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Wandong looked at Duan Lengyan with a smirk.

"Hey, Miss Duan. Sorry about the extravagantly costly bet!"

Already astonished by the shocking result, Duan Lengyan broke into a tumble on hearing Wandong's mockery. She hastened to balance it out in time. Otherwise, she would have flopped onto the ground. In so doing, she would have made a humiliating gaffe in full view again.

"Does it mean I'm giving away all the raw stones, which were over five thousand, to Xu Yaoting? They are worth over five million kilos of gold!"

Duan Lengyan struggled to stand on her feet. However, she still felt dizzy.

She fixed angry eyes on Wandong, questioned him with every syllable stressed, "That can't be explained as a mere coincidence! You must be able to tell the raw stones apart. Otherwise, you wouldn't have proposed the bet with full-on confidence. Am I right about it?"

Wandong smiled, "The bet is already over, isn't it? Don't you find your analysis pointless?"

Duan Lengyan went agitated, "Of course no! I can't allow myself to accept a weird loss!"

She was a specially privileged girl in the Tiezhan Empire. She had never experienced any frustrations in her life. However, she had lost to Wandong times without number over the five days she spent in the Qingyun Empire. Being a confident girl, she could hardly come to terms with her failure.

"If you insist on me telling you the mechanism, here is my explanation — that was simply providence. The Tiezhan Empire had been throwing its weight about in other empires for long. Since you are so relentless, even God took an action to punish you guys."

Duan Lengyan retorted in a haste, "That's bullshit!"

Wandong sneered, "Believe it or not. You may put it in whichever way you see fit. If you insist on treating me as an omnipotent immortal, I'll be happy with that as well. You know, I find followers rather pleasant. The more, the better."

"You…" Duan Lengyan flew into a rage. However, her tongue went twisted. It was only an immortal that was able to tell raw stones apart.

While Wandong and Duan Lengyan were talking, the onlookers already struck a riot.

As the situation was going to get out of his hand, Wu Qiujun burst into an abrupt and sonorous yell, with his ninth-grade martial capacity brought into full play.

"Stop running wild here! Anyone who dares to cause troubles here is gonna is killed!"

He soon silenced the whole crowd.

Wandong sneered grimly, "Wu Qiujun. How dare you act without scruples? That can't be clearer! You're in the wrong! How come you still stay so shamelessly self-assured? That's really something I have to say! You've swindled the Qingyun purchasers out of millions of kilos of gold! They have every reason to vent their anger today!"


Wu Qiujun was fully aware that Wandong choreographed the whole thing. However, he was unable to fight back. The feeling of helpless indignation almost drove him nuts.

Wandong waved his hand, "You know I'm always occupied by administrative affairs. I don't have that much time to kill here. Go and order your underlings to get all the raw stones packed up and delivered to the Palace of Dingshan with an immediate effect!"

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