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Chapter 981: Three different types of saber intent and one of sword intent, are you shocked?

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“Is this… defensive saber intent?” Ye Si blinked her eyes.

Saber intent was usually used to attack. It was something incredibly overbearing and good at breaking defenses.

After condensing out their saber intent, sabersmen would become very adept at breaking enemy defensive magical techniques. If they needed ten slashes to break defensive magical techniques before, they would need only one after they had added their saber intent to the attack!

But, Song Shuhang’s saber intent didn’t go on the offensive. Instead, it condensed on his head, torso, arms, and knees, protecting the key parts of his body.

Ye Si had never seen such saber intent.

Then, she recalled the saber technique that Song Shuhang had used right before condensing his saber intent… the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯, a defensive saber technique.

Ye Si felt as though she had faintly grasped the reason behind this ‘defensive saber intent’.

If there was a defensive saber technique, it should also be possible to condense out defensive saber intent!

“Cough.” Ye Si reorganized her thoughts and prepared to comfort Song Shuhang and mend his broken heart.

But, before she could open her mouth to comfort him, the ‘saber intent’ on Song Shuhang’s body had another change and transformed again.

His saber intent started to ‘materialize’.

To be more precise, it wasn’t the ‘saber intent’ that was materializing. The saber intent drew out Song Shuhang’s saber qi, and the two merged with a 1:9 ratio, materializing.

In the blink of an eye, a glistening set of armor that seemed to be made of steel appeared on Song Shuhang’s body.

Glistening was the right word to describe it. After all, the shining armor was literally emitting light.

“Why did it turn into armor?!” Ye Si couldn’t help but call out. After all, what Song Shuhang had condensed out was ‘saber intent’!

Heavens~ Why had saber intent transformed into armor? Just what was the relationship between saber intent and armor? Heavens~ Although it was defensive saber intent, it was still saber intent!

“That’s why I said it was unscientific.” Song Shuhang faintly sighed as he continued to silently gaze at the sky. “I’m suspecting that what I’ve condensed isn’t saber intent, but armor intent. Perhaps what I’ve taken before wasn’t Saber Intent Condensing Grass, and a large amount of Armor Intent Condensing Grass had slipped into it. In addition, what I’ve been practicing might as well be a defensive armor technique and not a saber technique.”

“Armor intent?” Ye Si nodded silently.

She had totally believed his words!

After all, if one were to see that steel armor filled with ‘intent’ on Song Shuhang’s body, no one would believe that it was saber intent!

“I’ve decided. From today onwards, I’ll change my daoist name to [Tyrannical Armor Song One],” Song Shuhang said after clenching his fist.

“Teacher, your armor is very cool,” Little Cai said.

In her eyes, the armor-like saber intent that her teacher had condensed out was really cool. The armor was simply a work of art, and the facial beauty level of her delicate teacher had increased by a whole 20 points after wearing this armor made of saber intent.

“What Little Cai said is correct.” Ye Si had been rather worried about how she should comfort Song Shuhang. As such, her eyes immediately lit up. “Shuhang, no need to be this dispirited. At least, your armor saber intent is very cool. In addition, don’t you feel that your armor saber intent is very unique? Completely out of the ordinary and different from everyone else’s.”

Song Shuhang kept looking at the sky. “Tyrannical Helmet Song One isn’t bad, either. I’ve decided, I’ll change my name in the Nine Provinces Number One Group first.”

“…” Ye Si.

Little friend Shuhang had already lost hope.

“Cough. You don’t have to worry, Ye Si. I’m fine. It’s just that I find this armor too unscientific, and I can’t wrap my head around it at the moment. I’ve got an iron will, and it won’t crumble just because of some armor saber intent. If this is everything that takes to defeat me, what I have been cultivating for?!” Song Shuhang turned his head around and said resolutely to Ye Si. “Anyway, let’s not ridicule this armor. I’ll first try to root out the sword intent in the wound on my forehead.”

“…” Ye Si.

Song Shuhang used his saber intent once more, and another strand of it came out of his body.

Under Song Shuhang’s control, the saber intent reached the wound on his forehead and prepared to ‘wipe out’ the sword intent within.

Under normal circumstances, after coming into contact, the sword intent and the saber intent would happily battle and attack each other… but, things went rather differently this time, and it truly made one’s liver ache.

The sword intent that the invisible sword insects had released after gathering together came over in a very overbearing manner. It was like a powerful army, unstoppable.

But, Song Shuhang’s saber intent didn’t confront the enemy attack head-on. Instead, it holed up like a turtle and waited for the sword intent to come over.

The sword intent attacked fiercely, and the saber intent withdrew into passive defense.

The sword intent attacked nonstop, and the saber intent firmly resisted.

“Go for the kill! You are saber intent! When it comes to offensive power, you are even superior to sword intent!” Song Shuhang said unhappily. His liver was in so much pain that it had started to harden.

But, his saber intent didn’t seem to have any intention to counterattack.

Song Shuhang faintly sighed.

He was deeply disappointed in this world full of fake goods.

Luckily, I still have the virtuous lamia. Later, I can use her saber intent to scare people off. In the end, the virtuous lamia and I are one entity, and her saber intent is mine as well.

As for the saber intent he had condensed out… no, what he had learned was ‘armor intent’! Anyway, he was now an armored warrior, different from swordsmen and sabersmen. He would specialize in hand-to-hand combat, with his fists capable of breaking through the horizon and his feet smashing the earth!

Then, just Song Shuhang was preparing to change his profession from sabersman to armored warrior, his saber intent finally got into action.

The saber intent, who had been holed up like a turtle up until now, suddenly slashed out.

In the next moment, a shocking scene unfolded before Song Shuhang’s eyes.

The sword intent was like a powerful army, galloping toward him to take him down. But, right at this time, saber light suddenly flashed. The saber light was incredibly huge and overbearing, and it slashed at the enemy army!

The sword intent that the invisible sword insects had released after coming together was smashed to pieces by this saber attack.

After smashing that army-like sword intent to pieces, Song Shuhang’s saber intent retreated, holing up like before and not moving in the slightest.

Song Shuhang cried out, “Heavens~”

Now, this was the saber intent he wanted!

The saber intent between his eyebrows dispersed, and the virtuous lamia also returned back into his body.

“Teacher, did you succeed?” Little Cai asked.

“Yes, he has succeeded,” Ye Si replied. She could feel that the sword intent in the wound on Song Shuhang’s forehead had been wiped out already.

“Heh~ Not only I’ve succeeded, but I’ve also discovered that my saber intent isn’t half bad,” Song Shuhang added.

Although somewhat lazy, when his saber intent erupted, the resulting saber light was extremely powerful!

Through their mental connection, Ye Si also learned about the power of the saber intent as it erupted.

Sure enough, that saber intent seemed very strong.

The only problem was that it was somewhat strange.

“Right, Shuhang, since your armor saber intent has yet to disperse, shall we test how strong its defensive capabilities are?” Ye Si suggested.

“Alright, and it’s also time to check whether Senior White has returned,” Song Shuhang replied.

After saying this much, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the invisible saber insect.

After grabbing the invisible saber insect, he noticed that it was happily eating the remaining Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds.

Song Shuhang had used only 88 of the 100 lotus seeds to condense his saber intent. As for the remaining 12 seeds, the invisible saber insect ate them all.

Sure enough, it was impossible to guard against a thief living within one’s very own house…

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~” The invisible saber insect let out a happy cry, telling to Song Shuhang that it had eaten its fill.

“Were you able to digest the Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds after eating them?” Song Shuhang lifted the invisible saber insect, and asked.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz,” the invisible saber insect called out. The question Song Shuhang had asked was too complicated, and it was unable to understand its meaning. It was only able to tell Song Shuhang that the seeds were tasty and that it liked to eat them.

Song Shuhang held his chin and, somewhat pensive, said, “Ye Si, the invisible sword insects outside could all use ‘sword intent’ after they converged, right? In that case, this invisible saber insect of mine should also be able to learn how to use saber intent after eating enough lotus seeds, right?”

Ye Si replied, “Theoretically speaking, that should be the case.”

“I’ve decided. I’ll feed it a few Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds every day from now on. If the saber insect also manages to condense saber intent, it couldn’t be better. At that time, if mine and that of the virtuous lamia were added to the mix, I alone would have three different types of saber intent!” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

“Yes, and you’ll have sword intent as well,” Ye Si added. “Although what I use is a book-type magical treasure and excel at displaying magical techniques, I’ve grasped sword intent as well.”

“Wahahaha! When the time comes, we’ll be able to unleash three types of saber intent and one of sword intent while using the Three Heads and Six Arms Technique. So cool!” Song Shuhang said.

Ye Si covered her mouth and laughed.

After a short moment…

Song Shuhang grabbed the invisible saber insect and left the Inner World alongside Ye Si.

Shuhang was planning to test the defensive power of armor saber intent on his body with the help of the invisible sword insects.

In addition, his comprehension of the various saber techniques he knew had likewise deepened after he had condensed out his saber intent. Therefore, he needed to battle to fully understand how much he had grown.

“Bastards, come and fight me!” Song Shuhang shouted after making his appearance.

Player Song Shuhang used the taunt skill to draw the attention of the enemy.

But, Player Song Shuhang’s taunt skill failed.

The reason was that Venerable White was standing not too far from them, grabbing something invisible and patting it with his palm while threatening it, “Tell me, where is little friend Shuhang?”

“Sob, sob, sob~” the invisible sword insect cried out in pain.

Venerable White had finally returned.

After hearing Song Shuhang’s voice, Venerable White turned his head around.

“Senior White, you have finally returned,” Song Shuhang said.

“Ahahaha, I wasted some time while buying something along the way.” Venerable White gazed at the armor saber intent on Song Shuhang’s body and held his chin, falling into deep thought.

Soon after, he used his right fist to hammer his left palm. “That armor you have condensed out really reminds me of ‘sword intent’. Is that armor intent?”

“No, this is saber intent.” Song Shuhang took off his helmet. Indeed, one could take off the various parts of the armor, just as though it was a real item.

“Impossible!” Venerable White said.

“But, this really is saber intent,” Song Shuhang said in all seriousness.

Venerable White pondered for a short while, and said, “You definitely condensed some fake saber intent then.”

Tears immediately streamed down Song Shuhang’s cheeks.

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