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Chapter 997: A grandpa with the heart of a young girl?

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Su Clan’s Sixteen? A teacher?

Heavens~ Su Clan’s Sixteen’s cute little face totally looked like that of a high school student, and she seemed definitely too small to be a university student. Little did Shuhang expect that she would directly apply as a teacher…

At that time, how would the students of the Fine Arts Department at the university react after discovering that their teacher was this petite and adorable?

“Don’t look down on me.” Su Clan’s Sixteen slightly raised her small head, and said, “My drawing skills are very good.”

“Really? How good exactly?” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

“Ahaha, in the past, our Sixteen acknowledged Mister Xi, the Drawing King from ‘Jihao Academy’, as her teacher. In the end, even Mister Xi recognized her drawing skills. As such, you can indeed say that they are ‘very good’,” Su Clan’s Seven, who was sitting beside Sixteen, said at this time.

Jihao Academy was seemingly the name of some academy in the world of cultivators. Although Song Shuhang had never heard of Mister Xi, his drawing skills had to be truly incredible if the various fellow daoists called him the ‘Drawing King’. If Sixteen obtained his acknowledgment, her drawing skills surely were also very good.

“I’m in awe!” Song Shuhang looked at Su Clan’s Sixteen and cupped his hands.

“Hmph.” The corner of Sixteen’s mouth rose.

At this time, Su Clan’s Seven also added, “Right. Little friend Shuhang, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s ‘Immortal Feast’ is set to start at the beginning of October. At first, I was planning to personally accompany you there, but given the time, it’s very likely that I will already be in secluded meditation at that time, preparing to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Sixth Stage. Therefore, Sixteen and the other disciples of the Su Clan will be the ones to accompany you to the feast.”

Su Clan’s Seven’s heart was filled with regret as he spoke. It was the greatest banquet in the world of cultivators—the Immortal Feast! Just as he was patiently waiting for the feast to start, his heavenly tribulation started to cause trouble, not even giving him an extra month of time to prepare!

At that time, if the Inner Demon of the heavenly tribulation of the Sixth Stage took the shape of the ‘Immortal Feast’, would he be able to resist it?

“Immortal Fairy’s ‘Immortal Feast’ will start in early October? The timing is pretty good. October 1st happens to be the National Day, and there will be a break of 7-8 days,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

As soon as he recalled Bie Xue’s food, Song Shuhang started drooling. Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s culinary skills were truly unparalleled in the world. Song Shuhang could still savor the aftertaste of the immortal dishes he had tasted during summer vacation. Such being the case, just how delicious would the food at the Immortal Feast, which was even better, be?

Thinking about it made him feel really good.

Speaking of which, he still had an extra blank invitation card to the Immortal Feast. During the next few days, he would take a look at the Nine Provinces Number One Group and see if any of the seniors needed it.

“Seven, at that time, I won’t go to the Immortal Feast together with the other disciples of the clan. Our dispositions are incompatible. I’ll go with Song Shuhang and Senior White,” Su Clan’s Sixteen said suddenly.

“Eh? Immortal Fairy Bie Xue invited Senior White this time around?” Su Clan’s Seven asked out of curiosity.

He remembered that after Venerable White rejected her marriage proposal, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue never again invited him to her Immortal Feast.

How come she invited him this year?

Venerable White replied, “Fairy Bie Xue said that her culinary skills had reached a whole new level. Therefore, she wanted to determine the winner between us during the Immortal Feast.”

Immortal Fairy Bie Xue wanted to conquer Venerable White’s stomach. To conquer a man, one had to conquer his stomach first—this was her belief. And in this world, if a woman that could conquer Venerable White’s stomach existed, it could only be her!

She had given her all during this Immortal Feast, pledging to conquer Venerable White once and for all.

“Ahahaha, I see,” Su Clan’s Seven said with a smile. “Since Senior White is also going, I can be at ease. Sixteen, you can go there with little friend Song Shuhang and Senior White.”

“Alright.” Su Clan’s Sixteen smiled, revealing deep dimples.

“Right. Little friend Shuhang, a few months ago, I promised that I would bring you to the first level of the Spirit River Secret Realm of our Su Clan to practice, but now…” Su Clan’s Seven gazed at Song Shuhang.

When Song Shuhang gave Sixteen those 16 skeletal dragon’s withered vines, Su Clan’s Seven decided to bring him to the Spirit River Secret Realm as a reward, letting him practice there.

Back then, Song Shuhang was still at the First Stage Dragon Gate Realm. If he’d got to practice in the Spirit River Secret Realm, he would have condensed true qi at a faster pace, breaking through to the Second Stage Realm more quickly.

But now, he was already at the peak of the Third Stage, with his four meridians open, and about to transcend the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage.

As a consequence, it was basically useless for Song Shuhang to train in the first level of the Spirit River Secret Realm.

Su Clan’s Seven’s liver was in pain.

“Is there some problem now?” Song Shuhang asked out of curiosity. He had heard from Senior White that there was a huge spiritual river in the depths of the Spirit River Secret Realm of the Su Clan. All the cultivators that practiced there would get soaked with the water of the spiritual river, which would strengthen their bodies and increase their cultivation speed from five to ten times compared to the external world. It was the perfect place to close up.

Therefore, he was really interested in going to that place to practice.

“Right now… training there won’t have much of an effect on you.” The corner of Seven’s mouth twitched.

Song Shuhang said, “It won’t have too much of an effect?”

Su Clan’s Sixteen rested her chin in her hand, and replied, “It’s because a certain someone advanced too quickly, directly rushing to the peak of the Third Stage within one summer vacation. The first level of the Spirit River Secret Realm can greatly aid cultivators of the First and Second Stage Realm. However, the spiritual energy in that place is not rich enough for cultivators of the Third Stage.”

Song Shuhang said, “Well…”

“I’ve practiced since I was a child, and only reached the Fourth Stage Realm. On the other hand, you are already about to catch up to me despite practicing for such a short amount of time.” After thinking about this matter, Su Clan’s Sixteen felt particularly aggrieved. “And I’m considered a genius among the cultivators of my age in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.”

Song Shuhang could only make a hollow laugh.

“I’ve also practiced since I was a child, and only reached the Fifth Stage Realm,” Su Clan’s Seven also jeered. “And I’m also considered a genius among the cultivators of my age in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.”

“Me too. I’ve also practiced since I was a child, and only reached the Seventh Stage Realm,” Venerable White said in all seriousness. “And I’m also considered a genius in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.”

“Teacher, I’ve practiced since I was a little chick, and only reached the Third Stage Realm.” Little Cai’s face was full tears. She hadn’t expected that her teacher, Song Shuhang, had almost reached the Fourth Stage Realm within one summer vacation while starting from the First Stage. After thinking about it, she felt very wronged. She had practiced for a very long time, and had nearly died once due to her lifespan running out.

“Senior Brother Shuhang, I’ve also practiced since I was a child, and only reached the First Stage Realm.” Loli Shi blinked her eyes. “Can you tell me the secret of how to advance from the First Stage to the peak of the Third Stage within one summer vacation?”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Cough! Like I was saying, that reward is no longer suited for little friend Shuhang. Such being the case, I’ll try to look for another suitable reward for him during the next few days. If I really can’t find anything, I can convert this reward into some materials necessary to forge a ‘life-bound magical treasure’. You, too, will have to forge a life-bound magical treasure after reaching the Fourth Stage Realm. Actually, you should have started to forge it in the Third Stage, but given the speed at which you have been advancing, you probably haven’t even decided what type of life-bound magical treasure you want, right?” Su Clan’s Seven said with a smile.

Song Shuhang had tears streaming down his face. “What Senior Seven said is correct.”

At first, he was planning to forge a simple saber-type magical treasure.

But, he got his hands on that ‘invisible saber insect’ a few days ago, and felt that it would be a waste to forge a saber-like life-bound magical treasure. After all, he wasn’t interested in dual-wielding sabers.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang had no idea as to what type of life-bound magical treasure to forge.

“Anyway, you have to make haste and forge your life-bound magical treasure before reaching the Fifth Stage Realm, alright? Otherwise, it would be too late,” Su Clan’s Seven urged. “Now then, you aren’t going to jump to the Fifth Stage Realm in a few more months, right?”

“How can that be? I’ll be very careful when advancing to the Fifth Stage Realm,” Song Shuhang said in all seriousness.

The Fifth Stage Realm was a very important realm.

One would condense a Golden Core during this realm, and the number of dragon patters on the core would determine the future of a cultivator.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group, there were several seniors that had decided to wait until they had a 90% assurance of condensing a Golden Core with seven dragon patterns before advancing to the Fifth Stage.

After staying in the Nine Provinces Number One Group for a while, Song Shuhang had also developed this mentality—he wanted to condense a Golden Core with at least seven dragon patterns.

He wouldn’t advance unless he had this assurance.

As the saying went: ‘One Golden Core to decide the Great Way’. When condensing the Golden Core, there was no room for regret! Therefore, one couldn’t be impatient when advancing to the Fifth Stage!

“Your mentality is pretty good,” Su Clan’s Seven said with a smile.

After a short moment, the two vehicles approached Jiangnan University Town’s main gate.

In Jiangnan University Town, if a student wanted to drive their own car and get into the university, they had to go through a lot of tedious procedures, and all those procedures were very troublesome. The main reason behind it was that the higher-ups of the university weren’t too supportive of students getting into the university with their own vehicles. Only in the last two years did their policy relax a little.

However, there was no problem if one was a teacher.

Su Clan’s Sixteen’s car got into the university without a problem…

As for Senior White’s car, it also got in without any problems. Under normal circumstances, Senior White’s car wouldn’t be able to get in without going through all those procedures… However, no one stopped him as he barged into the university.

Song Shuhang came to the conclusion that it was all thanks to Venerable White’s heaven-defying luck.

Anyway, the two 10-meter-long cars got into the university and attracted the attention of a lot of people.

Song Shuhang quietly took out the talisman that Scholar Drunken Star had manufactured for him, wearing it on his person. He felt that he was currently in great need of the ‘transparent’ effect of the talisman.

Hopefully, I won’t attract the attention of too many people… Otherwise, if the crowd notices me as I get out of Senior White’s car, my peaceful university life will end here, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

The person driving Seven and Sixteen’s vehicle got out first, and then headed toward the rear, opening the door for Seven and Sixteen.

As expected, the driver of their vehicle was a professional.

As soon as Su Clan’s Seven and Su Clan’s Sixteen—who was currently wearing a suit—got out of their car, they attracted the attention of the crowd.

“Very good. With the handsome Senior Seven and the adorable Sixteen drawing the attention, I’ll alight quietly, and won’t have to worry about attracting anyone’s attention,” Song Shuhang said as he took out a pair of sunglasses from his magical bracelet, wearing them.

However, he hadn’t noticed that Venerable White had been looking at the actions of the specialized driver of the Su Clan, seemingly lost in thought.

Next, Venerable White opened the door of the vehicle, elegantly getting out of the limousine.

The sunlight shone on him, and in the next moment, everyone’s stare fell on his body, just as though they were getting attracted to a magnet.

Thereafter, Venerable White arrived at Song Shuhang and Loli Shi’s location, opening the door for them with a radiant smile on his face.

Song Shuhang’s face twitched.

Loli Shi faintly smiled, and got out of the car.

“Senior White, I’ll get out by myself,” Song Shuhang said. Afterward, he quickly opened the door on the other side of the vehicle and drilled out of it.

As a consequence, everyone’s gazes were concentrated on Venerable White and Loli Shi.

With the blessing of Scholar Drunken Heaven’s talisman, he shouldn’t attract too much attention after quietly alighting the vehicle.

But just as Song Shuhang quietly got out of the limousine, a figure quickly approached from afar.

It was a white-haired old man, his speed incredible!

The scariest thing was that the old man looked like a young swallow returning to its nest while pouncing toward him.

From the way he was moving toward Song Shuhang, this grandpa seemed to have the heart of a young girl.

The scene was simply too spicy to the eye.

Song Shuhang subconsciously thought of running away. Just thinking about a grandpa jumping in his embrace made his hair stand on end.

However, Song Shuhang’s escape failed, and the old man ultimately caught him.

He was a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor!

“Sob, sob, sob~ I’ve finally found you! Little friend Shuhang, I’ve finally found you.” The white-haired old man started crying loudly, looking very aggrieved.

The tears of the old man fell down, not giving any sign of stopping.

The whole scene was very exaggerated.

Each teardrop was full of water and the size of a pearl. They linked together and formed a necklace, and the tearstains they left behind were likewise very exaggerated.

Song Shuhang, who was currently dealing with the bearhug, felt that his clothes had been drenched…

This was simply awful!

Still, this outstanding crying skill was similar to Ye Si’s when she was crying.

Ugh, ugh, ugh!

Song Shuhang ‘ugh-ed’ three times in his heart.

Ye Si was a crying beauty; she looked very charming while crying, and made the hearts of the onlookers move.

But why was this grandpa crying like this? He wasn’t charming in the least, and it gave the onlookers the impression that Shuhang was bullying him.

“Grandpa, were you looking for me— eh? Wait, aren’t you that… that?” Song Shuhang asked.

He remembered seeing this grandpa before.

Right, he had met the opposite party at the entrance of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, but Pavilion Master Chu had thrown him back to Earth.

Afterward, when they were filming the movie, Senior Su Clan’s Seven had brought back Ye Si, Doudou, Immortal Master Copper Trigram, and also this grandpa with him.

However, Song Shuhang was temporarily unable to recall the daoist name of the old man.

“Fellow Daoist Sobbing Old Man, good morning!” Venerable White greeted the Sobbing Old Man with a smile after seeing him.

“Fellow Daoist Sobbing Old Man, how come you are here?” Su Clan’s Seven asked out of curiosity.

“Eh? Senior White, Fellow Daoist Seven, sob, sob, sob~ you are all here!” The Sobbing Old Man wiped away his tears and looked at Su Clan’s Seven and Venerable White.

Well, this was rather embarrassing. He’d been planning to avoid Senior White because he didn’t have the face to see him, but he didn’t expect that he would end up meeting him anyway.

“Did you need something from Shuhang since you were looking for him?” Venerable White asked out of curiosity.

“Sob, sob, sob~ it’s like this… Little friend Shuhang, may I ask if you know what the ❮Tome of Never-Ending Tears❯ is?” the Sobbing Old Man said.

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