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Chapter 995: Shuhang said he wet the bed Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu


This black dragon was truly tiny, only being the length of an arm.

After getting Senior White Two patted it, the black dragon rolled around lazily. “Mom, let me sleep a little longer, just a little more.”

The small black dragon was using a language of the Netherworld Realm, which Song Shuhang couldn’t understand. However, the mental energy of the small Black Dragon was very strong, which allowed what he said to be directly ‘translated’ for others to understand.

“…” Song Shuhang.

This attitude was similar to his own when he had to get up early in the morning during his school days.

“Here, let me wake you up~” Senior White Two grabbed the small black dragon’s tail, and waved it around like it was a rope.

The black dragon was swung around several tens of times before it finally dazedly opened its eyes.

Seeing Senior White Two, it unconsciously revealed its teeth, opening its mouth to bite. But, the biting action stopped midway as the black dragon retracted its head in fear.

“Are you finally awake?” Senior White Two said.

“I’m awake.” The small black dragon quickly nodded its head.

Senior White Two pointed at the ‘Palace of Summer’ in front of them, and said, “In that case, use the ❮Black Dragon World Smelting Technique❯ to shrink the fragment of the ancient Heavenly City in front of you.”

The black dragon looked at the huge Palace of Summer, nodded, and flew forward.

“Shuhang, allow the black dragon to have some authority over the paradisiacal land so that it won’t get blocked by the defense of the paradisiacal land when it displays its ❮Black Dragon World Smelting Technique❯,” Senior White Two said.

Song Shuhang followed the instructions and gave the black dragon some authority over the paradisiacal land.

The black dragon stopped directly above the Palace of Summer, and its body stretched out infinitely… becoming a slender thread. The thread-like body stretched out, and the head and tail connected, forming a ring that floated above the Palace of Summer.

Next, without any magic fluctuations, the huge Palace of Summer began to shrink.

The Palace of Summer was originally a fragment of the ancient Heavenly City. After having fallen, it was found by the seniors from the scholarly faction, who used some secret methods to turn it into a paradisiacal land.

Now, with the black dragon’s ❮Black Dragon World Smelting Technique❯, the Palace of Summer returned to its original shape and then shrank at a rapid rate visible to the naked eye. The roughly 50,000-square-meter-big Palace of Summer, including the structures built by the scholarly faction and various formations, all shrank proportionally.

Finally, the Palace of Summer became a palm-sized piece that descended from the sky with the body of the black dragon wrapped around it.

Senior White Two caught the black dragon, and said to Song Shuhang, “Let’s go to your world. The black dragon can’t separate from the object it has shrunk. Moreover, the ‘Palace of Summer’ is a portion of the ancient Heavenly City, and the black dragon won’t be able to keep it shrunken for long.”

If it were the complete ancient Heavenly City, or even a complete palace, it would be impossible for the black dragon to shrink it.

“Understood.” Song Shuhang immediately issued a mental command, bringing Senior White Two and the black dragon into his Inner World alongside the ‘Palace of Summer’.

His Inner World had seemingly grown a little larger. Ever since the integration of the Palace of Winter, his Inner World was slightly growing every day.

“Where are you going to put this Palace of Summer?” Senior White Two asked.

Song Shuhang thought for a while, then said, “Hmm, should I put it at the edge of the Palace of Winter to make the area a bit bigger?”

Senior White Two joked, “If you want to place the Palace of Summer on the edge of the Palace of Winter, then you’d better arrange it in the order of ‘spring, summer, autumn, and winter’ and keep some distance from the Palace of Winter. As such, if you obtain the Palace of Autumn in the future, you can place it in the middle.”

“I’m not a collector.” Song Shuhang laughed. However, he still followed Senior White Two’s suggestion, leaving a space between the place where he placed the Palace of Summer and the already placed Palace of Winter.

Senior White Two then instructed the black dragon to bring the shrunken Palace of Summer to the edge of the Inner World.

The black dragon placed the ‘Palace of Summer’ down, retreating immediately after.

In the next moment, the Palace of Summer burst back to its original size of 50,000 square meters. Similar to when the original ‘Palace of Winter’ first entered his Inner World, after the Palace of Summer grew, the space in the Inner World also increased.

The World Smelting Technique of the black dragon was really powerful; not only was it able to bring around the entire ‘Palace of Summer’, it was even able to do the same for the restraining formations that were engraved on top of it.

“Great! Now, onto the next ones!” Senior White Two said. “Where is the next paradisiacal land?”

Song Shuhang pulled out a map on his phone, and showed where it was to Senior White Two.

The black dragon slightly raised its head. Next? There’s still a next one?

It felt like it was in a nightmare.

…A nightmare that featured a powerful figure of the Netherworld grabbing it and forcing it to work.

With Senior White’s space power, Song Shuhang and the black dragon very quickly arrived at the next paradisiacal land.

The power of space was definitely the fastest way to move around.

Having the experience of the [Palace of Summer]… the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paradisiacal lands were sistematically transferred into Song Shuhang’s Inner World.

The area of the Inner World continued to expand crazily.

Especially when the fragments of the Heavenly City with the ‘spiritual spring’ were integrated into his Inner World, Song Shuhang felt the spiritual energy of his Inner World grow even stronger.

Song Shuhang brought out his phone and checked the time.

It was 3:46 in the morning.

At this rate, it seemed like he would be able to move all ten fragments of the ancient Heavenly City into his Inner World before dawn.

Thinking about it made him feel really good.

In the meantime.

When the demonic hamster was still struggling to decide whether to urinate on Song Shuhang’s bed, it suddenly sensed someone approaching Song Shuhang’s room.

Subsequently, someone pushed open the door.

It was that well-read girl, Ye Si. Her identity on the outward was that of ‘one head and two arms’ of Song Shuhang’s Three Heads and Six Arms Technique, but her real identity was that of Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit.

“Shuhang, are you already asleep?” Ye Si said.

“Mm-hm,” the hamster responded softly.

Its task was to imitate Song Shuhang and sleep quietly without being exposed.

Although it didn’t know why its master had given it this task, a task was a task—it had to complete it properly.

Ye Si stretched lazily, and said, “Oh, then I’ll return to your body to get some rest. I’ve been making beast food the entire day, and I’m somewhat tired.”

Squeak~ Wait!

This isn’t good!

This Ye Si was Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit, and she could enter Song Shuhang’s body at any time.

But… the hamster was just an impostor.

At this time, it was wearing the ring its master had given it, which caused others to see it as Song Shuhang.

But if Ye Si were to try to enter its body, it would definitely be exposed.

Not good, its master had given it this task, and it had to be completed at all costs!

Song Shuhang’s ghost spirit wasn’t allowed to discover that it was an impostor.

What to do, what to do?


The hamster’s eyes suddenly brightened. Then… it gently exhaled a mouthful of air.

As Ye Si approached and tried to go into its body, the hamster suddenly stretched its hand out, and repeatedly waved it, saying, “Ye Si, wait. Can you not come over?”

“Huh?” Ye Si curiously looked at the ‘Song Shuhang’ in front of her. She then frowned; it seemed like something was off with this Song Shuhang in front of her. Moreover, this Song Shuhang seemed to be avoiding her, deliberately keeping a distance from her.

She immediately sensed the ghost spirit contract, and found that there was no problem with it. However, she felt that the mutual understanding between her and Song Shuhang seemed to have disappeared.

The demonic hamster lowered its head slightly, and spoke softly, “Wait, uhh, I… wet the bed.”

Ye Si: 

“I accidentally wet the bed. Ye Si, just wait a moment, don’t rush into my body for now. Give me some time to clean the bed and get a change of clothes first.” The hamster squeezed out an embarrassed expression.

…Squeak, it feels great!

Making Song Shuhang wet his bed feels great.

It would be even better if the news of ’18-year-old Song Shuhang wetting his bed’ spread everywhere tomorrow.

Just thinking of Song Shuhang being nicknamed ‘bed-wetter-hang’ made the demonic hamster feel it had been perfectly worth it to throw away its honor and wet the bed!

Ye Si left the room with a confused face.

Afterward, she went back to the courtyard in a daze.

In the courtyard, Venerable White had finished making the beast food, and was throwing it in the air to feed the invisible sword insects.

When he saw Ye Si coming back, Venerable White asked, “Hm? Why have you come back? Weren’t you going back to Song Shuhang’s body to rest?”

“Shuhang… he wet the bed,” Ye Si said.

“…” Venerable White asked, “What did you say? Song Shuhang wet his bed?”

“Mm-hm, Shuhang said he wet the bed. He told me to stay away for now so that he could fix it,” Ye Si said. Moreover, she indeed vaguely smelled the scent of urine back there…

Venerable White frowned. “Are you sure that it was really Song Shuhang you saw?”

Song Shuhang was already a cultivator of the Third Stage Realm, so he would have a strong control over his body.

Even an average adult man wouldn’t wet his bed under normal circumstances, let alone a cultivator of the Third Stage Realm.

“Senior White, now that you mention it, I also felt that there was something strange with Song Shuhang today. Something seemed off,” Ye Si said with a nod.

“Let’s go, I’ll have a look.” Venerable White stretched out his hand and made a hand seal. The thousand sword insects scattered around the building, surrounding it.

At the same time, he also activated the defensive formation of the multistoried building to prevent the other party from escaping.

In the meantime, in the 9th paradisiacal land.

Song Shuhang and Senior White Two were preparing to shrink the 9th fragment of the ancient Heavenly City, that huge rock that seemed to be part of the foundation of the city.

But right at this moment, Senior White Two suddenly raised his eyebrows, and said, “Damn, it seems we were discovered. Shuhang, let’s go back first.”

“What happened?” Song Shuhang said doubtfully.

“After I brought you away through that space channel, I ordered my hamster to assume your appearance and pretend to sleep so as to avoid making the fellow daoists living with you anxious. Now, however, the hamster was seemingly found out. Therefore, I’ll send you back first so that you can deal with the situation. Afterward, I’ll quietly take you away again to shrink the two remaining paradisiacal lands,” Senior White Two said.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Before Song Shuhang could respond, Senior White Two had already waved his hand, sending him back to his room.

As soon as he returned to his room, Song Shuhang found that there was another ‘Song Shuhang’ currently cleaning the bed—and on the bed sheet, there was what seemed to be a water stain.

“Haha, Shuhang, you’ve returned. That’s great. Then, you can deal with this situation yourself,” the demonic hamster said happily.

“What did you do?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I wet the bed,” the demonic hamster said straightforwardly. “I used your identity to wet the bed and told your ghost spirit, Fairy Ye Si, about it.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

“Now, your ghost spirit might have become suspicious, and will soon be back. You explain the bed wetting to her yourself. That’s it, see you.” After the demonic hamster finished speaking, it threw the wet bed sheet to Song Shuhang.

Then, it quickly removed the ring around its neck, turning back into a hamster and drilling under the bed, disappearing.

“Come out, you bastard! Come out, I promise I won’t kill you!” Song Shuhang said angrily.

At this time, the door to the room was suddenly pushed open.

Ye Si and Venerable White entered the room.

Beside the bed, Song Shuhang was holding a wet sheet as he watched Senior White and Ye Si enter.

“Shuhang?” Ye Si asked. This time, she felt that the Song Shuhang in front of her was the real one, and that familiar mutual understanding between her and Song Shuhang had returned.

Venerable White said, “Hm, there’s no problem, this is definitely the real Song Shuhang.”

So… regarding the bed-wetting, did Song Shuhang really do it?

“…If I say that I didn’t wet the bed, will you believe me?” Song Shuhang asked, shaking the sheet.

“…” Ye Si.

Song Shuhang said, “Don’t stay silent, Ye Si!”

“Who wet the bed?” Venerable White asked.

“It was that prank-loving hamster that just ran away. Next time, I’ll catch it and cut off its penis!” Song Shuhang gritted his teeth.

After he had transcended the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage Realm, he would be one sending a challenge letter to the demonic hamster. At that time, he wouldn’t just crush the hamster’s ‘Otherworldly Flying Demon’ technique, but also its guts!

…Since that guy loved wetting the bed, he would definitely make it urinate in public!

In the meantime.

In the 9th paradisiacal land, in front of the stone that was part of the foundation of the ancient Heavenly City.

Senior White Two stretched out his hand, and patted the huge stone beneath his feet.

“The foundation of the ancient Heavenly City!” Senior White Two muttered to himself.

The ancient Heavenly City was built after the decline of the scholarly faction.

The Scholarly Sage lost in the fight for the ‘Will of the Heavens’, and the mysterious Heavenly Emperor gathered a group of fellow daoists and began gradually building the ‘ancient Heavenly City’.

The ancient Heavenly City became the path of the ‘Heavenly Emperor’. After the construction of the ancient Heavenly City, the Heavenly Emperor immediately became the number one practitioner in the world of cultivators after the ‘Scholarly Sage’.

“The ancient aura I sensed from Song Shuhang’s body seems to have originated from here,” Senior White Two said softly.

According to Senior White Two’s observations, this seemingly ordinary ‘foundation rock of the ancient Heavenly City’ was very likely the original stone that the young Heavenly Emperor had used when he was building the Heavenly City. It could be said that it was the ‘foundation’ of the foundation of the ancient Heavenly City.

After Song Shuhang received this foundation rock of the Heavenly City from the scholarly faction, and became this immortal cave’s master, his body acquired some of that ancient aura.

It was precisely this ancient aura that drew Senior White Two’s attention.

“Is it just a coincidence?” Senior White Two said. If this were all truly a coincidence, then it was rather excessive.

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