed that he probably wished to avoid such an emotion from the bottom of his heart. "Um, I don't have any mana right now and …"

Liu Shuai glared at me with a red face. I was totally confident while still felt somewhat guilty, so I glared back at him …

"I know. I can't help you with that." Zhang Quan chuckled. Liu Shuai's face became even redder, "But I just happened to make anticipation. It seems like your troubles in the near future can be solved."

"Really?" Liu Shuai smiled to the point that even his bald head started to shine, as if he was reborn.

"Alright, let's not talk about this. Tomorrow is Monday, let me check my schedule." Zhang Quan took out a worn out book from his overalls.

"You've already recovered your memories. Are you still going to stay in this crappy job?" I curled my lips.

"Of course, like I said, I am Zhang Quan in this life, so I should live a good life with Li Xiao Hua." Zhang Quan lowered his head and replied. His word suddenly touched me.

"Fine, I am not going to work tomorrow, can you guys take a leave of absence?"


Zhang Quan closed his eyes and calculated with his fingers.

"Good, then let's go find Avalokitesvara! I'll see you in Western New Field tomorrow. " Zhang Quan waved his hand. His following speech made our jaws dropped.

"I need to go and check the 4-star battery now. That thing is dangerous. It may explode at any moment. Now I'm not scared anymore, because I have the Tao technique. With the Two Elements Dust Array, I can do whatever I want, and nothing can hurt me. I'll definitely get first in the whole team this month Hahaha!"

He disappeared in our visions in a flash, leaving Liu Shuai and I staring at each other …

"Do you think he's really recovered?"

"Slightly suspicious, I think."

"Bullshit, that's too suspicious."

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