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Chapter 972: The defective invisible sword insects
Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

“…” Song Shuhang.

The strength in those pair of legs was considerable. Even with Song Shuhang’s current strength, the hit made him feel some pain in his calf. Exactly what you would expect from a spirit beast specialized in close combat.

More importantly, this little guy was still in its infancy! It already had such strength even though it had just come out of that hairy egg.

If this guy were to grow up a little, just how terrifying would it become while acting cute?

It was said that kangaroos could reach a height of 1.6 meters and over 100 kilos of weight after reaching adulthood, and they could kill a person with a sweep of their tail! And some individuals could even grow over two meters tall, with bulging muscles all over their bodies!

What creature had a cute little face, yet very strong muscles? Was it Nezha?

No, it wasn’t Nezha! It was a kangaroo!

If a mere kangaroo from Australia could end up becoming such a killing machine, then Senior White’s kangaroo that was a spirit beast would have much more room for growth!

Not to mention two meters, even if it were to grow to ten meters, Song Shuhang wouldn’t be surprised.

Moreover, since it was known as the “close combat expert of the Spirit Beast Realm”, it was inevitable that this cute, kangaroo-like ‘Fighting Beast’ would end up becoming a mass of muscles in the future.

At that time, one could well imagine the scene where a giant kangaroo with a size of over 10 meters was happily crying out and acting cute in front of its master.

First way of acting cute: Sweeping its tail towards its master and hitting them—with the master crying out in pain and getting sent flying through the air!

Second way of acting cute: See its master and gleefully jumped over. Afterward, prop itself with its tail and use the hind legs to ruthlessly hit the master, ending their poor life!

It was truly a scary pet!

Fortunately, it was Venerable White’s pet. With Venerable White’s strength, even if the aforementioned examples were to happen, he would surely remain unfazed.

At this moment, the Fighting Beast sent tens of kicks towards Song Shuhang to curry favor with him. It then let out a few whimpers, seemingly expressing its love.

Then, it bounced back to Venerable White, reaching out its head towards him.

Venerable White then reached out to stroke the little thing’s head and pinch its small horn. The Fighting Beast kangaroo let out a few happy whimpers.

Song Shuhang: “…”

What the heck, why do you act like a prim and proper pet when you’re with Venerable White, yet use your tail and legs when you’re with me?

You’re treating us differently ’cause of our looks, aren’t you?!

There was no hope, there was not a shred of hope in this world where look was everything!

“Strange, why did it kick you?” Venerable White asked doubtfully. However, it seemed that the Fighting Beast had no evil intentions towards Song Shuhang.

While kicking Song Shuhang, it was seemingly trying to curry favors with him.

The corner of Song Shuhang’s mouth twitched as he replied, “According to the appraisal of the [Divine Beast Training System], there are a few ways this Fighting Beast can use to act like a spoiled brat towards its master. After seeing its master, it would use its tail and hind legs to make close contact with them in an attempt to look cute.”

Senior Ruhuo, was the data that you collected really correct? Was this Fighting Beast really just trying to act cute? Or was it actually its ‘fighting instinct’ causing trouble?

“I have to say that such a way of acting cute is truly unique.” Venerable White pinched the horn of the Fighting Beast once again.

The Fighting Beast happily swung its head around as it let out a cute sound.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Dammit, since it can act intimate in such a way, the next time, it should act the same way with me too!

“Anyway, what are we going to feed it?” Venerable White asked.

“According to the information in the database, it would be fine to feed it with ordinary First Stage beast food,” Song Shuhang answered.

“But I don’t have any beast food with me,” Venerable White said.

“I don’t have any, either, but the system had sent me an ‘ordinary First Stage beast food recipe’. Would we take a look and see if we can prepare some of it?” Song Shuhang said.

“Prepare beast food? That’s rather troublesome, how about we just buy some? I’ll look for Fellow Daoist Medicine Master and ask him. He collects all kinds of strange medicinal materials, so he might have some beast food,” Venerable White said.

Thereupon, Venerable White used his phone to call Medicine Master.

“Hello, Senior White. What can I do for you?” Medicine Master sounded like he was out of breath.

“Fellow Daoist Medicine Master, were you cultivating just now?” Venerable White asked.

“Yeah, cultivating really uses up a lot of energy,” Medicine Master said as he panted.

“Well then, I’ll keep this short. Do you have any food for spirit beasts in stock?” Venerable White asked.

“Huh? Spirit beast food? Apologies, Senior White, huff, huff, but I don’t have anything of the sort right now. Why don’t you ask Senior Yellow Mountain? After all, he has Doudou, so he should have some beast food,” Medicine Master said.

…After all, Medicine Master specialized in medicine, and he was not a veterinarian.

“Alright, I understand. Thanks, Fellow Daoist Medicine Master,” Venerable White replied.

“No problem, Senior White, bye.” Medicine Master finished speaking and hung up quickly.

Venerable White held his chin, deep in thought.

“Senior White, what now?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Hm, I was thinking, next year we might have to prepare a big gift for Fellow Daoist Medicine Master,” Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang said, “Huh?”

“Oh, nothing, Let’s take a look at the spirit beast food recipe first,” Venerable White said.

“Huh? Are you not going to ask Senior Yellow Mountain?” Song Shuhang asked.

Venerable White laughed as he said, “There’s no use in asking him. Have you ever seen Doudou eat beast food? True Monarch Yellow Mountain dotes so much on Doudou that he would only allow Doudou to eat the best food. He even has an immortal chef prepare all of Doudou’s meals. So, True Monarch Yellow Mountain couldn’t possibly have any beast food.”

“Right.” Song Shuhang nodded.

The first time they met, Doudou had indeed complained that True Monarch Yellow Mountain had never given him any dog food. It was only when he surfed the Internet back at Song Shuhang’s place that he was able to order various kinds of dog food.

[Yellow Mountain is really a fool, how can there be a dog that doesn’t eat dog food? —Doudou.]

Song Shuhang then took out a notebook and pen from his spatial bracelet. Ever since he’d got a spatial magical treasure, he had stuffed even learning materials and textbooks into it.

Shuhang wrote down the recipe of that ordinary First Stage spirit beast food the ‘Divine Beast Training System’ had told him about, and then handed it over to Venerable White.

Senior White took a look at the recipe. “Luckily, all of these materials are pretty common, so it shouldn’t be difficult to acquire all of them… Oh, yeah, I might have these materials in my treasure house. Shuhang, just wait for a bit, I’ll just go and see if I have these materials.”

Without waiting for Song Shuhang to reply, Venerable White had already whizzed off into the distance, leaving Song Shuhang and the Fighting Beast by themselves.

Song Shuhang looked at the nearby kangaroo-like ‘Fighting Beast’.

One man and one beast looked at each other affectionately.

The Fighting Beast’s jewel-like eyes shone, and it bounced towards Song Shuhang’s side.

“Bang, bang, bang~” Its tail attacked nonstop.

Then, it used its tail to prop up its body and used its hind legs to kick Song Shuhang’s calf.

Song Shuhang sighed softly. “What a tragedy…”

He refused to accept this way of acting cute. This was definitely an attack on his person! At such a moment, shouldn’t the virtuous lamia come out and lend him a hand?

Just as this thought flashed through Song Shuhang’s mind, the virtuous lamia came out of his body.

Then, she crouched and looked at the kangaroo-like Fighting Beast.

The kangaroo also looked at the virtuous lamia.

They continued to stare at each other.

Then, the virtuous lamia reached her hand out and stroked the head of the kangaroo.

The little kangaroo made a cute whimper, happily accepting the virtuous lamia’s petting.

“…” Song Shuhang.

This damn appearance-picky brat!

A few minutes later.

Venerable White still had yet to return. He had simply too many treasure house, and if he wanted to look for something, he would have no choice but to look through every single one of them. It was a joy as much as it was an annoyance.

The virtuous lamia was still there, playing with the kangaroo-like Fighting Beast.

Since he had nothing to do, Song Shuhang wore the spectacles again and started using the ‘Basic Egg Incubation Skill’ to incubate the invisible sword insect egg.

Under the guidance of the ‘Divine Beast Training System’, Song Shuhang carefully sealed the egg inside a small box, that small box being the one that Senior White had used to incubate the Fighting Beast.

In the end, Song Shuhang successfully managed to condense an egg hatching rune on the small box.

The incubation process of spirit beasts was very fast, and the lower the stage of the spirit beast, the faster their incubation speed would be.

Invisible sword insects are bug-type spirit beasts of the Fourth or Fifth Stage, so the incubation time for these should be fairly long, right?
Just as this thought flashed through Song Shuhang’s mind, a sound was issued from the box.

Has it hatched already?

“Crack~” The noise of eggshell cracking could be heard coming from within the box.

Song Shuhang opened the box, and sure enough, the hard shell of the insect egg had cracked. Sharp, blade-like energy had pierced the eggshell.

Indeed, invisible sword insects are extremely sharp, and they have a natural advantage over other types of spirit beasts when it comes to breaking something like an eggshell. No wonder it was able to come out so quickly, Song Shuhang thought.

Song Shuhang then held the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’ in one hand as he took out the spectacles to appraise the invisible sword insect.

[Novice Mission Completed, Reward Granted.]

[Novice Mission—Postpatch Reward: Appraise a Spirit Beast Regardless of Its Rank x1, Obtain a Spirit Beast Training Method Regardless of The Beast’s Rank x1.]

Luckily, the postpatch rewards for the novice guidance mission from the main account were still issued.

[Mutated Spirit Beast: Invisible Saber Insect. An insect with spirit beast blood. Rank: None. A variant of the Fifth Stage ‘Invisible Sword Insect’. Specific rank of the Invisible Saber Insect cannot be determined. The training of the master will determine the growth of the Invisible Saber Insect, making it reach different realms. It’s incredibly sharp, with hardness surpassing that of ordinary treasured weapons. The host can use it as a saber after holding it. In the initial stage, the host can use ordinary First Stage beast food to feed the insect. If coupled with ‘saber qi’ and ‘saber intent’, the effects will be even better.]

Song Shuhang: “…”

Invisible saber insect?

What is this thing? A defective invisible sword insect?

At this time, the newborn ‘invisible saber insect’ swayed from side to side and flew out of its eggshell. At the same time, its body gradually became transparent, entering into an invisible state that not even cultivators could see through.

[Notification: Invisible saber insect training plan. Before the insect turns completely invisible, hold the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’ in one hand and operate the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, hitting the body of the insect with strength. Something unexpected will then happen.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

Given this training plan… there was no doubt about it, Venerable Ruhuo had definitely some relationship with the Spirit Beast Sect!

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