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Was that Zhang Quan Dan? Liu Shuai and I looked at each other in astonishment.

No wonder he looked so familiar. That was Zhang Quan Dan, a popular figure on the network who claimed to be a staff Fu Tu Kang Corporation. Could Liu Shuai's master be that weird? I stared at Liu Shuai, who was also completely unaware of the situation …

"Zhang Quan!" The young man was a little excited, "I don't have a Dan! Ah no, I am just Zhang Quan, not Zhang Quan Dan! "

Zhang Quan bared his fangs and claws as he explained. Liu Shuai and I looked at each other in disdain. We were 99% sure that Yan gave us a wrong number.

Liu Shuai picked up his iWatch and prepared to leave.

Zhang Quan stopped us immediately and chuckled, "This is for me, right?"

Liu Shuai said snappily, "No. Wrong person!"

"How does Zhou Yuan do?" Zhang Quan suddenly said this.

Liu Shuai's hands trembled as he looked at Zhang Quan carefully. I was pretty sure that from the time we contacted Zhang Quan to the moment we entered the door, we did not mention what we came here for, nor did we mention Zhou Yuan. How did he know?

"How do you know him?" I began to look at this little brother in a new light. He did keep something in secret.

"I don't know," Zhang Quan once again returned to his previous mumbling expression. "Last night, I dreamed that someone told me that someone would give me an iWatch today. If he doesn't, then I should say that."

It was Yan! I was almost immediately sure what the old man was up to.

"And then?" Liu Shuai did not give up but continued to ask. His hand holding the iWatch loosened, while Zhang Quan snatched it away and laughed while touching it, as if he was touching a treasure …

"Then you should calm down."

Zhang Quan laughed. He took out his phone and made a call. His face was full of flattery yet he was extremely careful, "Is that Li Xiao Hua? It's me. Ah, don't hang up, I'm Zhang Quan, without the Dan. Well, fine, I'm Zhang Quan Dan. I want to give you a good thing. Come to the eighth workshop, come on, right now, don't worry about Li Tie Zhu, please, come. "

Liu Shuai and I were so disgusted that our goosebumps rose up all over the ground. This little bastard Zhang Quan had been saving for buying an iWatch for his dream girl. Yan was really wired! I had no idea what kind of relationship he had with him to come up with such a plan to help him …

After a while, a girl walked in. She was short, had single-fold eyelids and no outstanding points. However, Zhang Quan was pretty excited as he saw her and hurriedly delivered the iWatch to her, so that it should be Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua smiled happily after putting the iWatch on. When Zhang Quan saw it, he was so happy that he seemed like about to fly over. "Xiao Hua, I have given you an iWatch. Shall we have dinner together?"

Well, this guy was good at flirting by using others' stuff.

Xiao Hua looked down at the iWatch and then smiled at him. "You Idiot, we can eat together even without this watch, but you never ask. If I did not ask my roommate to say that I would have dinner with the one who gave me an iWatch, you would have not even dared to talk to me."

"Then what about you and Li Tie Zhu?" Zhang Quan was stunned.

"Idiot." Li Xiao Hua poked Zhang Quan on the forehead. "I am surnamed Li, so does him. He is my brother, and he is helping me check."

While saying that, Xiao Hua spun around with a smile, and she lightly kissed Zhang Quan on the cheek, then ran out coyly.

Zhang Quan was completely dumbstruck.

Liu Shuai and I were also stunned. We saw people showing off their romance in front of us, but not like that.

Liu Shuai planned to ask a few more questions, but suddenly, he felt that something was amiss. Then he looked at Zhang Quan carefully, and immediately closed his eyes while muttered some words. After that, he looked at Zhang Quan joyfully, and muttered, "So that's how it is. It's like that!"

"Like what?" I thought it was strange.

"Do you remember the lines in the drama Peony Pavilion, the most famous lines?" Liu Shuai asked me …

I suddenly felt uncomfortable with a science student asking me literature questions. I thought about it carefully …

"The feeling comes from nowhere, but ones fall in it deep; the live can die, while the dead can resurrect."

"Awesome!" Liu Shuai gave a thumb up. "This Zhang Quan is most likely my master!"

"You mean he's your father?" I opened my eyes wide.

"Not like that. More accurately, Zhang Quan should be a strand of my master's soul," Liu Shuai muttered, "The live can die, while the dead can resurrect. Back then, my master probably still had a trace of his soul which was raised inside Zhang Quan's body. In other words, he could be Zhang Quan's subconscious mind, so Zhang Quan's mind, well, his mind is bit of that, you know. However, he has a consciousness that he must have a deep feeling for someone and the feeling comes from nowhere. We both feel that Zhang Quan's feeling for Li Xiao Hua is unfathomable, and doesn't make sense, but as long as he has it for her, once he succeeds, then the live can die, and the dead can resurrect. Master is indeed a master. He is awesome to think of such a method!"

Seeing Liu Shuai shaking his head, I curled my lips, "There are too many of such poor feelings in this world, but how could every one of them come back to life? That way it is so easy to cure Zhou Yuan? "

"Is that so?" Liu Shuai sneered, "People broke up due to geological distance, houses, jobs, start-ups, gossips, or cheating. There are indeed too many of this kind of feelings. A man like Zhang Quan who keeps his loyalty to one person only is not the majority today, although he is a little silly. Beside, my master did not die. He just used the singularity that was produced by this kind of emotion to awaken his consciousness. This secret technique is unique to him. Even if others have that sort of emotion, they would not be able to do it. "

I was stunned. I didn't know why Liu Shuai had such a calm judgement, but I had to admit that he was right.

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