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Chapter 973: Not enough, not enough, please beat me harder!

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

If one wasn’t a member of the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect’, how could they possibly know how to operate the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’?

In the sky, the invisible saber insect quietly hovered in midair. It looked like a straight saber; from Song Shuhang’s point of view, he was unable to see the eyes of the insect.

The invisible saber insect was gradually becoming transparent. If it completely turned invisible, then even Song Shuhang, who was its master, would no longer be able to find it.

Therefore, Song Shuhang grabbed the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’ and operated the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, pouring his true qi into the seal.

As soon as his true qi entered the spirit beast seal, the seal resonated with it, allowing Song Shuhang to complete two important steps: the activation and master recognition processes.

The spirit beast seal that Venerable Ruhuo had given to Song Shuhang was brand new, never used by anyone else before. Back then, this seal was a regulation magical treasure in the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect. It was as popular as smartphones nowadays, and everyone had one.

After acquiring a brand-new spirit beast seal and injecting true qi into it, the spirit beast seal would activate and recognize its owner. It was similar to how, in the current era, people would be able to buy phones and activate them in a few steps.

After Song Shuhang was recognized as its master, his true qi circulated within the spirit beast seal according to a special route. Once the true qi had circulated in the whole seal, the seal’s feature to collect a wisp of the beast’s soul would be activated.

Song Shuhang held the spirit beast seal in his hand and patted the invisible saber insect.

The invisible saber insect had been born not too long ago, and was thus ignorant as to what was happening.

It kept hovering in a daze and was slapped in the face by that spirit beast seal.

Song Shuhang sensed that a wisp of the invisible saber insect’s soul was collected within the spirit beast seal, and then imprinted there thanks to the true qi of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ that was poured inside earlier.

The saber insect was successfully tamed, and Song Shuhang had now formed a faint mental connection with it through this seal.

Exactly what you would expect from a remnant of the ‘Divine Beast Department’, its means of controlling spirit beasts were truly amazing!

In the sky, the invisible saber insect began to move around. The insect’s body was sharp and hard like a treasured saber, yet was still able to twist and move around like a snake.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~” The invisible saber insect let out a delicate cry. At the same time, it told Song Shuhang that it felt very comfortable.

It feels comfortable? Could it be that I made it feel comfortable when I hit it with the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

Thereupon, before the insect turned completely transparent, he raised the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’ again and operated the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, hitting the invisible saber insect one more time.


“Buzz, buzz, buzz~” Sparks flew from the body of the invisible saber insect as it let out a happy cry, signaling Song Shuhang to keep hitting it.

T his saber insect… it can’t be possible be a masochist, right?

Song Shuhang couldn’t help but turn his head around and look at that kangaroo-like ‘Fighting Beast’. If this saber insect was a masochist, then that kangaroo was definitely a sadist.

Its way of acting cute in front of its master was to actually sweep its tail towards them, or hit them with its hind legs. Such a bizarre way of acting cute was simply unheard of!

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!” At this time, the invisible saber insect let out another cry.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and held the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’—pouring the true qi of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ into it—and then continuously hit the invisible saber insect with it.

“Clang, clang, clang~”

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~” The invisible saber insect happily cried out.

Sparks continually flew from its body, and with Song Shuhang’s constant beating, the body of the invisible saber insect seemingly grew bigger.

Also, it seemed that every time Song Shuhang hit the insect, the speed at which it was becoming transparent slowed down.

Song Shuhang began to beat the insect faster and faster, continuously slamming it with the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’, to the point that even afterimages had appeared.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~” The sound that the invisible saber insect was letting out also became happier. It was urging Song Shuhang to beat it faster and harder.

When Song Shuhang’s right arm became tired, he switched to using his left arm, and then continued beating the insect.

This time, Song Shuhand had exerted all of his strength, and wasn’t holding back. He had decided to use all the power of his Third Stage ‘Four Meridians’ Realm.

Dazzling Star Meridian, Overcast Moon Meridian, Blazing Sun Meridian, Immaterial King Meridian… the power of the four meridians had burst forth. On top of that, Song Shuhang was even using his Fourth Stage physique, making it so that the power of his attack was no less than that of a Fourth Stage cultivator.

Yet, even with attacks of such strength, the invisible saber insect seemed to be enjoying itself.

Ye Si curiously poked her head out from behind Song Shuhang to look at the invisible saber insect, who was becoming bigger and happier as time passed by.

“Amazing, even though it was just born, it wasn’t injured after getting hit by Shuhang’s powerful attacks. It’s like an actual saber when being forged, becoming harder the more the blacksmith hammers it,” Ye Si said.

Exactly what you would expect from a mutated invisible sword insect!

A long time later.

“Heavens~ I didn’t think that beating something would tire me out so much,” Song Shuhang said.

He had been holding the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’ and putting a lot of strength in each strike. Every blow was infused with his full power—after beating the insect for so long, of course he’d grow tired.

During this period of time, Song Shuhang had been switching between his hands whenever one hand got tired, and he had already switched them several times.

“How many times have I hit it?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I didn’t count.” Ye Si said.

At this moment, Song Shuhang’s spectacles displayed a number on the interface.





“I’ve already hit it nearly a thousand times, how much longer do I have to do keep beating it?” Song Shuhang said.

“For something to be completely tempered, maybe you need to hit it a thousand times?” Ye Si replied.

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth as he said, “A thousand times? Then I’ll hold through.” At this moment, his arms and meridians were already experiencing some swelling and pain.

Generally speaking, a cultivator of the Third Stage would erupt the full power of the Dazzling Star, Overcast Moon, Blazing Sun, and Immaterial King Meridians only when putting their life on the line. For someone with a constitution of the Third Stage, using the four meridians at full strength for 30-40 moves was already quite the feat.

In any case, a cultivator at the Third Stage shouldn’t be able to sustain the usage of such power for long.

Song Shuhang’s physique had already reached the Fourth Stage Realm, and this was the only reason as to why he was able to continue hitting the insect for nearly a 1000 times.

“Aaaaah!” Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and switched the ‘spirit beast seal’ to his right hand, continuing to beat the invisible saber insect.

Like someone nearing the finish line in a race, Song Shuhang once again sped up and produced afterimages.



“1000!” Song Shuhang roared! At the same time, the spirit beast seal fiercely hit the invisible saber insect’s body.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~” The invisible saber insect called out and floated around Song Shuhang, seemingly very happy. However, it wasn’t truly satisfied yet. From the mental link that had formed between Shuhang and the insect, Shuhang could tell that the insect wanted him to continue hitting it.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Mom, I was wrong, I’ll never casually beat someone ever again.

“Could 1000 hits actually not be enough? Do I have to hit it 10,000 times?” Song Shuhang switched between hands once again, gritted his teeth, and continued to beat the invisible saber insect.

Having already persisted through hitting it 1000 times, he couldn’t just give up halfway, right? Maybe this would decide how far the invisible saber insect would be able to reach in the future.

I have to hold on and fight for the future of this invisible saber insect!

Perseverance will always lead to success!

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and became determined to hit the insect until he could no longer.

“Clang, clang, clang!”

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~”

“Clang, clang, clang!”

“Buzz, buzz, buzz~”

Ye Si held her chin as she continued to watch the changes happening to Song Shuhang and the invisible saber insect.

Song Shuhang injected his ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Innate True Qi’ into the spirit beast seal, and continued to hit the invisible saber insect. The saber insect’s body kept getting strengthened from the beating. Also, a part of the true qi had entered the invisible saber insect’s body, starting to circulate inside.

It was precisely this portion of the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Innate True Qi’ that allowed the invisible saber insect to keep increasing in size. Afterward, an even purer version of the ‘Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Innate True Qi’ was transmitted back from the body of the invisible saber insect to Song Shuhang through the spirit beast seal.

[This feature is similar to that of a ghost spirit,] Ye Si muttered.

Ghost spirits would not only help the master in their practice, but also refine the quality of the master’s true qi.

Now, the invisible saber insect was doing the same thing.

Song Shuhang had been constantly practicing as he was hitting the invisible saber insect. Aside from true qi, another wisp of energy that was hard to describe was transmitted back from the body of the invisible saber insect. When that energy was transmitted back to Song Shuhang’s body, it strengthened his constitution a little. But, since Song Shuhang’s physique was already at the Fourth Stage Realm, the changes weren’t that obvious.

This was, in fact, the biggest secret of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect.

Each chapter of the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯ was similar to the ❮Whale Swallowing Technique❯, and could allow the user to devour and absorb the power within spirit beast crystals through various methods.

Thus, the disciples of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect would often encounter a situation where their true qi was overflowing and their dantian ready to burst.

Song Shuhang had also suffered quite a bit for this reason, and he was forced to look for body tempering cultivation techniques so as to avoid exploding and dying. Later, he had to drink the demodragon medicine, which enabled him to push his constitution to the Fourth Stage Realm.

He had been forced to do all the above-mentioned things!

However, the disciples of the orthodox Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect had no demodragon medicine to drink. Therefore, the solution they came up with to prevent the overflowing true qi from destroying their bodies was for the disciples to pour their superfluous true qi into spirit beasts through some special methods, which would temper the spirit beast and also increase its growth speed.

During the process, one could obtain a purer version of the true back from the body of the spirit beast. The quantity of this true qi wasn’t much, but its quality was very high. Not only that, the ‘spirit beast tempering’ process would likewise improve the physique of the disciples of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect.

From a certain point of view, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect was a sect with a small, built-in cheat.

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