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Chapter 991: Paradisiacal lands

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With science and technology advancing, aside from combat force, secretly gathering information had also become a very important part of modern warfare.

If the information of one side fell into the hands of the other, the faction that had its information stolen would definitely get pushed into a tight spot.

Those evil cultivators believed to have this reliable channel of information at their disposal, but most of what they got out of it was fake information that Venerable Spirit Butterfly had passed to them. It was a rather tragic situation.

As soon as those evil cultivators had found the ‘perfect’ opportunity to raid the Chu Family, Venerable Spirit Butterfly would appear on stage alongside his daughter, giving those guys a lesson about the importance of gathering information in a war.

It was a free lesson from a Seventh Stage Venerable, totally worth it!

In the meantime.

Song Shuhang slept until noon.

When he woke up, he discovered that Ye Si and the invisible saber insect weren’t by his side, but the Fighting Beast was lying right next to him on its side. The beast had a rather amusing posture at this moment, and it had squeezed its way into Shuhang’s quilt.

The ecstatic expression of the muscular kangaroo while sleeping was truly something to behold.

No wonder Shuhang felt that the bed was crowded, and had some trouble turning his body when he was sleeping. From the looks of it, it was because this scoundrel was sleeping with him…

He had heard of cats often sleeping in the same bed as their master, but this bastard wasn’t a cat, so why the hell did it run to his bed and sleep with him?

In addition, although it had been only one night, the Fighting Beast had already grown quite a bit. The originally cutesy kangaroo was already 130 cm tall at the moment.

Just what on Earth had Senior White fed it?

Anyway, Senior White Two was raising a hamster (仓鼠) in the Netherworld Realm, while Senior White was raising a kangaroo (袋鼠) in the main world… it seemed the two Senior Whites had some fate with mice (鼠).

Song Shuhang quickly got up and left the sleeping Fighting Beast in the bed.

That guy was already 130 cm tall. If it were to prop itself up with its tail and kick Shuhang with its legs, it might hit him in a rather troublesome place. Therefore, it was better if it kept sleeping.

After leaving his bedroom, Song Shuhang smelled a fragrant aroma coming from the kitchen.

At the same time, he sensed Venerable White’s and Ye Si’s aura. They were both in the kitchen.

Aside from them, he sensed another powerful aura.

Did some guest come over? Song Shuhang thought as he headed toward the kitchen.

After taking a few steps, he heard the conversation between Senior White and Ye Si.

Venerable White said, “My intuition is telling me that we should add some more ‘moonlight sprout’ to the mix. If we do that, the effects of the final product might be even better.”

“Senior White, don’t. We can’t add any more of that. When you were experimenting with that ordinary First Stage beast food earlier, you caused it to mutate. After the Fighting Beast ate it, its body grew exaggeratedly, and it’s still not back on its feet. This time, we must strictly follow the recipe. We absolutely can’t let the saber insect turn into a giant saber,” Ye Si said.

“…” Venerable White said, “Actually, it wasn’t completely my fault the last time. Fellow Daoist Eternal Fire got the type of ‘spirit rice’ wrong, and it was also because the quality of the ‘sea nymph bone’ I had in stock was too high.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire jeered, “It isn’t only the ‘sea nymph bone’ whose quality is too high. Fellow Daoist White, all the ingredients you have provided have quality higher than what we need.”

“You can’t blame me for this. It was already quite lucky that I had these ingredients in stock. As for the quality being too high, it’s not something I can control,” Venerable White said.

“Anyway, don’t add any more of it. This time, we truly have to cook ‘ordinary’ First Stage beast food for the invisible saber insect. Now, we can only test stuff on it,” Ye Si said.

“You don’t need to worry about this. Even if the saber insect gets filled to the bursting point, we can hatch some ‘invisible sword insects’ and give the food to them,” Venerable White said.

“…” Song Shuhang.

It seemed Senior White and Ye Si were trying to prepare some ordinary First Stage beast food.

From their dialogue, he could deduce that Senior White and Ye Si had already tried to cook beast food once, feeding it to the Fighting Beast afterward. However, it seemed that the first batch of beast food was too powerful. As such, Venerable White and Ye Si were now preparing a second one.

As for the guest in the kitchen, it was True Monarch Eternal Fire from the scholarly faction.

Song Shuhang knocked on the door of the kitchen, and said, “Senior White, Senior Eternal Fire, Ye Si, good morning!”

“It’s already past morning,” Venerable White said.

“It’s already noon,” Ye Si said with a smile as she turned around.

“Good afternoon, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Saber,” True Monarch Eternal Fire said calmly.

“Ahaha.” Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh.

“Done. Now, cover the pot with the lid, and let it cook for ten minutes. This time, we’ll definitely succeed,” Venerable White said.

True Monarch Eternal Fire helped to cover the pot with the lid with a calm expression on his face, and said, “Actually, Fellow Daoist White, each stronghold of our scholarly faction sells ordinary First Stage beast food. In addition, we also sell ordinary beast food from the Second to the Fifth Stage.”

“At first, I indeed thought of buying the food directly.” Venerable White held his chin, and said, “But then, I thought that personally preparing it would be more interesting. Directly buying it would have killed all the excitement.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire smiled and nodded. Sure enough, if Senior White was going to raise a spirit beast, he was going to enjoy the process.

Afterward, he waved at Song Shuhang, and said, “Little friend Song Shuhang, are you free this afternoon?”

“Yes, I’m free. Today is a day of rest, and school will begin tomorrow,” Song Shuhang said with a nod.

“In that case, make a trip with me this afternoon. I’ll transfer the ownership of those eleven mini-paradisiacal lands to you,” True Monarch Eternal Fire said.

Aside from the immortal cave in Wenzhou City, the other ten immortal caves that True Monarch Eternal Fire had chosen were small fragments of the ancient Heavenly City.

The scholarly faction was still researching some of the big fragments of the Heavenly City, but these small fragments didn’t have much research value in the end. As such, the scholarly faction gritted its teeth and gave the ten valuable little fragments of the ancient Heavenly City to Song Shuhang in order to repay the favor they owed him.

While most cultivators were still struggling to get a good immortal cave, Song Shuhang, a cultivator of the Third Stage, was already the owner of ten such paradisiacal lands.

“Alright,” Song Shuhang replied.

In the past, he was indeed thinking of gathering a few spirit stones to buy a paradisiacal land. Then, after the conditions were ripe, he would bring his parents to live there to prevent evil cultivators from targeting his family members. But now that the scholarly faction gifted him these 11 immortal caves, Song Shuhang’s wish had been fulfilled.

After taking over these paradisiacal lands, he would look for an opportunity to move his parents there.

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