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Chapter 971: Close combat expert of the Spirit Beast Realm

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Venerable White turned around to open a wooden box.

The wooden box was about 50 centimeters in size, and a shining rune was floating above it. It was the rune of the magical technique used to hatch spirit beast eggs.

Song Shuhang rubbed his forehead. Sure enough, that smack Senior White had given him just now had caused him some trouble.

“Senior White, what kind of spirit beast are you incubating there?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I actually have no idea, either. I picked this spirit beast egg up a long time ago while adventuring outside. Now… I don’t even remember where I picked it up,” Venerable White said. He had found so many things during the course of his life that he could no longer keep track of them.

Is the spirit beast egg that Senior White found and kept that of a divine beast? Could it be a Dragon? Phoenix? Qilin? Black Tortoise? Or is it some other divine beast?

Anyway, with Senior White’s talent in picking up treasures, Song Shuhang wouldn’t be surprised by whatever divine beasts came out of that spirit beast egg. Senior White finding a divine pet wasn’t big news… Senior White NOT finding a divine pet would be big news.

“The spirit beast is already breaking out of the shell; let’s see what it is.” Venerable White opened the box. The runes above dissipated, revealing a brown thing lying within.

It was a hairy ball-shaped thing, with seemingly no relationship whatsoever to the egg of a spirit beast. As such, was that hairy ball the spirit beast that had come out of Senior White’s spirit beast egg?

“It’s about to break the shell,” Senior White said expectantly.

Heavens~ That hairy ball wasn’t a spirit beast, but a spirit beast egg?

Which beast’s egg was growing hair?!

Exactly what you would expect from the things found in the world of cultivators—unscientific, but very cultivation-like.

On the other hand, the luck of that hairy spirit beast egg had finally changed for the better today.

Venerable White suddenly remembered about its existence after seeing the Divine Beast Training System, and decided to take it out.

Otherwise, given the huge number of treasures Senior White had, who knew how long this hairy spirit beast egg would have stayed forgotten before he thought about it again!

“Crack, crack, crack~”

The hairy ball-shaped spirit beast egg started to crack, and a tiny paw came out of it. The paw was also brown, and it had five fingers.

The paws of newly born spirit beasts were somewhat illusory, and didn’t have a fixed shape.

After all, the bodies of spirit beasts were made of spiritual energy for the most part. This was the reason ordinary people couldn’t see them. Only if the spirit beast allowed it would ordinary people see it with the naked eye.

As for cultivators, they would have to open their Eye Aperture to see spirit beasts in their normal state.

Anyway, this was Song Shuhang’s first time seeing a newly born spirit beast.

As soon as the paw came out, the newborn spirit beast stopped moving… breaking the shell of the egg had drained all its energy. Now, it would have to recover its strength first and only then break the rest of the shell.

Venerable White held his chin, and said, “It wasn’t able to come out? Should we help it by breaking the shell of the egg?”

“I think it’s better if we wait and let it break the shell on its own,” Song Shuhang said. He had raised a silkworm before, and it was mandatory to let the silk moth break out of the cocoon on its own. If one helped the silk moth by cutting the cocoon open, the silk moth would die some time later.

“Alright, I’ll let it come out on its own then… Hmm, right. I should check its information first.” Senior White put on the ‘Divine Beast Training System’ spectacles.

After the completion of the ‘novice mission’, the system would unlock the ability to appraise First Stage spirit beasts. However, the first spirit beast was a special case, and one could appraise it regardless of its rank.

Venerable White looked at the hairy beast egg through the spectacles. After a short while, somewhat depressed, he said, “Ah! It seems I don’t have the privilege to access the next part.”

“?” Song Shuhang was confused.

“I’ve made a mistake. Earlier, after linking my mental energy to yours, I created a child account named [White] in the Divine Beast Training System right next to your [Tyrannical Laser Song One] main account. This child account is likewise able to make use of the Divine Beast Training System and complete the tasks… However, I didn’t expect that its privileges would be limited by the privileges of the main account. It seems that the child account can only use the features that the main account has already unlocked. As such, if I want to use the feature to appraise spirit beasts, I have to wait for the main account, [Tyrannical Laser Song One], to unlock it first by completing the novice mission—only then would the child account [White] gain the privilege to use it. Fellow Daoist Ruhuo really put in a lot of thought while creating this system. I was too careless!” Venerable White took off the spectacles, returning them to Song Shuhang.

“In that case, it seems I’ll have to complete the novice mission as well, right?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Yes, I’ll have to wait for you to hatch a spirit beast egg and unlock the feature. Shuhang, why don’t you give it a try?” Venerable White said. Then, he squatted beside the small box, and glanced at the spirit beast inside the hairy egg as it was struggling to break out. “I can’t recognize the type of spirit beast from the paw.”

“Alright. Such being the case, I’ll also try hatching a spirit beast egg.” Song Shuhang took out the egg of an invisible sword insect from his Inner World, as well as the ‘Spirit Beast Seal’. As soon as the invisible sword insect was born, he would use the beast taming technique of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Sect to tame it.

After getting ready, Song Shuhang put on the ‘Divine Beast Training System’ spectacles.

Then, a system notification appeared on the interface before Song Shuhang’s eyes.

[Novice Mission: Look for a spirit beast egg and hatch it.] (Complete)

[Unlocked the feature to appraise First Stage spirit beasts, as well as an ordinary food recipe for First Stage spirit beasts.]

[The recipe was already sent to your personal storage space. Please check it.]

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior White hatching that hairy spirit beast egg had turned into his novice mission?

Thereupon, he turned around and looked at the hairy spirit beast egg beside Venerable White.

At this time, another system notification appeared on the interface before his eyes.

[Novice Mission—Postpatch Reward: Appraise a Spirit Beast Regardless of Its Rank x1, Obtain a Spirit Beast Training Method Regardless of The Beast’s Rank x1.]


At this time, the hairy spirit beast egg beside Venerable White was finally split open. The brown-colored radiance transformed into dots of starlight that shot out of the egg.

Then, the starlight condensed in front of Venerable White, turning into a baby spirit beast.

“Eh? Isn’t that a kangaroo?” Song Shuhang looked at the newborn spirit beast.

Strong hind legs and big tail… its appearance was the same as a kangaroo’s.

Kangaroo: A marsupial, as well as the mammal that could jump the highest and farthest.

The only difference between a kangaroo and the spirit beast before his eyes was that it had a sharp horn on the top of its head and a row of bones coming out of its back, just like a stegosaurus.

“I’ve never seen a spirit beast like this. Sure enough, it doesn’t seem like a spirit beast from China’s world of cultivators.” Venerable White stretched out his hand and caressed the head of the kangaroo, pinching its small horn.

The small kangaroo displayed a happy expression, and cried in a low voice.

At this time, the result of the appraisal appeared on the interface before Song Shuhang’s eyes:

[Mutated ‘Fighting Beast’.

Rank: None.

Mutated spirit beast born in captivity. This mutated spirit beast is very strong in close combat, and it can reach all kinds of different levels depending on the cultivation method used to raise it. It possesses outstanding combat awareness, and when acting cute with its master, it will use its tail and hind legs to make close contact with them. During the initial period, feed it ordinary food for First Stage spirit beasts.]

“Senior White, the spirit beast you incubated is a ‘Fighting Beast’, a mutated spirit beast. It possesses outstanding close combat fighting capacity. During the initial period, you can simply feed it ordinary food for First Stage spirit beasts. In addition, it can reach different levels of strength based on the cultivation technique you use to train it.” Song Shuhang told Senior White about the result of the appraisal.

“You can obtain different results based on the cultivation technique used to raise it? In other words, this ‘Fighting Beast’ can learn cultivation techniques?” Venerable White looked pensive.

Song Shuhang gazed at the small kangaroo. According to the description, when acting cute with its master, it would use its tail and hind legs to make close contact with them. Was it going to rub against its master like a small puppy? But, while he could imagine the kangaroo rubbing its tail against its master, he couldn’t really imagine how it would work with the hind legs…

However, Song Shuhang was soon going to discover how this ‘Fighting Beast’ would use its tail and hind legs while acting cute with its master.

Just as he was sizing up the spirit beast, the Fighting Beast also raised its head and looked at Song Shuhang.

The eyes of the Fighting Beast were like sapphires, very pretty. After seeing Song Shuhang, it got excited and happily jumped over, leaving Venerable White and arriving next to Song Shuhang.

It sniffed Song Shuhang and happily cried out in a low voice.

“???” Song Shuhang was confused.

“Hmm, possibly because my mental energy was synchronized with yours during the hatching, this Fighting Beast has seemingly recognized you as one of its masters,” Venerable White replied after thinking for a moment.

Song Shuhang cried out, “Heavens!”

The Fighting Beast happily circled around Song Shuhang while jumping. Then, it suddenly turned its body around and swung its big tail.


Song Shuhang felt something bump into his knee.

Given the height of the Fighting Beast, it just happened to hit his knee when it swung its tail.

The strength of this little guy was actually greater than Lady Onion’s.

Was this how it planned to act cute with its master and use its tail to make close contact with them…?

The little guy happily cried out and looked at Song Shuhang with the face of someone trying to curry favors. It was really acting cute!

“Bang, bang, bang~” The little guy swung its tail nonstop, hitting Song Shuhang’s knee again and again.

“…” Song Shuhang.

Now then, can’t you just change your way of acting cute?!

This thought flashed through Song Shuhang’s mind.

Then, possibly because there was a mental connection between the Fighting Beast and its master, the kangaroo really changed its way of acting cute.

It took one step back and pressed its strong tail against the ground. Then, its two—likewise powerful—hind legs shot forward.

When its two legs shot forward, they accurately hit Song Shuhang’s calf.

It was quite painful!

This was the second method to act cute the Fighting Beast knew.

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