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Chapter 987: Use more strength, or did you forget to have your meal?

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

Are you making fun of me?

The three sea monsters surrounded Song Shuhang with grinning faces. They were trying to make their faces look scary so that Boss Wu would be satisfied when they sent him the video.

At this time, the monster siren, with her back facing the camera, whispered, “Mister Shuhang, there is no need to worry. We’ll make sure to beat you up gently… If you feel you can’t scream miserably enough, I’ll go behind you and scream using your voice. This way, in the video footage, one would feel as though they were hearing your screams. Rest assured, my imitating ability is very strong.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

In the end, Song Shuhang sighed heavily.

With the three of you acting cute, I can’t really bring myself to use cruel methods.

If things were going according to a normal script, the situation would be: [Some big boss’ henchmen were ordered to warn the big boss’ love rival. The henchmen would be fierce and heartless, finishing their work, and only afterwards giving the rival a warning: stay away from the beautiful girl, otherwise our boss will make sure you die without a complete corpse.]

If these three sea monsters had acted how they normally should have in such a situation, Shuhang would not have minded teaching them a lesson, letting them have a taste of Tyrannical Armor Song One— ugh… Tyrannical Saber Song One’s saber technique!

But, in the face of these three sea monsters, Song Shuhang just couldn’t bring himself to beat them up too much—it simply didn’t feel right.

After sighing, Song Shuhang reached out and gently patted the invisible saber insect, making it move further away. The three sea demons were all only of the Third Stage Realm, so if the invisible saber insect were to make a move, then the three demons would end up in pieces within a few seconds. That would simply be too cruel.

The three sea demons gradually approached.

“Ahem.” Song Shuhang cleared his throat, and said, “Well, I want to tell you something. Honestly, the three of you together aren’t my match, so… are you sure that you want to go against me?”

The three sea demons were stunned by what they had just heard.

The three of us together aren’t your match? Are you trying to make a joke?

Tsk, three of you combined wouldn’t be a match for any one of us!

“Song Shuhang, you’re just a small Second Stage cultivator, but you sure can talk big!” Hei San brandished his tentacles, and said, “The three of us are all at the Third Stage Realm. Each one of us can beat you up, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.”

Song Shuhang shrugged. “Okay, then let’s fight.”

…After we start fighting, don’t blame me for not warning you!

The monster jellyfish was the first to make his move. He had the ability to paralyze and poison his targets. With just a single embrace, even Wang Ping, who was also at the Third Stage Realm, immediately got poisoned and fainted. Therefore, it was clear how strong the poison was. Moreover, Song Shuhang wasn’t able to see clearly how he poisoned the other party.

He had no intention to get poisoned himself.

In addition, when facing the three sea demons… Song Shuhang decided to try out his newly acquired ability, the saber intent armor!

Thereupon, while facing the monster jellyfish’s poison, Song Shuhang didn’t evade. He even intentionally suppressed the virtuous lamia, making her remain on standby and refrain from making a move.

The monster jellyfish jumped right in front of Shuhang.

But right at this moment, Song Shuhang’s eyes shone, and sharp ‘intent’ came slashing out of his body.

The monster jellyfish, who was just about to attack Song Shuhang, froze. Its eyes met with Song Shuhang’s, and it could feel that Song Shuhang’s eyes were akin to a saber, desiring to slice it into two halves.

“S-s-saber intent!” The monster jellyfish said in surprise. After getting surprised by Song Shuhang’s saber intent, its movements slowed down for half a beat.

A Song Shuhang that possessed saber intent did indeed have the qualification to battle someone of a higher level!

Song Shuhang smiled slightly as strong saber intent radiated from his body.

Then, the saber intent wrapped around his torso, his head, arms, knees…

The saber intent drew out Song Shuhang’s saber qi. ‘Saber intent’ and ‘saber qi’ had been mixed in a 1:9 ratio and began to materialize.

In the blink of an eye, shining armor, looking like it was made from steel, appeared on Song Shuhang.

“This isn’t saber intent, but armor intent?” Hei San cried at one side.

“Armor intent your sister, this is saber intent.” Song Shuhang clenched his fist.

“Liar, how can this be saber intent?” the monster siren said.

“No matter what intent you have, it’s of no use!” The monster jellyfish pounced on him once again, sending a paralyzing toxic attack toward Song Shuhang. Although Mister Shuhang’s armor did look really cool, it only covered important parts of his body. On the other hand, the paralyzing poison of the monster jellyfish would make Song Shuhang enter a state of paralysis as long as it was able to come into contact with any part of his skin!

As such, this armor wouldn’t be able to stop the poison!


On Song Shuhang’s body, the saber intent armor let out a saber cry.

Streaks of saber light shone on the armor. Under the saber light, the true form of the monster jellyfish’s attack could be seen clearly. There was a number of transparent tentacles extending out of its palms, and the paralyzing poison was stored within these tentacles.

In the next moment, all its attacks were blocked by the saber intent armor.

Even if its tentacles aimed to attack the places on Song Shuhang’s body that weren’t covered by the ‘saber intent armor’, saber light would emerge from the armor, blocking and rebounding the attacks of the transparent tentacles.

There were even some transparent tentacles that ended up getting cut off. Saber intent armor didn’t attack on its own—the tentacles were merely cut off due to having attacked the saber intent armor that was releasing sharp saber qi.

Song Shuhang crossed both his arms over his chest, remaining still and letting the monster jellyfish attack him.

He really gave the impression of being a powerful expert.

“Damn, there isn’t a weak point at all.” The monster jellyfish had already attacked several times, yet it couldn’t break through the defense at all. It could only retreat to avoid getting counterattacked by Song Shuhang.

Hei San said angrily, “It’s just saber intent! Even if it’s saber intent, I’ll simply eat it whole!”

“No need to hurry, let me break his defense. As long as he loses that layer of armor, he won’t be a match for us three. I’ll cast a magic technique, you guys cover me!” the monster siren said.

“No need to cover her, just keep on attacking,” Song Shuhang said in a grave tone with both arms crossed over his chest. “I won’t attack you! So, no need to cover each other, the three of you just keep on attacking me together!”

“Bastard! You’re looking down on us!” Hei San said angrily.

Song Shuhang raised his head, and said, “Well… It’s because the three of you together won’t be able to beat me. I’m currently giving you a chance: I’ll simply stand here, and won’t move. You just have to attack me; no need to be gentle, either!”

The saber intent armor on his body brightened up.

“Attack!” The three sea monsters glanced at each other, gritted their teeth, and then launched their attacks.

The monster siren cast a sound wave magical technique that possessed a strong defense breaking effect.

The monster jellyfish, besides the paralyzing poison, was actually also proficient in offensive water techniques.

As for the cuttlefish Hei San, it was proficient in close combat, as well as its innate ink jet technique. When combined with the monster jellyfish’s offensive water techniques, its ink jet technique would cause the might of their attacks to increase severalfold.

The monster siren took a step back, turned towards Song Shuhang, and then screamed. Her voice condensed into a single point, transforming into an invisible spear that rushed at Song Shuhang.

The cuttlefish Hei San and the monster jellyfish then used combined magical technique.

Song Shuhang’s eyelids twitched slightly.

He didn’t care about the sound wave technique, for he was certain his saber intent armor would be able to block it. But could his saber intent armor block the ink?

It wouldn’t cover his whole body, right? If he got covered with ink, the expert-like imposing manner he was radiating would be halved.

However, it turned out that the saber intent armor was really powerful.

A dragon pattern appeared on the armor, and the ink + water technique was completely blocked, not letting a single bit of it get close to Song Shuhang’s body.

Ten minutes later.

Song Shuhang remained unmoving, with his hands still crossed over his chest.

“Did the three of you forgot to have your meal? Can’t you use a little more strength? What’s the matter with these weak attacks?” Song Shuhang shouted loudly.

“S… Sorry.” The voice of the monster siren had become hoarse. In the past ten minutes, she had performed over 240 sound wave attacks, so her throat was hurting all over.

The cuttlefish Hei San and the monster jellyfish had already stopped using magical techniques. The monster energy of sea monsters at the Third Stage Realm wasn’t that high, and they couldn’t use too many powerful magical techniques. So, they had switched to close combat, attaching Song Shuhang with all their might.

“You two are in charge of close combat, right? As such, what’s the deal with the angle you are attacking from? You have to attack the weak points! Isn’t it common sense to discover and exploit the enemy’s weak points when attacking? You’re now attacking my back, that’s where my armor is strongest, why the hell are you guys attacking me there? A complete waste of strength,” Song Shuhang reprimanded the cuttlefish Hei San and the monster jellyfish.

“S… Sorry. But, we’ve already attacked you from top to bottom, and haven’t found a weak point,” the monster jellyfish said timidly.

“How could there possibly be any defense in this world that has ‘no weak point’? You’re too naive. Keep on looking, you have to use technique! Technique, got it?!” Song Shuhang said… However, he himself had no idea what the weak point of the saber intent armor was.

“Yes, yes.” The cuttlefish Hei San wanted to cry at this injustice.

Why did things turn out like this?

At first, they were trying all means to break Song Shuhang’s armor so that they could beat him up. But, as they beat him again and again, three minutes passed, five minutes passed, seven minutes passed…

They all felt exhausted, but Song Shuhang’s armor didn’t seem to have been damaged at all. That ‘armor intent’ was simply too strong.

What was the point of keep attacking?!

“Also, can none of you use any magical treasures? Or any weapons? Why do you simply insist on using your tentacles?” Song Shuhang pointed out.

“Actually, I’ve been using magical treasures all along,” the monster jellyfish said. His magical treasure consisted in those transparent tentacles—it was a kind of magical treasure that would fuse with the user’s body.

“I’ve also been using weapons.” The cuttlefish Hei San waved its tentacles, revealing a sharp blade hidden in its suckers. Whenever Hei San waved its tentacles, a blade would pop out, strangling and killing the enemy.

Song Shuhang said, “Then just use more strength! Did you not eat or what?!”

The sorrow the three sea monsters felt as this moment was as vast as the sea.

Do you think we haven’t been using our strength? Is giving our all still not good enough for you?

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