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Chapter 980: I have possibly grasped some fake saber intent

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Still, it didn’t take much time to buy the car.

But, it took Venerable White a considerable amount of time to drive it to a remote location and move it to his spatial magical treasure.

After all, Venerable White couldn’t just make a 10-meter-long car vanish in front of a group of people. After all, it wasn’t a magic show.

“It isn’t as easy to find an uninhabited place nowadays,” Venerable White said to himself. Afterward, he took out his phone—just now, while he was driving the car, his phone had apparently gotten a lot of new messages.

After turning on the phone, Senior White saw that Song Shuhang had sent a call for help in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ together with a picture of a cruel scene where ‘one lone Song Shuhang was surrounded by a group of sword insects’.

“Eh, for real? I only left for a short while, yet little friend Shuhang ended up getting attacked and surrounded by a group sword insects? Was his luck that bad?” Venerable White said as he looked at the time on his phone.

Alright, perhaps he had been away for a while already.

The problem was that he wasted a lot of time while driving the car to an uninhabited place.

Also, his treasure house was simply too big, and it wasn’t easy to find things.

During his free time, he might get some puppet clones to reorganize his treasure houses and put everything in order. Similarly to modern warehouse management system, he’d have a single file that recorded the location of each item. That way, whenever he had to look for something, he’d only need to open up the electronic device and type the names of the things he wanted to find in the various treasuries.

“Wait, this isn’t the time to think about ways to rearrange the treasure houses. I have to go rescue Shuhang first.” Venerable White put away his phone, and operated his space-related innate skill. He disappeared from where he was, and headed for the forbidden area.

At the same time, in the Inner World.

Song Shuhang had amassed another hundred ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’.

This time, the virtuous lamia didn’t steal his seeds. She had already comprehended her own saber intent, so maybe that was why she no longer showed interest in them.

Meanwhile, the monster bird Little Cai and the Fighting Beast were held by Ye Si and placed side by side to make sure that they wouldn’t disturb Song Shuhang.

The invisible saber insect was floating beside Song Shuhang, silent and motionless. It had been paying attention to the ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ in Song Shuhang’s hand, for its intuition was telling it that it was a good thing.

A distance away from them, the ancestor of the Chu Family was still in a coma, but his injuries hadn’t worsened.

Song Shuhang looked at the 100 ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ and took a deep breath.

“I want to condense out my saber intent in a single breath!” he confidently said.

Ye Si responded, “Shuhang, I think that you’re especially unlucky today. It might be better to stop raising such flags.”

“…” Song Shuhang replied, “That wasn’t a flag, that was complete self-confidence!”

Without another word, he picked up a ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seed’ and swallowed it down. After swallowing it, he carefully felt out the saber intent within.

Every time he took a ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seed’, his understanding of saber intent would deepen. Additionally, his understanding of saber techniques also went up a notch.

Basic saber techniques, ❮Strong Gale Saber❯, ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯, Scarlet Heaven’s ❮Flaming Saber Technique❯, and also… the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯.

Wait, there was something wrong here! Wasn’t the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯ a sword technique? Why would swallowing ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ increase his understanding of the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯?

Song Shuhang was confused.

Then, a bold idea came to his mind. Could it be that… the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯, in its essence, wasn’t actually a sword technique, but rather a saber technique?

The more he thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense.

F*ck, no wonder someone with terrible sword talent like him was able to learn it after looking at it twice! Could the two words ‘sword technique’ actually be a facade, and the real name of the technique be ❮Holy Light Saber Technique❯?

Song Shuhang’s heart was in great pain.

Shuhang swallowed ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ one after another.

After taking the 60th lotus seed, Song Shuhang’s eyes seemed to have become sharper. Then, he swept the place with his eyes and issued a mental order. The sound of sabers chopping down could be heard in the surrounding area.

This was the sign that saber intent was about to take shape—a person about to condense saber intent would only have to sweep something with their eyes to turn their thoughts into strands of saber qi that would chop down.

Although this saber qi was very weak, only being able to cut up a leaf, it still looked really cool.

This was why a lot of sword and saber practitioners liked to train their sword or saber under big trees—especially in fall, which was the season when the leaves would fall from the trees.

When fall arrived, leaves from the big trees would fall unendingly. Experts who were able to use saber intent or sword intent would then stand under big trees, looking at the sky at a 45 degree angle with profound gazes.

Afterward, without even bringing out a saber, with just a thought, the nearby leaves would get chopped up into pieces!

As a result, pretty junior sisters or junior brothers would be immediately attracted to ‘him’ or ‘her’.

Every fall, such experts would be able to gain the hearts of quite a number of people.

Ye Si rested her chin in her hand as she said, “You condensed the embryonic form of the saber intent after taking 60 lotus seeds… Shuhang, it seems you will be able to form your saber intent without using up all 100 lotus seeds.”

The [Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seed] was truly a cheat-like item.

Disciples of prominent families or big sects would still need to take other herbs to avoid the pain that would come with eating raw ‘Saber Intent Condensing Grass’.

Moreover, even if they had the herbs that would lessen or negate the pain, they would only be able to take a fixed amount of Saber Intent Condensing Grass every day. If they ate too many, the powerful saber intent inside the grass would end up hurting the disciples.

But, Song Shuhang could eat ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ just like candies, eating even a hundred of them in a single go.

“Perhaps the value of these Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds is even higher than what Senior White had estimated,” Ye Si said softly.

Senior White’s evaluation of these ‘Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds’ only took into account their potency. It did not, however, take into account the other characteristics of the lotus seeds, such as the fact that one could take as many as they wanted in one go.

Very soon, Song Shuhang had already eaten his 88th lotus seed.

“I can feel it. I can sense a mysterious power!” Song Shuhang laughed.

He then stopped swallowing lotus seeds and sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and sensed the saber intent of the 88 lotus seeds.

But, after meditating for a short while, he shook his head and stood up. “No, this won’t work.”

“What happened, did you fail?” Ye Si asked doubtfully.

“No, I didn’t fail.” Song Shuhang thought for a while, then reached out to the invisible saber insect.

The invisible saber insect fell into his hand on its own.

Song Shuhang wielded the saber insect and perform all the saber techniques that he had learned.

Starting with the most elementary one, the basic saber technique, then the ❮Strong Gale Saber❯, then the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯, and then the ❮Flaming Saber Technique❯.

Every time that he used a saber technique, Song Shuhang felt the ‘intent’ in his mind becoming more and more vivid; this was precisely the saber intent that belonged to him.

His saber intent was now in the process of breaking out of its shell!

Song Shuhang said, “This is the feeling. Break out, my saber intent!”

Then, he switched technique, and began using the recently learned ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯.

Dragon Dance Style, Dragon Scale Style, Inverted Scale Style!

The saber qi appeared lifelike, just like a real dragon wrapping around Song Shuhang.

This three-style saber technique was a defensive saber technique. Among the three, the ‘Inverted Scale Style’ was the most powerful defensive stance of the technique.

In the past, Shuhang had thought that things might develop into the opposite direction after reaching the extreme. Perhaps the ‘Inverted Scale Style’ of the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯ still had a following style after it—for example, a very tyrannical offensive style. Unfortunately, the ❮Inverted Scale Saber Technique❯ he had obtained was an incomplete technique, and there wasn’t a fourth style.

At this time, the distant Little Cai was watching intently.

She looked at the lifelike dragon that was beside Song Shuhang; she had never seen such a beautiful saber technique.

“Virtuous Buddhist Sabersman.” She silently recited the daoist name that her teacher had given her.

Perhaps practicing saber techniques wasn’t that bad of a choice…?

Still, if she wanted to practice the saber, she would first have to learn how to wield it with her wings—at least before she could break through to the Fifth Stage Realm and gain the ability to assume human form! Otherwise, she’d have to make her wings indestructible so that she could use them as a saber.

Using her wings to wield a saber would affect her flight capability. So, she preferred the second option. Then, a ‘body tempering technique’ that would allow her wings to become strong was indispensable.

But, where could she find such a body tempering technique?

Little Cai looked at her teacher.

…Right, she had a teacher now, so she could just ask her teacher about these kinds of things when it was time!

Just as Little Cai’s eyes shone, Song Shuhang suddenly shouted, “Break!”

Just as he used the Inverted Scale Style, the ‘saber intent’ within his body reached its limit and broke out of its shell!

In the next moment, hundreds of strands of saber qi burst out of Song Shuhang’s body. The air around him was constantly sliced up, letting out a series of explosions.

“You made it! Sob, sob, sob~ Congratulations, Shuhang.” Ye Si was so filled with emotion that she even started tearing up. “Sob, sob, sob~ Shuhang, what kind of saber intent did you condense?”

The saber intent of the virtuous lamia was very overbearing. As her master, what kind of saber intent would Song Shuhang have?

Song Shuhang had been exposed to Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven’s [Heaven Burning Saber Intent], which was also a very tyrannical saber intent. Would Song Shuhang’s saber intent be influenced by Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven’s and be tyrannical as well?

At this moment, Song Shuhang exhaled a mouthful of air. Then, the nearby wave of saber qi dispersed.

Shuhang held the ‘invisible saber insect’, and didn’t say anything. Then, he raised his head and looked toward the sky of the Inner World.

Ye Si wiped her tears as she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Ye Si, I have possibly grasped some fake saber intent… There is a chance the Saber Intent Condensing Lotus Seeds I ate were fake,” Song Shuhang said.

“Ah?” Ye Si looked confused.

“My saber intent is unscientific,” Song Shuhang said.

“Saber intent was never supposed to be scientific. What use would science have in explaining saber intent? How about you let me have a look?” Ye Si said curiously.

“I’ll say it first, you are not allowed to laugh at my saber intent,” Shuhang said as he held the invisible saber insect, releasing his saber intent.

Powerful saber intent was released from his body.

However, the saber intent didn’t ‘attack’.

Instead, it wrapped around Song Shuhang’s body, head, arms, and knees…

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