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Chapter 982: Sixteen transcending the tribulation

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After Venerable White made his appearance, the invisible sword insects retreated to one side, not daring to breathe.

Actually, Venerable White himself was also very curious as to why the invisible sword insects were this scared after seeing him, to the point that they didn’t even dare to attack them.

Invisible sword insects were extremely fierce bug-type spirit beasts that feared nothing, not even death. Their strength was around the Fourth, Fifth Stage, and they were totally invisible—not even the mental detection of cultivators could detect them. To ordinary cultivators, they were as deadly as a wild Zed for LOL players.

In addition, sword insects were territorial spirit beasts. Under normal circumstances, they would dare to attack even an Eighth Stage Profound Sage even if the other party were to invade their territory, let alone a Seventh Stage Venerable! They did not fear death, and even if they couldn’t defeat the enemy, they would smear their faces with their blood and guts.

Only if one had studied techniques to tame animals like Venerable Ruhuo could they make the invisible sword insects move to one side without putting up a fight.

Venerable White hadn’t studied such techniques, but when he approached the invisible sword insects, they started trembling and retreated, keeping a distance of 10 meters between the two sides. They were so frightened that even their hearts were about to stop.

Senior White himself was baffled, and had no idea what was going on.

The invisible sword insects kept a distance of ten meters between Venerable White and them.

At this time, they were vigilantly looking at the opposite party. They were confused as to why the strength of this pretty cultivator before their eyes had decreased so much. He had seemingly dropped from the Tribulation Transcender Realm to the Venerable Realm in one go. Still, the invisible sword insects were never going to forget his aura and mistake him for someone else.

As long as they sensed that aura, they would feel their souls tremble. In front of him, they did not even dare to resist, let alone attack him.

Finally, a fat sword insect that was slower than the others when it was time to run got captured. It was precisely the same invisible sword insect that Venerable White was patting and threatening earlier, asking it about Song Shuhang’s whereabouts.

This proved two things:

1) When one met a ferocious animal, the speed at which they had to run away… definitely had to be faster than the people around them!

2) Fatties were at a disadvantage when it came to running, and they were the ideal targets for the ferocious animal due to them being oversized.

With Venerable White there, sword insects didn’t dare to attack them, and Song Shuhang’s plan to use the invisible saber insects to test the defensive capabilities of his helmet intent—ugh, armor saber intent, failed.

However, there was no need to be impatient for there were several other methods he could use to test the strength of his armor saber intent. For example, he could tell Ye Si to launch several powerful attacks toward him and test the intensity of the armor that way. He didn’t necessarily have to use the invisible sword insects.

“Senior White, should we leave this place?” Song Shuhang asked. After this trip to the forbidden area, he was exhausted. The only thing he wanted to do right now was to look for a place to sleep.

“Leave?” Senior White said. “Shouldn’t we explore the forbidden area a little first?”

“About that… the forbidden area has already explored in its entirety,” Song Shuhang replied. Moreover, the master of the forbidden area, the Great Northern Emperor, had already come back to life.

And he had also discovered a method to treat Li Yinzhu’s disease.

The Great Northern Emperor had given him a thick block of ice with a supplementary cultivation technique within that could alleviate the symptoms of Li Yinzhu’s disease. In addition, he would refine the Ice Soul Pill for him after he had gathered all the ingredients. According to the estimations of the Great Northern Emperor, he could start refining the pill within ten days.

Song Shuhang was planning to take out some time tomorrow and head to the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion to give this block of ice to Li Yinzhu.

“But I didn’t get to explore it!” Venerable White held his chin, and said, “We are already at the entrance of the forbidden area, how can we return empty-handed when in front of a mountain of wealth?”

“Senior White, the master of the forbidden area is awake,” Song Shuhang explained. “In other words, the forbidden area isn’t an ownerless place anymore.”

“Eh? The forbidden area has a master?” Venerable White sighed. “That’s really a pity.”

As long as one barged inside an ownerless forbidden area or treasure house, it could be regarded as treasure-hunting or exploration.

But, if they barged inside a forbidden area with a master, it was robbery.

In short, two completely different things.

Therefore, Venerable White had no choice but to give up on exploring the forbidden area.

Then, he gazed at the various invisible sword insects in front of him and his eyes lit up.

“Shuhang, I feel that these invisible sword insects are very suited to become mediums for my ‘disposable flying swords’,” Venerable White said. “I was originally thinking of manufacturing 10,000 rough ‘Meteor Swords’ and put them together to form a great formation. But, manufacturing 10,000 Meteor Swords is rather exhausting, and it would be way better if I could just modify these invisible sword insects and turn them into a sword formation!”

“I see. But, Senior White… other people can’t see these invisible sword insects, right?” Song Shuhang said. Creating a formation with 10,000 swords was rather cool, but if the other party couldn’t even see them, what was the point?

“It doesn’t matter. It’s fine as long as I can see them.” Venerable White gazed at the somewhat fat invisible sword insect in his hand, eager to get into action. The bodies of invisible sword insects had the same shape as a sword, and it would be rather interesting if he could engrave a formation on their bodies and turn them into disposable flying swords.

“Still, is it possible to control these grown-up invisible sword insects?” Song Shuhang asked.

Earlier, when he saw these grown-up invisible sword insects, Venerable Ruhuo sighed and said that it was not worth it to raise them. Therefore, he caught only a few so that he could breed the next generation.

“You have a point, controlling them is indeed going to be a problem.” Venerable White furrowed his brows. In the end, these sword insects were living creatures, different from the wood he had used up until now. They had their own will, and controlling them was going to be different from controlling disposable flying swords.

“Right… Senior White, you can start by raising invisible sword insect larvae! I have a lot of invisible sword insect eggs here with me, thousands of them. As such, we can carry out this experiment with the larvae of the sword insects, and raise them into friendly invisible sword insects. At the appointed time, the invisible sword insects will lay eggs again, and you’ll be able to quickly gather 10,000 of them,” Song Shuhang suggested.

“Alright!” Venerable White nodded. Then, he looked at the ‘invisible saber insect’ next to Song Shuhang, and said, “Did you confirm that the eggs you have are eggs of ‘sword insects’ and not ‘saber insects’?”

Song Shuhang said with a smile, “This invisible saber insect is a variant. It’s already rare to find one every thousand sword insects.”

“Good. In that case, give me the eggs of those invisible sword insects. Hmm… is there anything in particular you want in return?” Venerable White asked.

“Don’t I owe Senior White a lot of spirit stones already?” Song Shuhang said.

“Even if I lent you those spirit stones, the two matters are unrelated to each other,” Venerable White said.

“In that case, let me think a bit… right, Senior White, after you finish developing the Learning God System, Money Making System, and Martial Arts Expert Training System, can you give me a few copies?” Song Shuhang said.

He wanted to book the Martial Arts Expert Training System for his disciple Joseph, and if the effects were good, he could perhaps give a copy to his parents as well.

Other than that, he could gift the Learning God System to his three roommates. Gao Moumou and Yangde’s grades were pretty good already, and if they had the Learning God System, they could obtain even better results. But, Tubo was definitely the one that needed the Learning God System the most.

A system that could allow one to learn everything while lazing around was simply too good.

“Sure,” Venerable White said with a nod.

The trip to the forbidden area had finally come to an end.

At this time, Song Shuhang, Ye Si, Little Cai and the ancestor of the Chu Family were sitting in Venerable White’s new ten-meter-long car and heading toward the territory of the Chu Family.

Senior White was wondering how he could modify this car while driving.

Song Shuhang was sitting in the front passenger seat while using his hand to support his head, currently in meditation.

The ancestor of the Chu Family was lying in the back, still unconscious. Senior White had taken a look at his injuries and treated them. He was going to regain consciousness in a few days.

“Shuhang, do you think it would be more interesting to be a student, a professor, or a principal?” Venerable White suddenly asked at this time.

“Ah?” Song Shuhang blinked his eyes. Why had Senior White suddenly asked this question?


When True Monarch White Crane transferred to his university as a student earlier, it said that Venerable White had also transferred to the Jiangnan University. However, that nearby school that taught how to perform acrobatic feats with excavators suddenly piqued Venerable White’s interest, and he didn’t show up for the first day of university.

Was Senior White wondering whether he should show up as a student, a professor, or directly as the principal?

“I think being a student is the best. Not much to worry about, and everything is fine as long as one can keep up with the studies,” Song Shuhang replied after pondering for a moment. “Actually, being a professor shouldn’t be bad, either. In particular, famous professors are very respected. As for the role of the principal, I’m not too clear. I don’t even know what the job of Jiangnan University’s principal is. There aren’t many opportunities to see him during the year.”

Oh.” Venerable White nodded.

“Senior White, do you have any plan?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Hmm, I enrolled at the ‘Movie Director Academy’ earlier. I had told you that I wanted to become a director, right? But before becoming a director, I want to gain some basic knowledge as well,” Venerable White said.

“It makes sense,” Song Shuhang said.

“However, there is a possibility I might close up for a short while in the near future, like for two months. At first, I was planning to close up for 300 years in a row, but since there are so many interesting things happening as of late, I’ve decided to take it easy,” Venerable White said. “Therefore, since there is a time conflict, I wanted to see if there was an accelerated course for movie directors.”

“Accelerated courses aren’t reliable. Instead, it would be best to take private lessons from the professors of a movie school,” Song Shuhang said.

“You have a point.” Venerable White’s eyes lit up. “In that case, after going back in a while, we’ll grab a few professors from a movie school!”

“…” Song Shuhang.

We can’t do that! Those professors aren’t youngsters anymore, and they might not be able to withstand this type of treatment!

Just as they were discussing, Venerable White suddenly applied the brakes.

“Is something the matter?” Song Shuhang asked

“Yes. There was a reaction from Meteor Sword. Su Clan’s Sixteen is transcending her heavenly tribulation. In addition, something interesting has happened. I’ll go take a look,” Venerable White said.

“Sixteen is transcending the tribulation? Senior White, bring me with you,” Song Shuhang said.

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